why we should occupy! (1972)

I wrote this for the Union paper shortly before a student union meeting calling for an occupation against the repressive policies of the new director of North London Polytechnic, Terence Miller, who’d previously been head of a major university in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and had collaborated with Ian Smith’s overtly white racist regime. Not the most impressive text I’ve written, but it was enough to annoy the SLL (Healeyite Trot group, precursor fo the WRP), whose leading cadre said in a pre-occupation meeting that an occupation had serious political aims and should not be seen as a source of fun.

The first column of the first uploaded bit continues onto the 2nd bit, and then continues from the 2nd bit in the 2nd column of the 1st bit. Sorry about that, but it’s only here as an archive text, and it’s readable, even if its a bit of a mess.

why we should ocupy1

why we should occupy2


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