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This is a chronology not based on the date the information was published but based on the date  I  decided to publish it.

Those who accuse this site of hyperbole would have thought that even suggesting the possibility of half of what’s happening today just over a year ago was hyperbolic and paranoid. The sleep of subversive reason is spawning an epidemic of monsters.

It should be clear that I am not  in accord with the ideological aspects of the content of many of the articles I link to. And, as with all information about Covid,  articles have to be filtered through a critical vigilance that I personally have sometimes not invariably exercised in relation to various articles, at least at the time of putting them up. I put them up because they seem to offer alternative sober  perspectives on what’s happening.

I should also add that there may well be some inconsistency and contradictory information here. That’s because it’s extremely difficult to sift what is valid,  what is speculation and what is manipulation. However, it seems more worthwhile trying to put forward some of what appears to be the more pertinent criticisms of what’s going on than remain silent before the overwhelming propaganda machine and wait a few years in order to be “correct” but too late. “The path toward simplicity is the most complex of all, and here in particular it seemed best not to tear away from the commonplace the tangle of roots which enable us to transplant it into another region, where we can cultivate it to our own profit. ” – here

For an excellent radical vision, written over 140 years ago,  of aspects of what’s happening now, see this by Bakunin


Recent interview with Italian radicals critiquing attitude of others towards the anti-Green Pass movement in Italy

Interesting but some of the facts are seriously misleading (eg the claim of opposition from the French Left to the Health Pass – some of them definitely support it). In quoting something, I should once again make it clear  that I am not  in accord with the ideological aspects of the content of some of this (strangely it was based on questions  sent by someone involved in Jungle World, whilst a footnote critiques this anti-deutsch tendency). Still, there are some valid points and interesting facts about Italy.

“In any mass mobilization we could’ve heard a little bit of everything. Without necessarily bringing up the Russian revolution of 1905, which in its early phase was led by Father Gapon, we should remember that we also heard antisemitic conspiracy fantasies coming from Tahrir Square, we also heard nationalist conspiracy fantasies based on Kemalist ideology coming from Gezi Park etc. Would it have been right to dismiss those struggles on the basis of those utterances? No, and it makes no sense to do so for the ongoing struggles, the post-pandemic ones, which are contradictory but unavoidable…

…In many anti-pass rallies, fascists are absent or irrelevant, in others they’re present and obviously they try to do their dirty maneuvers. Maybe only in Rome do they have any influence of note; in any case, the mobilization around these issues is wild and defies every interpretative parameter. So far no political force has managed to secure any real hegemony…

In a city [Trieste] of 200,000 inhabitants, roughly 20,000 took to the streets several times. Among them, and playing a leading role, are workers of all the main factories and working sectors of Trieste, especially port workers. On October 15th a picket line of portuali blocked one of the main entrances to the harbor and received the solidarity of large chunks of the population. On October 18th the police attacked and dispersed the crowd using water cannons and tear gas. Those cops were sent by the most pro-corporate and neoliberal government in Italian history, a government presided over by the former head of the European Central Bank, one of the men who orchestrated the strangulation of Greek society.

An important role in the Trieste events has been played by a group of comrades who carry out political work and inchiesta militante [militant research] in the midst of  the struggle. They directly contributed to the formation of the Coordinamento No Green Pass Trieste and have been living for months immersed in a situation that is certainly contradictory and difficult to manage, but is also tumultuous, rich, and vital…

Obviously, once the struggle gained national attention fascists and conspiracist gurus of the QAnon type converged upon Trieste from several parts of Italy. They tried to win space, and the media did all they can to help them, interviewing them all the time even if they had no relevance and no history in the town. For the moment it seems that these attempts to parasitize the struggle have failed. Of course this doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t hear any conspiracy fantasies or pseudoscientific blathering at demonstrations. “

Text from end of July about anti-Green Pass in Italy

“The slavish and idiotic platitudes showered upon us by the left and far left come as no surprise. In the same way, only those who didn’t notice that a world has passed them by suddenly wonder who all these people are, where they come from, and what they want? They hurl invectives at the “reactionary crowds” without even the slightest embarrassment at finding themselves joined by a chorus of bankers, industrialists, NATO generals, regime journalists, ministers of the Interior, Her Majesty’s scientists, etc. The danger of “fascism” (don’t worry: democracy is good enough) is seen not in the joint action of the State and ruling class, but in the presence of the extreme right at a handful of demonstrations against the pass. As if the advances of the coercive power of the state in the name of “collective health” were “neutral” with respect to the class conflict as a whole; as if tacitly consenting to social and labor-based discrimination against those who do not want the vaccine doesn’t oil the same machine that persecutes revolutionaries, workers resisting layoffs, and social struggles more generally…

The mobilization against the “green pass” is the first of its kind to bring to the streets not this or that economic demand, but the rejection — however confused, polluted, or “exploitable” as you like — of the pillars on which the emergency politics rests, and on which it will rest indefinitely if we do not tear them down: Covid could not be cured but only contained; fortunately, there is now the vaccine, the only weapon available; whoever does not vaccinate is a renegade, a deserter, a plague-spreader [untore] against whom the criminal blame usually reserved for the state and industrialists can now be unleashed, etc. These crowds call into question exactly what ought to remain “neutral” and indisputable (it is not by chance that, for the moment, more hatred and contempt is directed at journalists there than at cops). In short, they contain both the potentiality and at same time the necessity — oh how uncomfortable for everyone, antagonist militants included! — of a confrontation with the Emergency as a total social fact, as opposed to its typical decomposition into the arenas of environmental defense, support for the unemployed in struggle, opposition to racist apparatuses, etc. Do you accept the key points of the state’s initiative “to resolve the Emergency,” yes or no? This is the ‘inquiry’ that can no longer be postponed…”

This link above also includes a short text from Agamben which includes this significant bit of information: “Many years ago, a commission of the French government summoned me to give my opinion on the establishment of a new European identity document, which contained a chip with all the biological data of the person and any other possible information about him. It seems clear to me that the green card is the first step toward this document, the introduction of which was delayed for some reason.”


