all things considered (1976)

Written by Nadine Bloch at the end of 1976 in the short Fench pamphlet “Compte-rendu, 1976”, and translated by Gina Rosenberg at the beginning of 1977. Reproduced by me in “Revolutionary theory for beginners” in January 1978.


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  1. The Mayor of London avatar

    So, Isaac Cronin was talking on one of the brilliant podcasts about the gender dynamics of the american situationists, which he rated little better than any other milieu of the time. What was your own experience of that aspect of things, coming from the other side of the pond? From what I remember from your conversations, the only women that popped up tended to be girlfriends also. Did you ever meet a single woman who had during that period any individual theoretico-practical activity?

    1. Sam FantoSamotnaf avatar

      Gina Rosenberg co-wrote the text “Disinterest Compounded Daily” – a critique of Point Blank – with Chris Shutes. She also was the main initiator of the break-up of the American Situationists, whose most famous theoretician was Ken Knabb, following a humiliating attack and break with Chris Shutes by her and the rest (a break which she explosively critiqued, a critique which was central to the whole scene breaking up). And she translated and published this “all things considered, 1976” text. Tita Carrion also broke with this milieu, having also participated in the hypocritical attack on Chris Shutes (which she also critiqued ). I had no significant contact with them after this period (spring 1977) so cannot say what they did subsequently. Both had been girlfriends of one or more of this milieu, and they were the only women who were part of Isaac Cronin’s American situationist milieu that I met.

      Could you send me the link where he talks about this specific aspect of the situ scene?

  2. The Mayor of London avatar

    I’m not sure which of the podcast episodes it was, but this is the one that deals with the period and the break up so presumably it’s somewhere in here

    Would be nice if there was a way to do some sort of automatic transcription or something

    1. Sam FantoSamotnaf avatar

      Thanks – in fact, I found it a few hours after I sent my post.

      The one on the pharmaceutical industry would definitely be worth transcribing because it has the most use for today. The rest are good to listen to, some excellent anecdotes but too much of an effort to transcribe given their limited relevance to the present (though nothing’s stopping you if you feel like doing it). Besides, his adoration of Voyer is significantly problematic. I’ll try to write something about this soonish.

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