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Daily life has always been the essential terrain of struggle – from your relations with your friends and lovers, to how you organise your living space, to the street, to work, to the whole of the environment and back to social relations again. It is criss-crossed through a thousand mediations, constraints and tangled webs – so all we can do is to look at it through fragments of reality. Several fragments do not make a totality but they are a way through to making sense of aspects of the totality. You don’t get to know the totality from outside, like God. You don’t gain access to the totality directly. The totality of this repressed life is a vicious circle and initially you can only breach a circle at different points, different fragments of it. So here we look at ‘fragments’ like feminism and male-female relations, pubs, the countryside, schooling, the University, the lottery, computers, street markets and shopping…etc. This is certainly not looked at within a mentality that fetishises the particular – no issue is single. Again, a lot more should be said…
graffiti roles

ve haf vays of making you happy (2014)

frayed threads of friendship (2012)

suicide or revolution (2011)

true confessions of a market trader (2001)

computers etc.: the thought of a thoughtless world (2000)

hope, faith, charity, lottery (2000)

education, stupefication, commodification (1998)

shopping: who gives a toss? (1998)

science: the myths of DNA…(1991)

gay pride: new closets for old (1985)

religion: the fraud’s prayer (1981)

“from decomposition to new constructions” (1978)

partying is such sweet sorrow (1978)

jealousy: the heart has reasons reason must understand  (1977)

reflections on subjectivism and intellectualism (1977)


all things considered (1976)

sexuality for sale (1975)

money (1975)

economy secret policeGraffiti, 1978


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