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“January is here, with eyes that keenly glow,
A frost-mailed warrior
striding a shadowy steed of snow.”

–  Edgar Fawcett

Please note: all references to the movement in Iran have now been moved to this page.

“Reading the morning newspaper is the realist’s morning prayer. One orients one’s attitude toward the world either by God or by what the world is. The former gives as much security as the latter, in that one knows how one stands. ”  


Readers are asked to add more insights into these events, and also provide interesting information or critiques that are not included here.

(December 2017 here  &  February 2018 here)


South Africa, Durban: security guards shoot striking university workerspassengers torch 2 trains in anger at delaysMpumalanga: residents barricade main roads in protest against lack of water

France, Paris: students occupy part of university in support of migrants


Venezuela, Porlamar: 20 people loot truck loaded with corn “They have to loot to eat,” ….Trucks loaded with rice are escorted by the Bolivarian National Guard to prevent looting….Sporadic looting and food protests driven by the hungry poor have skyrocketed in recent weeks in Venezuela, a country that is not immune to riots. But the recent ones present a different face to those that were seen in the protests of the past year that were carried out mainly by the middle class that took the streets to try to depose the president Nicolás Maduro. “These protests come from people from the lower classes who simply do not have enough to eat…They want relief, not necessarily to force Maduro out of power.”…The figures for looting of businesses and transport over the first two weeks of the year, around 110, exceeded more than five times the record of January last year, and far exceeded the January reports of the last three years…The violent incidents left at least five deaths in the first two weeks of 2018. The jump in the numbers of cases of  looting has generated unease among opponents and researchers such as Marco Antonio Ponce, director of the Venezuelan Observatory of Social Conflict, who said that attacks on property no longer focus on large cities but has spread to small towns and roads throughout the country

France, Hauts-de-Seine: rioting continues for 3rd night – report from a notoriously deceitful ultra-right-wing site (see entry for 28/1/18 below for more on the reasons for this spate of rioting)


Nigeria, Akuku-Torlu: report on occupation of Shell station by indigenous population now in its 6th month “The indigenes, drawn from Offoinama, Belema and Ngeje, occupied the flow station in August 2017 shortly after it was shut down by irate youths of the community…hundreds of nursing mothers, men and youths are still occupying the facility. The angry indigenes of the communities told visiting Pan Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF) led by a member of the Presidential Committee on Niger Delta, Elder Timi Ogoriba, that they will not leave the flow station until Shell’s operational lease for OML 25 was withdrawn….”

France, Rennes: excavator machines burnt with molotovs at phoney ecological site constructing  houses for the rich (communiqué)

Venezuela, San Cristobal: students and high school students protesting high cost of public transport block major road with burning tyres etc.

Switzerland, Zurich: Turkish Consulate car torched The article is, unfortunately, not genuinely internationalist, blind to all critiques of the Kurdish state of Rojava. However,  this statement seems like a decent, if limited,  internationalist position.


France, Hauts-de-Seine: bins burnt, cops stoned after showing of video of cop firing several live rounds, seriously wounding driver, at car that didn’t stop for arbitrary police control


Honduras, Tegulcigalpa: riots-cum-protests against election fraud during  presidential inauguration  This is obviously dominated by opposition political cons and ideologies of “genuine” bourgeois demockracy. Nevertheless, it’s obvious – particularly in the more blatantly totalitarian nations – that people, often unable to organise autonomously to anything but a very limited extent, will go along to such events to express their anger behind a cloak of bourgeois respectability or – more importantly – under the protection of a large number of other angry people, even if they, unlike the majority, don’t give a toss about the oppositional rackets. The problem with this “good intention” is that it generally prevents the communication of any independent consciousness – though of course even such a lack can in certain circumstances lead to more interesting developments (though this is very general – nothing of what I have seen in the protests against the election fraud show such a development so far). Still it’s nice to see photos such as these:

Streets and avenues leading to Tiburcio Carias Andino stadium, where the president was inaugurated for his second term, blockaded in different ways.

France, Isere: LIDL supermarket torched For a  critique of a supermarket project in London, see this.


Tunisia, Tunis: more clashes outside parliament

China: as 120,000 Uyghurs are forced into “re-education” camps the intensification of totalitarian social control  spreads beyond China A contact writes: “The poison spreads. … a very long time ago (1964-1965) there was, on the ground-breaking and often quite excellent science-fiction series “Outer Limits” an episode titled “O.B.I.T.” In it a spying technology at a highly secret US government department is used to check on individuals at any time the operator choses. Anxieties about infidelity and other kinds of disloyalty drive operators to destroy the fabric of their lives and finally, to murder. An investigation is held and the creator of the technology, a character who looks remarkably like Edward Teller [creator of the H-bomb], is revealed to be an alien who says this technology, now that it has been released and has metastasized, will undermine human solidarity destroy its institutions and render the planet ripe for invasion. It’s been decades since I’ve seen it, but revisiting that territory might yield some further ideas, metaphors, possible agitational means of mobilizing the public imagination, etc., to augment the critiques we might already have.”

Senegal, Guediawaye: striking school students hospitalised in clashes with cops

Turkey: statement against Erdogan’s war in Syria


Belgium, Brussels: 2nd day of Deliveroo workers occupation of HQreport on global Deliveroo strikes

Senegal, Tambacounda: motobike taxi drivers riot & burn tyres throughout city  against state attempts to make their trade impossible The state demands that their taxis are insured despite knowing that  insurance companies have always refused to insure them.

