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“June suns, you cannot store them
To warm the winter’s cold,
The lad that hopes for heaven
Shall fill his mouth with mould.”


Please note: I  rarely put up reports from places that have had constant clashes with the state for several years now – and often on a daily basis – places such as Palestine/Israel, Kashmir and Bahrain. And now, the daily clashes in Venezuela. Which is in no way to diminish those aspects of the struggles there that have some independent aspect to them. It’s merely that there are other sites that focus on them better than mine and, besides, detailing constant conflicts  like these would unnecessarily inundate the site.


South Africa, Gauteng: student nurses set bins on fire, storm and occupy council offices after exams are cancelled following leaks of exam papers

UK: report on sabotage of fracking projectand other good news from the UK


France, Asnières-sur-Seine (Paris banlieu): cops use tear gas & flash balls as 50 youths stone them whilst they close fire hydrant opened to cope with unbearably hot weather

India, Mumbai: 6 cop vehicles torched in farmers’ resistance to acquisition of land for military use …protestors torched six police vehicles and blocked Thane-Badlapur highway even as the state government deployed two companies of Special Reserve Police and Riot Control Police to control the situation. The protestors were injured when the police fired pellet guns after policemen including an assistant commissioner were attacked with stones”

Colombia, Tolima: masked up students confront riot cops outside university on “fallen students day”

Greece, Athens: cops attacked with molotovs in Exarchia as state prepares to attack anarchist squats for refugees


South Africa, Gauteng: municipal workers torch town hall, chuck stones at cops, after march

UK, London: minor clashes with cops over Grenfell Tower massacre

Day of insufficient rage

Mexico,  Michoacán: student shot by cops during demo demanding payment of scholarships, transportation and food stamps “Protesters brought the local train service to a halt when they blocked the railway tracks….around 300 youths started throwing rocks, sticks and Molotov bombs. He also said they set fire to a truck on the tracks.”

Chile, Santiago: clashes as 5000 students march for free education

France, Essonne: 60 youths stone cops closing fire hydrant opened during exceptionally hot weatherBure: 3-star hotel-restaurant designed to host nuclear waste technocrats smashed up A  barricade of tyres was set alight. Then realizing that the door was wide open, several people soon found themselves inside and broke the windows, the bar with its precious bottles of alcohol. While the alarm sounded eloquently and chaos reigned in this aseptic space, other joyful bandits demolished the usual barriers around this famous hotel which regularly welcomes all the shithead nucleocrats.


Italy, Turin: clashes with cops  during demonstration against new law forbidding sale and consumption of alcohol after 8pm “Demonstrators chanted “We want to drink” and “Everybody hates the police!” More here in English

Australia, Melbourne: statue of former PM repeatedly vandalised

Belarus: report and video of opposition to the “parasite tax”

France, Paris banlieus: report about more & more fire hydrants being opened to cool down during  climate change provoked by global commodification


South Africa, Gauteng: informal settlers vandalise customer care centre after electricity cuts

Report about new potential Big Brother surveillance technology “Researchers … have given the first demonstration of three-dimensional imaging of objects through walls using ordinary wireless signal. The technique, which involves two drones working in tandem, could have a variety of applications, such as emergency search-and-rescue, archaeological discovery and structural monitoring.” The tyrant’s dream of continuous universal surveillance.

Senegal, Kebemer: 3 vehicles belonging to town hall destroyed in riots against local council giving 1000 hectares of land to company

Greece, Athens: trade union stages hour-long occupation of Ministry of Interior to boost its fading image

Afghanistan, Kabul: 1 person killed as “security” forces dismantle tents protesting lack of “security”this report says 2 killed


France, Val-de-Marne: cops on patrol attacked with stones

South Africa, Cape Town: clashes as state evicts land squatterscop does something positive for once

Germany: sabotage of 13 cables on country-wide train network claimed by anti-G-20 group

Indonesia, Bali: 4  men tunnel their way out of prison


Bangladesh, Dhaka: twilight of the idols

France, St.Etienne (Loire): riot cops stoned after theatre is set alight and youths expropriate firefighters’ hose

Germany, Berlin: radical squatters riot “Offenders set fire to several cars, street toilets, trash bins and plastic road barrier, broke Windows in pripravena along the street cars. They looked into the pavement and threw it to law enforcement. “


UK, Antrim: mindful critique of education, stupefication, commodificationEducation is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” – William Butler Yeats. See also this

Sweden, Trollhattan: 3rd night of riots after social workers separate migrant kids from parents 


Sweden, Trollhattan: 2nd night of riots – masked youths attack cops with sticks & stones The state tries to make out that this was due to “power struggles to hold territory in the district” among rival gangs. In fact, it was sparked off by social workers separating kids from their parents.

