U.SS.A 2013


US, San Francisco: anti-gentrification protesters stop Apple employees’ bus (video here)


US, North Carolina: rocks and bottles thrown at cops in demo against cop killing of 17 yr old (more here and here) …. Ohio: arrests in protests against detention of undocumented immigrants


US, Fresno: Babylon drowns


US, Virginia: protesters against deportations blocking access road to detention centre arrested The annual average of deportations increased to near 400,000 since President Barack Obama took power in 2009.”


US, Bloomington: angry demo publicising death of homeless guy in sub-zero temperatures “Participants in the march disabled several dozen parking meters, wrote graffiti, paint-bombed banks, popped tires, and distributed hundreds of fliers about Ian’s death, homelessness, and policing in Bloomington. Participants also took the opportunity to run into several yuppie restaurants and rain fliers on the passive diners…. the city has recently announced that the revenue from new parking meters will fund downtown police foot-patrols and new surveillance cameras.”


US, California: $1m. worth of stuff looted from posh house party More than 100 people were estimated to have attended the party, held at a vacant, fully furnished La Habra Heights mansion that had been put on the market by the owner. The damage and thievery amount to at least $1 million”…San Jose: prisoners go on hunger strike over visitation misery (lasts a week)


US, Santa Rosa: protesters against cop killing of 13 yr old take over city hall, stop traffic


US, San Francisco: anti-gentrification protest blocks Google


US, Michigan: celebratory riot by football fans (video here)


US: activists halt megaload in struggle against tar sands projects


US, California: Father Christmas arrested…children of the world rise up


US: small strikes at hip capitalist store…interesting letter by fired Pizza Hut manager


US, North Carolina: police station windows broken after teenager killed whilst in cop custody (see also this, this and this)


US, Bloomington: 2 blocks of parking meters wrecked in movement against gentrification


US, California: workers & students unite & might…maybe one day…fight


US, Atlanta: illegal immigrants blockade federal office in protest against Obama’s deportation policy


US & UK: demonstrations against mainstream media manipulation


US, Utah: appalling immoral distasteful rude graffiti horror shock


US, Los Angeles: Walmart workers sit down in main road as part of their struggle for higher wages, etc.


US, Bakersfield: Congressman’s office occupied by immigration activists


USA, Colorado: protesters against banks etc. try to block bourgeois “democracy” (more here)


US, Connecticut: ghost spooks cops


US, Massachusetts: small riot after Boston win the World Series

front against cardinals log st louis

storm the skybox

defeat of cardinals oct 2013

Crowds cheer as a bottle deflates TV screen after defeat of St Louis’ Cardinals


US, California: another insufficient protest against another cop murder of yet another teenager……Verizon workers on wildcat sympathy strike……Florida: pro-immigration sit-down protest blocks traffic…..Rhode Island: students force abandonment of New York Police Commissioner’s speech


US, Texas: ghosts refuse to die as 200 haunted house rioters chuck rocks at the living dead


US, New York: riot as students try to take over abandoned college building; students charged with riot 4 weeks later

US, Florida: wildcat strike at Walmarts
“I decided a long time ago to do this, but we needed to come together as a group to make the decision,” said Bello. He described the strike as a response to “abuse and discrimination” by managers, as well as insufficient hours….A representative from Walmart’s human resources department came out of the store to try and have a dialogue with the protesters, but they did not come to an agreement. Human resources wanted to meet with each employee individually, but protesters said “all of us or none of us.”Texas: unfortunately rare (in the USA itself) attack on the unfortunately all-too pervasive US flag
US, San Francisco: activists block bus deporting immigrants


US, Mississippi: small riot at Walmarts after food stamp failure (see also this)…Washington State, Bellingham: hundreds of students riot after cops stop party


US, New York: Wanksy “graffiti” graffitied again “We don’t need more rats”…New Hampshire: Christians graffiti Republican Party


USA, Boston: wildcat bus strike leaders suspended (see also this)


USA, Boston: dominant media do their usual – in this case, attack wildcat bus drivers strike with vitriol and liescall-out for 2nd day of strike against rapacious Veoliais then called off


US, Seattle: school building occupied by Africatown Innovation Center


USA, Hollywood: shrine of dead demi-god daubed (see “Death Of A Walrus”)


USA, New York: Wanksy gets out-graffitiedtaking the piss out of the piss artist…also, see some of the comments after this article – in particular, this: 3 weeks ago a 29 year old got over 3 months in prison for graffiti. (see this: http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Regional/2013/09/08/Jailed-for-graffiti-mischief-29yearold-man-sentenced-to-more-than-three-years-in-jail.aspx? ) but this is nothing compared with what happened about a month ago – in Florida, I think – when a teenage graffiti tagger got tasered to death by the cops. This stupid sick society knows how to co-opt aesthetic graffiti and take out what was a little subversive in it by turning it all into Art, with Banksy laughing his way to the bank. One law for the rich, another for the poor – surpise surprise. One law for the artist another for those who don’t want to pretend to be “creative” in socially acceptable ways.”