Marxist critique (from 16th August) of how capital has used the pandemic

A bit crude and semi-conspiracyist, tending towards attributing deliberate policy rather than capitalist opportunism to the current situation, but well worth a read.

“…Why should we trust a mega pharmaceutical cartel (the WHO) that is not in charge of ‘public health’, but rather of marketing private products worldwide at the most profitable rates possible? Public health problems stem from abysmal working conditions, poor nutrition, air, water, and food pollution, and above all from rampant poverty; yet none of these ‘pathogens’ are on the WHO’s list of humanitarian concerns. The immense conflicts of interest between the predators of the pharmaceutical industry, national and supranational medical agencies, and the cynical political enforcers, is now an open secret. No wonder that on the day COVID-19 was classified as a pandemic, the WEF, together with the WHO, launched the Covid Action Platform, a “protection of life” coalition run by over 1,000 of the world’s most powerful private companies.

The only thing that matters for the clique directing the health emergency orchestra is to feed the profit-making machine, and every move is planned to this end, with the support of a political and media front motivated by opportunism. If the military industry needs wars, the pharmaceutical industry needs diseases. It is no coincidence that ‘public health’ is by far the most profitable sector of the world economy, to the extent that Big Pharma spends about three times as much as Big Oil and twice as much as Big Tech on lobbying. The potentially endless demand for vaccines and experimental gene concoctions offers pharmaceutical cartels the prospect of almost unlimited profit streams, especially when guaranteed by mass vaccination programmes subsidised by public money (i.e., by more debt that will fall on our heads).

Why have all Covid treatments been criminally banned or sabotaged? As the FDA candidly admits, the use of emergency vaccines is only possible if “there are no suitable, approved and available alternatives”. A case of truth hidden in plain sight. Moreover, the current vaccine religion is closely linked to the rise of the pharma-dollar, which, by feeding on pandemics, is set to emulate the glories of the ‘petro-dollar’, allowing the United States to continue to exercise global monetary supremacy. Why should the whole of humanity (including children!) inject experimental ‘vaccines’ with increasingly worrying yet systematically downplayed adverse effects, when more than 99% of those infected, the vast majority asymptomatic, recover? The answer is obvious: because vaccines are the golden calf of the third millennium, while humanity is ‘last generation’ exploitation material in guinea pig modality.

Given this context, the staging of the emergency pantomime succeeds through an unheard-of manipulation of public opinion. Every ‘public debate’ on the pandemic is shamelessly privatised, or rather monopolised by the religious belief in technical-scientific committees bankrolled by the financial elites. Every ‘free discussion’ is legitimised by adherence to pseudo-scientific protocols carefully purged from the socio-economic context: one ‘follows the science’ while pretending not to know that ‘science follows the money’. Karl Popper’s famous statement that “real science” is only possible under the aegis of liberal capitalism in what he called “the open society”, is now coming true in the globalist ideology that animates, among others, George Soros’s Open Society Foundation. The combination of “real science” and “open and inclusive society” makes the Covid doctrine almost impossible to challenge….”

Another critique showing, amongst other things, the model of reducing humans to computer programmes

“…Moderna literally says it’s creating an “mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system… designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs… the ‘program’ or ‘app’ is our mRNA drug,” which Moderna calls the “Software of Life.” [I cannot make this up.]

In other words, they will be selling what amounts to immunity-software-as-a-service, where you subscribe to constant updates of the “software of life” via proprietary, plug-and-play “unique mRNA sequence[s]”and coding packages that fix all the new variants–yes, perfectly, bugs–that may emerge. And also just happen to create a constant a stream of income.

The purpose is not to win the war against the virus, but to keep it going as a continuous source of profits.

The model of “public health” in this paradigm is a society divided between quarantined bubble-people and continuously- and fully-vaccinated people, made “free” by the pharmaceutical fix. The unfortunately stubborn and the blissfully compliant. (And we’ll make life too difficult for the stubborn to resist.).

This paradigm just happens to be profitable; they sincerely think. (As does everyone who has been sincerely convinced by them.)

This paradigm is also the surest way to lose humanity’s war against viruses. As every scientist before the year 2020 would have said…

Thalidomide was a great drug. Until it wasn’t. Vaccines are not exempt from that problematic.

All vaccines have what Dr. Christine Stabell Benn (whose talk I implore you to watch) calls “non-specific effects”–that is, “They alter the immune system more broadly and so may affect the risk of other infections.” There should be nothing unusual about recognizing and talking about this–and there isn’t, for any other pharmaceutical except vaccines. Somehow we forgot, or have been led to forget, that…The alternative paradigm of public health, which has been effectively disappeared behind the obsessive fixation on the indispensable pharmaceutical/vaccine solution, is to build structural public primary and continuous healthcare, and social measures that make for strong immune systems in healthy bodies in healthy social and environmental conditions. It’s a paradigm in which fully-tested pharmaceuticals and vaccines–targeted and offered to those most vulnerable to new pathogens–supplement, not replace, the natural human immune system, which has developed an armada of ways for defending against viruses for the million or so years we’ve been subscribed to it. For free. This paradigm offers the only hope of humanity staying alive in the infinite sea of ever-emerging viruses that no magic bullets will conquer. …”


