religion: the fraud’s prayer (1981)

religion cross corkscrew2
Our Market Who Art On Earth.
Hallowed Be Thy show
Thy State Power Come
Thy Will Be Done
On The Streets As It Is In Work.
Sell Us This Day Our Daily Lie
And justify Us Y/ourProperty.
As We Submit To Those
That Assert Property
Relations Against Us
And Lead Us Anywhere But
Into Autonomous Temptation
But Deliver Us From Anti-Hierarchical Initiative
For Ours’ Is The Stagnation,
The Cop And The Celebrity
Forever Or Never?
graffiti garden of eden
Graffiti, mid-70s
graffiti jesus on cross

Mary : Orgasms forbidden – only God allowed

Jesus: I died so you might all be enslaved

John: Sacrifice is suicide – so nail yourself to the cross for today’s good deed

This graffiti was quickly covered over, but then the following graffiti was later written over the paint:

Mary: Hey – no-one’s falling for the self-denial, guilt-inflicting bit nowadays – Christ! – what’ll we do?

Christ: Cool it, Mary – we’ll just have to push the abstract love, universal harmony, total acceptance line – that’s all

John: Yeah – get ‘em to surrender to some high-energy charismatic guru or something – ok ?

graffiti life before death
graffiti opposite church, early 1970s
arson leads to jail term
This was from 1985 – ie at the time of riots against the effects of Thatcher’s blitzkrieg of individualist monetarism. I wrote the following here:
 “The contradictions of religion in crisis: when the ruling class tries to make sure that altruism is no longer profitable, the desire for solidarity which is the radical side of altruism comes up against the harsh wall of class power. So the more sincere altruists crack – but still for a cause, for an individual martyrdom that’s sacrificial. This guilty Good Citizens’ “honesty” with professional liars is his way of nailing himself to the cross for today’s good deed (but at least it got him a lighter sentence).”
In retrospect its symptomatic of how deeply the hatred and disgust for  the state’s policies went, effecting almost everybody….
Lithuania: the devil  attacks  hill of crosses; ideology of sacrifice put in doubt Apparently schoolkids are often forced to go to this hill, covered with as many as 500,000 crosses,  in order to learn the joys of Christian duty (e.g.self-flagellation). Schoolkids used to subvert this by stealing a cross and chucking it in the bin. 

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