march 2020

March is the month of expectation, the things we do not know, The persons of prognostication are coming now. We try to sham becoming firmness, But pompous joy betrays us…In march winter is holding back and spring is pulling forward.”

– Emily Dickenson

(February 2020 here)

From now on, the “News” pages will be updated sporadically, probably only once a week.

For those desperate to get information each day, I recommend:

(type in “clash police” or “wildcat strike” or “riot” or whatever into the search  box at the top and you’ll get lots of headlines with those words in them; make sure you get the right wording – “riots” will get you different headlines from “riot”, “lashes police” will get you different headlines from “clashes police”)

(a French site with lots of links and videos to English or other language sites; on the right hand side there’s a list of links to specific situations, including stuff like ethnic riots or things that have nothing independent about them; you click on them and get several links dealing with the events of any particular day)  

Obviously there are other sites, but you’ll probably do your own research if you want the very latest information, and if you want to –  post information in the comments boxes  below.

There are obviously significant limits to providing links to information about situations I know little about. Some of this might give people the idea that struggle is advancing or happening far more than it in fact is, and may even blind people to the contradictions and complexities of any specific situation. However, despite the inevitable limitations,  I will continue to put up links if only as a method of keeping a record of events, though this will be reduced compared  with previous years.

“Reading the morning newspaper is the realist’s morning prayer. One orients one’s attitude toward the world either by God or by what the world is. The former gives as much security as the latter, in that one knows how one stands. ”



US, California: wildcat university strike report

The latest actions follow the firings of 54 Santa Cruz graduate students by UC president, and former Homeland Security secretary under Obama, Janet Napolitano. An additional 20 Santa Cruz students have been told that there would be no positions available for them at the start of the 2020–2021 academic year. Support for the strikers has spread across the US and internationally. Sympathy rallies were held in the past few days at the University of Maryland, University of Nevada-Reno and many other campuses.”


Canada:more on the resistance to the oil pipeline

Highly recommended: Canadian film about a vicious conflict in 1990 when  the state/bourgeoisie imposed a golf course on indigenous (Mohawk) land


Canada, Montreal: port access blocked in support of Wet’suwet’en

Mexico, Mexico City: clashes on international women’s day, as women prepare to strike (videos and links)

France, Paris: Cops attack women on nocturnal feminist march; women shout “cops – rapists, murderers” and “Everybody hates the cops!”(video)Nantes: similar clashes


France: yellow vest clashes in Lyon and Toulouse (videos and links)


Bulgaria, Sofia: nurses occupy Health Commission


France, Toulouse:


France: some demos after government bypasses parliament to Thatcherise France by pushing through attack on workers’ pensions

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