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UK, Wiltshire: in the beginning was the word and the word was against God 1/11/13

UK, Maidstone: prison riot – screws “feared for their lives” (more here on the apparent pretext for this riot)…smallish disturbance at Rye prison 2/11/13

UK, London: fire outside Buckingham Palace, fireworks, glasses thrown at this grossly insulting shithouse, Nelson’s Column & Victoria Memorial  damaged, etc….Norfolk: brief occupation of MP’s office in protest against health cuts 5/11/13

UK, Swindon: railway cleaners occupy train company HQ 8/11/13

UK, London: heavy eviction of political squatters 15/11/13

UK, Glasgow: cherished cultural tradition of putting traffic cones on scum of the earth upheld  15/11/13

UK, Norwich: illegal rave party riot at police dog training site….demonstrations against mainstream media manipulation 16/11/13

UK: report of 189 prison uprisings in 2012; screws moan about their lack of monopoly of violence… It’s only by the grace of the Devil that a guard hasn’t been killed …. Chichester: anti-fracking protesters pitch tents outside county hall 17/11/13

UK, London: show home occupied in protest against high rents 18/11/13

UK, London: squatters occupy Quaker Hall opposite local Tory Party HQ in protest against anti-squatting laws…… Birmingham: conflicts as  occupation of university Senate Chamber reaches its  5th day (see also this) 25/11/13

UK, Shropshire: prisoners in rooftop protest 27/11/13

UK, Sussex: 4th day of university building occupation 28/11/13

UK, Edinburgh: students occupy offices of finance boss in solidarity with education workers’ strike over pay cuts 2/12/13

UK, Wiltshire: 16 soldiers “mutiny” in sit-down protest 9/12/13

UK, London: “Cops off Campus” students break ban on demos, break lock on admin building gate, start small fire……Manchester: students occupy office at University in protest against cop brutality 11/12/13

UK, Salford: anti-frackers blockade fracking site 18/12/13

US, Connecticut: ghost spooks cops 1/11/13

US, Colorado: protesters against banks etc. try to block bourgeois “democracy” (more here) 5/11/13

US, Bakersfield: Congressman’s office occupied by immigration activists 6/11/13

US, Los Angeles: Walmart workers sit down in main road as part of their struggle for higher wages, etc. 7/11/13

US, Utah: appalling immoral distasteful rude  graffiti horror shock 8/11/13

US, upstate NY: no riot this Saturdaydemonstrations against mainstream media manipulation 16/11/13

US, Atlanta: illegal immigrants blockade federal office in protest against Obama’s deportation policy 19/11/13

US, California: workers & students unite & might…maybe one day…fight 20/11/13

US, Bloomington: 2 blocks of parking meters wrecked in movement against gentrification 21/11/13

US, North Carolina: police station windows broken after teenager killed  whilst in cop custody 22/11/13

US: small strikes at hip capitalist store…interesting letter by fired Pizza Hut manager 28/11/13

US, California: Father Christmas arrested…children of the world rise up  29/11/13

US: activists halt megaload in struggle against tar sands projects 30/11/13

US, Michigan: celebratory riot by football fans (video here)  7/12/13

US, San Francisco: anti-gentrification protest blocks Google 9/12/13

US, Santa Rosa: protesters against cop killing of 13 yr old take over city hall, stop traffic 10/12/13

US, California: $1m. worth of stuff looted from posh house party More than 100 people were estimated to have attended the party, held at a vacant, fully furnished La Habra Heights mansion that had been put on the market by the owner. The damage and thievery amount to at least $1 million”…San Jose: prisoners go on hunger strike over visitation misery (lasts a week) 11/12/13

US, Bloomington: angry demo publicising death of homeless guy in sub-zero temperatures “Participants in the march disabled several dozen parking meters, wrote graffiti, paint-bombed banks, popped tires, and distributed hundreds of fliers about Ian’s death, homelessness, and policing in Bloomington. Participants also took the opportunity to run into several yuppie restaurants and rain fliers on the passive diners…. the city has recently announced that the revenue from new parking meters will fund downtown police foot-patrols and new surveillance cameras.” 13/12/13

US, Virginia: protesters against deportations blocking access road to detention centre arrested The annual average of deportations increased to near 400,000 since President Barack Obama took power in 2009.” 16/12/13

US, Fresno: Babylon drowns 17/12/13

US, North Carolina: rocks and bottles thrown at cops in demo against cop killing of 17 yr old (more here and here) …. Ohio: arrests in protests against detention of undocumented immigrants 19/12/13

US, San Francisco: anti-gentrification protesters stop Apple employees’ bus (video here) 20/12/13

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