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Haiti: demonstrators throw stones and counter-demonstrators throw stones. 7/11/13

Haiti: barricades burnt, stones thrown in anti-government protest (initiated by official opposition party, but not totally controlled by them) 18/11/13

Haiti: demonstrators trying to get into US embassy burn tyres, throw rocks, etc. ”Demonstrators have objected to the rising cost of living, government waste and corruption, and the long delay of legislative and local elections” See also this. 29/11/13

Holland, Amsterdam: Scots show some Dutch courage (this link gives some context to what happened) (and so does this, published after these fans were jailed on 22/11/13) 6/11/13

Holland, the Hague: 100 arrested after killjoy firefighters are pelted with bottles 31/12/13

Honduras: cops get their rocks off Superficially – because I know nothing about it – this looks like one of the world’s many  examples of people’s anger being channeled into supporting whatever wing of capital seems to express some opposition to the government, though invariably there is very likely to be some   element of initiative independent of the left or right wings of capitalism competing for control over the economy … 26/11/13


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