Further clashes in Guadeloupe & Martinique

“The violence continued in the West Indies with further damage on Friday night, while the government launched the sensitive debate on more autonomy for Guadeloupe, shaken like Martinique by a social explosion. Overseas Minister Sebastien Lecornu also announced on Friday the creation of “1,000 assisted jobs for young people” in Guadeloupe, a department where 34.5% of the population lives below the national poverty line. The movement against compulsory vaccinations for health care workers, which has been marred by violence, looting, fires and road blockades, is not letting up, and the situation remains unstable with filtering or hermetic barricades, which are sometimes dismantled by the police before being reassembled by the demonstrators,… The forces of law and order were again fired upon in Guadeloupe on Friday night, without any injuries, according to the prefecture. The neighbouring prefecture of Martinique reported “particularly intense events in Schoelcher and Fort-de-France (destruction of a petrol station and a post office)”. “Four gendarmes were injured, particularly in the face, by pellet fire,” according to the Fort-de-France public prosecutor’s office. “Some individuals broke into the Fort-de-France municipal police station and stole bullet-proof waistcoats, so clearly today we know that some people are trying to protect themselves against us, and we fear the worst now,” said Jimmy Hellénis, departmental secretary of the Unité SGP Police FO. …. On Friday, a dozen members of the police force were injured, and four journalists, including an AFP photographer, were shot at three times by men on motorbikes in a deserted street in Fort-de-France. On Saturday morning in Pointe-à-Pitre, 2,000 to 3,000 people demonstrated from the university hospital to demand the total lifting of the vaccination requirement for health workers and firefighters, an AFP journalist noted. The placards read “Freedom is not injected”, “Fouté nou la Pé” and “Liberté”. … It also proposed to lift the suspension of non-vaccinated personnel and their remuneration for those who accept a “personal accompaniment” in view of a reclassification. Then, in a televised address to Guadeloupeans, Sébastien Lecornu said that the government was “ready” to raise the issue of more autonomy if it could help “solve the real problems of the daily life of Guadeloupeans”. According to him, the question had been raised “in the background” by “certain elected representatives” during the negotiations of the last few days. ….”The minister “is doing this to scare us, to keep us quiet! We have never spoken to him about autonomy,” criticized Danielle, 63, who was at the demonstration in Pointe-à-Pitre, even though “local decision-makers (should be able) to make decisions without going through France. …”We want a derogation so that this law is not applied to us! And not just for firefighters,” said Jocelyn Zou, representative of the Force Ouvrière union for firefighters, on RCI radio. At the CHU, the suspended staff have every intention of staying and have transformed the picket line into a small “village”, with decorated tents, a barbecue, a microwave and coolers. “

“Fourth night of urban violence in Martinique with clashes between police and several groups of people in several communes of Martinique. The police forces mobilised on the ground were again fired upon with live ammunition. Journalists working for national media were also targeted while taking pictures at a roadblock in Fort-de-France. During the night, several fixed speed cameras were targeted by individuals. Some speed cameras were set on fire on Ducos in Sainte-Luce and on the Rocade. Shops were vandalised, such as Auchan [supermarket] in Kerlys in Fort-de-France. The situation was very tense on Sainte-Thérèse. As a reminder, yesterday, Stanislas Cazelles, prefect of Martinique, brought forward the curfew by one hour, from 7pm to 5am.” (here)


France, Martinique & Guadeloupe: various clashes

“As reported by AFP, members of the police and firefighters were targeted by gunfire during the night of 22 to 23 November in Fort-de-France. Police and firefighters were targeted several times by gunfire during the night of 22-23 November in Fort-de-France without causing any injuries, the Public Security Service reported to AFP. The union of internal security executives (SCSI) reacted to this news by declaring on Twitter: “After Guadeloupe, our colleagues and firefighters are now the target of gunfire in Martinique, these intolerable attacks endanger all the Martiniquais! Courage and support to the police, gendarmes and emergency services engaged on the ground.” …Tensions are not easing in Guadeloupe either. Last night, the police and gendarmes once again faced serious incidents. In Pointe-à-Pitre at around 9.30 pm on 22 November, a gendarmerie squadron was shot at three times by an individual who fled. A bullet hole was found in the soldiers’ vehicle. Raid police officers were also targeted an hour later in the same area without any suspects being arrested. …major blockades are blocking the main roads in Martinique on 23 November, as they did the day before. … The police and firemen were targeted by gunfire and projectiles while they were intervening on rubbish fires lit on the public highway in the Sainte-Thérèse district of Fort-de-France, according to police sources quoted by AFP. “We intervened on rubbish fires in Sainte-Thérèse at around 11.30pm in support of the firemen. We received projectiles. Other rubbish bin and vehicle fires were set at around 1.45am, at which point the patrols were fired upon several times with 9mm rounds. Impacts were noted on the vehicles”, said Major Joël Larcher, head of communications for the Fort-de-France departmental public security directorate.  Many clashes and sometimes fires punctuate the general strike in Guadeloupe, as in Pointe-à-Pitre … The road network is also heavily disrupted. Access to the Fort-de-France agglomeration, in the centre of Martinique, is impossible from the south and north of the island. Trucks, taxis but also pallets and tyres have been placed at strategic points of the road network. These blockades were set up early this morning, 23 November, at the call of the inter-union. …In Guadeloupe, gendarmes were also fired upon with live ammunition”


France, Martinique (overseas territory): blockades begin following call for general strike against “health” passport and other social miseries

“The mobilisation continues in Martinique as a call for a general strike has been launched by unions against health measures. The unions that are framing the movement also have several social demands. … The first blockades took place at 5.30am in the “business areas of Lamentin and Fort-de-France”, reports France-Antilles. “These are the transporters of materials and taxi drivers who have positioned their vehicles on these strategic points,” reports RCI Martinique. The strikers also blocked the SARA refinery, according to the same source. The Social Security headquarters was also blocked by lorries in the commune of Lamentin. Seventeen trade unions launched a strike notice on 15 November. They have detailed ten-point demands such as the end of compulsory vaccination and suspensions for health care workers, but also the increase in salaries and social minima, the price of fuel and gas. Among the other points, there is also the total coverage of chlordeconemia tests, a disease linked to chlordecone, a pesticide widely used in banana fields between 1972 and 1993 and suspected of being responsible for numerous diseases such as prostate cancer. In Guadeloupe, the protests turned violent, prompting the authorities to impose a curfew and send in 200 police and gendarmes from mainland France. “


France, Guadeloupe (overseas territory): clashes and General Strike continue as more cops arrive from mainland; strike to spread to other overseas territories