USA, New Jersey: stylish improvements made to police vehicles


USA, New York: angry demo against former CIA chief Petraeus


USA, Washington: Thou Shalt Be Condemned To Listen To Tedious Lectures


USA, Florida: riot at juvenile detention centre


USA, Washington: 100 women immigration protesters arrested after blocking road intersection outside House of Representatives


USA, Denver, Colorado: cops don’t get stoned but protesters do


USA: Walmart protests – 100 arrests in 11 cities ( walmart sept 2013 )


USA, L.A.: anti-Walmart protesters block main intersection (more here)….. Jesus gets a makeover


USA: troops posting protests against Syrian intervention on internet (possibly)


USA, Oakland: airport workers go on official strike


USA: fast food strikes spread…throughout the media but not much in reality

Many of these so-called strikes are merely workers being instructed to picket a place, walk into it for 10 minutes or so, then walk out again, get transported to another site and repeat the same palava all over again. There are loads of stewards in orange jackets marshalling them and in many places when it rains, the whole of the picket put on the same jackets. The banners are official banners and usually any hastily scrawled banner is disallowed. Many of them are paid to demonstrate (though whether they’re paid above the pitiful minimum wage is doubtful). Usually whenever some minor independent initiative is suggested – like saying they go into a fast food joint immediately – this is put off until the officials ratify it – or not.

This is essentially a show. The manipulations of the union hierarchy are there to promote its agenda, using the genuine needs of the workers as pawns in their game. The SEIU (Service Employees International Union) is NOT building a movement to organize workers and fight bosses. Its aim is to boost its own negotiating power, to boost the Union not the struggle – to supersize its coffers.

Instead of a ‘march on the boss’ directed towards the corporations robbing workers daily, rather this is a ‘march on the media’ where the strikes serve as the visuals in a narrative of worker protest crafted by professional media consultants. Actions are scripted and run by the staff (themselves young, overworked, underpaid and working to meet difficult mobilization quotas) and the ultimate shots are called by officials in Washington, DC, not spontaneously by workers from below like the picture painted would lead you to believe.

When important shifts in the public direction of the campaign were made workers involved were instructed to state publicly “the workers made this decision.” A national conference was held in Detroit August 15-16 by the campaign with 7-800 attendees from the core cities of the campaign, a large number being campaign staff as well. Here workers were guided through a rapid fire pep rally, where they were handed a pre-written agenda and presented with the pre-packaged plan of the August 29 strike as the only decision of the meeting. No further discussion of the direction of the campaign was had. As one worker who was involved the past strikes and who attended the conference as a member of the staff selected steering committee said, that this is when they realized “maybe this isn’t our movement, but this is really their [SEIU’s] movement.”

Their aim is to move towards a range of legislative efforts including state ballot initiatives allowing cities and counties to set their own minimum wage. Another potential direction might be a combination of both employer agreements and legislation such as previous efforts of unions to raise wages through legislation but which exempted workers covered by union agreements. Another factor is that Obama recently announced plans to introduce a bill to increase the federal minimum wage. I think it’s hard to believe it coincidental that SEIU, one of the largest contributors to Obama’s 2012 reelection, unfolded the campaign just in time to deliver the legislative effort a ready-made support base.

Only when struggle is self-directed does it not lead to demoralisation: the lessons learnt, the mistakes made, are “owned” by those struggling themselves and so can be corrected. But when it’s all just a ploy to bolster the Democrat Party and the Union bureaucracy, it can only lead nowhere.

See also this.


USA, California: screws to forcefeed hunger strikers


USA, Utah: yet another critique of the opium of the people


USA, Oakland: wildcat truckdrivers blockade port ( see also this)…Florida, Polk County: riot wrecks youth detention centre

Trucker protest Oakland 8-19 NOT Teamsters“Teamsters DO NOT represent us”


USA, Florida: 18 buildings destroyed in juvenile prison riot


US, California: prison hunger strike hits its 40th day


USA, Seattle: nice clear victory for direct action


USA, New Orleans: anti-cop graffiti on Enemy HQWisconsin: cops arrest protest singers for singing without permit…….Colorado: vandals attack death culture


USA, Miami: tensions after cops kill graffitist with taser (….cops laugh about it)


