US, Washington state: antifa and fascists clash

The choice between Statistdee and Statistdum.

Fact-Checking – The Inquisitors of Falsehood and Truth

Not a radical text by any means (ahistorical belief in some pre-Covid “good” journalism, often psychologistic, not searching for fundamental social reasons for the manipulations of the media, etc.) but it brings together some pertinent criticisms of how “fact checking” functions:

Frugal fact-checking: inconsistency in citing sources; Emotional fact-checking: announcing reason and brandishing emotion; One-sided fact-checking: the end of the dialectic; Defamatory fact-checking: the death knell of the medicine man; Self-contradictory fact-checking: the truth, when it suits us; No-questions-asked fact-checking: the case is closed!; Dramatic fact-checking: welcome to the Karpman triangle!