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This is a chronology not based on the date the information was published but based on the date  I  decided to publish it (usually when I found out about it).

Those who accuse this site of hyperbole would have thought that even suggesting the possibility of half of what’s happening today just over a year ago was hyperbolic and paranoid. The sleep of subversive reason is spawning an epidemic of monsters.

It should be clear that I am not  in accord with the ideological aspects of the content of many of the articles I link to. And, as with all information about Covid,  articles have to be filtered through a critical vigilance that I personally have sometimes not invariably exercised in relation to various articles, at least at the time of putting them up. I put them up because they seem to offer alternative sober  perspectives on what’s happening.

I should also add that there may well be some inconsistency and contradictory information here. That’s because it’s extremely difficult to sift what is valid,  what is speculation and what is manipulation. However, it seems more worthwhile trying to put forward some of what appears to be the more pertinent criticisms of what’s going on than remain silent before the overwhelming propaganda machine and wait a few years in order to be “correct” but too late. “The path toward simplicity is the most complex of all, and here in particular it seemed best not to tear away from the commonplace the tangle of roots which enable us to transplant it into another region, where we can cultivate it to our own profit. ” – here

For an excellent radical vision, written over 140 years ago,  of very general aspects of what’s happening now, see this by Bakunin



Increased emergency cardiovascular events among under-40 population in Israel during vaccine rollout and third COVID-19 wave

About 8 months ago, Professor Retzef Levy published the above article with a colleague from MIT and MDA’s (Israel’s national emergency medical, disaster, ambulance and blood bank service) VP.

The article pointed to an alarming increase in MDA calls for heart attacks and cardiac arrest between the ages of 16-39 in the first half of 2021 and in correlation with the vaccination campaign.
The findings are consistent with data published in other countries.

Senior Ministry of Health officials at the time were mainly concerned that the article had not yet been peer-reviewed and insisted that there was nothing in it. But the above link is to the same article which has now been peer-reviewed and confirmed.


Text questioning traditional vaccines, especially smallpox, in the context of their history

This goes against all standard vaccine ideology/theory/history. Not at all sure how valid this is as my knowledge is very limited and not at all developed from any direct experience, but it would be good to see if there are people who can contest this with something other than knee-jerk dismissal unbacked by a desire to take apart the details of what it says. The text certainly seems to hold some important truths. However, I certainly hope that it’s not taking a dogmatic  attitude by means of selecting  facts that agree with an a priori position and ignoring those that contradict such a position (nowadays, on both sides of the vaccine debate, people feel such an acute anxiety about doubting their positions that it’s far easier to just reject the other side with an absolutist attitude that says that the other side refuses to face the facts or is inventing “facts”).


China, Shanghai: riots as  food supplies run out after three-week lockdown


China: unrest over Covid misery


FDA’s authorization for a 4th COVID-19 vaccine is based on an Israeli study that says  exactly the opposite

“…the vaccine efficacy against infections in this study ranged from 11% to 30%, for Moderna’s and Pfizer’s vaccines, respectively, and it was statistically insignificant for both vaccines. The reported efficacy against symptomatic disease (not severe illness!) was a little higher, but still much below the minimum required efficacy [3] (between 31% to 43% for Moderna and Pfizer, respectively), and still not statistically significant, as far as I can tell…”

China: information about the situation there, including minor forms of protests against lockdown restrictions


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