Australia, Melbourne: Captain Cook not in the pink

France: report giving details about prison revolts since screws started striking Thursday, January 18 in Fleury-Merogis, more than a hundred prisoners refused to return to their cells after their walk was cut  short, and then began to bang on the doors and insult the staff. Then in building B2 more than a hundred prisoners refused to go back to their cells after the walk …the protest…lasted more than an hour. In Longuenesse (Pas-de-Calais), near Saint-Omer, an inmate assaulted two screws early Sunday evening (January 21, 2018), using a table leg (an 80cm iron bar long, 5 cm by 5 cm). The two suffered from bruises on the arm and spent a few hours in hospital. The Force Ouvriere trade unionist Mr. Julien Martin, did not hesitate to describe this attack as an “ambush” and “attempted assassination”. Tuesday, January 23, 28 inmates of the prison of Nantes refused to go back to the cell after the walk around 5pm, for fear of having their free association being  completely suppressed. In Uzerche (Corrèze), there was a beginning of a rebellion in the morning after all the prisoners were denied access to the canteen. In the afternoon, a minor in the Pau prison, angered by the screws’ moody tempers, kicked the door of his cell when a female supervisor came to open it. The door smashed right into her face. Stunned, she was immediately taken to the infirmary by the cops who were there to replace the screws on strike. On the morning of Wednesday, January 24 in Epinal (Vosges), inmates responded with fire to the screws’ blockade: some of them have started fires in one of the narrow corridors of the jail. Moreover, this beginning of revolt forced the “striking” screws to return to work, supported by firemen, cops and prison riot squads  to restore order.See also entries for 22/1/18 and 20/1/18 below.

utterly nutty shop counter-revolutionary riotsCalais: teargas v stones as filth dismantle migrants’ plastic tentscops destroy eye of teenage migrant

Guinea, Kinshasa: 3 cops badly injured as students revolt against inscription fee increases and election fix

South Africa, Gauteng: unions and leftist recuperators plus others manage to close down school refusing to accept non-Afrikaans speakers See entry for 18/1/18 below. It’s clear that the EFF are very likely to become the main fake opposition in this country should there be a significant upturn in class struggle there, despite their being led by a millionaire. Who knows? – eventually they might win an election and the miserable  history  of the ability of capital’s left wing to repress and divert autonomous struggle will repeat itself yet again and again and again. meanwhile the ANC Police Minister urges the filth to shoot to kill

Haiti, Port-au-Prince: students demanding better conditions clash with cops


Kenya, Nairobi: school students riot against favouritism etc.


Nigeria: state declares public sector workers’ strike against non-payment of wages, and sackings, is illegal

Togo, Lomé: heavy clashes  as cops occupy parts of university in oder to prevent student General Assembly

UK, London: 2 cafés celebrating a couple of the more famous defenders of hierarchical power vandalised Churchill was obviously a piece of shit (see, for instance, this).[see also comment and my reply at bottom of page]

As for Gandhi, even though he’s not really critiqued in this attack, he should have been. He was, in fact, very useful for the ruling classes’ defence of the Brutish Empire because he opposed anything that might challenge dominant social relations. For instance, Gandhi used his reputation and leadership role to often disarm social movements in India when they threatened to get out of hand – he opposed strikes in the super-exploitative textile industries, even going so far as to threaten suicide if workers went on strike. This is why that upper middle class David Attenborough produced his film “Gandhi” quite explicitly to make propaganda against the massive riots that spread throughout the UK against Thatcher in 1981.

His usefulness for Brutish capital is shown by the fact that independence insured that Brutish investments remained intact. And this recognition that giving up direct control of an area of the world did not entail giving up economic power was a model for the end of the Brutish colonies everywhere. As long as the money was coming in, it didn’t matter if India, or anywhere else, was “self-governing” (ie remained within the sphere of Brutish capital accumulation).

Gandhi’s “pacifism” did not stop him from supporting the Brutish in 1899 in the Boer War, volunteering to help them and organising an ambulance corps. As he said, “As long as the subjects owe allegiance to a state, it is their clear duty generally to accommodate themselves, and to accord their support, to the acts of the state”. When Gandhi was organising a mass march in South Africa in 1913, to obtain rights for Indians there, the white railway workers went on strike over pay and conditions. Gandhi immediately canceled his march, saying that civil resisters should not take advantage of a government’s difficulty .On the outbreak of the First World War, Gandhi actively recruited for the Brutish war effort, despite his ‘pacifism’. Gandhi used his reputation and leadership role to often disarm social movements in India when they threatened to get out of hand; he opposed strikes in the super-exploitative textile industries, even going so far as to threaten suicide if workers went on strike; and he even refused to support a mutiny of a section of the Hindu Royal Garwhali regiment who were brutally punished for the mutiny – when it refused an order to machine gun unarmed rioting Muslims, saying he wouldn’t want soldiers in an independent India to refuse his orders to shoot if that became necessary!!!!! (Le Monde, 20th Feb. 1932)

On the outbreak of the Second World War, having written an embarassingly absurd letter to Hitler just a few weeks previously,  he publicly pledged not to embarrass the British, and said he  would lend moral support to the Allies (other Indians – eg The Free India Legion – caught up in the stupid anti-imperialist ideology of “my enemies’ enemies are my friend”, supported Hitler).


France: attacks on screws rise to 4000 a year as 2 sets of filth battle it outreport about 26  escapes from new Parisian prison unit since it opened at beginning of December

Greece,Thessaloniki: clashes between antifas & cops following fascist torching of social squat More here

Kenya, Taita Taveta: cops kill 15 year old in clashes over land destruction “The squatters protested plans to expand the road linking Njukini and a farm owned by the family of a senior politician in the country. One officer was shot with an arrow while the other two were stoned by the rowdy mob and were rushed to Taveta sub-county hospital. The residents, armed with stones, bows, and arrows among other lethal weapons, sent away dozens of police officers who had been sent to restore calm in the farm. They are resisting the expansion of a 20-kilometre Njukini –Ziwani road on claims their crops shall be destroyed….Residents said they will lose their land which was donated to them by President Uhuru Kenyatta for their resettlement.”