UK, London: scuffles as demonstration over Grenfell Tower storm Kensington & Chelsea Town Hall “One demonstrator, who gave her name as Leila, held a placard, which said simply: “I’m livid.””journo-vultures attackedtemperatures rising…More here Apparently a demo scheduled for 17th June was cancelled by the so-called Radical Housing Network. Maybe they’ve been leaned on or perhaps they’re  fearful of the consequences themselves…or both?

Brief note on this massacre:

Most people are putting it all down to austerity, but it’s more complicated than just that. The cladding was done partly for aesthetic reasons – for the wealthier neighbours. Another reason to hate aesthetics.  The slightly lower cost – just £5000 less than flame resistant cladding – was also a reason, obviously ( £10 million  was allocated for the refurbishment of the block but only £8,600,000 was used. ). Apparently, the manufacturer’s instructions stipulated that it should not be used on structures over 30 metres high and Grenfell was 67 metres high, something else which is not being publicised.

But most importantly – it’s part of capitalism in general. In 1966 – under an OLD LABOUR government (Harold Wilson’s), with a  nationalised coal industry, in Wales  a massive spoil heap from the nearby Merthyr Vale Colliery collapsed onto the village of Aberfan, burying 20 houses and the Pantglas Junior School in a 10-metre deep landslide of water-saturated slurry, killing 116 school children and 28 adults. Like with the Grenfell Tower massacre, the possibility of such a disaster had been foreseen, but of course, nothing had been done.The report of the Davies Tribunal which inquired into it was highly critical of the National Coal Board and its boss – Robens. He  eventually appeared in the final days of the inquiry and conceded that the NCB was at fault.  In the wake of the disaster Robens refused to allow the NCB to fund the removal of the remaining tips from Aberfan, despite the fact that the Davies Tribunal concluded that the NCB’s liability was “incontestible and uncontested”. Despite this conclusion, Robens refused to pay the full cost.  Robens then raided the Disaster Fund (which had been raised by public appeal) for £150,000 (a bit over £2.5 million at today’s prices) to cover the cost of removing the tips – an action that was “unquestionably unlawful” under charity law – yet the Charity Commission took no action to protect the Fund from Robens’s thieving.  I emphasise that all this was pre-austerity and under Old Labour. Those were the days!

See this for more information. And also this on the relation between the Homes & Community Agency (HCA) – the UK state regulatory body for social housing – and Grenfell Tower’s landlord the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation. And this blog by local tenants

A friend writes: “…this is mass murder caused by an increasingly confident corporate and state annexation of all aspects of life in every corner of London. Confident in the sense that as capitalism’s tentacles entwine around every last vestige of life in the city with minimal opposition (compared to say just 2, 3 or 4 decades ago), and armed with an unprecedented legal, coercive and social management arsenal, I suspect they mistakenly assume the threat of the mob is all but vanquished – the poor atomised, dispersed and ultimately completely displaced. The image of Theresa May scuttling out of a side door of a church shows how quickly their confidence has been shaken. It is certain they are now viewing this disaster not simply in damage limitation and humanitarian terms, but as a deepening crisis in social stability.
…this is a complex series of cause and effects – a cocktail of social policy, corporate greed, privatisation, austerity, gentrification, accident, political ineptitude and so on. It involves the impact of a massively overheated housing market in London, the deepening and partly self-inflicted political crisis and the related  cause/effect of the disruption of the coronation of Theresa May in the election. It is the increasingly brazen ‘establishment’ cynicism and increasingly vocal cynicism of the establishment. It is a partial  reimagining of limits and horizons – which in turn is both a cause and effect of the coup within the Labour Party (of course Labour are establishment too, but that is hardly the point here – they are also actors in history just like Theresa May), and of course there is the hellish suffocation of a  more general economic malaise. Who knows…?”


