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This is a chronology not based on the date the information was published but based on the date I received it.

Those who accuse this site of hyperbole would have thought that even suggesting the possibility of half of what’s happening today just over a year ago was hyperbolic and paranoid. The sleep of subversive reason is spawning an epidemic of monsters.

It should be clear that I am not in accord with the ideological aspects of the content of many of the articles I link to.

I should also add that there may well be some inconsistency and contradictory information here. That’s because it’s extremely difficult to sift what is valid, what is speculation and what is manipulation. However, it seems more worthwhile trying to put forward some of what appears to be the more pertinent criticisms of what’s going on than remain silent before the overwhelming propaganda machine and wait a few years in order to be “correct” but too late. “The path toward simplicity is the most complex of all, and here in particular it seemed best not to tear away from the commonplace the tangle of roots which enable us to transplant it into another region, where we can cultivate it to our own profit. ” – here



France: 198 demos against the Health Passportclashes in 3 cities

Officially there were 237,000 demonstrators, 33,000 more than the official figure for the previous Saturday. But the figures are obviously manipulated – sometimes I’ve seen figures that were 10% of the actual number. Of course, it’s hard to know how many there were – but the official figure for Montpellier was 8,000, whereas there were probably closer to 13,000. Numbers are not enough, of course.  And there was a lot of bullshit on these demos, surprise surprise.


Dealing with the new (ab)normal – a situation report

A balanced anarchist assessment of some of the contradictions of the moment.


France: dictatorship of the bourgeoisie decides that its dictatorship is constitutional and democratic

Surprise surprise – the Constitutional Council has decided that its “Health” Passport is constituional and democratic! Well , that decides it then. Let’s all give up, go home and rest in peace. The President of the Constitutional Council is the mass murderer Laurent Fabius, famous for knowingly allowing HIV contaminated blood to be given to haemophiliacs in the 1980s. Over 1000 died. His son is a director of McKinsey, an organisation giving Macron advice about the vaccination strategy (as well as other aspects of his political strategy). 4 of the 8 other members of this Council were appointed by Macron, the others appointed under Hollande and Sarkozy during their previous presidencies (including a previous Chirac-appointed Prime Minister, Alain Juppé, previously convicted for corruption ). Democracy moves in mysterious ways.


France: indefinite strike of health workers against obligatory vaccinationalso firemen

France, Nantes: an indication of the misery permitted by increasing fascist participation in the anti Health Passport demos (31st July)

Provisional text from a friend:

👉 Since Macron’s announcements on 12 July – formalising the move to a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie under the pretext of health – hundreds of thousands of people have been regularly mobilising in the streets to oppose the health passport and compulsory anti-covid vaccination.

👉 A part of the far right is taking advantage of the opportunity to take to the streets and try to recuperate the protest for its own benefit – while sometimes trying to commit abuses on other demonstrators in the very heart of the processions. In Montpellier, Rennes and elsewhere, nationalist identitarians, royalists and other inbreds marched last Saturday – sometimes discreetly in small groups, sometimes openly.

👉 The far right has no place in the street. Those who, in all their components, have denounced for decades the “laxity” of successive governments and hypothetical “red judges” now claim to regret living in a dictatorship? Those who count in their ranks many police officers and gendarmes (without even mentioning the countless informers) who have repressed without qualm the Yellow Vest movement and the one against the pension reform claim to have had a sudden revelation and claim to now side with Freedom?

👉 In reality, the fash are the useful idiots of successive French governments: as their traditional security agenda was taken up & implemented by the UMP [Sarkozy’s former party], PS [Socialist Party], LREM [Macron’s party], the far-right have pushed its liberticidal proposals ever further, conveniently allowing the governing parties to continue to pass for “moderates”.

👉 Moreover, the presence of anti-Semites, racists and other Dupont-Lajoie [reference to film – “The Common Man” – about a café owner] escaped from the Café du Commerce in the processions of the past weeks – even if it was a very small minority – offers a golden opportunity for the government to try to discredit the mobilization against the sanitary dictatorship by presenting it as the work of “extremists”… If the Patriots, the UPR, DLF [right-wing political rackets], did not exist, LREM would be necessary to invent them.

👉 Banking on the disappearance of collective intelligence, the fash shamelessly pretend to oppose today’s Macronist crimes in the name of ancient crimes (Nazism, Fascism, Petainism, Francoism…). Fighting an authoritarianism in the name of other authoritarianisms is a fatal impasse in which opponents of the health passport must not engage.

👉 Following the example of the setbacks suffered in its ranks in Nantes and Toulouse last weekend, the far right has just realised that ambiguity can only be overcome to its detriment. This necessary political clarification must continue.

➡️➡️ The “nation” is a cage invented by the bourgeoisie! Down with all the extreme right-wingers! FASCISTS – OUT OF OUR LIVES, OUT OF OUR STRUGGLES!

