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This is a chronology not based on the date the information was published but based on the date I received it.

It should be clear that I am not in accord with the ideological aspects of the content of many of the articles I link to.


Belgium – judge orders lifting of all Covid-19 measures within 30 days

This article with the title “Don’t Hope – Agitate!” rightly questions the naive optimism of those who think a court decision can seriously challenge the government [Google translate]: “It’s like telling the troops that the enemy has withdrawn. Lowering their guns and guard at the same time, they would now no longer be able to see that a rival faction is ready to assault them from an ambush. The same is likely to happen with the “big news” of the day: “State condemned to lift all covid measures within 30 days”. It’s hard to imagine that in 30 days we will be out of the state of bewilderment into which the government and its media have plunged us for a year. Of course, sometimes justice does its job, but the separation of powers is more a matter of fable than reality. As for the fine of 5,000 € per day, it will be necessary to read until the end to discover that the total amount cannot exceed 200,000 € … peanuts for the state. What if the social body, weakened by the good news, was more inclined to be fooled? Remember in the Netherlands, when the court in The Hague ruled that the Dutch government should end the curfew in force, while the riots against the covid measures were in full swing: the same day, the Dutch Court of Appeal suspended the judgment. The article in Le Soir… ends today’s article with a note that could not be clearer: “It would be surprising if the state did not appeal this decision. Note that the “pandemic” law, intended to put an end to these problems, will be debated this Wednesday afternoon in committee in the House ”. So here we are reassured: the state will not stay with this decision (it would be naive to believe, when behind these liberticidal policies, there is something other than a simple reactivity to a “pandemic”)….”


Official Covid deaths globally now 2.78 million

That is, approximately 0.035% of the world’s population. But 2.18% of those officially infected (127m.). I say this because most figures confuse the percentage relative to infection with the percentage relative to population. This is a significant death rate but not at all the same as the Great Plague, the Spanish flu (which killed 2.7% of the world’s population) or HIV/AIDS (which has killed 0.6% of the population from 1981 to today), nor as compared with annual child mortality rates globally. The death rate is roughly the same as the child mortality rate due to starvation globally. Hard to know the annual rate of child deaths due to easily curable diseases, but about a million kids die each year of TB, for which there are cheap cures. Estimates for a combination of malnutrition and easily curable diseases are about 8 million deaths of children annually.


Israel to purchase 3.5 billion Shekels worth of more vaccines

“The Ministry of Health demands that the government convene to discuss the purchase of vaccines – in secret. The ministry demanded to discuss the transfer of seven billion shekels to the health system. In addition, the ministry wants the ministers to sign a secret partner form that will prohibit them from discussing the
issue in public”. 3.5bn shekels= just under 900 million euros.


Report in Hebrew on Artemis Annua as cure for Covid

Google translate (Sheba is the name for Artemis Annua in Israel):

“Is it possible that Sheba treatment can help patients Corona? Why then is there no scientific proof of this?

I will start by telling you briefly about the Sheba plant. It is a plant that has a large number of varieties all over the world, named in Latin artemisia, and in many cultures its different varieties have been used to treat epidemics in traditional medicine.

The published variety is the one that grows in China and is called artemisia annua. This plant was found by a Chinese doctor and scientist named Yu-Yo-Tu to be effective in treating malaria and this discovery also won her the Nobel Prize. Other varieties are grown in Africa, Israel and America.

In China, Corona patients have been treated from the outset by combining conventional Western medicine with traditional Chinese medicine, including the Sheba plant.

This plant is also used in Africa to prevent and treat corona patients. Even in Israel, a small study was done on a natural preparation extracted from it called artemisin C. In Germany, too, they showed interest in the plant and tested its activity on the corona virus in vitro. Ask then why not a serious double-blind study was conducted with a large number of participants to test its efficacy in corona patients? The reason for this is simple. Such research requires huge budgets and for what comes from nature it is not possible to patent and reimburse these expenses later on. This is true not only for this plant, but also for many other herbs and spices for which there are small studies that show their activity in vitro or a small number of patients. Therefore, anyone who wants to use only a treatment whose effectiveness has been proven beyond any doubt in double-blind multi-participant studies will probably never use treatments that originate in nature.

There are a number of claims that are often used by those who oppose the use of herbs and spices.

1. If it was really effective, there would have long been producers of this drug.

2. If it helps, then surely it also has side effects, because it can not be that something will affect a biological system just the way we want, without causing unexpected problems.

3. Anyone who uses herbs is opposed to science and progress.

4. Those who use herbs endanger patients because that is why they do not receive other medications that could have saved them.

5. There is no scientific proof of the effectiveness of any herb and so it is a scam to tell a patient that it can help him. I will try to answer each of the claims.

One of the things that has been understood in recent years is that not only the active ingredient is important, but also the packaging is important.

  1. It turns out, for example, that there are differences between original drugs and generic drugs even though the active ingredient and its composition are completely identical. In addition, there are more and more people who develop sensitivity to the various inactive substances. Beyond that, most plants do not have a single active ingredient, but a large number of substances that have different bonds between them. Even if we take the best scientists in the world, they will not be able to produce even the simplest plant out of nothing.
  2. A distinction should be made between poisonous herbs, and herbs and spices that are found in every kitchen. Most of the herbs used in folk medicine belong to the second group. These are plants that humans have probably learned to use and put into their food because of their beneficial effects on their health. They are not fundamentally different from foods that also have a biological effect. Today it is known that many foods not only have an effect in terms of being a source of energy and building blocks, but also have an effect that is a control over various processes in the body.
  3. Anyone who uses herbs is opposed to science and progress if he thinks there is no room for any other treatment. On the other hand, those who know when it is right to use them and when it is important to give medication only increase the tools available to them. The approach of Hippocrates and Maimonides is still true today, but many other tools have been added to it, which can and should be used intelligently.
  4. Non-toxic herbs, they usually have a slow and moderate activity and therefore in most cases are not suitable when more significant pharmacological activity is required. For example: a patient with pulmonary embolism or a blood clot in the leg will need to receive anticoagulant treatment and providing herbs in their place will indeed put him at significant risk. In contrast, in a patient with a chronic non-life-threatening inflammatory process, the use of herbs that can be obtained over time may overuse steroids or at least allow their dose to be significantly reduced.
  5. As I explained at the beginning there is and probably never will be a possibility to conduct a controlled multi-participant study on a medicinal plant, however understanding its mechanism of action (by testing its activity in vitro or identifying the active ingredients) or testing its effectiveness on a small number of patients in a low budget study is definitely possible. Therefore, as long as the patient is explained on what the thought the plant can be based and the patient understands that it is not a drug that has undergone several phases of research and has been approved by the FDA, there is no deception. Just as a salad or orange juice can be recommended to a patient. In addition, a physician’s personal experience in treating patients, or as it is called expert opinion, is also weighty, as there is no controlled study available that can give a scientific answer to a question. (See the Pyramid of Supported Medicine Evidence in the attached illustration).

