Egypt, Cairo: hundreds of football fans clash with cops 10/11/13

Egypt: clashes as cops end 3 week railroad blockade by striking factory workers 16/11/13

Egypt, Minya: family blocks road after conscripted son’s inexplicable death…….Beni Suef: main road blocked in protest against butane shortage 25/11/13

Egypt: iron and steel workers go on strike after week-long sit-in; company gates sealed 2/12/13

Egypt: 14th day of  iron and steel workers’ strike sees escalation after strikers move  to the HQ of the holding company “Our
escalation will continue due to the government’s persistence in
ignoring our calls while attempting to taint our strike by accusing us
of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood”

Egypt: iron and steel strikers protest against deal signed by unrepresentative representatives as 19 day strike continues “…the
workers were not satisfied … and …they want to see a copy of the
official signed deal. Amr Abdel-Rashid, one of the workers not satisfied
with the deal, said the workers who took part in the negotiations do
not represent the strikers.”