Hungary tells Lenin what is to be done (1982)

photo lenins what is to be done

Taken from Point-Blank! (1972) and slightly altered (1982)
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  1. James avatar

    The boy pictured above could easily be my uncle Janos. Janni was a partisan in the Hungarian uprising. He told me stories of coming home to his mum’s house and slapping his bullet belt on the kitchen table. That is just by the by.
    [edited by Sam Fanto]

  2. Sam FantoSamotnaf avatar

    The above by James was edited to cut out the crap, which is the content of the majority of his posts, whether under “James” or various pseudonyms. No time to explain this in detail (it’s not top priority) – but I’ve decided that from now on his incessant posts will be moderated, though for an hour or several they might appear as he sent them. Constant replies to his mostly rubbish, and often clearly inaccurate, posts (either through emails or directly on this site) don’t influence him one little bit: he either ignores any reasoning or responds utterly evasively, missing the point, I suspect deliberately. He is totally unwilling to engage in any serious critical dialogue. Further explanation will follow some time in the nearish future.


    Re. the photo and caption above: it’s worth noting that Lenin’s “What is to be done” was one of the books NOT burnt by the Nazis (and remember that Hitler admired Stalin, whom he compared favourably to Mussolini, of whom he was fairly contemptuous).

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