And now I will return to the question of the use of the sheba plant as a treatment for corona.

First, the sheba plant belongs to a group of herbs that are found in gardens and kitchens. That is, a plant with gentle activity that is no more at risk than any tea or food we use in our daily lives.

Second, corona treatment is not yet acceptable, so the use of Sheba is not a proven and effective drug treatment. There are studies that have examined the mechanism of action and shown activity of the plant on the coronavirus virus in vitro and there are also small and low-budget studies on humans. There is already considerable evidence (including in small controlled trials) that early treatment of corona (before severe and life-threatening symptoms develop) affects the course of the disease and the risk of developing later complications. Therefore, I see no reason not to recommend this plant as part of the treatment of corona in the early stages before life-threatening symptoms have developed, as it is quite possible in light of all the above that it will affect the course of the disease and prevent complications. (As I did in the attached short video).

I emphasize again that when I recommend the use of this plant I explicitly say that there is no scientific proof (at the level of multi-participant double-blind studies) nor is there any approval from the Ministry of Health or the FDA to use it as a corona treatment so I do not mislead them.

I also note that although these are a small number of patients who decided to take my advice and try the use of the plant, to this day from my experience it has definitely helped improve symptoms, led to an increase in stature in those whose stature began to drop to potentially dangerous values ​​and none reached needy condition. For oxygen therapy or respiratory support. I also emphasize again the fact that the level of evidence is currently within the scope of expert opinion, combined with case series and case reports.”

It should be pointed out that last year in France the government banned the growing of Artemis Annua. Certain companies have flouted this ban and have sold it – at the exhorbitant cost of 1€ for 200 seeds.


Germany: anarchist critique of aspects of the authoritarian management of Covid

Some videos recommended by a friend (not seen them yet)


Interesting interview in French with dissident doctor

This doctor was for 20 years president of the “Caisse autonome de retraite des medicins de la France” (Autonomous retirement fund for physicians in France). He begins by saying the government has only recommended anti-coagulants and antibiotics and goes on to talk about a doctor who has treated 850 symptomatic Covid patients with azythromycine. Of these 850 patients 2 were hospitalised and nobody died. The French state remains silent about azythromycine and ivermictin. Andrew Hill, who has studied ivermictin says there was a 75% reduction in mortality” with its use, and apparently it reduces symptoms twice as rapidly as without its use. The study covered 2282 patients. India has distributed 150 million doses of ivermictin and has proportionately 3 times less deaths than France. Ivermictin is forbidden throughout Mexico apart from Chiapas, which has proportionately 4 times less deaths than the other states of the country. On top of all this, the doctor says that GPs throughout France have received an order from the government not allowing them to give sick notes to those who have Covid! Apparently, if people need sick notes they either do it themselves over the internet or they go to hospital. The government doesn’t want them to see their GPs for fear that they may give them azythromicine or ivermectin rather than paracetomol which the government recommends (paracetomol is not something one should take if one has a fever as it suppresses symptoms but also suppresses the body’s capacity to fight the virus). Prescription of ivermectin for Covid has been forbidden since the end of December, but they possibly fear that doctors may prescribe it claiming that the patient has another illness even if the patient has Covid.

Pertinent anarchist critique of “libertarians” who support lockdowns etc.


Significant flaws in the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine trial – letter sent to The Lancet but never published

“First, the efficacy of the vaccine in preventing the spreading of the virus and reducing infectivity, which is the most important factor in its ability to ameliorate the devastating effects of the pandemic, was not tested. Quite surprisingly, the effect of vaccination on overall number of virus-shedding individuals was not assessed, even though it is established that a significant fraction of the infected population capable of transmitting the disease are asymptomatic…The adverse effect section of the paper conspicuously lacks any laboratory studies, which is surprising based on the fact that in the phase I group there were abnormalities of blood counts …there is an unexplained discrepancy between the number of patients with AIDS that are reported as participating in the study and the number of such patients for whom there is available safety data (only one).”

T. writes:

The following letter was sent to The Lancet at the end of last December, by Michal Haran, M.D., Yitshal Berner, M.D. MPH, Moshe Royburt, MD, MHA:

Michal Haran is an Israeli Hematologist (with an immune-deficiency disease – or something similar, I’m not 100% sure – due to which she’s wheel-chair ridden) who I just recently heard about, following her involvement in the Corona debate in general and the debate about the Pfizer vaccine specifically. I respect her very much, especially her delicate and emphatic way of debating and the simple and down-to-earth way in which she presents her thoughts (mostly in Hebrew-language platforms). Needless to say, she’s ostracized by many of her colleagues and presented by most of the mainstream media as a “Corona denier” and “anti-vaxxer”…

About her:
“I am a senior hematologist. My areas of interest are: Thrombosis and hemostasis; Malignant and non-malignant abnormalities of the immune system with emphasis on CLL; Mitochondrial dysfunction in hematological malignancies; Environmental exposure and nutritional interventions in both hematological and neurological disorders. I am also interested in the humanistic aspects of medicine and the way in which we can preserve them in the face of the growing complexity of medical systems.”

Another post of hers from mid-December (rough translation):

“20 years ago I sat down with one of the scientists from the Weizmann Institute with whom I collaborated on a joint grant. I do not remember what I said that made him hurl at me: “You are not interested in science at all, what interests you is just to treat patients.” At that moment I was offended to the depths of my soul, but today in retrospect it is one of the greatest compliments I have ever received. Even, while I was sitting writing a grant about a purely scientific study, what really preoccupied me was how it could help my patients.

I was reminded of that this morning while corresponding with a young doctor who explained to me why, despite all my concerns it is clear to her that she is going to get the new vaccine and recommend it to her patients.

This is what a doctor wrote to justify her decision.
“Corona is a terrible disease that threatens everyone. The vaccine means security, it is Progress, it is a belief in science and not in luck/amulets/religion/conspiracy theories and darkness.”

And that was my answer:

The phlegm of corona patients is viscous and sticky, so they have a “dry” cough. I treat patients who come to me with the help of: breathing exercises, inhalations, herbs (yes! Herbs whose effectiveness and safety have been proven in centuries of experience, without “scientific” RCT), vitamins and more. They really had a very unpleasant illness, they recovered gradually over a few weeks and none of them have so far have been admitted to a hospital. I am also doing research on other patients who have used similar methods. Out of 60 patients, one of them with chronic lymphocytic leukemia was admitted to a hospital, was on the verge of intubation and then started taking myrrh and frankincense oil and within a week went home.