France, Marseille: woman to be treated for cerebral thrombosis and epilepsy for the rest of her life after vaccine


France: build-up of pressure from base of unions, launching possible national strike of hospital workers against compulsory vaccinations starting 4th August…More here

“In Marseille, the APHM represents 13,000 employees. The Edouard Toulouse hospital has 1077 employees. The two organisations (at least their Sud Santé union) have joined forces for this movement. According to Kader Benayed, deputy departmental secretary of Sud Santé, “The rate of absenteeism has been high since the vote on the law obliging healthcare workers to be vaccinated: departures, notice of departure, unpaid leave, sick leave…”. Sud santé has filed an unlimited strike notice from 4 August at the APHM, and from 9 August for Edouard Toulouse. Two rallies are planned for Thursday 5 August at 11am. One at the North Hospital, the other in front of the Timone. This movement is based on eight demands (extracts):

The systematic declaration of work-related accidents for the Covid-19 disease
Non-suspension of hospital workers who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 and respect for the laws and constitutions regarding the decision of each worker to be vaccinated against Covid-19
The respect of the free choice of each agent to be vaccinated without constraint or threat of dismissal. Each non-vaccinated agent will continue, as since the beginning of the crisis, to carry out his or her duties with the appropriate protective equipment, while respecting the social distancing
The possibility to choose which vaccine will be inoculated and when, if the agent so chooses
Protection of personal data and respect for medical confidentiality regarding the vaccination status of employees
Working conditions that respect our physical and psychological health without aggravating suffering at work with a diversion of our public service missions at the service of citizens, whatever their vaccination status
Non-discrimination of patients: we refuse to sort them at the entrance of our public health establishment
The respect of the public service mission accessible to all without any distinction”

Obviously criticisable, but I’ll leave it at that for the moment.


Israel: nasty details of Pfizer trials for 12-15-year-olds and those 16 and over

[Posted by Yaffa Shir Raz – member of the newly formed “Professional
Ethics Front”, 30 July 2021]

Revealed: Pfizer publishes results from a 6-month follow-up trial:

44,165 participants aged 16 and over, and 2,264 aged 12-15, divided into
two groups –
Vaccinated vs. placebo:

Death: 15 vs. 14
Death from Covid 19: 1 vs. 2
Cardiac arrest: 4 vs. 1

No doubt- unprecedented efficiency! Hurry and get your third dose today!

These findings, by the way, you will not find in the abstract, which only subtly mentions that there is a “declining trend in efficiency.” To find the table shown here you will need to dig into the appendix (p. 12).

[Posted by Yaffa Shir Raz – member of the newly formed “Professional
Ethics Front”, 31 July 2021]

The amount of manipulation revealed in clinical trials of the miracle shot has already become a joke – only it’s a macabre joke, and it’s at our expense.

After yesterday we saw how in the new trial, which followed for 6 months the study population that received the Pfizer injection, compared to the
placebo group – the table with the data indicating zero mortality prevention was well buried – so that only with a deaf watchmaker’s glasses it can be found on page 12 in the appendices, It turns out that this was only the more innocent manipulation.

Because as some smart people here have rightly remarked – right after the trial Pfizer offered the participants in the placebo group the miracle shot, for ethical reasons of course, so as not to leave them exposed to the deadly virus that has only 99.98 percent survival.

In doing so, as Dr. Peter Dushi from the BMJ wrote, Pfizer actually blocked the way for real follow-up trial, which would make it possible to examine the differences between the trial group and the placebo group – because there is no more placebo, and of course no more blindness (when neither the researchers nor Subjects know who received what) – a critical condition for clinical trials, particularly in stage 3, to prevent foreign influences.

So how could they possibly compare the research group to the placebo group?

Well, it turns out that in the chapter on side effects, the researchers added a note, which says that during the blindness period, 15 participants who received the injection and 14 who received the placebo died. But – during the open-label period, that is, the period in which the researchers and the subjects already knew who received what, and the placebo subjects actually went on to receive the injection – another 5 participants died. And guess what? It turns out that these five participants actually received the injection – three of them received the injection during the blinds period and the other two were originally in the study group, but were later injected as well.

Meaning – in fact 20 people who received the shot died, compared to 14 in the placebo group.

The amazing thing is that at the end of this paragraph, the authors refer to Table S4 – the same table from page 12 in the appendix I posted here yesterday – but this table, as you can see, lists only 15 deaths in the injected group. So where did these 5 go?

Although the authors claim that none of these five deaths were considered by the investigators to be related to the injection – what justification do they have for removing them from the table?


Australia: Forced transfer by the police to Covid-hotels of those staying near “verified Covid cases”

Also here.

