Italy – class struggle, 1977

This was a UK version of a leaflet produced by Isaac Cronin for the USA at the beginning of  April 1977, with some slight alterations by me. I produced and distributed it at the end of April 1977.

Class Struggle in Italy, 1977

Italy 1977

Italy 1977 2

Italy 1977 3

Italy 77 4

Italy 1977 5

Italy 77 6

Italy 77 7

Italy 77 8

For more developed texts onItaly during  this epoch see:

Apocalypse and survival: Reflections on Giorgio Cesarano’s book, Critica dell’utopia capitale, and the experience of the radical communist current in Italy

Italy in 1977

 Puzz in mid-70s Italy

Critique of Italy ’77

Memoirs of  a Metropolitan Indian


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