“Their mission is to “re-establish Republican order”. The 200 police and gendarmerie reinforcements, as well as around fifty Raid and GIGN agents, arrived in Guadeloupe on the evening of Saturday 20 November 2021… In total, the prefect now has more than 2,500 men at his disposal to fight against the urban riots that have set Guadeloupe ablaze every evening since 18 November. A curfew has been introduced, from 6pm to 5am, until at least Tuesday. But neither the manpower provided nor the curfew was enough to intimidate the groups, “sometimes armed” according to the prefect. They repeated the act during the night from Saturday to Sunday. The police made thirty-eight arrests, in addition to the twenty-nine others of the previous day. Buildings and cars were set on fire, particularly in the centre of Pointe-à-Pitre….The looting of shops is also increasing: jewellers, cash dispensers, but also “shops of first necessity”, according to the prefecture. Roadblocks were erected to prevent the intervention of the forces of order. The latter were also attacked. Two police officers were injured by firearms. …All this violence, which is multiplying, is taking place on the fringes of the general strike that has disrupted Guadeloupe since 15 November. If they regret these excesses, the unions understand “the anger of young people. They are hit by unemployment. They are growing up in a territory that is falling apart”, explains Patricia Pioche, deputy secretary of the UGTG.  Others fear that the police will eventually attack the social movement. “Once again, rather than listening to us, they are trying to intimidate us”, regrets Maïté N’Toumo, a member of LKP. Faced with the scale of this crisis, Prime Minister Jean Castex is meeting with local elected officials in Paris this Monday evening. In Martinique, a notice of general and renewable strike has also been filed with the prefecture. The movement should begin this Monday. It could be joined by French Polynesia on 24 November…”

There seems to be a loud silence about all this from those who describe themselves as “revolutionaries”, which allows many of those who apparently oppose the state to dismiss all aspects of the opposition to mandatory vaccinations so as to justify their support for the state. I’d guess the silence about Guadeloupe is because the Right play virtually no part in this social movement (which is not only about the Health Pass, even though that was the catalyst), which undermines the apparent reasons for their pro-state attitudes – that is, a purely reactive attitude towards the Right (“if the Right say this, we must say the opposite”).

Belgium, Brussels: Large demo against covid restrictions

“…After police were pelted with fireworks they deployed teargas and water cannon at the intersection of Kunstlaan and Jozef II-straat. “We are trying to keep protesters on the agreed route” a police spokesman explained. Considerable damage needed to be cleaned up after the demo.  Some demonstrators attacked cars smashing windows.  One pavement café was trashed, while a fire was also lit….”

There’s the usual charicterisation as it being far-right, but clearly, as this report, including other European demos, shows,  these are always a mixed bag of different tendencies. Though it seems  there is little if any public opposition  amongst demonstrators to some of the more obnoxious right-wing attitudes.

“Demonstrators had earlier gathered to protest against the government’s advice to get vaccinated and any possible moves to impose mandatory shots. Shouting “freedom, freedom, freedom!” and singing the anti-fascist song Bella Ciao, protesters lined up behind a huge banner saying “together for freedom” and marched to the EU headquarters. Signs among the crowd varied from far-right insignia to the rainbow flags of the LGBT community.”


France, Guadeloupe: semi-insurrectionary mood – looting, riots as curfew is imposed

“Shops looted, roads blocked, stones thrown and obstacles thrown at the forces of order, last night was particularly violent. The introduction of a curfew between 6pm and 5am with immediate effect from yesterday (Friday 19th) until Tuesday 23rd November, did not stop the groups of young people who vandalised several shops. New clashes took place in the neighbourhoods of Pointe-à-Pitre. The looting continued and concerned telephone and clothing shops. The “Super U” shop in Saint-Jules was vandalised. The BRED ATM and bus shelters were attacked…In Baie-Mahault, several heavily equipped individuals tried to enter the Destrellan shopping centre (GBH Group). They were arrested and are in custody this Saturday morning. The communes of Petit-Bourg, Sainte-Anne and Saint-Francois also recorded scenes of violence last night. Groups of young people clashed with the police as they moved quickly. Fires were set at the roadblocks in the Zac de Colin and in Montebello, in Petit-Bourg. Orange and Digicel establishments were looted and set on fire. A cash dispenser was ripped out with a mechanical shovel. After the radar in Capesterre Belle-eau, the one in Saint-François was also destroyed. In the latter commune, groups of young people were on the rampage all night using molotov cocktails…This Saturday morning, the roads are still blocked by old tyres, tree trunks, carcasses and various materials. Traffic is impossible on the RN2, the RN 1 in Basse-Terre, and the RN4, the RN 5 in the Grands Fonds, in Les Abymes and Morne-à-l’eau…The anti-pass and anti-vax grumbling [sic] was launched by the LKP (Lyannaj Kont Pwofitasyon) collective and trade unions protesting against compulsory vaccination and the suspension of health care workers in all sectors. On the roadblocks, young people, who are angry about their situation (unemployment, training, work in the country). They also expect answers. There are also demands to take into account the costs of screening workers contaminated by chlordecone, the increase in minimum social benefits…”

Here: “A police source told AFP that “the night was very agitated”, reporting “live fire on a police vehicle” in Gosier and “on mobile gendarmes” in Pointe-à-Pitre. In total, the police deplore, according to the same source, “the use of firearms on the police in 4 different sectors”….Several vehicles were damaged.”

More hereAnd

here: Supermarket attacked, shops looted, police station torched

Clearly this is not just related to the Health Pass but also to terrible conditions there (e.g. there are large parts of the country that only have running water in their taps every 3rd day!).

Holland: various anti-lockdown etc. riotsRotterdam: cops fire live rounds, 3 people injured by bulletseyewitness account of this

Whilst the presence of fascists should definitely not be  minimised, there have been lots of different people involved in these events. Far too many use  the  fascist element as an excuse to dismiss the whole movement. Fascism certainly thrives in a world which has lost almost all  sense of working class community, a world that is inundated with lies and increasing madness . But  in  Guadeloupe, which still has some of this community of daily struggle, the right-wing play virtually no part, if any, in the explosion there. How to contribute to combating all the various ideologies and fake nationalist “communities”, hoping to provide some fantasy of hierarchical “security”  for the desperate is not at all evident, but withdrawing from trying to contribute to challenging all this mess, in the hope of remaining “pure”,  is self-defeating.

