july 2013

July 2013



Uganda: violent school students’ strike closes school

Brazil: cops receive exquisite makeover (Rio)Sao Paulo: attacks on banks and businesses….airport workers go on strike, boo president

Rio, yesterday

Bulgaria, Sofia: cops and protesters in significant clash

Pakistan, Peshawar: anti-loadshedding demos block roads

Egypt: “Third Square” movement continues (though with liberal illusions in a secular non-militarised state)


UK, Godalming: war memorial flagpole damaged in dreary nicey nicey Surrey town

Libya: workers at country’s largest oil refinery go on strike


USA, California: 1 million dollars worth of sabotage of phone and radio mast

Kosovo: Serb protesters block roads, clash with EU cops

USA: fast food workers on wildcat strike (it should be pointed out that some of these strikes – at least in St.Louis – have been organised by rank and file members of the Democrat Party and much of the autonomy has been undermined by them)

Pakistan: protesters against load shedding burn electricity company documents and attack company with stones etc.

Tunisia: cops tear gas hundreds preventing workers going into municipal admin offices in Sidi Bouzid (more here)

Italy: anti-high-speed train activists charged with terrorism

USA, California: surfin’ ‘n’ riotin’ USA

UK, Sussex: more arrests in anti-fracking protests


India: cops kill biker as bikers pelt them with stones ….youths piss on the state

Turkey, Istanbul: riot cops scuffle with protestors

Cambodia: cop car burnt in protest against vote-rigging (….cops get stoned by Buddhist monk)

USA, L.A.: week long Trayvon Martin protest (possibly a front for Democrat Party recuperation)


Peru: cops attack demo with tear gas and water cannons  (more here)

USA, California: hunger striker dies after being refused medical attention

India: cops and students in violent confrontation at Osmania University

USA, San Marino: illegal anti-foreclosure demo outside bank executive’s home

Armenia: sit-down protest against fares hike continues in front of town hall despite fare hike being suspended.

Tunisia: protests continue; man killed riot in Sidi Bouzid

UK, Sussex: anti-fracking protests continue (see also this)


Libya: over 1000 escape from jail after activist killed by cops (more here)

Chile: pro-abortion demo attacks cathedral with graffiti, etc.; barricades made of pews

USA, Washington: Lincoln memorial sprayed with green paint

Uganda: school students strike, threaten to burn down school

Greece: dairy farmers chuck rocks at cops, break into factory in protest about lack of pay

Tunisia: general strike in reaction to killing of leftist leader


Tunisia: cops tear-gas sit-in occupation attempt

India, Morigaon: attacks on cops after person dies


South Africa: wildcat strikers at Eskom throw stones, smash vehicles

Ivory Coast: prisoners riot, set fire to cells and almost kill guard; 3 prisoners killed by guards

Bulgaria: protestors block ministers etc. from leaving assembly for 5 hours; clashes with cops


Brazil: Rio riot against $50m. Pope visit

Zambia: schools riot over meals, exams etc….(more here)


Australia, Nauru: $60m damage to asylum centre in island riot

France: Paris suburb riot outside police station after fining of Muslim woman for wearing burka in public

Bahrain: cops and rioters clash into the early hours in several villages


Brazil, Rio: riot as bank foyers, newsstands and public telephones are smashed,  shop looted and fires lit on streets

Bulgaria, Sofia: anti-government protests continue


Romania: most devastating critique of art ever….?

India, Bihar: rioters smash cop cars, turn over police booth, etc after over 20 kids poisoned with school meal


USA, Oakland: anger continues against Zimmerman verdict


South Africa: wildcat strike at Eksom

USA, Los Angeles: 3rd night of protests against Zimmerman verdict, traffic stopped, windows broken, Wal-Mart raided; freeway blocked in SF Bay Area…most official organisers plea for peace at same time as chanting “no justice – no peace”….


UK, Kent: riot at prison – screw stabbed and 2 others injured

US, Oakland: cop car attacked, US flag burnt, etc. in reaction to  Zimmerman acquittal… (more here)….St Louis – riot cops called to protect city jail (and here also)

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Oakland, this morning


Israel, Tel Aviv: anti-austerity demos begin again

Pakistan: protests against power outages; power company’s offices vandalised,  furniture torched

Turkey, Istanbul: shopkeepers side with cops, batoning protesters

China: apparent victory for anti-nuclear protesters


Ukraine: clashes between cops and protesters

Bulgaria: clashes with riot cops outside Parliament on 28th day of demos

Turkey, Hatay province: more clashes with cops

China: rare anti-nuclear protest


South Africa: wildcat strike by gold miners

USA, St.Louis: cops shoot the right target for once

Indonesia, Sumatra: 200 prisoners escape after firey riot

Chile: burning barricades, molotovs as union calls strike

Brazil: roads blocked briefly by union demos


Turkey: defiance of the state continues in Istanbul

Dubai: riot police in rare display of courage


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