The South Australian county government, Adelaide, has passed legislation
in the past year (and even added regulations last week) that allow
police to evict civilians from their homes and transfer them to a
guarded, fenced-off Covid-hotel because they were near persons tested

Until last week, the hotel policy was valid only for Australians
returning from abroad, who are required to stay in the hotel and pay an
Australian $ 3000 for their stay until two negative tests are received.
As of this week, the hotel policy has also become legal for those who
are in the vicinity of verified Covid cases.

And so, last Sunday. After two ‘positives’, a brother and a sister, were
found in a local winery (South Australia is famous for its wineries),
all visitors to the same winery were gathered from their homes by the
police and taken to hotels (or ‘medi-hotel’ according to the local
terminology). Although they have been found to be negative in the tests,
they are still quarantined until further negative results are obtained.
No one asks them, or allows them isolation at home. That’s the law from
now on.

Imagine that you are going on a family visit to the winery during the
weekend with your family, and a report on a verified Covid case in that
place is enough for the police to come to your home later, take you out
of your house, load you into a bus of those being taken to quarantine
and transfer you to quarantine in a guarded and fenced-off “hotel”.

This slippery slope, which was legally approved this week, allows the
police to remove family members from their homes, separate them and
transfer them to a medi-hotel (children of verified Covid cases,
separation between spouses, etc.), all because one of the family members
is verified.

In practice, two verified cases were found on Sunday at the same winery.
As a result, one hundred (100!) people found themselves being
transferred from their homes to a secured facility, a medi-hotel,
because they visited the same winery that day.

Legislation similar to quarantine in hotels has also been approved in
the county state of New South Wales, with Sydney as its capital.

This news story passed quietly in Australia. South Australia, which had
been closed for a week, had already canceled it, but the “detainees” who
visited the winery were still quarantined in a Medi-hotel and awaiting a
further test.

And what if next the police evict people from their homes and separate
family members regardless of “verified cases” but according to other

Does this sound far away to you, because it’s in Adelaide and has
nothing to do with our lives? As an Australian Israeli, all my life I
have thought that Australia is the safest place in the world. I can’t
believe to what a degree of loss of individual liberties they have
reached here on the continent and at such a great speed. You think this
cannot happen in the Holy Land? Suddenly there is a knock on the door
and the police under the auspices of the law and medical regulations
will not be able to take you out of the house and transfer you to a
secured facility?


France: clashes in 6 towns on large mid-summer anti-health passport demos (31st July)clashes in La Reunion (French overseas territory)Martinique (French overseas territory): vaccination centre torched during overnight riots against Covid-imposed curfew (31st-1st)

“It was a night of burning bins, organised looting, and five cars set on fire…For several days now, an appeal has been circulating on social networks. A group of individuals, to protest against the reinforcement of the restrictive measures, and in particular the curfew, launched the idea of a parade on Saturday 31 July in the evening. A demonstration organised despite the curfew-related ban on movement. At around 10pm, clashes broke out when the wild demo arrived on Maurice Bishop Avenue, not far from the CMA-CGM premises. The police used tear gas to disperse the crowd…Several businesses were set on fire: a pharmacy, the Sainte-Thérèse vaccination centre of the Regional Health Agency (ARS) and five cars set on fire…”

It seems worth pointing out that a few years back the French government imposed 11 compulsory vaccinations on the newly-born throughout France and its territories, 3 of which the WHO deemed quite dangerous, and this without opposition (probably due to the lack of much knowledge of the fact). The take-up of the 1st dose of the vaccine in Martinique is just 20%. Plus they have suffered from a high level of carcenogenic pesticides, which apparently tends to make them suspicious of chemicals in general. Resistance to the curfew and compulsory vaccination in a part of France that is particularly impoverished and treated like a colony is a minimum affirmation of humanity.

See also this in French: Sortons de l’impasse sanitaire !

Germany, Berlin: clashes, man dies, 500-600 arrests on anti-Covid rules demo

This is presented by the media as a right-wing demo, though it’s very unlikely that only the right were involved.

Interesting reflections on Delta variant from French doctor

Points out that the current wave provoked by the delta variant, 15 times less lethal than the original form of Covid, is “less deadly than seasonal flu”.

Israel, Jerusalem: director of hospital says that 90% of those hospitalised for Covid are over 70 and have been vaccinated

The guy says that “ the vaccine dissipates in front of our eyes… Dr. Kobi Habib said that there is a significant jump in the number of difficult patients, who are hospitalized in the hospital he runs….Dr. Habib said that he opened another corona ward at the hospital after the first one began to fill up: “The jump is significant, something that has not happened to us for several weeks. …Hospitals are still far from collapsing, but the situation is getting worse. The infection rate today is above 1.3, which means that if nothing is done now, the situation will continue to get worse“. At the same time he declares total support for the vaccine. Of course, without knowing exact figures comparing with figures for previous hospitalisations (90% of 100 is clearly different from 90% of 1000), this doesn’t say an enormous amount other than the vast limits of the vaccine.






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