school stopper’s handbook (1984/5)

This was produced by Sheffield Anarchists just after the miners strike. though the original “School stoppers’ handbook” was distributed a bit before the miners strike and caused a considerable stir (e.g. there were questions in Parliament about it). I don’t yet have a copy of this text, but this one contributed to the school students movements in South Yorkshire. Unfortunately the copy I have is itself a copy, and so reproduction here is not exactly the best. Sorry for that.

school stoppers1


school stoppers2

school stoppers3

school stoppers4

mid-1970s graffiti on school wall  below (not in original text): “We teach all hearts to freeze and all minds to narrow”

we teach all minds

(an earlier piece of graffiti, which inspired this one, was “We teach all hearts to break”)

For further critiques of education see:

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