Merry Covidmas & A Crappy New Fear!

Everything you didn’t want to know about Anti-Christmas but was afraid not to ask

…or at least spend the little you’ve got to prove you love what’s left of the economy…



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Above, 9/12/20: Albania, Tirana

Hong Kong 2019

Syntagma Square, Athens 2008

(undoubtedly one could criticise some aspects of the above, but it’s still funny)


UK, Hertfordshire: the end of Christmas as we know it


UK, Weston-super-Mare: massive energy-burning/environmentally destructive lights sabotaged


France, Moselle: horror shock shock-horror


UK, Worcestershire: turkeys refuse to be stuffed


UK, Preston: how to celebrate Saturnalia


the end of pageantree, the beginning of poetreenutcrackers  nutted & cracked


Romania, Bucharest: clashes as anti-corruption protesters progress to anti-Christmas protesters“Protestors began to dismantle the scaffolding and fences for the fair on Victory Square, Bucharest, before being grappled by riot police and pinned to the floor. Demonstrators chanted “We won’t give Victory Square up,” and “Firea, don’t forget, this square is not yours” as they stopped construction workers from building a Christmas fair at the site of anti-corruption protests.”


UK, Armagh: a wanton act of construction


UK, Neath: tragedy


UK, Worcester: christmas criticised but once a year


UK, Whitby: the end of Christmas as we know it


UK, Cornwall: the end of idolatree


You better watch out, You better not cry, Better not pout, I’m telling you why, Santa Claus is burning right down

Giant Father Christmas Torched
In Nice, the giant Santa installed on the Promenade des Anglais was destroyed by arson, the city said today in a statement. The city specifies that the act is deliberate, traces of hydrocarbons were found on the spot.

The fire broke out yesterday around 22h50, it totally calcinated this giant and luminous structure, several meters high, representing a Santa Claus skiing. This morning, there was nothing left of Santa Claus but a charred skeleton still hanging onto his ski sticks.

The city of Nice, through the voice of its first deputy Christian Estrosi, reacted strongly, indicating that “by deliberately burning this luminous structure that we’ve had installed since 2011 in front of the Lenval hospital to illuminate Christmas for hospitalized children , the culprit deprives children of Santa Claus to which they are all attached. ”

“What is more, this criminal and dangerous act took place on the Promenade des Anglais, this site which still remains today, for all Nice, marked by the terrible attack of July 14,” added the elected official.

While the owner of the structure has filed a complaint, the city has decided to make a civil claim and has made the tapes of its CCTV cameras available to the investigators.”

A friend commented:

The ironic thing is that it happened on the “Promenade des Anglais”, in front of the Lenval Hospital…just where the Nice attack mass killer started his murderous ride a few months before. Knowing the local ultra-rightist bureaucrats’ passion for security (before and after the attack), their falsifications and manipulations in order to avoid being faced with their “responsibilities” (the responsibilities they themselves claim whenever they can), it makes for a good story. No matter the  drama, fire-lovers can still have fun opposing security measures and commodity-society ! (even with 1256 security cameras and the highest municipal police figures).”


France (Nantes): youths try to invade cop Christmas party in order to eat and drink for free; cop car damaged by stones, 2 very young teenagers arrested


Israel/Palestine: Israeli troops teargas Father Christmas


Italy: clashes with cops during nationwide general strike


December 2014, Ferguson, USA:

Ferguson 2014


Sweden: the true spirit of Christmas


Belgium, Brussels: “Merry Crisis, Happy New War” – protesters block roads in anti-EU protests (video)

A Christmas Carol (recorded 1959)

And another sweet Christmas song

don’t be so negoative!

negoative attitudes continued (video)

….so maybe you’d prefer marXmas….


See also this

and a not bad but fairly standard joke card:

ho ho


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