Various difficult to categorise texts and pamphlets etc., usually (though not always) encompassing all or some of the 4 categories (daily life, culture, war and politics, and class struggle histories) in equal measure. After all, these categories are all intertwined and it’s rather artificial in some ways to categorise them that way. But if I’ve put other  texts under those specific categories, it’s because it’s more that those aspects of life are emphasised in the various texts listed under them, whereas those listed below do not emphasise one of these aspects of life and the world we live in in preference to any other category.

what’s new? 2013 – 2015

prison revolts 2013 – 2015

only 2 shoplifting days till…

screenshot libcom

…the return of…aaaaghfhebengate & the libconartists

an attempt at dialogue with a marxist

5 of the firiest police cars from around the globe

site hits (july 2015)


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