a new vaccination religion is born in the West

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The French government’s call for children to be vaccinated on Monday 6 December was a foregone conclusion. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) had authorised on 25 November the use of experimental vaccines against Covid-19 in children aged between 5 and 11 years, once again following the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (press release of 29 October). This now only concerns the Pfizer/BioNTech product, even if it is necessary to continue to sell off the stock of the Moderna product in the vaccination centres. In France, the French National Authority for Health (HAS) followed suit by proposing (on 30 November) that all “fragile children” be vaccinated, i.e. “all those at risk of developing a serious form of the disease and dying, and those living in the vicinity of immunocompromised or vulnerable people who are unprotected by vaccination”. It calls this the “cocooning strategy”, a seemingly beneficial name that masks the fact that children are much less contaminated than their parents and teachers (as a study by the Pasteur Institute shows). And the HAS has already announced that it “will decide at a later date on the relevance of extending this vaccination”. The first group (children “at risk”) would already concern at least 360,000 people. But, strangely, the HAS does not give a figure for the second group, that of “children aged between 5 and 11 years living with immunocompromised people or vulnerable people not protected by vaccination”. It should be said that, according to the government, the vaccination rate for people over 65 in France is over 92%, so it is not clear how many “immunocompromised or vulnerable people” have not yet been vaccinated. But it doesn’t really matter, the main thing is to continue the great march towards full (and repeated every six months at least) vaccination of all humanity. This is the new religion that is spreading around the world and allowing the big money masters Pfizer and Moderna to reap $1,000 a second in profits every moment of our lives, all orchestrated by their regional vassals who have become most Western governments and international agencies – starting with a European Commission led by Ursula von der Leyen who is orchestrating the big vaccine operation while having a son working for McKinsey and a husband who is the director of a biotech company focused on genetic therapies.

In France, the Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS) proposes to vaccinate all “fragile children”, i.e. “all those at risk of developing a serious form of the disease and dying”.

The old ways of mass propaganda

To achieve this, these governments (and the many journalists who follow them at attention) use all the old tricks of propaganda. The basic logic is the one already explained by Jacques Ellul 60 years ago (Propagandes, 1962): “Opposite the propaganda of agitation [of revolutionaries, putschists, terrorists], we find the propaganda of integration, which is the propaganda of evolved nations, and characteristic of our civilisation. It is a propaganda of conformization”. Indeed, “in a democracy, citizens must be involved in the decisions of the state. This is the great role of propaganda. Citizens must be made to feel that they wanted the government’s actions, that they are responsible for them, that they are committed to defending them and making them succeed. This is the basis of what is called nudge nowadays, a buzzword for old marketing and advertising techniques. Indeed, this modern concept of propaganda can be traced back to the interwar years. One of its masters was Edward Bernays, whose entire work as a propagandist and publicist was based on the idea that “the masses are incapable of judging public affairs correctly and that the individuals who make up the masses are unfit to exercise the role of potential citizens that a democracy requires of each of them: in short, that the public, in essence, constitutes for the governance of society an obstacle to be circumvented and a threat to be removed”, as his French preface summarises.

The first permanent basis of this propaganda is fear, which allows subjects to be placed in a state of suggestibility. After denying the existence of variants for a long time (no doubt because it was the IHU in Marseille that showed it), the government has seized upon them to renew this strategy of fear. Each new variant thus makes it possible to revive the simple idea of successive “waves” that are supposed to overwhelm us, and justifies new steps in the objective of total vaccination, while diverting attention from the real causes of the mortality caused by these viruses. These causes are essentially, on the one hand, the growing proportion of people suffering from chronic environmental diseases (obesity, diabetes, heart or respiratory insufficiency, etc.), and on the other hand, the third worldisation of the public hospital.

Next comes the “white coats and stripes” propaganda technique, well described by Etienne Augé (Petit traité de propagande. À l’usage de ceux qui la subissent, 2007). It consists of ‘calling on individuals who, by virtue of their title, rank or mandate, have a social authority likely to benefit from credibility unrelated to what they are saying and to provoke support for their ideas, arguments or actions in their audience’. Thus, we can observe in the media “the appearance of professional specialists, capable of intervening on subjects of which they sometimes do not have sufficient knowledge but on which they manage to express themselves with convincing language. Their speech is perceived by most non-specialists as expert advice because they have been carefully presented, for example through a banner on television, highlighting their titles, such as doctor, professor, general, as well as their field of expertise. Of course, for this to work, their frequent links to the pharmaceutical industries must be carefully concealed.

In addition, governments such as France’s make extensive use of another classic form of state propaganda that Etienne Augé calls “the rigged choice”. It consists in “offering a choice to the public, as if it were up to them to decide and choose the best option, while knowing in advance what the result of this consultation will be. In this way, the propagandist confronts the audience with the alternative between an unacceptable choice that will necessarily be rejected, and an option that will appear to be unwanted but unavoidable in view of the magnitude of the threatening danger. Vaccinated or re-vaccinated? Vaccinated or remasked? Vaccinated, cured or dead? The story was written in advance for those who know how to recognise it: “the rigged choice is used mainly to explain sacrifices or to announce drastic measures. It is not uncommon in these cases to use alarming expressions, because the aim is to show that there is only one solution to prevent a catastrophe. The author concludes that the political leader must then “impose himself in the role of a saviour who appreciates the altruism of his ‘flock’. He may ask for certain primary freedoms to be sacrificed in order to better guarantee the security of everyone in troubled times. This technique is found at the origin of most systems of mass domination that lead to dictatorships.

