Everything you didn’t want to know about Aufhebengate but weren’t afraid to ask

A reading list of stuff on this site and on others, in chronological order of publication:

1. Open Letter from TPTG (6/10/11)

2. Why this article has been removed? (7/10/11)

3. Response to TPTG by Aufheben (7/10/11)

4. Second Open Letter from TPTG (14/10/11)

5. The strange case of dr. johnny and mr. drury (16/10/11)

8. cop-out – the significance of Aufhebengate (1/1/13)

The 4 sections of this have been also published separately:

good cop, bad cop

academia, sociology & the muddle class

anarcho-leftism & the politics of libcom

frayed threads of friendship

9.  Aufhebengate again: a response to responses (16/3/13)

10. …the return of…aaaaghfhebengate & the libconartists (1/10/17)

List of articles authored or co-authored by John Drury

Chaos theory

Knowledge-Based Public Order Policing: Principles and Practice

Archived biographical page

Another archived biographical page

Description of police consultancy work

The Role of Police Perceptions and Practices in the Development of ‘Public Disorder’

Crowds, context and identity: Dynamic categorization processes in the ‘poll tax riot’

Another blog

Dr Clifford Stott describing the history and context of the research in question on his first comment on this Facebook page.

Stott’s Facebook page again, this time describing J making recommendations to Greater Manchester Police.

J describing his research as and of road protesters

Press release from University of Sussex

J’s personal page, with a bibliography.

Science, Strategy & Tactics, a training block delivered by Dr J

A profile by J, which describes his research topics

j’s blog “the Crowd

J acknowledged as an editor of a document on public order police training

EDIT updating source list to include:

Greater Manchester Policing of Major Events policy review
in which J was a participant ‘expert’

Wikipedia ebtry on “Crowd Manipulation“, citing J’s crowd model

The Social Psychology of ‘Public Disorder’ symposium, at an International conference on psychology and police investigations, 2001

Improving Police Stott and friends’ crowd control model in the context of Occupy (J’s blog cited).

Aspects of crowd control model in action on video

Page 10 of this



One Response to aufhebengate
  1. Clifford Stott, Drury’s pal, on riot prevention at the BBC:

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