US, California: Disneyland entrance blocked by protest against Trump’s blatantly repulsive policies


Tunisia, Metlaoui: roads barricaded with burning tyres in protest against lack of jobsMadhila: roads blocked with burning tyres as Gafsa Phosphate Corporation stormed, administrative documents destroyed

Sri Lanka, Kataragama: police station attacked after cops kill motorcyclist

Congo, Kinshasa: 6 dead as protesters against continued presidency try to storm Ministry of Spatial Planning; 2 cops seriously injured More here in English

Greece, Athens: more clashes round Exarchia


France, Hauts-de-France: prison riot 24 inmates  gathered in the hallway of wing A2. They  broke windows, piled up bins and spilled soap and water to disrupt any intervention. In addition, about 70 inmates were reported to have been outside their cells in three other prison wings. “They blocked the locks, so we can not close them,” said Christophe Muzzolin, secretary of the union FO….The next afternoon, protests continued  where about 40 prisoners refused to return to their cells.


France, Besançon: estate agents and temp work agency windows’ smashed

Sudan, Omdurman: 5th day of clashes over bread price hikes

Senegal, Dakar: student-cop clashes continue for 2nd day

Brazil, Sao Paulo: metro privatisation plans temporarily halted after strike

Belgium, Groot-Bijgaarden: cops surveilling migrants  attacked by them


Chile/Peru: Peruvian state bans demonstrations against the Pope’s visit following burning of at least 11 Catholic churches in Chile and teargassing of anti-Pope demonstrators  One of the pope’s sharply contested decisions – to appoint a Chilean bishop with close ties to the country’s most notorious pedophile priest – soured many on the visit before it even began. While Francis celebrated Mass on Tuesday at a large park in Santiago, riot police shot tear gas and arrested dozens of protesters as they tried to march on the service….When asked why he defended Bishop Juan Barros, the former protege of the pedophile priest, Francis said there was no proof Barros knew about the abuse and called those accusations against him slanderous.”

China, Xinjiang: another report on the development of the totalitarian state

India, Madhya Pradesh: students occupy metro station in demo against fare hikes It seems that this was initiated by AISA, a Maoist student organisation and one can speculate on the opportunist reasons  for such an action (advertising their bureaucratic organisation with a view to further recruitment?), which also, doubtless, had popular support, even though the organisation focused on students as the primary victims of this fare hike. Despite these nuances, occupying a station against fare increases is obviously worthwhile. [see critical comment at bottom of page referring to this]

Albania, Ballsh: oil refinery workers clash with cops

Senegal, Dakar: cops “accidentally” burn down students’ housing during clashes with students over non-payment of grants

South Africa, Gauteng: cop van molotoved  during 2nd day of heavy clashes between cops & protesters demonstrating for the right of English-speaking pupils to attend Afrikaans-only school Unfortunately, much of this is led by the opportunists of the EFF and ANC youth.

Benin, Glo Djigbé: cops go especially crazy during uprising against lousy compensation for land expropriation for airport construction


Brazil, Sao Paulo: scuffles during protests against fare hikes (video). More photos here More here “…protesters attacked a bank and blocked the path of a bus” (video)

Venezuela, Caracas: store in shopping mall looted


Tunisia, Kram: youths block roads with burning tyres

Algeria, Bouira: riots, door of admin offices attacked, injuries, following sit-in against housing policy “…dozens of protesters, from several communes of Sour El-Ghozlane, gathered in front of the headquarters of the daïra to demand the posting of the list of 350 social housing for this important daïra of the wilaya. After a sit-in of more than 45 minutes, where no noticeable incident was recorded, things escalated when protesters wanting to smash the daira’s door, forced their way into the office of the head of the daira. riots broke out. Beaten by  police batons, the demonstrators responded by throwing stones. The main artery of the city was barricaded by the rioters with tires and other motley items in flame.

Sudan, Khartoum: further clashes over bread prices Dozens of Sudanese demonstrators have been arrested and beaten by police and security agents after they took to the streets of the capital Khartoum to protest price hikes, especially for bread….Riot police and security agents cordoned off the streets in an attempt to block the protesters, but hundreds of demonstrators still flooded the streets near the presidential palace and broke through the barrier, chanting slogans against the price increases. Bakeries doubled the price of bread from 50 cents to 1 Sudanese pound (ZAR 1.77) at the beginning of January after the government increased the price of flour from 167 pounds to 450 pounds (ZAR 794.33). The price rises are part of tough economic measures contained in 2018’s budget which also saw the lifting of electricity subsidies as well as increasing the US dollar exchange rate to 18.00 pounds from the official rate of 6.7 pounds. Anti-austerity demonstrations in Khartoum in 2013 resulted in a brutal crackdown which left nearly 200 protesters dead, according to human rights groups. The government conceded that 86 people had been killed in the largely peaceful marches. “

UK, London: residents storm council building, force temporary shelving of gentrification project More here

US, California: Apple buses attacked with pellet gun “Corporate buses, which ferry workers from San Francisco to its Silicon Valley headquarters, have become symbols of gentrification”…Google bus also