USA, Alaska: cells flooded as prisoners smash toilets etc….Oklahoma: vandals critique miseducation system okOakland: solidarity demo with Californian prisoners’ hunger strike blocks state building (more here) Utah: tar sands project subverted by environmentalistsBerkeley: tent camp protest at Post Office


USA, Florida: capitol sit-in by civil rights-type group against Zimmerman verdict now in its 3rd week


USA, California: 1 million dollars worth of sabotage of phone and radio mastUSA: fast food workers on wildcat strike (it should be pointed out that some of these strikes – at least in St.Louis – have been organised by rank and file members of the Democrat Party and much of the autonomy has been undermined by them)…California: surfin’ ‘n’ riotin’ USA


USA, L.A.: week long Trayvon Martin protest (possibly a front for Democrat Party recuperation)


USA, California: hunger striker dies after being refused medical attentionSan Marino: illegal anti-foreclosure demo outside bank executive’s home


USA, Washington: Lincoln memorial sprayed with green paint


USA, Oakland: anger continues against Zimmerman verdict


USA, Los Angeles: 3rd night of protests against Zimmerman verdict, traffic stopped, windows broken, Wal-Mart raided; freeway blocked in SF Bay Area…most official organisers plea for peace at same time as chanting “no justice – no peace”….


US, Oakland: cop car attacked, US flag burnt, etc. in reaction to Zimmerman acquittal… (more here)….St Louis – riot cops called to protect city jail (and here also)

View image on Twitter

Oakland, this morning


USA, St.Louis: cops shoot the right target for once


USA, New York: riot after party
USA, Maine: anti-fracking demo blocks rail track


USA, W.Virginia: yet another critique of manipulation-education


USA, San Francisco: 7 arrested in pro-Gezi land occupation (more detailed information here)


USA, New Jersey: high school students go on strike


USA, Connecticut: broken heart of a heartless world


USA, Michigan: Jesuit statue improved


US, California: prison riot – screws kill rioting prisoner


USA, Los Angeles: turning whine into water


USA, New York: carwash workers strike


USA, New York: Virgin Mary gets cross


USA: Walmart workers strike in Miami, Massachusets and California


USA, Idaho: subversion of company specialising in the transformation of the body into pure show (bodybuilding.con)


US, Washington: evicted occupiers arrested as they block roads, etc.


USA, Pennsylvania: “occupy” returnsTexas: vandals make critique of “a good walk spoiled”


US, Berkeley: occupation of university land repressed by cops (more here)


US, New York: student sit-in against tuition fees


US, Detroit: fast food workers strike spreads


US, St.Louis: fast food workers strike


US, Philadelphia: high school students walk out against cutsNorth Carolina: police cars redecorated


US, Los Angeles: sit-in against LAPD


US, Chicago: high school students strike over fired teachermiddle school students, parents hold sit-in to protest school closing


US, Las Vegas: 2 month taxi strike ends with strikers’ victory


US, New Orleans: gentrifiers trashedSeattle: mayday protest takes on cops (more here) … same in Washington DC (demonstrators take the piss out of US nazis)… New York: arbitrary arrests near Tompkins Square Park (more here)


US: scab at Strongsville gets off lightly


US, Milwaukee: students sit-in at chancellor’s office in protest against labor conditions at pizza company


US, Colorado: students clash with riot cops at street party (video here)


US, Chicago: students walk out over standardised testing


USA, Minnesota: students occupy president’s office in protest against bank foreclosures


USA: anti-shale gas demonstrators occupy Department of Environmental Protection office


USA: Strongville Ohio – sympathy strikes spread


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the montgomery bus boycott -1955-6 (1978) An excellent account of this taken from Chapter 17 of Charles Denby’s “Indignant Heart – A Black Worker’s Journal” (1978), which shows, amongst other insights, how the boycott was fairly spontaneous and independently-organised at the beginning and how the NAACP (despite their current re-written falsified history of these events) was very reluctant to get involved.

news of disalienation (1973) This text, mainly about the social movements in the USA at the beginning of the 1970s, was written by Jon Horelick, a former member of the Situationist International (American section).

For the latest information about events and actions in the USA, “It’s Going Down” is a good source, despite its typical American eclecticism and often a confusion which, in part, comes from a resistance to theoretical development and the need to consider that your point of view should result in decisions about what genuinely contributes to a social movement and what is an obstacle to its development.

The Wolf Report has some interesting takes on the US – like this “light-hearted” suggestion that Trump might encourage a coup à la Erdogan

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January 21st, 2017, note: this is a “work in progress” and very much incomplete

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