This vaccine is produced with a new technology that intervenes in two super complex systems that we know about today 10 times more than 30 years ago and in 30 years we will know 10 times more than today. We have no real information (just guesses and wishful thinking about its effectiveness and safety), in an article published in NEJM there is a conflict of interest in white Kiddush letters. The FDA also does not think it can be approved anymore, because the company itself said that because it is a new technology needs a two-year follow-up, but because of the state of emergency it gives permission to give it as experimental treatment outside of research. (Similar to so-called compassionate treatments that can be routinely given by a Helsinki to a single patient or at least 29g with clear documentation in a file that explains why there is justification for giving experimental treatment that has not yet been proven effective and safe).

And you prefer to treat yourself and your patients with this thing because it is “scientific” and not dark and without conspiracy theories.

I prefer to trust nature, which is the smartest and most considerate scientist and has no conflicts of interests. It does not need status and does not need money, just wants to be allowed to live quietly and not produce more and more materials and inventions that gradually destroy it.

By the way, the reason why I have treated very few patients to this day, even though my son and I and other people built an interactive software that would allow us to treat many patients, is because it is “unacceptable treatment” so I can only treat people I contact personally with those who turn to me for help. I proposed this idea to a HMO center, but in the meantime I could barely get approval for a non-interventional study.”

The letter:

Significant flaws in the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine trial

Michal Haran, M.D., Yitshal Berner, M.D. MPH, Moshe Royburt, MD, MHA.

The global Covid-19 pandemic has not only led to a harsh medical reality, more so in some countries than others, but has also devastated the economies of multiple parts of the world. It is therefore not surprising that a rush to develop vaccines for the disease has engulfed the world. Pfizer was the first to complete a (shortened) phase 2/3 trial, the results of which were reported in the New England Journal of Medicine 1. Unfortunately, this article reveals significant flaws in the conduction, analysis and reporting of the data and departs significantly from the usually high standards of this prestigious journal.

In fact, to the best of my knowledge it is unprecedented that the corresponding author of this paper is an employee of the sponsoring company. This immediately casts a long shadow on the objectivity of reporting in the paper and the editorial decision to publish it 2. Indeed, a careful reading of the work reveals multiple problems.

First, the efficacy of the vaccine in preventing the spreading of the virus and reducing infectivity, which is the most important factor in its ability to ameliorate the devastating effects of the pandemic, was not tested. Quite surprisingly, the effect of vaccination on overall number of virus-shedding individuals was not assessed, even though it is established that a significant fraction of the infected population capable of transmitting the disease are asymptomatic 3. Only a very narrow endpoint, of patients who meet both being symptomatic and having a positive PCR test was chosen. This does not take into account the significant inaccuracies of the PCR test 4. In fact, even the large group of patients with symptoms compatible with Covid-19 but PCR-negative (not mentioned in the paper but reported in the Pfizer FDA briefing document (, with very minor differences between the vaccine and placebo groups) was ignored. Thus, we are presented in this paper with a seemingly very impressive relative efficacy of 95%, which in fact gives us no information regarding absolute risk (…, nor infectivity of the patients and very limited data regarding clinically significant end-points of severe disease, ICU admission or mortality. There is also no data regarding immunological studies in the various groups of patients. This data was only provided on a very small group of young and healthy patients in the phase I paper 5. This is important not only for efficacy, but also for assessment of the risk of unintended immunological sequelae. One cannot assume, based on such a small and selected group of patients, that there will be a good titer of virus-neutralizing antibodies and a favorable Th1/Th2 response in elderly patients or those with comorbidities known to have an effect on immune function.

The adverse effect section of the paper conspicuously lacks any laboratory studies, which is surprising based on the fact that in the phase I group there were abnormalities of blood counts 5. It is also known that mRNA vaccines can be transferred to the liver 6, thus one would expect that all blood chemistries including liver and renal function tests would be evaluated to ensure that indeed there is no risk of end-organ damage.

Understandably, the brief period of this clinical trial, two months, was an outcome of the general urgency caused by the pandemic. However, to conclude that “Safety over a median of 2 months was similar to that of other viral vaccines” is highly misleading. The mRNA vaccine technology is novel and as opposed to other vaccines, involves the transfection of cells with genetic material , and only phase I studies of such vaccines have been reported prior to this work. One significant and recognized risk of the expression of a foreign protein on self-cells is the induction of severe auto-immune reactions 7. Since there is no information on the distribution of the vaccine in different cell types and organs following intramuscular injection (in contrast, for example, to another vaccine candidate, for which such detailed information has been published 6), it is very difficult to assess the relevant risk. Certainly, a very short follow-up period does not provide a long enough time window to conclude that the risk for auto-immune reactions does not exist. The paper totally ignores this aspect.

The paper only briefly mentions the highly recognized risk of vaccine-mediated disease enhancement, which the authors are fully aware. They wave this risk off as “theoretical”, and assess it to be unlikely based on data from 10 patients over a very short period of time. Clearly, this significant risk should have been much more fully addressed.

Finally, the fast pace of the publication of this work has led to multiple inaccuracies. For example, it is unclear how two patients in the vaccine group who, as reported in the FDA briefing document (, were hospitalized with respiratory symptoms and findings in imaging studies, are not reported in the paper as severe adverse events. Also, there is an unexplained discrepancy between the number of patients with AIDS that are reported as participating in the study and the number of such patients for whom there is available safety data (only one). This is very important, as the inclusion of a significant number of HIV-positive patients purportedly alleviates the concerns of the potential risks in this patient population. These risks stem from with the significant immune dysregulation in these patients, as well as the potential reverse transcriptase activity that could inadvertently lead to the unwanted incorporation of the genetic material of the vaccine into the genome.

In Summary, the way in which the data is presented in the paper creates a false sense of security regarding the efficacy and safety of the mRNA vaccine. This is extremely concerning, as the publication of this paper is important in promoting the rapid approval of the vaccine in numerous countries. I believe that due to the enormous effect the results of this trial have on the entire population world-wide, steps should be urgently taken to clarify all those issues. …


1. Polack FP, Thomas SJ, Kitchin N, et al. Safety and Efficacy of the BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine. N Engl J Med 2020.

2. Haque W, Minhajuddin A, Gupta A, Agrawal D. Conflicts of interest of editors of medical journals. PloS one 2018;13:e0197141.

3. Moghadas SM, Fitzpatrick MC, Sah P, et al. The implications of silent transmission for the control of COVID-19 outbreaks. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2020;117:17513-5.

4. Woloshin S, Patel N, Kesselheim AS. False Negative Tests for SARS-CoV-2 Infection – Challenges and Implications. N Engl J Med 2020;383:e38.

