I have now decided to reduce these entries to the bare minimum, mainly for future reference. For social contestation related primarily to the health pass and other Covid-related demonstrations see here.

Those who wish to keep up with various news of social contestation may find this French site useful, with link in lots of different languages. On the right-hand side there’s a list of the latest bits of information. It’s an eclectic  mix – much of it includes ethnic or other miserable clashes, but it also includes aspects of class struggle also. For translations I recommend Deepl.

Since nothing goes without saying, I should make it clear that I am not in agreement with  the ideological aspects of the sites or texts linked to .

Since my input here will be very limited, I’ve decided (for the moment at least) to put everything related to this year on one page.


France, Nantes: cops drive car into high school student during clashes outside school

During a national teachers’ strike, high school students protesting lack of replacement of teacher, burn stuff, chuck projectiles at cops, block bus lane, whilst cops throw teargas, with one cop car driving into a student who was filming, and another cop on a motorbike driving into another student.


Kazakhstan: Eyewitness acount of  the uprising in Almaty (lots of dubious comments here, but it gives a clear picture of what went on)…. the state resorts to its more traditional methods – mass murder…More here and here

The movement swept across Kazakhstan like wildfire and for a short time, on 5 January, threatened the power of the state. By Wednesday 5 January, protesters in Kazakhstan had occupied government buildings in a number of cities, and airports. They had blocked roads and railways. There were (unconfirmed) reports from Mangystau that police units have gone over to the side of the protesters. In Almaty, the largest city and commercial centre, a huge demonstration took over the city centre before security forces began to fire on it. (Please read this linked post: An eyewitness to the uprising in Almaty.) On that same day, the former president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, was sacked as the head of the national security council, the government resigned, president Tokayev appealed to the Collective Security Treaty Organisation headed by Russia to come to his aid, and 3000 mainly Russian troops flew in. (The absurd fiction that the demonstrators were “terrorists” was needed in part because the CSTO has no mandate to intervene in domestic law-and-order issues, as far as I understand.) In my view it’s important to keep in mind that the state was, however briefly, in danger of collapse. Popular movements create that danger.”


Kazakhstan: uprising – dozens killed on both sides of the class divideInformative interview and appraisal on anarchist site hereMore information here (including info about history of oil workers strikes)

More here, here and here – about earlier protests this year.

31/12/21 – 1/1/22:

Germany, Leipzig: clashes with cops with burning “barricades”

Not as interesting as last year’s riots: “It is not the first time Leipzig has seen clashes on New Year’s Eve. The city has for some time been known as a center of left-wing violence. Last year, unknown assailants set vehicles belonging to the German Army – the Bundeswehr – on fire. “

France: Traditional New Years Eve car burning in 48 towns and cities

Of course, this is hardly “social contestation”  more an expression of nihilist disgust/despair.

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