Clashes in 4 cities


Colombia, Itagüi (Antioquia): clashes between cops and protesters as state admits cops killed lawyer whose death sparked movement


Colombia, Bogota: 5th day of clashes over cop barbarism. See also this

“During protests last Wednesday, seven young people, including teenagers, died after being shot in Bogota. Three other people died in connection with the protests last Thursday night, including a woman who was hit by a stolen public bus.Three people were also killed in Soacha during the protests….In the past week, hundreds of civilians have been injured in clashes between protesters and police in Soacha and Bogota, with dozens wounded by gunshots in the capital. Close to 200 police officers were also injured, while at least 60 police stations were vandalized, as well as dozens of public transport vehicles


Colombia, Cartagena: further clashes over cop savagery

Protesters again protested this Thursday in different areas of Bogotá and other cities in Colombia against police violence, although so far with less intensity than the day before, when the disorders left ten people dead. As yesterday, the target of the protests were the Commands for Immediate Action (CAI) [police substations] of the Police, which were attacked with stones and other objects and in some cases forced the intervention of anti-riot units.Again, the main point of concentration was the CAI of Villa Luz, in the west of Bogotá, where the two uniformed men involved in the death of lawyer Javier Ordóñez worked, whose death fueled street protests. Dozens of protesters arrived at that place who again threw objects at the police facility and in response to this situation, members of the Mobile Anti-Riot Squad (Esmad) fired tear gas to force them to retreat. One of the most tense situations was experienced in the Zona Franca neighborhood, in the neighbourhood of Fontibón, also in the west of Bogotá, where at first some neighbors formed a human chain to prevent a CAI from attacking. However, that did not prevent stones and sticks from falling against the infrastructure and a confrontation between the protesters and Esmad from breaking out…. people reported on social networks that there were soldiers who fired shots in the air. In the Verbenal neighborhood, in the north of Bogotá, where two of the young people killed in Wednesday’s riots lived, the protesters filled the CAI with sticks and flammable objects and set it on fire as on the previous night. In Bogotá, seven people lost their lives yesterday and three more died in excesses in the neighboring town of Soacha….There were also excesses in other areas such as the Portal del Norte and the traditional neighborhood 20 de Julio, in the south of the city, where the Esmad and the mob clashed. Due to “the security and mobility conditions due to the demonstrations unrelated to the operation that occur at this time in various sectors of the city”, the Mayor’s Office, with the “objective of safeguarding the life” of the inhabitants of Bogotá, decided to advance 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. local time the closing of the operation of the Transmilenio bus system. Another difficult situation was experienced in the San Fernando neighborhood of Cali, the main city in the south-west of the country, where vandals looted branches of BBVA and Banco de Bogotá, and broke glass in a station of the MIO bus system during clashes with the police. In Medellín, the protesters gathered in the Parque de los Deseos with the purpose of walking through several streets until they reached the Metropolitan Police Command of Valle de Aburrá. However, midway along the way, the police intervened and dispersed the crowd, which reached their destination in small groups to continue with a protest in which bank headquarters were attacked. In Barranquilla, a group staged disorders in the Plaza de la Paz shouting “Why are they killing us?” The scenes were repeated in other intermediate cities such as Cúcuta, which has the main border crossing with Venezuela; Manizales and Pereira, located in the central Coffee Axis, and Ibagué, capital of the Tolima department.”

More details in various languages (with videos):


Colombia, Bogota: heavy clashes with the state in movement against privatisations, pension and work reforms (videos and links)



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Colombia: clashes in 3 cities


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Colombia: anarchist report  on the movement November 22nd – 27th  …Bucaramanga: looting and clashes with cops during riots following demos against misery on 7th day of national strike

A small group vandalized the center of the city, especially two commercial warehouses


Colombia: Leftist but informative Roar magazine report



Colombia, Bogota: clashes continue


Colombia: riots, clashes and looting in 4 cities (videos and links)

Sample quotes:

Colombia will keep troops on the streets to help police maintain order, President Ivan Duque said Saturday, after nationwide protests in the past two days degenerated into looting in some areas. Joint military-police patrols will continue…Bogota’s mayor Enrique Penalosa ordered a curfew last night after looting broke out in the south of the city. Rumors that the attacks had moved to the wealthier north led some people to form vigilante groups to protect their property….The demonstrations have been motivated by a range of issues, including the government’s education and labor policies, unsolved murders of social leaders and corruption. Unions said they’d convene another national demonstration Monday…On Friday, demonstrators chanted “Down with Duque!” and “Long live the national strike!” Thieves hijacked a city bus and used it to batter down the doors of a shuttered shop in the south of Bogota, allowing a mob of looters to enter…On Thursday, more than quarter of a million Colombians took part in the nation’s biggest protests in years.” (Video including bus hijacking here)

Several protesters  caused damage to the facilities of the Palacio de Liévano, in the historic center of Bogotá, shortly before the riot police launched tear gas against the crowd …clashes escalated in the vicinity of the Gran Estación shopping center…The National University, the Congress and the headquarters of the Colombian Institute of Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad (ICETEX) have also been the scene of clashes…In front of the ICETEX headquarters, a group of people  tried to enter the premises using stones and ‘potato bombs’ (which are named after their resemblance to the tubers and may include nails, nuts and stones). At least four policemen were injured…The deterioration of pensions and salaries, breach of agreements with students, and the perennial situation of violence in the country – more than 160 social and union leaders have been killed so far this year – as well as the  Government’s attempt to modify the peace agreement with the FARC in 2016, are the main reasons for the mobilizations…in the city of Cali the authorities have declared a curfew due to the riots and looting “

supermarkets looted as protests continue

“Commuters in Bogotá and other cities faced long delays on Friday. Many of Bogotá’s bus stations were closed and police used tear gas in a least two parts of the city’s working class south in an attempt to clear road blockades. Several supermarkets in the area were looted and some protesters stole a public bus”

3 cops were killed in a bomb blast – which could possibly  become a pretext for nipping this particular movement in the bud before it’s hardly got started; it’s likely to overshadow the killing of 3 protesters/looters earlier. More here “At least 151 security forces and 122 civilians were injured, “most of whom suffered minor injuries and tear gas inhalation.” Six people have been killed..Friday night’s curfew in Bogotá was the first of its kind there in 43 years.”


Colombia: strikes and clashes in 7 towns  in movement against privatisation, potential  pension reform,  possible new labour law and other issues

“Clashes have erupted between tens of thousands of student-led protesters and security forces on the outskirts of Bogota’s El Dorado International Airport and other parts of the Colombian capital. Flights have not been canceled, but passengers were forced to walk to the airport from nearby hotels to get past throngs of marchers early this morning. Anti-riot police known as Esmad are using tear gas to try to divert the protesters away from the airport. In the historic center of Bogota this morning, thousands of marchers had gathered peacefully under a steady rain in Bolivar Plaza. Unrest has now broken out there as well, with police tear gassing protesters and vandals attacking public transport, businesses and monuments as nightfall sets in. Elsewhere in Colombia, vandalism and looting in the southwest city of Cali prompted the city’s mayor to declare a curfew at 7pm ET this evening… Many schools and businesses across Colombia are closed today.”

Account of the day by anarchist group

Colombia shows solidarity with Chile


Colombia: clashes at universities in 2 towns