Finally, there is the technique of the boiled frog in the famous fable: plunge a frog into boiling water and it will leap to escape, but plunge it into cold water and gradually bring the water to the boil, the frog will go numb and eventually die from the cooking without noticing. Governments use and abuse this technique of coercion by swearing that such and such an obligation will never happen or that such and such a category of the population will never be affected, so as not to alarm the population. At the same time, they are gradually realising this. Thus, vaccination was initially reserved for the elderly and for health professionals. Then it was gradually extended to adults in the younger age groups, before moving on to adolescents and then to children. Today it is the so-called “fragile” children, to continue to play the noble role of protector. Tomorrow, it will actually be all of them.

Reality has little to do with this propaganda

Reality does not care about these manipulations of the people. It can be summed up in five facts.

Figure 1: Change in the cumulative number of deaths by age compared to 2019

Source: INSEE, civil status. Daily number of deaths transmitted until 8 November 2021

The first is that the so-called “pandemic of the century” has never threatened people under 60. If there is one category of people who are statistically safe, it is children. Mortality statistics compiled by INSEE even show that people under 25 years of age experienced lower mortality in 2020 and 2021 than in 2019 (Figure 1 opposite). As for those aged between 25 and 49, they did not see any difference overall. The figure also shows that, over the current period (1 June – 8 November 2021), there is no excess mortality among 50-64 year-olds either.

The second observation is that there is no justification for systematically announcing the worst, today the imminence of a “fifth wave”. The reality is that it is misleading to present a curve of “positive cases” (which depends on many factors, starting with the frequency of testing) as a curve of the number of “sick” people. The vast majority of people with the virus have always been minimally or not symptomatic. Secondly, hospitalisations and deaths are increasing slowly, but this is the case every year at this time of the winter season. Data from the Sentinelles network (a French network that has existed since 1984 and which is a sample of several hundred general practitioners reporting their medical activity on infectious diseases) even show that the number of patients is currently well below not only the two main Covid epidemics (March-April 2020 and October-November 2020), but also the years of highest seasonal influenza (Figure 2 opposite). This means that the specificity of the Covid epidemic probably does not lie in its intrinsic dangerousness, but rather in the therapeutic response, or rather the lack of therapeutic response, which was opposed to it by doctors due to governmental instructions which favoured firstly non-pharmaceutical measures (confinements, curfews, etc.), and secondly the ‘vaccine solution’.

Figure 2: Comparison of the number of patients recorded during the Covid epidemics (2020-2021) and the 2019 and 2020 seasonal influenza epidemics

Source: Sentinel network, IRSAN formatting

The third observation is that vaccination is moving towards 100% coverage of the general population without changing the dynamics of successive epidemics caused by the variants. This was already the case with the Delta (Indian) variant last summer, and it is again the case with the South African variant known as Omicron (apparently less dangerous than the previous ones). The conclusion is fatal: the rescue by general vaccination is a myth. Like all religions, it relies only on the faith of believers. The reality, which has been visible for several months, is that vaccination does nothing to stop the spread of the epidemic. And for good reason, it is well established that vaccination does not prevent either the contamination or the transmission of the virus.

The fourth observation is that, like all religious or secular ideologies, integral vaccination is a psychorigid structure that is blind to any perverse effect and deaf to any questioning. In this case, it is taboo to talk about serious undesirable effects linked to the vaccination of young people. But the reality is there, and it cannot be hidden under the carpet indefinitely. The followers of the new religion have gone to great lengths to deny any relevance to the pharmacovigilance data that were already available last summer. They will not be able to do anything against the accumulation of scientific publications that document, among other things, the unprecedented risks of heart problems (thrombosis, pericarditis, myocarditis) in vaccinated adolescents (see for example here, here, here, here and here). In other words, the benefit/risk ratio is clearly unfavourable to the vaccination of young people. For this reason, several Scandinavian countries have already given up injecting young people with mRNA vaccines, joined a few days ago by Japan. Moreover, when the government referred the matter to the National Consultative Ethics Committee on 27 April 2021, the latter concluded that “the vaccination of children under the age of 12 does not seem ethically and scientifically acceptable”. But who cares about ethics anymore?

The fifth and final observation is that this industrial and scientific ideology of integral vaccination functions like religions in times of crisis in the past. It has its high priests and its devotees, who monopolise more than ever the floor on television. It has its media inquisition, which excommunicates deviant thinkers and would like to burn them like witches in the past. And it massively produces scapegoats (the non-vaccinated) who are treated like plague victims or lepers in the past, and more recently the victims of AIDS whom J.-M. Le Pen wanted to lock up in “sanatoriums”. This situation is all the more absurd in that every vaccinated person is a future non-vaccinated person who does not know it, since everything will be called into question for anyone who does not take his or her third dose, before the fourth (already decided by M. Delfraissy), the fifth, the sixth, etc. The very principle of the “health pass” may be based on a shameless lie (let’s repeat that vaccination does not block either infection or transmission), but its discriminatory logic has been unfolding dramatically for several months. And as if the loss of jobs, the lack of access to restaurants, cultural venues, etc., were not enough, European governments are now competing with each other in their imagination against the new public enemy number one that the non-vaccinated have become. Like Austria, it is no longer enough to exclude, they now want to fine, punish and lock up. This morbid discriminatory logic, which violates human rights that were thought to be “inalienable”, sets citizens against each other and will certainly be described one day by historians as a kind of collective madness orchestrated by people who have lost all sense of democratic values and human rights. We must not resign ourselves to this and remain silent in the face of such an intellectual and moral disaster.


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