South Africa, Western Cape: 1500 wildcat strikers at gold mine sacked See entry for 7/6/17

Nicaragua, Tegucigalpa: students clash with cops after trial of students

France, Essonne: “undercover” cop car on impoverished estate surrounded and smashed in ambush on the BAC (plain clothes psycho-cops)

US, South Carolina: fires started, screws attacked in prison riot


Chile, Santiago: anarchists erect barricades in solidarity with murdered Mapuche Indians

France, Dreux (Eure-et-Loire): cops attacked outside hospital where joyrider died in cop car chase

South Africa, Durban: man killed by cops as clashes arise over shack dwellers’ land occupation

Pakistan, Hayatabad: further clashes between striking junior doctors and cops


Peru, Tuman (Lambayeque): state of emergency declared after heavy confrontations between sugar factory workers and cops  More here (from 12/6/17) This Monday the protests of the workers of the Tuman sugar company continued in Chiclayo (Lambayeque), a protest that has already left 5 injured. The demonstrators demand the resignation of the current meeting of shareholders of the sugar industry, linked to Grupo Oviedo. …the Police try to disperse them with tear gas, the workers (who have paralyzed their work for more than 30 days) face them throwing   hazelnuts. Although a dialogue table was installed a week ago, no agreement has been reached on the conflict that affects more than 30 thousand residents of the district. All  activities have been paralyzed in the city.”

Pakistan, Hayatabad: cops attack protesting junior doctors The YDA members have been protesting against the government for nearly a month, demanding compensation for their deceased friends, restoration of the Post Graduate Medical Institution, endowment funds for trainee medical officers and house officers, implementation of security act for doctors, time scale promotion and accommodation for doctors. They had even set up a hunger-strike camp, but the government had not budged on their demands.”

India, Kolkata: prison riot between privileged prisoners used as spies and other prisoners

France, Calais: more burning barricades as migrants try to hide in lorries bound for UKSeine-St:Denis: mayor deliberately knocked  over by “hooligan” playing around in car  …Haute-Vienne: man attacks bailiff sent to evict him  with beehive full of bees


South Africa, Gauteng: residents block all entrances/exits to town, molotov cops,  in resistance to electricity & water cut-offsCape Town: train set alight as riot breaks out over constant train delays over several days

Cape Town Station, where eight train carriages were set alight, following Monday night’s anger when shops were also vandalised and looted

Soweto: 202 illegal miners arrested during wildcat strike at gold mine (see entry for 7/6/17)

Burma, Rangoon: clashes as Aung San Suu Kyi’s cops evict land squatters More here

Panama, Panama City: students clash with cops, block main streets, in protest against suspension of decree which keeps housing prices down

Venezuela, Vargas: town hall looted and burnt during riots demanding speed-up of food distribution; man dies of teargas asphyxiation The headquarters of the Guaicamacuto commune, in the Macuto parish, were robbed and partially burned during the riots that broke out at the site last night. Spokesmen of communal councils of the said parish, reported that all office equipment and stationery were lost during the event. “They took computers, printers, microwave ovens and even blenders…” Also files and documents related to the paperwork that channels the commune were lost. They also set fire to some areas

UK, London: large building squatted in protest against gentrificationRotherham: anti-vandal fence vandalised


France, Grenoble: youths stone fire brigade after having set their Middle School on fire, burning most of it


Morocco, Rif: further clashes between cops and demonstrators in this Berber region “…police tried to stop demonstrators from gathering…Dozens of youths wearing balaclavas threw stones at security forces, who responded with tear gas,…The clashes ended before dawn, with the police deploying around 50 vehicles in the area.” More here “…. young demonstrators launched a deluge of stones towards the police and the auxiliary forces, wounding more or less seriously some twenty of them, one of which is in a state deemed to be very serious by a  medical source.


France, Drôme: anarchist arson attack on France’s main electricity distribution management company Communiqué here

Colombia, Bogota: riot cops violently attack striking teachers blocking roads More here in English

Guinea, Kamsar: teenager killed by cops during riots against electricity cuts; 7 cops seriously injuredpolice station ransacked

India, Bhopal: truck torched, stones thrown at cops, as farmers movement spreads (see entries for 7/6/17 & 6/6/17) . This monthly from Faridabad is worth looking at for other information on India.


France, Creil (Oise): cops hurt as youths attack their arrest of joyriderCalais: migrants put up barricade across motorway during the night

Canada, Saskatchewan: prison riot causes $100,000 worth of damage

Morocco, Rif: further clashes between cops & youths More here in English


South Africa, Soweto: 16 NUM scabs beaten up in wildcat strike called against bosses’ crackdown on illegal mining

France, Tarascon: 3 cops hurt, bullet proof vest & tear gas grenade stolen by 30 youths as cops carry out car control

Senegal, Dakar: several hours of heavy confrontations between students & cops as students protest non-payment of grants for 8 months

India, Maharastra: 1100 riot cops sent to area (see yesterday’s entry)…toll plaza & police station smashed up, bank attacked , vehicles torchedbus completely burnt out


France, Seine-St.Denis: police station attacked with heavy-duty fireworks for 2nd evening in a row

South Africa, Port Elizabeth: cars torched during protests about service delivery and eviction notices

Iran, Kuzhestan: cops fire birdshot at striking workers

Germany, Weilheim: arson attack on police station

Guinea, Conakry: roads barricaded with burning tyres in several parts of capital for 3rd day running in anger against electricity cuts Conakry has been gripped by regular power cuts for months, which have increased in recent weeks, sometimes for two days in a row in some areas.