On the 4th wave of Covid

“I was surprised, at first, when many heavily vaccinated countries were hit by a new wave of covid-19 at the beginning of autumn. I was surprised, that is, until I started to see studies coming out that showed that the protection offered by the vaccines is far less impressive than was initially thought, and drops to low levels after just a few months. In light of this, I’ve been comparing covid death rates between different countries, to try to understand exactly what’s going on….For those who would like to attribute the decline in covid deaths in February to the vaccines, I would point out that only a few percent of Sweden’s population were vaccinated at this point, so the vaccines cannot have had anything to do with the decline. …the immunity conferred by infection is far more durable than the immunity conferred by vaccination

The facts seem accurate despite some exaggerated opinions.


France, Guadeloupe (overseas territory): unlimited  general strike against compulsory vaccinations/health passport for health workers and others; clashes in 5 towns; riots & blockades; French state to send in more cops

“The Lyannaj kont pwofitasyon had announced an unlimited general strike… It was in the early hours of the morning that several makeshift roadblocks were erected on several roads in the department on Monday 15 November. Very early on, the Mahault crossroads in Pointe-Noire, the RN5 at the SDIS in Morne-à-l’Eau, the entrance to Abymes, at the Providence crossroads near the Clinique de l’Espérance, the RD106 in Dothémare in front of the SDIS in Perrin, the Salines, on the RN4 in Gosier, and finally, Basse Terre, at the level of the hospital, were blocked by demonstrators who were opposed to compulsory vaccinations and the health pass…In the morning, clashes between firefighters and police took place in Abymes. The firefighters used fire hoses to try to stop the offensive of the gendarmerie squad….Several service stations in the city of Pointe-à-Pitre were also affected by the strike. The employees pointing the finger at the closure of their collective agreement by the Ministry of Labour. They kept their doors closed while the open structures were stormed by motorists. “

Third day of this strike (17/11/21) in French

Mass Formation (Psychosis) and the Coronavirus Narrative

T. writes:

A limited discussion (mainly the limitations of academic and legalist
perspectives of the participants, as well as that sort of “evil and
sinister people are doing this” jargon that some of them use…), but
still offer some aspects that other current covid-skeptics are missing:

“Four things need to exist or need to be in place if you want a large
scale mass phenomenon to emerge. The first thing is that there needs to
be a lot of socially isolated people, people who experience a lack of
social bonds. The second one is that there needs to be a lot of people
who experience a lack of sense-making in life. And the third and the
fourth conditions are that there needs to be a lot of free-floating
anxiety and a lot of free-floating psychological discontent. So:
meaning, anxiety, and discontent that is not connected to a specific
representation. So it needs to be in the mind without the people being
able to connect it to something. If you have these four things—lack of
social bonds, lack of sense-making, free-floating anxiety, and
free-floating psychological discontent—then society is highly at risk
for the emergence of mass phenomenon.

(00:04:27): And these four conditions existed shortly before the Corona
Crisis. There was an epidemic of burnout. Over 40 to 70% of the people
experienced their jobs as completely senseless. This is described in the
book Bullshit Jobs by this professor of Harvard [David Graeber] of whom
I always forget his name. (He died last year, I think.) Then if you look
at the use of psychopharmaceuticals, it was huge. This shows how much
discontent there was in our society. For instance, in Belgium every year
11 million people use over 300 million doses of antidepressants alone.
Over 300 million doses. That’s huge. So you see that these four
conditions really existed: lack of sense-making, lack of social bonds,
free-floating anxiety, and then a free-floating discontent.”


On the official redefinition, by the CDC,  of the term “vaccine”, another example of Newspeak and the manipulation of reality (and other interesting stuff)


“… But who decides what gets to be called a vaccine? Prior to 2015, the
CDC defined vaccination as follows: “Injection of a killed or weakened
infectious organism in order to prevent the disease.” The CDC then
changed the definition, and from 2015-2021 the definition read like
this: “The act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce
immunity to a specific disease.” As of September 2021, the CDC has
adopted a new revision: “The act of introducing a vaccine into the body
to produce protection from a specific disease.”

The original definition of vaccination included a reference to what a
vaccine was: “a killed or weakened infectious organism.” With the first
revision, the definition became circular—vaccination was now defined as
introducing a vaccine, with no reference to what a vaccine is. Only the
goal of the vaccine remained: “to produce immunity to a specific
disease.” But with the most recent revision, vaccines no longer prevent
disease, and no longer provide immunity either. They now only provide
“protection.” It doesn’t say how much protection. Taken literally, the
protection offered by a vaccine might range from providing full immunity
and disease prevention to providing only the slightest boost to the
immune system that wears off in a matter of weeks.

The original understanding of what a vaccine was and what it did largely
contributed to how it became such a powerful spell word. In recognition
of the power attached to the word vaccine, the changed definition
enables the new covid mRNA shots to benefit from the power of that
original spell—even though these shots would not fit the original
definition that generated the spell. The new injections do not contain
killed or weakened infectious organisms, and they do not provide
immunity or prevent the disease in question.

Under the original definition, the mRNA shots would not be considered
vaccines. They would be considered pharmaceutical products. Another word
for a pharmaceutical product that has since acquired a different kind of
spell power is the word “drug.” Imagine for a moment how it would go
over if our current propaganda drive talked about the need for drug
compliance, drug mandates, and drug passports, with attendant slogans
such as “drugs save lives.” Imagine politicians and media personalities
talking about the need to reduce “drug hesitancy” and the threat
presented by the “anti-drug movement” and the “anti-druggers.”

I can still remember when convenience stores with pharmacies in them
were called “drug stores.” Since then, decades of propaganda invested
the word “drug” with a spell of fear and menace through the War on
Drugs. This was accompanied by slogans like “Just say no to drugs” and
images frying eggs attached to the warning “this is your brain on drugs.
Any questions?” Through the power of spell, the word vaccine has been
transformed into a pharmaceutical product that should and must be taken,
whereas the word drug has been transformed into a pharmaceutical product
(or herb) that should not and must not be taken. The presence of the
spell is indicated by the absence of independent thought that goes into
the decision to take or not take the product. The spell word itself
carries the command. Accordingly, command of the mind is achieved by
acquiring the ability to label something a drug or vaccine in the mass

Where does the authority to apply these definitions originate? Through
another spell word: “The Science.” Insertion of the simple article “the”
achieves this infusion of authoritative spell power. The word “the” lets
us know there is only one. In this case, there is only one scientific
truth, and it is authoritatively and finally known. That’s why we hear
about how the need to “trust the science” and “follow the science,” and
we don’t hear about how we need to “trust science” or “follow science.”
There is a good reason for this. Science is a discipline grounded in the
scientific method. When following science and the scientific method,
knowledge is attained by proposing and challenging disprovable
hypotheses. Each hypothesis welcomes as much scrutiny and challenge as
possible. The more challenges a hypothesis sustains without being
disproven, the stronger it becomes.