Mexico, Baja California: locals attack aquaduct aimed at supplying water to billion dollar brewery; clashes with cops “The demonstrators are opposed to the construction of the brewery because they say that it will divert water required for agriculture and human needs. State Public Security Secretary Gerardo Sosa Olachea said state and municipal police officers were called to the site after the company reported that protesters were attempting to stop workers from continuing excavation of the last section of an aqueduct that will supply water to the plant. The first clash occurred at around 6:00am after police arrived and were met by protesters throwing stones at them. Intermittent confrontations continued for hours and it was already afternoon by the time police managed to break up the protest following at least five failed attempts. Among the injured were a police officer and a journalist who was struck by a stone….yesterday’s events were preceded by another clash between protesters and authorities Monday. Following an act of vandalism that resulted in damage to a pipe that passes near the brewery site and supplies water to the state capital, personnel from the State Public Services Commission attended to shut off valves and repair a leak. However, they were also met by a group of people who attempted to obstruct their work by throwing things at them. After sealing off the leak, the workers were forced to abandon the site without fully completing their work.  Approximately 60,000 liters of water are estimated to have been lost before the pipe was repaired. Since 2016, a group called Mexicali Resiste — made up of farmers and other local residents concerned about pressure the brewery will place on the local water supply — has employed a variety of tactics to demonstrate its opposition to the construction project. They included setting up blockades to prevent access to the site, two protesters climbing to the top of a construction crane to start a hunger strike and physically confronting police officers.”


Tunisia, Tunis: clashes between footbal fans and cops “…more than 1,000 fans of club Esperance Sportive de Tunis gathered Monday evening in the working class Bab Souika neighborhood of Tunis. Chibani said the crowd attacked a government building with stones and bottles, before police fired back with tear gas.”

Greece, Athens: molotovs & rocks v. teargas as capitalism’s left-wing imposes further money-terrorist conditions “…bus, metro and city rail services were disrupted and some flights were grounded as workers went on strike to protest against the planned measures.”

US, Florida: prison strike against slavery More here. See also this.


Tunisia, Feriana: more clashes and roads blockedsimilarly in Tunis (Ettadhamen…and Kram) More here, which mentionsSidi Ali Ben Aoun (Sidi Bouzid)… Ettadhamen city (Ariana) and Douar Hicher ( Manouba) where, according to Interior Ministry spokesman Khalifa Chibani, young insurgents have erected barricades across the streets and clashed with the lackeys of power. In Nabeul, the cops reported 26 arrests, 11 of which were directly related to clashes with the police and various looting of shops, customs depots and state buildings. During the night of Sunday to Monday, there were anonymous burning tires in several streets and stones thrown at the police. In Sidi Ali Ben Aoun, others tried to break into a warehouse owned by Tunisian Customs, only just prevented by the cops. In Sidi Bouzid, a group of insurgents damaged a high voltage power cable, causing a power cut in some areas”…and more here in EnglishLongish reformist article here “…in Tebourba, and in poor towns and areas across the country, there’s a different, more desperate and raw anger….Without organised leadership and structure, the opposition protests will likely remain volatile.”

Morocco/Spain:  200 migrants attack cops & break through border to claim EU asylum

US, Florida: several elementary conditioning schools vandalised

Algeria, Tizi-Ouzou: students riot after cops block march; more than 5 student departments on strike; dominant ideology tries to divide foreigners and non-student sections of the population from Tunisian students “…the final straw  of students’ anger which led students to improvise a march in the evening of last Sunday, is the fact that foreign citizens at the university have easy access to the inside of the university residential area where they engage in acts of aggression and theft against students.More here “…security within the space of the university, improved housing conditions, free access to university libraries and the introduction of campus hygiene rules in line with the academic spirit, were also among the demands…But other sources close to academia say that this event is far from conforming to the real demands of the student population. Bad living conditions of the students is claimed to be, in fact, only a pretext, the demonstration being the expression of a merciless struggle between the various bidders for obtaining the very lucrative markets that the university offers. The food supply market for university restaurants is indeed a gold mine”.


Tunisia, Siliana: clashes between stone throwing youths and teargas-throwing cops as youths block roads with burning tyresstate to hand out crumbs of comfort to the poorest families in response to riots The proposal is to pay out $70 million as well as improved healthcare to 250,000 families (probably about 10% of the population), which  works out at $280 per family. Whereas, the annual defence budget for the ruling class (officially “the country”) doubled from over $480 million in 2011 to over $960 million in 2017 (here). This says “Among the few “decisions” that he announced yesterday in an attempt to contain the anger, Min. of Social Affairs mentioned the creation of a guarantee fund to allow citizens w/ “unregular income” to get housing loans…This is NOT a new decision. It was already in the Finance Law 2018, Article 59…This fund was not intended to be used as a support people from the low-income/vulnerable working class from the industrial/agricultural sector or the informal sector. It is a fund for “economically active” liberal professionals in legally regulated sectors…Usually banks require from clients a “salary domiciliation” signed by their employers to make sure that they have a stable job that allows them to pay back the loans. Liberal professionals cannot provide this doc. It is about financial risk management, not welfare. On the other side, the Finance Law created a high VAT on real estate that will prevent so many low-income people from having access to housing…. I think that VAT measure was meant to tackle speculation on real estate … And that first home buyers have separate tax incentives? With the devaluation of the dinar, the upper middle class have sought to protect their wealth buying land and apts creating a real estate bubble.”

