dialectical adventures into the unknown (1974)

This is a magazine I put together in 1974. Some of it was written by me, some by others (eg, “Irish Bone Stew” ,  “Theses on Feminism” and the back cover were almost wholly written by Paul Sieveking, though I added a bit to the two texts, and almost certainly he took the vast majority of those texts from someone else). It’s got something fresh and original about it – even though it’s a hotchpotch of pro-situ stuff (unearned/unlived ideas). Symptomatic of the spirit of the times. Strictly archive stuff.

If anyone wants a docx version of this, it’s 47.2Mo and if you send an email to SamFanto@riseup.net, I’ll send it back if your email server supports such a large text. It was too large to convert to a pdf, at least with my pdf converter.

cover DAITUdaitu page 1daitu page 2

daitu page 3daitu page 3.2daitu page 4daitu page 4.2daitu page 5daitu page 5.2

daitu page 6daitu page 7daitu page 7.2daitu page 8daitu page 8daitu page gdansk etcdaitu page hulkdaitu page 10daitu page 11daitu page 12daitu page 13daitu page 14daitu page 15daitu page 16.2daitu page 17daitu page 18daitu page 19daitu page 20daitu page 21daitu page 22daitu page 23daitu page 24daitu page 25daitu page 26

daitu page 27daitu page 28daitu page 29daitu page 30daitu page 31daitu page 32daitu page 33daitu page 34daitu page 35daitu page 36daitu page 37daitu page 38

see “re-fuse” for an auto-critique of this text



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2 responses to “dialectical adventures into the unknown (1974)”

  1. Mark Downham avatar
    Mark Downham

    ‘a hotchpotch of pro-situ stuff”. No. It was an Inception style treatment of Situationist ideas using (1) Psychogeography and (2) Detournement to interrogate culture and its reifications – the text is arranged as a Drift….it is still brilliantly original in the way that it creates space for individual acts of wayfinding, cognitive mapping and sense-making – if you read the text then you are already Drifting….it is still alive and shifting with possibilities and dialectical energies…I still think it is the most interesting project [name deleted] did.

  2. Sam FantoSamotnaf avatar

    Re. Ireland, this article on post-WWI soviets-cum-workers councils, occupations and strikes is interesting:

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