Georgia: 900 prisoners go on hunger strike 18/12/13

Germany, Hamburg: 1000s of  high school pupils walk out on strike to demand asylum seekers’ right to stay 12/12/13

Hamburg: a happy saturnalia in Hamburg; over 100 cops injured in best
rioting (against an eviction of a squat) for 10 years
 (video here) (more here)(more details and analysis here) 21/12/13

Greece: 24 hour official general strike  Apparently
some of these strikes are breaking out of the unions’ hold. For
instance, in Athens at the University, there’s been a strike of all the
various sections of state employees for 9 weeks and they often refuse
and confront the bureaucrats’ directives, and make links outside of the
university. More on this when I get more information. 6/11/13

Greece, Athens: riot cops evict 5 month long occupation of state broadcaster ERT 7/11/13

Athens: 11 week strike by University admin enters new phase as the
state tries to enforce its recent law making it illegal
government wants to cut administration staff, plus manual workers
(cleaners, electricians, etc.) and technicians, by 60%. Those left would
have to work longer hours for lower wages. The rector/dean is opposed
to this, and supports the strike (though, of course, playing 2 sides –
denouncing its more radical aspects). In part his support for the strike
is because the University would have to employ less experienced
workers, and that messes everything up for him. Up till now the law has
been that it is up to the rector to call the cops; the state can’t
“conscript”  the workers (ie force them to work on pain of punishment or
sacking) without his consent. The university students support the
strike, even though this has meant that onsite coursework has been
suspended for 2 months. In practice, though, it’s only about 5% of the
students – roughly 1000 out of roughly  20,000 – who in fact do anything
to support the strike – like mounting picket lines and blockades,
turning away the more passive acquiescent students.  It looks like
things are moving towards some significant development. Watch this
space. (see also the entry below for 6/11/13) Written: 22/11/13

Greece, Athens: farmers attack Greek cops with agent orange (“Land and Freedom!” is main slogan) 20/12/13