Guinea, Conakry: youths force cops to retreat as they block roads with rocks & burning tyres in protest against continued electricity cuts

South Africa, Johannesburg: H & M stores trashed over racist advert Never mind their super-exploitation of third world kids (eg in Myanmar, kids have been paid 13 pence an hour), never mind their manipulative function as image-sellers, etc.  – attack them for a crude idiotic ad that they’ve made a standard apology for. But then this was an action of the EFF, whose millionaire demagogic leader (Julius Malema) is selling himself as a far-left rebel and yet another would-be president aiming to get to power over the backs of proletarian revolt, just like Mandealer before him. Hoping to get in on the act of every movement, on 12th January, the EFF were busy building their “radical” reputation amongst students in Pretoria  (see here) and on 11th January at Gauteng’s Vaal University of Technology Vanderbijlpark campus (see here). Article on H & M struggles here.

Venezuela: looting in Guárico & Zulia, as over 100 cases of looting or attempted looting are recorded throughout country for this year aloneIn Maracaibo, capital of Zulia, people looted corn flour in a supermarket after hours of queuing to buy the product – in serious shortage – and then being  told that it would only sell to members of pro-government communal councils. “People were upset, there were people waiting since yesterday, people started to open the gates and got in and grabbed packets of flour, but the police arrived”…looting in Anaco


Greece, Athens: strikes & clashes as intensified austerity measures start going through parliament

Chile, Santiago: 5 churches vandalised 3 days before Pope’s visit; communiqué left We will never submit to the domination they want to exercise over our bodies, our ideas and actions, because we were born free to decide the path we want to take. Against all religions and preachers.Free, impure and wild bodies. We attack with combative fire to explode their disgusting morals.  Freedom to all the political prisoners of the world! Free Wallmapu! Autonomy and resistance. Pope Francis, the next bombs will be in your cassock!” Mainstream report, describing the communique as a “threatening letter”, hereDespite his soft benign image and apparent siding with “the poor”, in the 70s &/or 80s this promoter of submission to supreme external authority collaborated with the disappearance of dissident clergy and others during the “dirty war”. See this.

UK, Bedfordshire: bollards to the cops


Tunisia: video here and here and here…Photos here

Venezuela, Merida: 4 killed by Left-wing of capital’s cops and shopkeepers as looting erupts in 4 areas More here in English

South Africa, North West: roads barricaded, mine conveyor belt destroyed, etc. after man killed during protest against lay-offs

New Zealand, Aukland: war-justifying memorial vandalised “A group attached an axe to the statue’s head and a poster to the plaque, which reads: “Fascism and White Supremacy are not Welcome Here”.”

US, California: tenant groups occupy Capitol hearing room after bill to expand rent control failsVirginia: fake blood after real bloodbaths

Kenya, Eldoret: cops shoot 3 in clashes with fly pitchers

Zambia, Lusaka: residents riot after state uses cholera outbreak as pretext to ban street vending

Sudan: arbitrary arrests as anti-austerity demos spread throughout country


Tunisia: 3rd night of riotsBeja: 2 areasTebourba: molotovs v. teargas during attempts to break into judicial court & HQ for financial receipts.More here “Tebourba… is emblematic of the social and economic issues driving the revolt. Thirty kilometres outside the capital, the only two opportunities for work are either gruelling agricultural labour or travelling into the city and spending half your wage on travel – a wage that amounts to USD 160 per month. With youth unemployment as high as 38%, many people aren’t even lucky enough to secure this derisory pay.” Thala: uprising of youths on estate (access to town blockaded) More here: after Thala’s regional “security” office is burnt down, national army occupy townEtadhamen (Mnihla – Tunis): motorway barricadedHammam-Lif (Tunis suburb): demonstrators totally block all rail linesSiliana, Sejoumi, Kasserine, Cité Ibn Kahldoun (popular area of Tunis – where police station & section of Town Hall were seized, & an attempt to burn them was made)La Marsa:  road to Bousalsla blockadedChaâbia, Jbel Lahmar, Sousse, Cap Bonarmy  deployed around banks, post offices & other government buildings in all major cities; government accuses leftist party of stirring up trouble video in Arabic …More here Some 237 people have been arrested in the past 48 hours for being involved in looting and vandalism, Tunisian Ministry of Interior said on Wednesday. Khalifa Chibani, official spokesman for the ministry, said the looting took place in 11 provinces, and 58 security agents including police and national guard were injured in night clashes, in addition to the destruction of 57 state security vehicles.”


India, Assam: 1 protester killed in clashes with cops after death of worker in cop custody “…thousands of locals took out a protest march on National Highway 15 demanding action against the guilty cops. However, the protest soon turned violent after a section of the protestors started attacking the police station with stones. The police retaliated by using batons and tear gas shells. However, when that did not work, they opened fire. Protestors Mohidul Haque and Gulam Mustafa and a 14-year-old Muslim girl were injured in the police firing. While Haque succumbed to injuries, Mustafa and the girl were admitted to a government-run hospital in neighbouring Mangaldoi town. Three policemen were also injured in stone-pelting by the protestors.”

South Africa, Limpopo: prisoner escapes cop van

US, Washington (Olympia): over 200 indigenous Indians protest against environmental destruction inside Capitol building, and occupy lawn outside

Venezuela, Guanare: teenager shot dead during looting There have been in the past several days looting and attempted looting in a number of towns and cities nationwide in this South American oil giant. In Carabobo state, a man and woman were arrested for “hate crimes” for protesting food shortages. Under the new legislation from the pro-government special assembly, they could face more than a decade in jail. Hyperinflation is expected to top 2,300 percent this year in Venezuela. Local universities say 30.2 percent of Venezuelans face poverty and 51.5 percent extreme poverty while the government puts the figures at 18.3 percent and 4.4 percent, respectively.” More  here In what they said was an attempt to combat “speculation,” authorities last week forced over 200 supermarkets to slash prices, creating chaos as desperate Venezuelans leapt at the chance to buy cheaper food. But the measure has left some supermarkets devoid of many fruits and vegetables, with employees saying they are not sure if the merchandise will be replenished. Poor Venezuelans have been forced to survive on cheap starches, cut back on meals, scavenge through garbage, or beg in front of supermarkets and bakeries. Malnutrition is on the rise, especially among children”…looting in Trujillo