5. Walsh EE, FrenckFrench video of March 6th conference of dissident doctors RW, Jr., Falsey AR, et al. Safety and Immunogenicity of Two RNA-Based Covid-19 Vaccine Candidates. N Engl J Med 2020;383:2439-50.

6. Zhang NN, Li XF, Deng YQ, et al. A Thermostable mRNA Vaccine against COVID-19. Cell 2020;182:1271-83 e16.

7. Pardi N, Hogan MJ, Porter FW, Weissman D. mRNA vaccines – a new era in vaccinology. Nat Rev Drug Discov 2018;17:261-79.

Some interesting reflections comparing modern capitalist medicine with pre-capitalist medicine


French video of March 6th conference of dissident doctors

This conference got censored, but is now hosted here. Pdf of what was said here: conference-de-presse-210306

Belgium, Brussels: clashes as cops clamp down on unauthorised flashmob carnival in defiance of Covid rules


The impact of outdoor air pollution on COVID-19: a review of evidence from in vitro, animal, and human studies

Israel to vaccinate 600,000 Teens Under 16

Holland, Amsterdam: cops use water cannons against Covid lockdown/curfew protesters


Israeli vaccination law stalls…most fines handed out to Arabs depite lower infection rate…

“The passing of a bill that would allow obligating employees to get vaccinated against the coronavirus or undergo an occasional COVID test has stalled for two weeks due to opposition from the education and finance ministries. Health Minister Yuli Edelstein announced a month ago that he plans to enshrine this into law, but after the ministries expressed their opposition and legal challenges raised by the attorney general, there were no further attempts to advance the bill. The bill would obligate employers, including the state, to condition the arrival of an employee to the workplace on receiving a vaccine or presenting a negative test for the coronavirus. The bill would also apply to the Education Ministry and therefore to teaching staff as well.

Police handed out the most coronavirus fines in Arab localities in February, even though per capita infection rates in these localities were lower than they were elsewhere, according to data from the Enforcement and Collection Authority, which enforces police fines. An analysis of the data indicates that 37 Arab localities lead the top 40 localities list, with only three Jewish localities making the cut, and that there seems to be little connection between the per capita infection rate in these localities and the number of fines distributed. For example, in Modi’in Illit, where there were 46 patients for every 1,000 people, only 1.7 reports were given for the same number of residents as they were in Tamra, where 22 reports were given to the same number of citizens even though there were 10 patients for every 1,000 people. “


Holland, The Hague: clashes on illegal anti-lockdown/anti-curfew demo

“Police have used water cannon and batons to disperse a crowd of several thousand anti-lockdown protesters gathered at a field in the centre of The Hague a day before elections in the Netherlands. The demonstration was broken up after the protesters flouted social distancing rules and ignored police warnings to disperse. Local media said several arrests were made during the clashes. ..The Netherlands has been under a tough lockdown since late January with gatherings of more than two people banned, restaurants and bars shut and with the first night-time curfew since World War II. Dutch authorities had on Sunday stopped train services to The Hague, the seat of government, to prevent more protesters from arriving. Police initially told people to go home and announced over loudspeakers that the event was over and warned they would break up the protest by force if necessary. …Before the protest was dispersed, several people carried a homemade banner emblazoned with the text in Dutch “Love & Freedom: No Dictatorship”. Many in the crowd, gathered at the central Maliveld field in the city, were holding yellow umbrellas in a show of opposition and chanted “love, freedom, stop dictatorship”.


UK, London: Cops use Covid1984 restrictions to justify clamp down on demonstration against cop murder of woman

“Clashes broke out Saturday between police and people who gathered in defiance of COVID-19 restrictions at an unofficial vigil for a London woman whose killing has spurred a national conversation in the U.K. about violence against women. The hundreds who gathered on Clapham Common, near where marketing executive Sarah Everard last was seen alive on March 3, defied a police request to disperse and a judge’s order to honour her to draw attention to the fear and danger many women see as a daily part of British life. Everard disappeared while walking home from a friend’s apartment and was found dead a week later. The slaying sent shockwaves across the U.K. because a police officer is charged with her kidnapping and murder. Video of the informal vigil turned rally showed officers tussling with participants. Male officers grabbed hold of several women and led them away in handcuffs to screaming and shouting from onlookers”

More here “Many said they were only more determined to come after police effectively banned the vigil. “The irony of it is so explicit – are you going to drag women off the street for protesting about a woman being dragged off the street?” said Deborah Bestwick, 62.”

There’s also an irony in the fact that these demonstrators are calling for the cops to protect them. Reclaim the Night used to be the standard feminist tactic – demos at night which didn’t make demands off abusive and brutal cops. But reclaiming the night is now illegal, thanks to the pretext of Covid.

And another point – Cate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, turned up to tell people how she also used to be afraid walking around at night. Undoubtedly this is true but the super-rich love to parade their credentials and pretend that they’re just like everybody else with reference to their own miseries (in this case, a misery she no longer has to suffer precisely because of her privileged position). And yet another point – men alone in the streets or parks at night are also often afraid (and with good reason), though obviously less so than women.

Germany, Dresden: clashes on demo against Covid1984 restrictions

Seems that this was dominated by right-wingers, though I’m not sure.


SK writes:

A long interview with one of the co-organisers of an open letter just published in that paragon of scientific literature, the Wall Street Journal


calling for a full investigation into the possibility of a lab leak in Wuhan being the origin of Covid.

That this possibility actually considered plausible — in fact highly likely — by many scientists was news to me. The interview is very long and gets into all sorts of topics, including another fact that was new to me, namely that the first genetically modified humans were recently born (spawned?), also from a lab in China. …here is a short clip on the relevant section (

and here is an article by the interviewee laying out his views in detail:

“The closest known relative to SARS-CoV-2 is a virus sampled by Chinese researchers from six miners infected while working in a bat-infested cave in southern China in 2012. These miners developed symptoms we now associate with Covid-19. Half of them died. These viral samples were then taken to the Wuhan Institute of Virology—the only facility in China that’s a biosafety Level 4 laboratory, the highest possible safety designation. The Level 4 designation is reserved for facilities dealing with the most dangerous pathogens. Wuhan is more than 1,000 miles north of Yunnan province, where the cave is located. If the virus jumped to humans through a series of human-animal encounters in the wild or in wet markets, as Beijing has claimed, we would likely have seen evidence of people being infected elsewhere in China before the Wuhan outbreak. We have not. The alternative explanation, a lab escape, is far more plausible. We know the Wuhan Institute of Virology was using controversial ‘gain of function’ techniques to make viruses more virulent for research purposes. A confidential 2018 State Department cable released this month highlighting the lab’s alarming safety record should heighten our concern. Suggesting that an outbreak of a deadly bat coronavirus coincidentally occurred near the only level 4 virology institute in all of China—which happened to be studying the closest known relative of that exact virus—strains credulity.” (

What is not mentioned there is that the People´s Liberation Army took over the virology institute immediately after the outbreak, and that nothing was gained from any of the “gain of function” research conducted by the lab in terms of learning how to avert a pandemic caused by coronaviruses.