When following the scientific method, phrases such as “the science is
settled” are anathema. There is also no place for pejorative spell words
such as “climate denier” or “covid denier.” Hypotheses are challenged,
not denied. Religious doctrines are denied. Religious doctrines are
settled. Science is a method of inquiry. “The Science” is a spell word
of authoritative compliance, wielded by those who operate the mechanisms
of finance, governance, and mass media. Like a priesthood, The Science
has the power to invest words like vaccine and drug with spells of
command, belief, and compliance….”

S. writes:

The idea of “the scientific method” is itself a dubious concept used
to validate some and invalidate other forms of inquiry. I just started
listening to the series how to think about science on cbc which goes
into detail about this. Fascinating stuff.

See also this:

“One often hears of “the scientific method” but even the most cursory survey of the philosophy of science will yield multiple competing accounts of what it might be.  Because of this the word science, when its meaning is not further specified, functions as a collage of meanings whose rhetorical purpose is very often to induce nothing more than a radiating field of positive connotations.  …In the case of science, a diverse, heterogeneous, and sometimes internally contradictory phenomenon is smoothed out and compressed into an apparent compact and consistent object which can be then made into a social protagonist and a grammatical subject: science says, science shows, science demands etc.  An actual history, with all its twists and turns, has been replaced by what appears to be an unproblematic natural object – intelligible, obvious and at hand. ….  Actual sciences are limited and contingent, conditional and conditioned bodies of knowledge.  These limits are of various kinds.  Some are practical: evidence may be contradictory, insufficient, inaccessible, or impossible to obtain without exposing the subjects of the research to some unacceptable harm….”


Holland, The Hague: clashes over extension of Health Pass etc.

This, from 2008  is not directly relevant to the situation with Covid and the Health Pass since it’s about ecological collapse and catastrophism, but this bit is certainly appropriate:

” State catastrophism is an openly avowed endless propaganda campaign in favor of planned survival; that is, for a version that is managed in a more authoritarian manner than the one that currently exists. Ultimately, after so much data is evaluated and so many deadlines are estimated, its experts have only one thing to say: that the immensity of what is at stake (of the “challenges”) and the urgency of the measures that must be adopted nullify the idea that the burden of social coercion could be lightened, so natural has it become….the imperatives of life certainly deserve the sense of history to justify “the dictatorship of the most knowledgeable, or those who consider themselves to be the most knowledgeable”; and it surely shows a certain realism when one expects the …state of emergency to give rise to, rather than a revolution, the establishment of a finally effective bureaucratic collectivism…., we must nonetheless make it clear that the critique of catastrophist representations by no means implies that we view them, as is sometimes done, as mere inventions without the least basis, spread by governments in order to assure submission to their orders, or, more perversely, by groups of experts who have an interest in advancing their careers”

UK: Report on situation of health care workers etc

Unfortunately, not at all trying to look critically at both the good and bad aspects of the anti-health passport movements in other countries (nationalism etc.). Also seems to think that the current government could try not to have another election, as if the  election of the official “opposition” would seriously threaten the project of massively accelerating totalitarianism.


Italy: clashes on demos against Green Pass in 3 cities

The mandatory “Green Pass” requires all workers to be either double-vaccinated or have confirmation of a negative COVID-19 test or recent recovery. For more on this, see here.


British Medical Journal: researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial

“A regional director who was employed at the research organisation Ventavia Research Group has told The BMJ that the company falsified data, unblinded patients, employed inadequately trained vaccinators, and was slow to follow up on adverse events reported in Pfizer’s pivotal phase III trial. Staff who conducted quality control checks were overwhelmed by the volume of problems they were finding. After repeatedly notifying Ventavia of these problems, the regional director, Brook Jackson, emailed a complaint to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Ventavia fired her later the same day. Jackson has provided The BMJ with dozens of internal company documents, photos, audio recordings, and emails….”

How long does vaccine based immunity last?

Swedish study which involved 1,684,958 individuals. Sample quote:

“…the vaccines were very effective at preventing symptomatic covid around two months out from vaccination. This is what the randomized trials showed, and it’s the reason the vaccines were approved for use. Overall, the reduction in relative risk at 31-60 days out from vaccination was 89%. However, after those first two months, there was a rapid decline in efficacy. At four to six months, the vaccines were only reducing the relative risk of infection by 48%! This is pretty interesting when we consider that governments had initially set the bar for approving the vaccines at a 50% relative risk reduction. So, if the trials had been required to run for six months before presenting results instead of only running for two months, then the vaccines would have been considered too ineffective to be worth bothering with, an would never have been approved. Well, that’s not quite true. One vaccine did still provide a better than 50% relative risk reduction at six months – the Moderna vaccine. At four to six months, the relative risk reduction with the Moderna vaccine was 71%. Pfizer was at the same time point only offering a 47% reduction in risk, and AstraZeneca was at that point not doing anything whatsoever to lower risk. It makes sense that the Moderna vaccine would offer better protection than the Pfizer vaccine. Although the vaccines are virtually identical, the dose in the Moderna vaccine is three times higher. This is likely the reason why Moderna has been associated with much higher rates of myocarditis, which is why it is no longer approved for use in people under the age of 30 here in Sweden. So, if governments hadn’t been so hasty to get the vaccines out, and had demanded six months of follow-up rather than two, only the Moderna vaccine would ever have been approved in the first place. When we go further out than six months, things get even more depressing. By the nine month mark, the Pfizer vaccine is no longer offering any protection whatsoever against symptomatic covid-19. Unfortunately, nine month out data isn’t offered for the Moderna vaccine due to the small number of people for whom that information is currently available, but at six months out, the Moderna vaccine’s ability to prevent symptomatic covid-19 had dropped to only 59%. So there is a continuous decline in effectiveness at each time point measured even for the Moderna vaccine, without any sign of levelling off. What about if we look at sub-groups, such as the elderly, who are by far the most at risk from covid-19, and therefore potentially have most to gain from vaccination? People over the age of 80 initially show a good response to the vaccine, with a 73% reduction in relative risk of disease at one to two months out from vaccination. However this drops to only 50% at two to four months, and by six months there is no benefit whatsoever. Even for the middle aged (50-64 years), who have better functioning immune systems and who should therefore respond more strongly to the vaccines, the vaccines are completely ineffective at preventing symptomatic disease by the four to six months mark. The only group for whom the vaccines are more than 50% effective by the four month mark is people under the age of 50 (for whom effectiveness at four to six months is 51%)…