Guinea, Conakry: yet again, riots against constant electricity cuts

Senegal, Pikine: 2 cops hospitalised as cattle sellers resist eviction; eviction has to be suspended

Sudan, Khartoum: clashes as students demonstrate against massive price hikesdean of university beats students More here

Brazil, Sao Paulo: clashes on anti-fare hike demo, as 16 cities protest


Tunisia: riots spread further across country; about 28 areas effectedJedaida: assault on municipal vehicle compound as major road is blockedTunis: protesters storm supermarket; riots in 2 areasNabeul: molotovs against cops; Hammamet Nord: ringroad blocked with burning tyresSfax: roads blockaded in several regions and popular areasriots & looting also on various estates in Ettadhamen,Testour, Beja, Gafsa,  Manourba, Tebourba, Sousse, Bouhssina (police station torched), Khezama, Kelibia, & Sidi Bouzid Nefza: cop station torched Another report mentions burning of municipal cars and the town hall’s financial receipts hereKebili: roads blocked with burning tyresthe following towns, districts & estates have also been effected: BabJedid, Bab Al Jazira, Cité Ezzouhour, Ibn Sina, Al Kabaria, Ennour, Soliman, Kasserine, Le Kef

Solomon Islands: bus drivers in illegal protest

France, Grenoble: cops pelted with stones, 5 areas with burning bins,  burning barricades erected over major road


Tunisia, Tebourba: man dies (officially from teargas asphyxiation, though independent witnesses say he was deliberately run over) during attempt to burn down government building as riots & protests against price & tax rises spread to 11 different areasphoto of man being killed by security vehicleMelloulèche: road between Sfax & Chebba closed during 3 hours of riotsTunis: riots in 2 areas – looting of supermarket in Intilaka Apart from these 4 places, riots have taken place in Kasserine, Kairouan (2 areas: Bouhajla & la Oueslatia), Thala (2nd night of riots), Feriana, Gafsa & Sbeitla…

South Africa, North West: electricity protesters barricade roads, burn post office, stone police station and police residence

Venezuela, Bolivar (Ciudad Guyana): over 10 stores looted

Winter Sales! Everything Must Go! – Bolivar, Venezuela

New Zealand: report saying that expressions of disgust for anti-educational open prisons cost $33m. over last 4 years

Mexico, Guerrero: clashes between narco-traffickers and community police leave 8 cops and 4 narcos dead Apparently the “community police” are unpaid indigenous Indians who defend the locals against the drug dealing mafia; though they often play an ambivalent role, in this case they’re certainly on the right side. See also this in English, from the end of this month.

Senegal, Thiaroye: clashes between locals and cops in protest against shopping mall construction on military site

India, Odisha: clashes between ambulance workers and cops as protesters against arrest of union leaders try to break into state offices

Sudan, Khartoum: students clash with cops on 3rd day of anger at doubling of bread prices  “In another protest at Kosti in the state of White Nile, several school children staged a demonstration but it was swiftly broken up by baton-carrying police, witnesses said. On Sunday, a student was killed during protests in the town of Geneina in war-torn Darfur.”

Eire, Dublin: construction workers occupy recruitment & site logistics company

Taiwan, Taipeh: clashes during demo against new brutal labour law

France, Essonne: youths stone cops; paving stone breaks cop’s ankle

US, Ohio:  riot in juvenile detention centre More here “Some of the 12 inmates who caused an estimated $200,000 damage to the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center on Monday during a riot shattered security glass and threatened to stab deputies with the shards”


Tunisia, Thala: stones v teargas as youths block roads with stones and tyres in protest against new taxes & higher prices

Sudan, West Darfur: student killed during clashes on demo protesting massive increase in bread prices etc.Khartoum: burning tyre barricades block roads; clashes also in Blue Nile. More here in English

Venezuela, St.Felix: shops lootedAragua: truck full of food looted

UK, Bradford: 3 cop cars mindfully vandalised


Egypt, Cairo: cop car torched during attempt to storm police station after death of man in custodyMore here “Some protesters threw petrol bombs as police responded with tear gas and birdshot, and 10 cars were torched, including three police vehicles”

Venezuela, Acarigua:  lorry-load of detergent looted by about 80 people Video here

Mexico, Puebla: store windows smashed, church set alight, during attempt to loot shops


Venezuela: report of looting of food in 6 states in the first few days of this year  This Friday, January 5 from early morning in the Cedeño municipality of Bolívar state, the authorities were alerted to a protest of hundreds of people. Its demands were focused on price rises, the scarcity of food and a rejection of the new measure by merchants: refusing to accept  old money. According to police information, when noon hour arrived, the demonstrators lost control and became violent. On Carabobo Street in the commercial area of ​​the Caicara del Orinoco parish, they pounced on the shops and managed to loot at least 15 of them….” More here in English “…shortages and the high prices of food on these first six days of 2018 have done some damage to worker’s pockets and caused rioting and saqueos in several regions of the country. Events that, if it weren’t for social media and coverage from independent media outlets, would be completely ignored or dismissed. The topic is not discussed in mainstream or official media nor in Maduro´s government cabinet.Protests in Venezuela have been constant. 2017 saw high levels of social and political conflict: from April to July, there were 4,182 protests, 42 per day, let’s not even discuss that 157 people were murdered by the savage repression from the government; when the Plan Zamora was activated, a security mechanism to defeat the alleged coup d’état….And even though people eventually came to fear the National Guard, it was hunger that rekindled the protests. December ended with action on the streets and January 2018 has been following that trend. Because they want food, people in Bolívar, Zulia, Valencia, Aragua, Miranda, Trujillo, Monagas and Distrito Capital have taken to the streets and looted over 30 businesses that sell food and clothing (20 of those just in Bolívar state). Dozens of people have been taken into custody and one pregnant woman was shot dead.”