UK: Labour Party condemns vandalising Tory party election posters (surprise surprise)

Mexico, Tamaulipas: 3 cops killed in prison riot  ….More here “A prison riot in the northeastern Mexican state of Tamaulipas has left three police officers and four prisoners dead, the state government said on Wednesday.” Not really sure from this report whether this was the work of some drug cartel gang or other or not, but the State of Tamaulipas is almost entirely controlled by narcos, so it probably was..

India, Maharastra: 5 farmers killed as clashes continue Worldwide, the problem with many of the conflicts with the state is that it seems very difficult for sections of the population to identify with other proletarian clashes, whose demands are so specific to their precise relation to capital. And so these movements often die within what is perceived as their own narrow interests. No easy practical solution to overcoming this, obviously, but there must be a minority of individuals within these conflicts who can see that it’s not just their own specific miseries that need to be confronted but others’ as well; yet one imagines such individuals cannot see their way to overcoming such impasses – for various reasons: indifference, fear of ostracism by their own “communities” or the “communities” where they’d like to spread their anger, &/or simply lack of confidence to take some independent  initiative….Gurgaon: clashes with cops over land dispute


Bulgaria, Obrochiste: wildcat miners strike ends with semi-victory

India, Maharastra: farmers burn milk truck and tyres demanding loan waiver etc.

France, Rouen: 50 – 70 youths clash with cops at middle schoolValence: at least 6 cars burn, bins burnt, cops stoned in yet another clash


France, Yvelines: 20 people attack cop car trying to free arrested teenager

Israel, Jerusalem: more clashes between anti-Zionist haredi and cops See entry 21/8/16 for some comments on this Jewish sect.

US, Portland: clashes between antifa and cops protecting & serving white supremacism with batons, tear gas, rubber bullets and sound grenades More here “…white supremacists were the ones securing their rally. …Whenever an altercation of any sort would happen they would assist the police officers in whatever they were doing, clear the scene of any bystanders by physically assaulting them and then tell people to let them do their jobs. In short, they were working with the police. But it wasn’t like simply snitching to the police when they saw something. I mean literally working with the police. As in tackling people, handcuffing people, and clearing entire areas. The cops acted as if the alt-right was Portland’s Justice League of vigilantes. They even had the silly costumes….I was shocked by the high fives I had seen between police and white supremacists. I know that the alt-right and police have tremendous respect for one another but I thought they would maybe attempt to conceal it for at least this event. At one point, I even saw them playing a game of football with the cops….the official line from the police is that someone threw something …and that is why they had to hurt over a thousand innocent people.”


France, Pau: 60 travellers in angry demo after court forbids imprisoned brother of unarmed traveller killed by cops in a car chase from attending his funeral “…four… cars burnt … two buses were burned …completely destroyed. Severe damage to the Peugeot garage, with cut-out fences and more than 40  tires stolen and burnt. Thefts also of Auchan, right next door, with 82 shopping trollies that have disappeared. The real estate agency Cofim also paid the cost of these clashes….On the highway also the damage is significant. Palm trees, a bus shelter, a bicycle park and cars were damaged. In some places the asphalt is completely burnt….Video here


Colombia, Bolivar: police station attacked, 2 patrol cars burnt out, in resistance to cops cracking down on illegal mining


Morocco, Rif: general strike against arrest of opposition leader – clashes and barricades Obviously the opposition today could well be running the state tomorrow, but in a highly repressive society as this, not everyone participating in this movement automatically support the illegal opposition, and besides, given such a history of repression, the fact that things are happening in the street indicates a shift of mood in a country where very little happened during the Arab Spring.

UK, Bristol: roof of council building occupied in protest against local government cuts

Venezuela, Merida: governing party HQ torched Although written from a liberal Lefty point of view, this is informative about the situation there.


Bulgaria, Obrochiste: miners go on wildcat strike following bosses’ failure to honour agreement

Chile, Santiago & Valparaiso: further clashes with cops over demand for free education 


France, Vitry: 2nd molotov chucked at police station courtyard after cop violence following youths playing with hydrants in hot weather. See 31/5/17

Calais: barricades of fire as migrants clash with cops Nancy: 50 youths stone cops during control

Turkey: report on curious form of resistance as strikes are banned Not sure if this is the union making out they’re resisting to cover up the fact that they’re not or what….












































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