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I put this up because I assumed Mike Harman and Steven from libcom were lying (see comments here onwards) and I wanted to show proof of this. But it appears that my assumption came from a peculiar technical anomaly: if you’re logged in you’re meant to be able to see stuff you’ve put up on that site, even though nobody else can. However, MH says “The ten that you can’t see were posted by other people (at least I clicked on one and that was the case)”, but at least 4 of the 10 that I saw that had “access denied” on them had been put up by me, so his statement “You can see them because you’re logged in as yourself, and you posted them….This lets people edit stuff they’ve posted when it’s unpublished” doesn’t make sense, since I am incapable of editing those 4 or so. It also explains why I was confused: the confusion seems to have been in the arbitrary application of the logic  that “if you put them up you can see them”. No matter.


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