Guinea, Conakry: 2nd day of barricades in protest against electricity outages

Canada, Vancouver: clashes between pro- & anti-monarchists on Iran solidarity demo

India, Upper Pradesh: clashes with cops as farmers shut off water supply, demanding compensation for land seized by state

Colombia, Carepa & Chigorodó: toll gate destroyed, town hall stoned & torched, as anger against toll gates intensifies See also report on 3/1/18

South Africa, Western Cape: residents barricade roads, beat up rapist of 9-year-old


Indonesia, Aceh: prison torched during riot

Mexico: stores looted in 2 states (Mexico state & Vera Cruz) More here here Workers of the looted shops blocked the entrances of the shops to prevent people taking away what little was left. “It’s all destroyed, they took everything … computers, some refrigeration equipment, seeing the destruction makes you speechless, the neighbors are wondering how it can be that people do that,” said a worker at the grocery store ‘Neto’, affected by looting” Should be pointed out, for those who don’t know, that Neto is not a “grocery store” in the normal sense: it’s a massive international supermarket chain...and also in Chiapas


Algeria, Algiers: doctors clash with cops More here “Algerian police prevented doctors from taking part in a protest outside the Mustafa Pasha Hospital in Algiers on Wednesday. The protesters’ demand include improved working conditions in the country’s hospitals and for the government to reconsider compulsory civil service….A number of protesters were injured in the scuffles and arrested.”

Australia, New South Wales: riot in maximum security prison

Colombia, Chigarodo: strike, riots & barricades against toll booths in impoverished area; 1 person killed by riot cops More here “… the protesters set fire to the transport terminal in Chigorodó.

Venezuela: riots in Miranda & Carabobo against lack of food


Poland: report on offices belonging to  deputies of ruling party being vandalised in Warsaw & Nakło nad Notecią

France, Val d’Oise: supermarket destroyed in arson attack


Italy, Milan: cops’ christmas tree torched

Brazil, Goiânia: at least 106 prisoners escape during bloody gang-instigated riot

France, Toulouse: about 50 cars burnt out as youths clash with cops The forces of order, stoned by “extremely determined”  young people, made use of lots of teargas grenades. About fifty cars and a caravan were burned. Police vehicles were damaged”

Nothing Toulouse

…1031 cars burnt throughout France…More here in English…cops attacked in Strasbourg

Germany, Leipzig: 40-50 people attack cops with stones; also attacks on cops in North Rhine-Westphalia, Berlin, etc. In North Rhine-Westphalia, a total of 25 police officers were injured on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day – in Oberhausen, for example, two officers were shot at with a missile and injured. In Cologne, an officer was injured by a gun that had exploded at the height of her head. Saxony’s Interior Minister sees this as an attack on democracy


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  1. Jim MacBryde avatar

    ‘In my last I endeavoured to point out under what peculiar circumstances the prerequisites of production are capital. But there is both a history and a theory of capital. The former is generally ignored by middle class economists; the latter, with them, is the theory of confusion, errors, and sophistry. In the material sciences men commenced with things as they found them, dissolved them into their component parts, and gradually ascertained their origin. The professors of political economy, on the contrary, took things as they found them for granted; left the origin of capital to take care of itself; invented some specious theory respecting its existence and workings, and all the money-making public cried “Amen!”

    Eccarius, “Not News”, 1968

  2. […] Note from Insurrection News: For a decent, albeit brief, English language overview of recent events in Tunisia check out the January 2018 News of Opposition section of the Dialiectical Delinquents website.  […]

  3. Jim MacBryde avatar
    Jim MacBryde


    “India, Madhya Pradesh: students occupy metro station in demo against fare hikes It seems that this was initiated by AISA, a Maoist student organisation and one can speculate on the opportunist reasons for such an action (advertising their bureaucratic organisation with a view to further recruitment?), which also, doubtless, had popular support, even though the organisation focused on students as the primary victims of this fare hike. Despite these nuances, occupying a station against fare increases is obviously worthwhile.”

    Although your edit went some way to placate me, I still feel that this report does not deserve to be listed under News of Opposition [to capital, I presume]. This was not the spontaneous and autonomous action of our class in opposition to capital’s machinations.

    If one spots a rotten apple in the barrel the best course of action is to remove it.

    Down with the CP’s! Up with the historic communist party

  4. Jim MacBryde avatar
    Jim MacBryde

    The English establishment must be quaking in their boots from the power of this symbolic act (the graffitying of a poster of Churchill, see 23/1/18). Talk about impotence!

    1. Sam FantoSamotnaf avatar

      I put up information about lots of little contraventions against dominant aspects of this world. In this case, it was largely a pretext to get at Gandhi, but nevertheless, given the appallingly low level of class struggle in the UK, I tend to publicise even the slightest of these contraventions. Dismissing them seems pointless. And, besides, the English establishment hasn’t quaked in its boots for a helluva long time (even in the period of 2010 – 2011 – the last time there was what one could call a movement nationally, they didn’t really feel significantly threatened).

  5. Jim MacBryde avatar
    Jim MacBryde

    That’s fair enough and understandable. I did find the information on Gandhi pertinent. All that bullshit about the lawyer prick sitting at a spinning wheel is truly obnoxious.

