brazil against the world cup (2014)

ve haf vays of making you happy (2014) – partly about the Brazilian World Cup,

Post Bolsonaro election: Brazil: How things have (and haven’t) changed (May 2019) Very interesting nuanced text, but unfortunately at times not particularly well translated and also not very well formatted.


Very incomplete chronology

Brazil, Sao Paulo: cops v squatters in burning barricades clash 1/11/13

Brazil: report says that an average of  5 people killed in clashes with cops every day in 2012 3/11/13

Brazil: ongoing civil unrest forces Rio  State sports secretariat   to withdraw support from   Soccerex Global Convention 5/11/13

Brazil, Curitiba: wildcat strike at World Cup stadium against delayed wages; traffic blocked in main avenue (more here) (strike been going on since 10th December) 13/12/13

Brazil, Rio: occupiers of Indian museum evicted and arrested in new World Cup protestManaus: 1800 workers on World Cup stadium construction go on strike after death of construction worker 16/12/13


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