Of course, how good the vaccines are at preventing symptomatic disease isn’t really what matters, if by symptomatic disease we usually mean something more akin to the common cold than to the Spanish flu. What really matters is how good the vaccines are at preventing serious disease. So, let’s look at that. At one to two months out from vaccination, the vaccines provided a 91% reduction in risk of hospitalization or death. By four to six months, that had dropped to 74%. And from six months out, the reduction was down to 42%, although the difference between the vaccinated and unvaccinated group was no longer statistically significant. In other words, at the six month time point it was no longer possible to detect a statistically significant effect of vaccination on risk of hospitalization or death. As I see it, there are two possible explanations for the rapidly declining effectiveness of the vaccines. The first is that it’s due to the limited immunity produced by the vaccines themselves, and the second is that it’s due to the continued evolution of the virus and in particular the rise of the delta variant. If the second reason is true, then there is no reason whatsoever to give people boosters, because the boosters won’t do anything to improve immunity. If the first reason is true, then there is a case to be made for boosters, although it feels pretty absurd to give everyone a booster every four months to protect against a virus that for most people is little more than a cold, that 99,8% of infected people will survive, and for which there is now massive natural population immunity, thanks to all the people who have already had covid…”


US: revolt of essential workers against mandatory vaccines

“…COVID-19 stopped a nascent American workers’ movement in its tracks, as protests and acts of political rebellion were essentially banned. Amid intense fear and confusion, public health edicts effectively suspended the right to assembly. The concept of “social distancing” encouraged people to view their neighbors, colleagues, friends, and even family members as potential sources of disease. “Experts,” technocrats, and corporations became the heroes of the pandemic, while the masses became the villains.

When lockdowns began we were told that we were “all in this together,” but every measure since then has served to entrench inequality, sabotage the middle class, and enrich elites. Images of ultrawealthy celebrities parading around maskless at fancy events, surrounded by masked servants, have provided a powerful visual representation of the COVID-19 era—an era that has seen the greatest upward wealth transfer in modern history. As a result of lockdowns, between 143 million and 163 million people worldwide have fallen into poverty and there was a sixfold increase in the number of people suffering through hunger and starvation. At the same time, tech companies like Amazon, Alphabet, and Microsoft saw record profits….

Perhaps the greatest impact of mandates could be on the trucking industry. A poll of truckers found that 26% of respondents would rather be fired than get the COVID-19 vaccine, and another 10% said they would quit before getting the vaccine. The American Truckers Association has come out strongly against vaccine mandates, with union President Chris Spear stating, “The first rule of any public health policy should be ‘do no harm.’ Unfortunately, these latest mandates and the unintended consequences they’ll create fall short of that standard.”


The consequences of a labor rebellion against artificially low wages and vaccine mandates may be even more profound during the winter ahead. Recent supply chain woes are caused by a combination of an energy crisis in China, the long-term effects of lockdowns, and a shortage of 80,000 truckers. These factors have created a feedback loop of backlogs and congestion, leaving nearly half a million containers and dozens of cargo ships waiting at Los Angeles and Long Beach ports, which handle 40% of inbound containers for the U.S., while hundreds of sailors are stranded at sea on cargo vessels that cannot be unloaded. American citizens are beginning to see the effects of this supply chain stress, with some school districts struggling to feed students, changing their lunch menus, and even considering remote learning due to food shortages.

In the midst of this looming crisis, many transportation, logistics, and frontline workers remain adamant that they will not relinquish their bodily autonomy. Over a third of Chicago’s police force has defied the city’s vaccine mandate, with the mayor accusing the union of attempting to “induce an insurrection” and threatening to withhold benefits from officers who opt to retire instead of getting vaccinated. Seventy-three unvaccinated school bus drivers were already forced to quit ahead of the first day of school in Chicago, resulting in lack of transportation for over 2,100 students. The city also faced off with unvaccinated teachers before finally giving up after 15% of school district employees refused to get vaccinated….”


Very polite open letter from French surgeon, member of the National Academy of Surgery

Deepl translation:

“Professor Jean Gabriel Balique
Member of the National Academy of Surgery

About the proposed mandatory vaccination
Open letter October 2, 2021

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Senate
Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of Parliament,

At a time when you are about to discuss compulsory vaccination, it is my duty as a doctor, father and grandfather, to alert you to the health disaster that is unfolding before our eyes, in the shadow of the supervisory authorities. I would like to make it clear from the outset that I am neither a conspiracy theorist nor anti-vaccine (I regularly get vaccinated against the flu and I have no preconceived ideas about the “classic” vaccines that have been made mandatory in our country).

The Covid 19 vaccine, in November 2020, was supposed to save us and bring us back to a normal life. Now that we have some hindsight, it becomes “easier” to assess the benefit-risk of the vaccine strategy. The first observation that must be made is that the “vaccine” does not protect and does not prevent infection (cf. statement by Health Minister Olivier Véran before the Council of State in April 2021). The example of Israel, which our authorities have taken as a model, shows that hospitalizations and intensive care units are overflowing with vaccinated people!
Israel is no longer cited! A study published in the European Journal of Epidemiology on 30 September 2021 confirms that countries with the highest percentage of vaccinated population have a higher number of cases of Covid-19 per million inhabitants (e.g. Israel, Portugal, Iceland, etc.). In medicine, we have never seen a treatment or a vaccination imposed that does not work (except for people at risk where the benefit/risk balance is different).