    I cannot argue with your summation about the “low level of class struggle in the UK”. Remember, Marx taught us that England is the rock upon which the wave of revolution breaks, and that still holds true.

    It is hard to objectify how fearful the English bourgeois are in reality. I can only go on my own perception and my perception is that they have an inkling that the old order is not concrete any longer.

  6. Jim MacBryde avatar
    Jim MacBryde


    “France: attacks on screws rise to 4000 a year as 2 sets of filth battle it out”

    No figures are available on the number of attacks on prisoners made by screws in the prison system. If these attacks are also on the increase, as must be assumed, then can this report be viewed as a positive one (in the sense of the prison community struggling to defend itself) or merely the wine of violence:


  7. Jim MacBryde avatar
    Jim MacBryde

    contd. from penultimate post:

    Capital has inherited the Earth but the personification of capital — the bourgeoisie — has a growing sense that what it has inherited is not heaven but hell.

    Again this is my personal perception with no verifiable source, coming as I do from what maybe the world’s most ancient appropriator class/caste — the kohanim of Israel.

    1. Jim MacBryde avatar
      Jim MacBryde

      On “anti-fascism”:

      ‘I remember going to an antifascist demonstration years ago, and one local youth who tagged along with us asked “are we the fascists or the antifascists?” ‘ Kraftwerk

      “MENTAL!!” Local youth floating down the Thames on a large piece of polystyrene at Feltham

      On prison:


      Heavy weight North LOndon potential! Big up your chest Sam

  8. Jim MacBryde avatar
    Jim MacBryde

    J.J.Cale, The Problem:

    “Have you heard the news that’s goin’ ’round here?
    The man in charge has got to go
    ‘Cause he dances ’round the problem, boy
    And the problem is the man in charge you know
    Now, the young knows what I’m talking ’bout
    It’s a con in the old man’s game
    The man in charge, he don’t know what he’s doing
    He don’t know the world has changed
    Power seems to be so far up
    The man on the street ain’t got a clue
    The high top cat’s running your life
    Thinks the problem is me and you…

  9. Jim MacBryde avatar
    Jim MacBryde

    I just watched the video (28/1/2018) of the rather impotent looking French Gendarme firing his weapon repeatedly at a Volkswagen Golf. It made me think about the fact that the British Police do not routinely carry firearms. Can this discrepancy explain the more frequent instances of violent class struggle that occurs in France as compared to Britain and not to a lower level of class struggle that our good editor so often remarks upon? I do think of old Freddy’s statement that of all countries only England has the potential for a peaceful transition from Capitalism to communism.

    1. Sam FantoSamotnaf avatar

      In fact, cops in the UK carry weapons, usually hidden – I read somewhere that at least 20% of them have guns at any one time, and I think they all have tasers (a lethal weapon, potentially). Lots of people get killed by them. Besides, your logic should lead to thinking that the USA has the highest “level” of class struggle.

      Old Freddy (and Old Karly) got it terribly wrong. I’m in total agreement with this:
      “Marx and Engels (particularly the latter who had many illusions about German social democracy also) went so far as to speculate on the possibilities of legislating social revolution into existence in Britain. In a speech given in Amsterdam in 1872 Marx said, “There are certain countries such as the United States and England in which the workers may hope to secure their ends by peaceful means.” This misjudgement much influenced by English liberalism has persisted through to the present day. It is the backbone of left parliamentarism and ginger groups from the Socialist Party of Great Britain, the Trotskyists, the revamped ultra-Stalinists of the New Communist Party through to the various still overwhelmingly Parliament orientated single issue campaigns (e.g. ecology and the increasing professionalism of the women’s movement)…. Contrary to myth Britain is a very violent society.”
      – from the Introduction to “Like A Summer With A Thousand Julys”, published in 1982 – http://www.revoltagainstplenty.com/index.php/recent/34-archivelocal/37-like-a-summer-with-a-thousand-julys

      If you haven’t already read this pamphlet, I recommend you do so.

  10. Jim MacBryde avatar
    Jim MacBryde

    I think the higher up the social hierarchy we are the more illusions we have in a political transition (social democratic or otherwise) out of this world of misery. Freddy was a businessman, Marx was essentially a beggar man; I am somewhere in between. As in many other instances, Engels has subverted what Marx said:

    “…the workers MAY HOPE to secure their ends by peaceful means.”

    Marx looked forward to the violent overthrow of the bourgeoisie, therefore we must assume that these workers in the US and England were in illusion.

    I was talking about the level of violent class struggle, not the level of class struggle generally.

    Whatever, it’s still winter in America:


  11. Jim MacBryde avatar
    Jim MacBryde

    “If we desire sincerely and passionately the safety, the welfare and the free development of the talents of all men, we shall not be in want of the means to approach such a state. Even if only a small part of mankind strives for such goals, their superiority will prove itself in the long run.”

    Albert Einstein, ‘The Common Language of Science’

    1. Sam FantoSamotnaf avatar

      And yet his actions contradicted his words, unless he was admitting that he was not one of this “small part of mankind”.

  12. Jim MacBryde avatar
    Jim MacBryde

    “And yet his actions contradicted his words…”

    As do so many of us. But I agree his actions do negate the impact of his words.

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    1. Sam FantoSamotnaf avatar

      Although comments by new people don’t automatically appear (they need my approval), yours didn’t even appear as an option to be approved. Really don’t know what happened there. Normally any comment by you from now on will be automatically approved, but I can subsequently cut it out if it’s obviously some bullshit commercial crap (or even something that’s totally against the spirit of this site.).

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