British cops help Hong Kong cops

This video from 7/9/19 shows how the cops in Hong Kong are using British commanders to organise more or less ‘softly softly’ riot control against protesters. “We’re outside the Mong Kok police station…an officer was aiming a long rifle loaded with rubber bullets directly at protesters…No rubber bullets or teargas cannisters were fired, certainly not at our location…It was a far more organised, far better co-ordinated operation by the riot police. They flooded out from the Mong Kok police station here into the streets and very aggressively went after the protesters charging at them in large goups dispersing those protesters without apparently having to resort to the kind of force we’ve seen before – the 100s of teargas cannisters, the 100s of rounds of rubber bullets that have been fired in the past and I think what is very interesting is …that  there were British commanders involved tonight. Very clearly we heard them, we saw them speaking with British accents. It appears to me that they have been brought in to better organise the Hong Kong riot police – to bring their experience of riot control in UK cities…to the Hong Kong police to help them out. Now a source told one of our team from the UK consulate that they deny any new addition of police officers here but I’m not sure that that is true and it might well depend on what the definition of ‘new’ is”.

What’s more, those calling on Britain to rein in China haven’t heard about a delegation from Hong Kong being invited in August by the British government to attend a flagship arms fair in London despite a promise made by the former foreign secretary in June to halt exports of teargas to there. “Andrew Smith, a spokesman for the Campaign Against the Arms Trade, said: “The Hong Kong police are using UK-made arms against campaigners right now. It is a disgrace that they have been invited to buy even more.”

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