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Pakistan: enraged villagers blockade road after 14 yr old killed by truck 15/11/13

goods transporters strike ends after 12 days, costing 24 billion rupees
(about 230 million dollars), 80% of total annual revenue

Pakistan, Charsadda: roads blocked for 3 hours as residents protest power outages 9/12/13

Sukkur: protesters against non-arrest of, and political collaboration
with,  killers of tribe leader block main road with burning tyres

Pakistan, Rawalpindi: roads blocked against  cops raiding the houses of, and arresting, the innocent…. Peshawar: college forced to shut, roads blocked as students start indefinite strike against suspensions 17/12/13

Palestine: teachers call indefinite strike as courts declare it illegal 2/12/13

Palestine: residents block major roads in protest against power cut 16/12/13

Peru: silver mine strike declared illegal – workers forced back 9/12/13

squatters occupy  properties belonging to  Government Service Insurance
System  valued at P8.943 billion (a bit less than 207 million dollars)


November 2010 – march 2013: on the passage of a few thousand people through a brief period of time

Portugal: the impossible revolution? by  Phil Mailer (on the revolution of 1974 – 75)

Portugal: 4 ministries occupied for a few hours in anti-austerity protests 26/11/13

Portugal: striking while the irony is hot:  cops break through cops…chief cop resigns…21/11/13

Portugal, Almada: teachers protest & break all windows at front of school; riot cops called 18/12/13