A short clip of another interview by two other scientists offers their take on the possibility (

“Gain of function” is research that deliberately makes viruses found in nature more virulent, more infectious to humans, more contagious and potentially more deadly. There are several labs around the world conducting this research with the aim of learning how to avert or diminish damage caused by hypothetical future pandemics. Apparently, it is possible, perhaps likely, that as is the case with many other aspects of this pandemic, the “cure” inflicted on the world by that holy alliance of medical science and the state is worse than the threat from nature ever was, and the whole world has literally become an experiment gone wrong.


This confirms things hinted at some time ago – e.g. these 2 quotes:
From a 10/7/20 article here: 4_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_b537d30fde-8dd2a87cb6-259226909
“Dr. Lucey asks the W.H.O. team to learn more about China’s main influenza research lab, a high-security facility in Harbin, the capital of China’s northernmost province. In May, he notes, a Chinese paper in the journal Science reported that two virus samples from Wuhan were studied there in great detail early this year, including in a variety of animals. It reported that cats and ferrets were highly susceptible to the pathogen; dogs were only mildly susceptible; and pigs, chickens and ducks were not susceptible at all.”
And this from 2/5/20 –… – says “It can also be revealed the Australian government trained and funded a team of Chinese scientists who belong to a laboratory which went on to genetically modify deadly coronaviruses that could be transmitted from bats to humans and had no cure”.

“Cureiouser and Cureiouser.” cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English). ”

Official (possibly) UK government report on side effects of Pfizer vaccine lists 227 deaths amongst other horrors

Not absolutely sure that this is a genuine report from 9/3/21 (61 pages long ) or a fake one, as it’s not easy to check. But it’s the first thing that comes up if you type: UK reports received between 9/12/20 and 28/02/21 for mRNA Pfizer/BioNTech into Google. It’s been there for 3 days; given that Google seems to be vigilant about anything they consider is fake news, I’d have to say that this is genuine. Even more so given that this claims to be a government report, preceded by a standard government https: . If it was fake, given that it pretends to be an official government report, you’d have thought that Google would have pretty quickly taken it off. But I’m obviously not 100% sure.

It claims to cover all UK reports received between 9/12/20 and 28/02/21. Here are the essential results:

Blood disorders – 1 death, 2294 having various listed problems.

Cardiac disorders: 26 deaths, 1153 having various listed problems.

Congenital disorders: 0 deaths, 5 having various listed problems.

Ear disorder: 0 deaths, 819 having various listed problems.

Endocrine disorders; 0 deaths, 12 having various listed problems.

Eye disorders: 0 deaths, 1398 having various listed problems, including 15 becoming blind.

Gastrointestinal disorders: 12 deaths, 10,534 having various listed problems.

General disorders: 114 deaths, 28,195 having various listed problems.

Hepatic disorders: 0 deaths, 18 having various listed problems.

Immune system disorders: 0 deaths, 528 having various listed problems.

Infections: 38 deaths, 2059 having various listed problems.

Injuries: 1 death, 458 having various listed problems.

Investigations (not sure what this means): 0 deaths, 1073 having various listed problems.

Metabolic disorders: 1 death, 587 having various listed problems.

Muscle and tissue disorders: 0 deaths, 12,823 having various listed problems.

Neoplasms: 0 deaths, 24 having various listed problems.

Nervous system disorders: 17 deaths, 18,059 having various listed problems.

Pregnancy conditions: 1 death, 34 having various listed problems, including 18 spontaneous abortions.

Product issues: 0 deaths, 14 having various listed problems.

Psychiatric disorders: 0 deaths, 1409 having various listed problems.

Renal and urinary disorders: 0 deaths, 212 having various listed problems.

Reproductive and breast disorders: 0 deaths, 389 having various listed problems.

Respiratory problems: 14 deaths, 3986 having various listed problems.

Skin disorders: 1 death, 6809 having various listed problems.

Social circumstances (not sure why this is listed): 0 deaths, 20 having various listed problems.

Surgical and medical procedures (not sure why this is treated as a specific category): 0 deaths, 58 having various listed problems.

Vascular disorders: 1 death, 1119 having various listed problems.

Total: 94,809 non-lethal side effects of drug; 227 deaths (these are out of 33,207 reports)

It lists all those things under “Reaction Name”. I would have thought this meant a reaction to the vaccine not just something that happened to those who had the vaccine which would have included things that may have happened without the vaccine: the word “reaction” implies that. Particularly as they included things like “Surgical & medical procedures” and 1 case of “verbal abuse” under the heading “criminal activity”, a subheading of “Social circumstances” (in fact, many of the things under this latter heading seem bizarre). I admit the whole report isn’t clear and is quite ambiguous. Why for instance, under the heading “Tobacco use” (within the general category “Social circumstances”) do they list 2 reactions for “Non-tobacco user”? Does this mean that 2 non-tobacco users took up smoking in reaction to the vaccine? Why under the general heading “Surgical & medical procedures” do they have “Contraceptive methods male” for which “Condom” is given for 1 person vaccinated? Does that mean he decided to wear a condom as a result of the vaccine?

Nevertheless, despite these specific peculiar “reactions” remember – this is only the results after almost 3 months, short-term immediate effects. According to Pfizer itself their trials only officially finish in 2022.

Spain, Galicia: vaccines to become compulsory; fines up to 60,000 euros for non-compliance. More here


Denmark suspends use of AstraZeneca vaccines after blood clots and deathfollowed by Norway, Italy, Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Luxembourg and Lithuania

“AstraZeneca, which developed the vaccine with the University of Oxford, said the safety of its shot had been extensively studied in human trials and that peer-reviewed data had confirmed the vaccine was generally well tolerated. Its vaccines were subject to strict and rigorous quality controls and there had been “no confirmed serious adverse events associated with the vaccine”, it said. The British government defended the vaccine and said it would continue its rollout. “We’ve been clear that it’s both safe and effective … and when people are asked to come forward and take it, they should do so in confidence,” Boris Johnson’s official spokesperson told reporters.”

