“…most managers stay at home and telecommute. But in warehouses, it’s another story for employees who feel more and more in danger. A feeling of injustice is mounting in many companies …Since Wednesday, the leading firm in online sales of automotive spare parts has been operating at a slow pace, faced with a strike and the right to withdraw from some of the employees of its warehouses in Argenteuil and Cergy-Pontoise (Val-d’Oise).

The site has not been properly disinfected

“We had no other choice,” explains a staff representative, speaking on condition of anonymity. Management refused to make every effort to guarantee the safety of employees in its warehouses. Several of them who are in confinement have symptoms of Covid-19. The site has not been properly disinfected and all the trays and work tools are therefore potentially contaminated. This increases the risk of the virus spreading and puts the health of employees at risk ”. …”Installed in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, often telecommuting, middle management and the directors are much better protected than other employees”, quips Hichem Aktouche who wonders: “Is Oscaro a sector so vital that it justifies endangering employees by forcing them to work? “…This theme of health inequality within companies has been resounding for a few days, all the more so since the health authorities call on the population to stay as confined as possible. “The life of a supermarket cashier, a postman, is worth no less than that of a computer engineer in telework”…”There is an impression of injustice between what can be called blue-collar and white-collar workers, but also between those on short-term contracts and those with permanent ones”, warns Cyril Chabanier, president of the CFTC… “The feeling of inequality is starting to mount in our country and we have to be careful about that,” he adds….”all those on secure contracts were asked to stay at home whilst those on short-term ones we told to  come to work”….The CGT demands a clarification on the so-called vital sectors for the country in order to avoid exposing employees unnecessarily. Union officials are unanimous in saying that “we must provide each employee with sanitary equipment …”

It should be pointed out that, despite certain radical sites listing  current “strikes” in France as some kind of wildcat they’re not exactly that, as in France you have the automatic right to stop work if you consider the conditions are insecure. In fact, there have been several of these walkouts over France, which are protected by this right to withdraw your labour for health and safety reasons, and almost invariably involving the unions (for a critique from 2017, mainly  of the CGT, see this). I have not listed most of them .


France, Yvelines: anti-confinement barbecue leads to arrests


France, Correze: fiery riot in prison, prisoners go on roof, massive destruction

“In thirty years of service, I have never seen such a thing …” The supervisors of the detention center of Uzerche, in Corrèze, are still in shock. … “Very rapidly, in the courtyard of the promenade, the gates and doors were broken, and the staff had to evacuate the premises. Then a fire broke out and the prisoners ended up on the roof. …The material damage is considerable. Two buildings were completely ransacked, and destroyed by flames. “The third and fourth floors of buildings C and D are 70% destroyed.”

Rennes: another prison riot 

“Sunday March 22, 2020 at around 4:30 p.m. during the second walk round of MA2, the detained people who were on their walk caused a mutiny by trying to break up the path of the walk.

Immediately the alert “MUTINY” was triggered and the Rennes ERIS was called to intervene in the incident, in support of the intervention teams made up of each CPH building.

When the alert was triggered, two teams, each equipped with a pump-action rifle, were set up around the MA2 promenade on the right courtyard (neutral zone) and in the walkway.

One of the teams was obliged to make a warning shot to dissuade the mutineers from any damage to the fence and the intervention door of the promenade.
When ERIS agents arrive at the establishment, once the detention center and related services had been secured, agents equipped with bomber suits were positioned in the hall of the MA2’s RCH to carry out reintegration of mutineers.

As the two MA2 promenades were blocked, the management decided to start with the left course (there were 22 detainees).
The detainees were brought back one by one to the cell by equipped CPH agents.
One of the leaders of the left court was placed in prevention at the QD.

Once the left court was reinstated, the ERIS had to reinstate the right court where there were 51 detainees. The MUTINEERS being much more virulent and refusing to be reinstated despite the warnings from the ERIS, the head of the ERIS made the decision to intervene on the promenade course to put an end to the mutiny.

The detainees were then put back in cells one by one and 2 detainees who were particularly active in the mutiny were placed in prevention at the QD.

Following the securing of the two jail buildings, all the agents (all bodies combined) present on the establishment proceeded to the distribution of meals in safety.

The Director, the following day, made arrangements for the start of walks following the weakening of the intervention door of the right-hand promenade yard MA2.
However, in view of the very tense climate prevailing in detention, we [ie the Force Ouvriere screws union] ask you to further reduce activities and therefore suppress all sports and lock down the entire detention center.”


France, Lyon: Deliveroo and Ubereats workers on strike because of fear of spreading virus

This is interesting because, officially, these workers are “self-employed”.


France, Argentan: 14 prisoners climb onto roof for a few hours in resistance to enforced suppression of visitors, and of outside workers

“…several rebellious movements also took place in Nantes, Angers, Val-de-Reuil…”[in prisons]


France, Vendée: wildcat strike by logistics workers


France, Elbeuf near Rouen: youths chuck heavy-duty fireworks at cops during anti-confinement barbecue, as they also play “rodeo” (races and handbrake turns probably with stolen cars); no arrestsChalon: 40 Amazon workers walk off the job because of lack of safetyMontelimar: Amazon workers walk off job for 2nd time , threatened with not being paid despite right to withdraw due to lack of health and safetyWaterloo: 20 workers on “wildcat strike” because of lack of health & safety conditions; site closed 3 days laterMarseille: attacks on company collaborating with state CCTV installations


France, Moselle: about 100 prisoners refuse to return to their cells following prediction of visitor suspension (not yet enforced, though enforced from 17th March onwards)), and already-enforced suspension of outsiders, such as teachers, giving lessons in prison


France, Nancy: 4th day of official wage strike by  dustmen ; they may be forced to work, bosses using pretext of virus