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Thailand: rubber planters agree to lift week long road blockade after complaints from motorists following bad deterioration of detour route 2/11/13

Thailand, Phrae: 500 villagers clash with cops over dam project 6/11/13

Thailand, Bangkok: when constabulary duty’s to be done…….a policeman’s lot….. is not a happy one…. 25/11/13

Thailand: where there’s a ruck there’s brass 9/12/13

Trinidad and Tobago: prison officer killed, prisoners being starved in consequence 7/11/13

Tunisia: heavy clashes throughout country in protests against increasing poverty; dominant governing party’s HQ ransacked…..general strike in 3 regions (video)….Silana: 50 cops injured 27/11/13

Turkey: Kurds clash with cops protecting  building of wall against “illegal immigration” (video) 3/11/13

Turkey: grenades, tear gas & rubber bullets used against protesting students 6/11/13

Turkey: clashes  erupt between cops & demonstrators  against  construction of  wall between Turkey &Syria (video) 7/11/13

Turkey, Yuksekova: burning barricades at funeral of  2 Kurds killed by cops 7/12/13

Turkey: report that the summer uprising cost their economy $9bn 11/12/13

Turkey, Istanbul: battles with cops follow tear gassing of peaceful demo 16/11/13

Turkey, Istanbul: demonstrators against death of Gezi Park protester break down doors of courthouse 21/11/13

Turkey, Ankara: heavy crackdown by cops of teachers demo 23/11/13

Turkey, Istanbul: heavy clashes with cops over government corruption scandal (video)Kurds clash with cops close to Syrian border (almost certainly still dominated by a pro- PKK ideology) ( video)  22/12/13

Turkey: heavy confrontations with cops in Istanbul and Ankara (video) 27/12/13

Turkey: anti-fares movement in 3 cities after kid is injured by “security”            “…people jumped over the turnstiles to the subway platforms after a child had sustained a head wound when a security guard stopped him trying to enter the Taksim subway station without paying the day before….Riot police at Ankara’s Kızılay subway station tried to stop the demonstrators from carrying out their protest, called “Don’t pay; jump over the turnstile”. The protesters chanted such slogans as “Transportation is a human right and cannot be sold.” 31/12/13


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