Lies as usual. Back in mid-September I wrote about this story that hit the headlines for 5 minutes before being buried under endless pictures of people not maintaining social distancing. It reported “The Oxford coronavirus vaccine trial is facing a “challenge”, the health secretary has admitted, after it was put on hold due to a suspected serious adverse reaction in one of its volunteers…The nature of the adverse reaction and when it happened are not currently known.” However, after 4 days the trials were resumed without any official indication of what had gone wrong. But the New York Times reported that the just mentioned volunteer in the UK trial had been diagnosed with transverse myelitis: “Symptoms include weakness and numbness of the limbs, deficits in sensation and motor skills, dysfunctional urethral and anal sphincter activities, and dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system that can lead to episodes of high blood pressure….sensation to pain or light touch is impaired. Motor weakness…mainly affects the muscles that flex the legs and extend the arms…Back pain can occur at the level of any inflamed segment of the spinal cord…all four limbs may be affected and there is risk of respiratory failureLesions of the lower cervical region (C5–T1) will cause a combination of upper and lower motor neuron signs in the upper limbs, and exclusively upper motor neuron signs in the lower limbs. Cervical lesions account for about 20% of cases…A lesion of the lumbar segment, the lower part of the spinal cord (L1S5) often produces a combination of upper and lower motor neuron signs in the lower limbs. Lumbar lesions account for about 10% of cases.”

And a bit later a second coronavirus vaccine volunteer suffered the very same rare neurological condition“A 37-year-old woman suffered a rare neurological condition that left her struggling to walk…” Marvelous the way they say “the two cases were unlikely to be associated with the vaccine…” A rare disease amongst 2 people volunteering for the trial of the vaccine. Pure coincidence! This article also says that only one third make a full or near full recovery from this ‘transverse myelitis’ “with most of their symptoms gone” after 2 years. And now there’s a death from blood clots. But of course, anybody saying this has anything to do with the vaccine is clearly a conspiracy theorist anti-vaxxer.

Norway doesn’t alter its policy towards Pfizer vaccine despite deaths (from end of January) More here (Norway May Refine Vaccine Strategy After Elderly Deaths, PM Says)

“Having weathered the pandemic better than most, Norway suddenly made international headlines this month after revealing that more than 30 people — all over 70 and all already sick — died not long after being vaccinated against Covid-19. Solberg says the intense global interest in the news was “exaggerated” as she tries to ensure the development doesn’t put people off inoculation. “We don’t believe there’s any problem with the safety of the vaccines,” Solberg said in an interview with Bloomberg Live that aired on Tuesday. “But we will maybe not give them to the most vulnerable of the elderly, because that might speed up a process where they were what we would say at the end of life phase anyway,” so, “that probably is not what we will continue to do.”

Finland: regulatory authority reports 11 vaccine-related deaths due to underlying conditions

Israeli scientists claim that aspirins can strengthen your resistance to Covid

“…in a sample of Israeli PCR tests, patients who take small doses of aspirin were 29 percent less likely to test positive. They cross-referenced 10,477 results with medical records covering what preventive drugs patients take….Aspirin users who are diagnosed with COVID-19 are likely to have a shorter illness — by about two days — and be less likely to suffer from aftereffects of the coronavirus”.

The development of “Health” passports

Apparent proof that you’re “Covid-free” is that you’ve had the vaccine, when there’s a great deal of evidence that the vaccine, even if it protects you against severe symptoms, doesn’t by any means automatically make you incapable of infecting others. Yet another lie that, constantly repeated, becomes a “truth”.

How Much Did Pfizer Pay Israeli Doctors, and for What?

“On February 4 a meeting was held at the Ministry of Health, dealing with vaccines against the coronavirus. At the meeting, Prof. Galia Rahav, the head of the Infectious Diseases Unit at the Sheba Medical Center, said that unless children are vaccinated too, we cannot vanquish the epidemic, and suggested proposing to Pfizer to conduct an experiment in which it would vaccinate Israeli children…She has received payments, in exchange for counseling and lectures (not on the coronavirus). This is disclosed at the bottom of articles she publishes in medical journals, which routinely require authors to disclose their funding sources. The problem is that the public which gets her professional recommendations through newspapers and television is not privy to this information. Rahav didn’t feel the need to provide such disclosure, and it seems that her interviewers were unaware of the situation….the financial links definitely place in her a situation of potential conflict of interest. This should at least be put on the table: but in Israel, financial ties between doctors and drug companies are kept shrouded, and Rahav is not an exception. Another senior physician who spoke before a Knesset committee, arguing in favor of a vaccine against cervical cancer, did not bother telling lawmakers that he had received funding from two makers of this vaccine, MSD and GSK. When I asked him about this, he gave the following explanation: “I give full disclosure in places where it is customary to do so, such as in lectures I give to physicians. I don’t declare a conflict of interests when I go shopping at a supermarket.” That’s how a senior physician treated the debate on vaccination policies in parliament….many studies have proven that money can produce bias in doctors’ considerations, whether they are aware of it or not. No one would accept a situation in which journalists reporting on the coronavirus also work for Pfizer, for money, at the same time, without informing readers. And these are just reporters. What physicians decide and do directly impacts public health, sometimes on matters of life and death. This certainly applies to people advising the government on policies. The public has the right to know exactly how much parties with vested interests are paying the physicians. Prof. Rahav told me that the amounts involved were peanuts, but she did admit that due to the modest wages she and her colleagues receive at the hospital, they need to supplement their income. Prof. Ron Dagan, her colleague in the team advising on the vaccine, also received money from Pfizer and other companies in the past. A few years ago, when I asked exactly how much he received, he got angry: “I won’t tell you how much I get from a drug company without a law requiring me to do so.” Actually, in the United States there is a law requiring drug companies to maintain transparency, and one can find at a keystroke exactly how many dollars any doctor has received and from which company. This transparency allows one to see whether it’s a matter of trifles, or of perks that could bias one’s judiciousness. It’s time for similar legislation to be enacted in Israel.”


French video of March 6th conference of dissident doctors

Amongst some of the things said, it reveals that the W.H.O. has not published any figures of deaths from the vaccine (this seems peculiar since, for instance, deaths from vaccines against swine fever back in 2009-10 were published). It has however published the fact that 177,763 people have had seriously bad side effects from the various vaccines over the previous 2 months, and it compares it with the serious side effects from Ivermictin over 40 years – just 4,603 recorded cases of serious side effects in 480 months. The French state has banned doctors from prescribing Ivermictin. It also points out that on March 1st, Israel, following its massive vaccination campaign, has about the same proportion of fatalities from Covid as Sweden, which was never confined and has had far less of a take-up of the vaccine so far than Israel. And the same goes for South Africa.

