the contradictions of herd immunity

the contradictions of herd immunity via vaccination

Translation of French article written by Dr Gerard Maudrux, 25/6/21

There is a lot of talk about herd immunity, which is currently being used to justify vaccinating everyone and to make those who don’t want to be vaccinated feel guilty. How does it work?

To survive, the virus must multiply continuously. Once it has infected a host, after a while that host rejects it (or dies). It must therefore jump from one host to another; if it cannot do so, its descendants die out, and there is no more epidemic. To change host, you need someone close to you, and who is not immune, either naturally or by treatment. If everyone is immune, or nearly so, the virus can no longer multiply, as it can no longer find a new host, this is collective immunity. Once a certain number of people are immune or not receptive, the virus can no longer find a new host before dying out.

At the beginning of the epidemic, our specialists estimated that this collective immunity would be reached if 50 to 60% of individuals were immune. As it is common, not to say constant, for experts to be wrong, today the same experts are talking about 80%, even 90%, justifying vaccinating everyone, including children, even though they are not affected by this disease, which is 10 times less deadly for them than seasonal flu, for which they are not vaccinated.

The problem is that herd immunity cannot be achieved for several reasons. The first is that immunity, especially vaccination, is less durable than hoped. By the time everyone is vaccinated, the first ones may have to be re-vaccinated, so it becomes a never-ending race.

The second is that coronaviruses have the annoying habit of mutating constantly, and a vaccine that is too narrowly targeted, such as those targeting a single protein, the one that mutates the most, is bound to be ineffective one day on subsequent generations of the virus. Moreover, it also seems that this virus behaves like bacteria, becoming resistant to antibiotics. It is explained to you that abusing antibiotics creates resistant strains of bacteria, and I have the impression that it is the same with the virus and the vaccines, the viruses becoming resistant the more we vaccinate.

The third is that we are far from the 95-98% efficacy figure that was announced, it seems that we are getting closer to 65%. I put forward this figure two months ago with the example of an isolated country, the most vaccinated in the world, the Seychelles. The country was facing a new wave, with 35% of cases occurring in vaccinated subjects. This is confirmed recently in other highly vaccinated countries, the UK, with an epidemic starting again, admitting 20% of vaccinated people in new cases, and even more recently, Israel, which follows, admitting 40% of vaccinated people in new cases.

The fourth is that the vaccine does not prevent people from being infected, and from infecting others, making this collective immunity illusory. A few months ago, it was the conspiracy theorists who were saying this, now it’s the authorities and everyone else: the Minister of Health, the Director of Health, the Council of State (“the vaccinated can contribute to the spread of the virus”), Ameli, the Vidal, the facts. Moreover, even vaccinated, to travel, to go to events, you need a test, the vaccine being insufficient. Insufficient to protect others, but sufficient to obtain a collective immunity? Who are we kidding?

So we are told that while the vaccine does not prevent contamination, it does reduce the number of serious cases. This is just talk, with no studies to back it up. Now that we are studying the cases of contamination under vaccines, nothing is less sure according to the English authorities, it even seems to be the opposite. On the one hand they say one thing, on the other they say the opposite, like our Minister of Health before the Council of State concerning the seriousness of the disease among the vaccinated. To be confirmed or invalidated, which will be possible now, as the cases increase.

How can we achieve this collective immunity that would put an end to the epidemic, when 70% of the population is vaccinated and 35% of those vaccinated catch Covid? This totally utopian objective, which we are made to hope for in order to be vaccinated, is magnificently illustrated in the new Landes cluster.

58 of the 62 residents of the Pontonx-sur-l’Adour nursing home were vaccinated, yet 21 of them are positive, that is to say 36%. Between staff and residents, more than 75% were vaccinated, which did not prevent the cluster.

And now, all hell broke loose with the orderly who had imported the virus. I heard the Prime Minister say that the viruses were entering the institutions through the carers, which was not acceptable. What about the families? Don’t they contribute anything? And if she had been vaccinated, if the virus had entered with someone else, even though she had been vaccinated, she would probably have been contaminated! She will probably also be blamed for the fact that the Landes, of the 100 French departments, is the one with the highest incidence rate, which may explain this. If tomorrow 100% of the staff and residents are vaccinated, the entry of the virus through a visit, even if vaccinated, will result in infecting 35% of patients. This nursing home demonstrates that even with 100% vaccination, collective immunity is a delusion. Let’s be more honest and modest, vaccination slows down the spread, but does not prevent it.

Our elites use the failure and utopia of herd immunity as an excuse to accelerate and force vaccination, blaming the failures not on the vaccines or Covid, but on the unvaccinated. Yet they have known perfectly well for a long time that the objective cannot be achieved with this vaccination campaign. How else to justify the fact that two months ago the European Union ordered 1.8 billion doses of vaccine for the next two years? For 450 million people, that’s 4 injections for 100% of the population, including children. They know very well, but don’t say so. A headlong rush without knowing where we are going.

The worst thing is undoubtedly the vaccination of children. They have nothing to fear from this disease, which is more benign than seasonal flu, which causes 10-15 deaths per year, compared to 1 for Covid. The only justification, which is debatable, is that if they are not vaccinated, we cannot achieve 80% herd immunity. But given that this collective immunity is increasingly proving to be a utopia, should we continue along this path, with a vaccine that is more harmful than the disease? A vaccine is designed to treat a population, not to make it sick. We are starting to hear about thousands of cases of myocarditis among young people. We are reassured that they are regressive. I would like to be told in what condition a heart that has had severe myocarditis at the age of 18 is in at the age of 50, and whether this young person, a high-level sportsman, can continue intensive sport without danger. As for autoimmune diseases, we’ll talk about them in a year or two.

Any vaccination accident in a young person, vaccinated for a harmless disease, justified by a utopia, is a crime. Even the WHO is backing down and saying that there is no urgency to vaccinate children. “Children and adolescents tend to have milder disease than adults, so unless they are in a higher risk group for severe COVID-19, there is less urgency to vaccinate them than older people, those with chronic diseases and health workers. More evidence is needed on the use of different COVID-19 vaccines in children before general recommendations can be made on vaccinating children against COVID-19. ” We listen to WHO when it suits us, we don’t listen to them when it suits us.

A safe vaccine for people at risk, as we have always done since vaccines have existed, yes, according to the benefit/risk ratio, but always according to this ratio, no risk, no vaccine. For the others, vaccines for those who want them, but there are other therapeutic alternatives, Mexico City and India have just demonstrated this in practice, not in scientific journals for the masturbation of our specialists, but in the field, on hundreds of millions of people. As for collective immunity, let’s look at what is happening in the countries that have vaccinated the most, before continuing to talk about it.


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