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“December, being the last month of the year, cannot help but make us think of what is to come.”
Fennel Hudson

“Now is the time of fresh starts…For that you need December. You need to have lived through the mindless biological imperatives of your life…December has the clarity, the simplicity you need for the best fresh start of your life.”
Vivian Swift

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“Reading the morning newspaper is the realist’s morning prayer. One orients one’s attitude toward the world either by God or by what the world is. The former gives as much security as the latter, in that one knows how one stands. ”



France: yellow vest clashes in Montpellier, Paris & Nantes (videos, links)


France, Montpellier: 3 schools blockaded in protest against increased university selection, the reform of the baccalaureat and in solidarity with pension movementcops get heavy (videos)tramway blocked by burning binsGrenoble: 500 high school students blockade 7 schools for the same reasonLyon: cops hospitalise 15-year-old using flashball, during similar clashes

Colombia, Medellin: clashes as state confiscates flypitchers’ goods

Peru, Lima: cops teargas school students as they clash during protests against increase in school bus fares

Greece: 11th anniversary of cop murder of 15 year old Alexis Grigorpoulos 

See also Greece unrest: Merry Christmas! – TPTG (December 2008), Greek Fire (Collective Reinventions) (December 2008),Workers in Greece occupy union offices (December 2008), WE DESTROY THE PRESENT BECAUSE WE COME FROM THE FUTURE (December 2008), Like a winter with a thousand Decembers – TPTG/Blaumachen (on the events of December 2008 and other things).


Benin, Klouékanmè: barricades across major road & clashes after black market petrol trafficker breaks leg in cop chase

Greece, Athens: the best form of defence is attack

Colombia: clashes in 3 cities


Paris: cops get heavy during blockade of high school in support of strikes against pension reforms, as well as opposition to intensified university selection


France,Villeneuve-d’Ascq: school personnel “deplore” cops for their heavy intervention in blockade  by high school students

Belgium, Brussels: students lock themselves inside school in protest against poor conditions

“The students, who are “rioting” inside the building, demand the resignation of the school principal because of ongoing problems with computers, heating and hygiene…“After receiving their exam schedules, the students started to hide in a common area [inside the building], where they are breaking things down”


China, Guangdong: temporary victory for protesters against crematorium construction

“Last week’s clashes in Huazhou’s Wenlou township, some 100 kilometers (60 miles) from Hong Kong, saw around 1,000 armed riot police take over the town after residents made barricades on the streets to block the passage of armored vehicles. Social media posts showed a line of overturned police cars, while eyewitnesses said younger people had hit back at incoming police lines with projectiles. Dozens of people were beaten and detained before police regained control of the area, according to local media reports and eyewitness accounts. Media reports said some demonstrators were chanting slogans similar to those heard across Hong Kong, including “Revolution now!” See also entry for 29/11/19

Cambodia, Tbong Khmum: villagers block Chinese company from expropriating their land

“More than 100 villagers in eastern Cambodia’s Tbong Khmum province on Monday blocked Chinese earthmovers digging a canal and destroying crops on disputed land, temporarily halting the work, local sources said. Hamenivent Investment, a Chinese company that claims ownership of the land, had already cleared over 20 hectares of cassava and cashew farmland worked by residents of Dambe district’s Trapaing Pring commune, a resident of the commune’s Bos Snor village told RFA’s Khmer Service. “This has interfered with villagers’ farming, and that’s why they have come to stop this company from clearing their crops,” the resident named Maut Mon said, adding that Hamenivent has also encroached on flooded forest land used by the commune as a shelter for spawning fish. …“The area is a flooded forest. It is a shelter for fish to lay eggs, and many wild animals used to live there, but there are many fewer there now,””

Bolivia: informative but clumsily translated text by anarchist on situation there

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  1. Jim Katz says:

    Gottfried Kellor, “The Three Just Comb-makers”:

    “They regard the world as one enormous well-patrolled police station, in which no one need fear of punishment, provided that he keeps his doorway well swept, looks after his window boxes, and pours no water over the edge.”

  2. Jim Katz says:

    I am most happy to see that our Good Editor is on strike. Vorwärts……

  3. Jim Katz says:

    New Jersey, 11/12/19:

    Two orthodox Jews protest the high price of kosher food by besieging a supermarket in Jersey City.

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