This organisation consists of (officially, at least) 30,000 doctors, 30,000 careworkers and 100,000 “citizens” (Le Monde says it only contains 1,200 doctors). One should, however, maybe take with a pinch of salt some of the information they’ve gleaned from an Israeli site. There will be some who’ll take this as meaning that both the conference of doctors and the Israeli site are cavalier with the truth. Maybe, but that should not be an automatic reaction: the site they reference, whilst having some dubious takes on things, will also have some things that are valid, and some of these should be confirmed (or not) by further research, rather than ignored.


Greece, Athens: following cops imposing Covid-related fines on people despite their wearing masks, and a video of cops beating those who complained about this fine imposition (7th March)thousands march to police station and torch it

Though the media figure is 5000, more than 10,000 people came (maybe 15,000), both local residents as well as people from all over the place. It was a mixed crowd of high school students, anarchists, CP members, football hooligans from various teams, families etc. It wasn’t actually a demo – more a flowing river of anger to the police station with about 2,000 in the front, throwing molotov cocktails, sticks, stones etc. One of them pulled a cop of Delta force down from his bike and then a crowd started attacking him.
Then followed a crackdown in the neighborhood, as after the 9pm curfew those few in the streets were beaten up and arrested in revenge. The escalation of repression is not so much due to the political nature of the right-wing government (some claim that it is a “dictatorship”) as to its need to manage the pandemic crisis in a cheap and advantageous way for the capitalist state so as to keep up and actually deepen austerity and on the other hand expedite a violent restructuring as far as work relations, the privatization of the health industry, the university and education in general, environmental laws etc. are concerned. Some months ago, like in November when there were arrrests of those occupying a section of the university, there were just a few politicized people – those who were presented as “troublemakers”, “irresponsible virus transmitters” etc., who were scapegoated and repressed. Now, more and more people realize that their life has become unbearable and the police are the most obvious reason for it.


Israel: new rules for what is called the “return to normal”

“The Green Pass will be valid for participants in the trial of the vaccine being developed by Israel’s Institute for Biological Research….Higher education institutions can open, as can vocational training institutes and post-high school Torah studies, for Green Pass holders only (on the condition that such institutions will enable distanced learning for students without Green Passes) under the following conditions: Up to 300 people [in a single space] at no more than 75% capacity; at least four meters separation between the teacher/lecturer and the students; clear signage declaring the facility is operating under the Green Pass. The fine for allowing the entry of a non-Green Pass carrier is NIS 5,000 ($1,500)…Indoor seating for Green Pass holders only, with a limitation of up to 75% capacity and up to 100 people. Outdoor seating does not require a Green Pass, with a limitation of up to 100 people.”

Since part of the participants in the trial naturally received a placebo, it means that the whole “green pass” thing is meaningless even in its own terms. The absence of logic in the whole Covideological onslaught mounts up by the hour. “Ideological expressions have never been pure fictions; they represent a distorted consciousness of realities, and as such they have been real factors that have in turn produced real distorting effects….The despotism of a fragment imposing itself as pseudo-knowledge of a frozen totality, as a totalitarian worldview — has reached its culmination in the immobilized spectacle of nonhistory…presenting illusory escapes from a universal autism.” (here)


UK: Ve haf vays of making you healthy

“Ministers are reportedly considering making vaccination mandatory for health and care staff because of evidence that a minority of them, particularly among those from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds, are choosing not to have a jab…Last week Care UK said it only wanted to hire new staff who had had the vaccine, while another care provider, Barchester, said it wanted all of its staff, including current workers, to have had the jab by 23 April, adding that if they did not they would not be considered for shifts…Yvonne Coghill, a British NHS manager who currently serves on the NHS Equality and Diversity Council…who sits on the advisory board of the Health Foundation’s Covid-19 impact inquiry, which explores the pandemic’s implications for health inequalities in the UK, said she could not envisage a scenario where NHS staff would quit in disproportionate numbers due to being forced to take the vaccine. “Most people are pragmatic and will weigh up the pros and cons of any decision to leave the service in terms of how it would ultimately impact them and their families. People have mortgages to pay and mouths to feed,” she said. “I believe healthcare workers are very sensible people. Of course a few people might have strong views about the vaccine being made mandatory and leave, but do I envisage a mass walkout because of it? Definitely not,” she added.” Ses also this obnoxious piece of moral blackmail (which any look at the vaccine programme would reveal its repulsive nature), typical of the utter absence of criticism of the vaccines in the UK, a country that’s been thoroughly wrecked by the repressions and defeats of the last 30-40 years, with very few moments of trying to return to the fury of the past.


October study states vaccines “may sensitise vaccine recipients to more severe disease than if they were not vaccinated”

“COVID‐19 vaccines designed to elicit neutralising antibodies may sensitise vaccine recipients to more severe disease than if they were not vaccinated. Vaccines for SARS, MERS and RSV have never been approved, and the data generated in the development and testing of these vaccines suggest a serious mechanistic concern: that vaccines designed empirically using the traditional approach (consisting of the unmodified or minimally modified coronavirus viral spike to elicit neutralising antibodies), be they composed of protein, viral vector, DNA or RNA and irrespective of delivery method, may worsen COVID‐19 disease via antibody‐dependent enhancement (ADE). This risk is sufficiently obscured in clinical trial protocols and consent forms for ongoing COVID‐19 vaccine trials that adequate patient comprehension of this risk is unlikely to occur, obviating truly informed consent by subjects in these trials.”

Interview in French with genetician/geneticist

She says, amongst other things, that – according to Pfizer’s scientific protocol itself – the trials of their vaccine will finish in 2022, ie at least 18 months from the beginning of the trials, making explicit the fact that the whole world has been transformed into guinea pigs and making explicit the fact that to talk of “success” now has no meaning since we have at least 9 months to wait before the words “brilliant success” or “miserable failure” could be used. So the “95%” efficaciousness broadcast everywhere by the brainwashing media has no validity, especially as amongst those who have been vaccinated there have been some of who have had severe Covid symptoms, showing that it’s not intrinsically a protection against severe infection.


France: increase in Covid clusters in nursing homes following vaccination state backs away from weekend confinements/lockdowns in all departments apart from Pas-de-Calais (for the moment)but maintains partial confinements in Nice and elsewherebut the sale of alcohol is forbidden for 2 weeks in Bordeaux

“Prohibition has made nothing but trouble” – Al Capone

Austria: vaccination experiment on population

need to reinvent the wheel ?


Indonesia threatens 1 year in prison plus a $7,000 fine for those who don’t get vaccinated

Google translate:

While in most countries of the world the criterion for receiving corona vaccines is old age or background diseases, in Indonesia these days the picture is the opposite. The huge country, which has a population of 267 million people on a vast area of ​​thousands of islands, has decided that one of the first groups in line for vaccines will be … everyone over the age of 18 to 59. The rationale behind this approach is that this group is the “engine” of the corona plague – many asymptomatic patients, who have multiple social connections …36,000 residents have died so far in the epidemic in Indonesia, out of 1.3 million residents infected with Corona. As in Europe, in Indonesia the second wave recorded during December-January was much larger than that recorded at the beginning of the epidemic, but morbidity has been declining in recent weeks. Indonesia has acquired most of its vaccines from China, which was the first country to develop a vaccine for corona, although it has not yet been approved for use by medical authorities in the West. The vaccine was developed by SinoVac and is widely used in China itself. The vaccination campaign in Indonesia began on January 13, and since then aims to vaccinate about 1.3 million health care workers as well as a group of police officers, public servants, teachers, athletes, journalists and more (estimated at 17 million people). Everyone will get the vaccine for free, subsidized by the authorities. But one of the significant differences compared to other countries is that the vaccine is defined as “mandatory”, although it is not yet clear what sanctions will be imposed on those who do not get vaccinated. A government minister said the penalty to be fixed by law for those who do not get vaccinated is a year in prison and a $ 7,000 fine, but the government still needs to offer the vaccine in adequate quantities to make sure residents get the chance to get vaccinated. Amnesty International has criticized the government’s statements, saying the vaccination was “contrary to human rights”. … it is possible that in the coming weeks young people and adults without background diseases are also expected to start receiving the vaccines. This group numbers about 150 million people, and the country hopes to end their vaccinations by the end of 2021. Vaccinate first those who are important to the economy … Critics said the government decided to do so in an attempt to preserve the economy by first vaccinating the most efficient, working-age workers.”

Israel Launches Pilot Program to Monitor Arrivals’ Home Quarantine With E-bracelets

Belgium: how press conference with minister of “health” is manipulated when the one dissident journalist is censored, either through having his microphone cut off, or it being put up inordinately loud or by being refused 2 questions even though other journalists’ 2 questions have been allowed and answered

France: the state is considering the renewal of lockdown in 20 departments on top of 6pm – 6am curfew (four hours longer than the curfew in Myanmar!)

This includes the regions known as PACA (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur). There were 4543 deaths from Covid there from 2020 up until February 2021 (there don’t seem to be precise figures since then). In the 13 weeks of the flu epidemic (caused internationally by predicting the wrong mutation and therefore getting the vaccine wrong) of the flu season of 2017-2018 there were 13,166 deaths in PACA. This flu epidemic was never called a “pandemic” despite the fact that it was something that spread globally. I’d guess the reason why is that calling it a pandemic would devalue the term “pandemic” in people’s minds since it would be associated with a banal illness they’ve known about since an early age (subliminally the term for some evokes the notion of “panic”, though it’s linguistic base has nothing to do with it). The definition of pandemic was changed in 2009, excluding the notion of “dangerous” or “severity”, reducing it simply to its spread (redefined as a new virus, regardless of its severity, that travelled over national borders, for which there were no vaccines), the W.H.O. putting in place favorable conditions to make it possible to declare the planet in a state of perpetual pandemic. At that time swine flu was defined as a pandemic. Swine flu killed 284,000 people worldwide, over 100,000 less than the minimum amount of people killed by flu each year. Yet flu has only been called a pandemic with the Asian flu (1957-58) and the Hong Kong flu (1968-69), officially because it’s a virus that has been known about for a very long time for which there are vaccines.

The common cold can, in certain cases, lead to pneumonia: in 2017 pneumonia killed more than 808,000 children under the age of 5! I suspect this is as much news to you as it was to me when I just recently read about it. Of course, these kids were mostly from the “Third World”, so they are regarded as nothing unless they’re used as a photo opportunity for some super-rich princess or whoever. Likewise, globally 7 million people die prematurely each year from air pollution (about 10,000 of them in London, less than the 14,416 who have died from Covid there). Of course, Covid is more dangerous globally than the flu or the common cold (though less dangerous than air pollution). But I put all this here to give a sense of proportion to this so-called “health” crisis and to show that in certain parts of the world it has shown itself to be less dangerous than the flu. Many say that Covid symptoms are intrinsically more painful and more lingering that those of flu. But is this seriously the case? A bad bout of flu can lead to severe respiratory problems which, even amongst survivors, can go on for several months. Without having researched it much, which would require looking at innumerable anecdotes of accounts from flu sufferers, I suspect, though Covid has many varying symptoms, that dying of either is pretty much equally miserable in terms of a painful death.

A few words about other flues:

In 2005 in France the avian flu “pandemic” was the first item of the evening news for about 6 weeks. At the end of September 2005, David Nabarro, the newly appointed Senior United Nations System Coordinator for Avian and Human Influenza, warned that an outbreak of avian flu could kill between 5 million and 150 million people. Nobody in France died, and globally there were just 214 deaths of human beings over the 4 year period 2005-2008. This is vastly smaller than of deaths from ordinary flu annually which are estimated at, on average, between 389,000 and 850,000 people annually –“a 2017 study indicated…290,000 – 650,000 influenza-associated deaths from respiratory causes alone, and a 2019 study estimated 99,000 – 200,000 deaths from lower respiratory tract infections directly caused by influenza”. Taking the lower figure of 5 million, this WHO prediction was at best 0.0043% of the actual figure. And the actual figure was at best 0.055% of the actual figures for flu. In fact, avian flu in France was used as a pretext for the development of agribusiness, shutting down small farms on the pretext that the chickens were running around freely and could contaminate not only each other but all birds and humans visiting the farms (for some basic critique of agribusiness see this).

Note the imprecision of this “between 389,000 and 850,000” figure for the annual flu deaths as compared with the apparently very precise figures for Covid. Also worth noting is the fact that never have we had daily figures broadcast repeatedly in the media for flu-related deaths. And since mid-March 2020 no figures for flu-related deaths have been published in France (I don’t know about other countries).

In France in 2009 swine flu became the pretext for an exercise in social control – with doctors forced by the state to vaccinate everybody fearing the disease who wanted to be vaccinated. Despite massive and continual state and media propaganda, less than 10% of the population took up this manipulated ‘need’ for a vaccine. The Minister of Health at the time, Rosalyne Bachelot, whose personal interests in the pharmaceutical industry were well-known, ordered 94 million vaccines (about 1½ vaccines per man woman, child & baby) from Sanofi Pasteur, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis and Baxter International at a cost of around 900 million euros to the state. Most of the vaccines were never used. As a result of the vaccine, there were 21 deaths, 4 anaphylactic shocks, 9 Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura cases, 6 multiple sclerosis cases, and 9 Guillain–Barré syndromes. The illness itself killed 613 people in France, considerably less than flu .







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