This would not be dramatic if this strategy was not the cause of serious, fatal, unacceptable and ethically unbearable complications for any doctor who, every day, fights to relieve and care for patients. Doctors “in the field” still believe in the Hippocratic oath which has been their guide for centuries and which politicians are forcing them to flout. The fundamental principles of the oath, such as “primum non nocere” (above all do no harm), medical secrecy, free and informed consent, etc., have been rejected out of hand.

As you know, this vaccine is in the experimental phase, phase 3 of drug development. Now that this phase, which has been launched worldwide, has been set back, doctors in the field are seeing many complications. As of 2 October 2021, the European Medicines Agency, the EMA, counted 26,523 deaths formally linked to the vaccine and 2 million complications, of which 1 million were serious. These figures represent only a fraction of the cases observed. In France, the National Agency for Medicines (ANSM) in its report of 16 September 2021 reported 22,559 serious cases, including deaths. Many cases are not reported for various reasons.

In France, field experience reported by general practitioners and hospital doctors clearly shows the increase in complications occurring in the weeks following vaccination: many cases of facial paralysis, myocarditis and pericarditis in the early aftermath of vaccination, cardiovascular complications (heart attack, stroke) in relatively young subjects not necessarily at cardiovascular risk, many cases of venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. Doctors report a frequent rise in thrombosis markers (D-Dimer), sometimes at abnormally high levels, fatigue and deterioration of general condition in elderly patients, cancers that were previously controlled explode after vaccination, autoimmune diseases such as polyarthritis and thyroiditis are disrupted in the weeks following vaccination. The ANSM indicates as “confirmed signals” myocarditis and pericarditis occurring early after vaccination with the Comirnaty (Pfizer/BioNTech) and Moderna vaccines without giving the exact number of patients and minimising the pathology, whereas the complications and long-term sequelae can be serious.

Since the start of vaccination of 12-18 year olds, 206 cases of serious adverse events (including deaths) have been reported with the Comirnaty vaccine and 18 serious cases with Moderna, even though we are barely three and a half months into vaccination in this age group. These are young people who were not at risk of severe disease or death from Covid, but who are likely to have lifelong sequelae of the vaccination. In the last few days, two teenage girls with no risk factors have just died and one young person had a leg amputated 15 days after the vaccine. Is this not a sacrifice that society is making and what is the price to pay? After how many teenage deaths would you say STOP vaccinating young people who have nothing to gain because they are at low risk of severe forms and death from Covid?

In women, menstrual disorders, miscarriages or deaths of the foetus in utero during pregnancy are observed. How is it that the Directorate General of Health authorises vaccination in the first trimester of pregnancy when the data on the safety of the vaccine in pregnant women are limited and incomplete? Where is the precautionary principle?

All these complications occur early on after vaccination in people with no previous history and a normal life. They also occur in sportsmen and women who had to stop their activity after being vaccinated, mortgaging their career: Jérémy Chardy, Christophe Lemaitre are the most famous examples… At the same time, in the same population of people without co-morbidity, non-vaccinated, there are no deaths from Covid, only people at risk are exposed, it is for this population that the “vaccine” can have a certain protection

Unfortunately, these complications are passed over in silence, they are not reported to the guardianship authorities or they do not want to see them. This human health drama will only get worse with the persistence of this vaccination and the probable multiplication of doses. The development of an H1N1 vaccine trial has been stopped due to far fewer complications. None of the mandatory vaccines have caused such complications. Doctors currently see more patients in consultations for complications from the vaccine than from COVID itself. The benefit/risk balance is not in favour of the “vaccine” in this population. Why do you still want to make a “remedy” that is more dangerous than the disease compulsory for people who are not at risk!

It is urgent to draw the consequences, at a time when natural immunity is developing, when the Delta variant is proving much less aggressive and the epidemic is decreasing. Do not repeat the Chernobyl syndrome where we were told that the radioactive nuclear cloud had stopped at the border. Don’t forget the contaminated blood scandal. On this subject, did you know that the French Blood Establishment requires a 28-day delay after vaccination with attenuated vaccines (Measles, Rubella, Mumps, Yellow Fever…) but does not take any precautions regarding blood donors recently vaccinated with these new vaccines whose biodistribution in the body is incompletely known. Isn’t this once again an ignorance of the precautionary principle and a potential future scandal?

Even if you are not a doctor, look around you for information. You have the right to be informed because you are our representatives.

The truth is starting to come out. The Astra Zeneca vaccine has already been banned for people under 55 years of age because of thrombosis (that’s how safe these vaccines are!), then recently the Janssen vaccine, and gradually we are seeing states questioning generalised vaccination:

– In the United Kingdom, vaccination is forbidden to children under 15 years of age and they have just abandoned compulsory vaccination. In Texas, vaccination of young people is prohibited.

– In Denmark, only people at risk are vaccinated and there is total freedom without a health pass.

– In Africa, the mortality rate is 10 times lower than ours, even though only 2% of the population is vaccinated (a health catastrophe was announced!).

All these carers, doctors, nurses, nurses’ aids but also firemen who are being singled out are not anti-vaccine but fear the effects of a “vaccine” still being tested, the harmful effects of which they see directly in their practice.

These “field” carers see real patients, while the doctors on TV extrapolate probabilities from figures, the vast majority of which have proved to be wrong.

In this crisis there should be no political colour but a consensus to defend the health of the French people who elected you.

In the name of all the victims, in the name of all the muzzled carers who cannot express themselves on pain of sanctions, something unheard of in a country that is supposedly free, I ask you to look beyond the totally manipulated official figures and to refuse compulsory vaccination, especially for children whose future is being put at risk.

– At the very least, hold a moratorium, during which you can hear the opinions of many doctors, scientists and others who are trying to make themselves heard but who are systematically boycotted when their opinions run counter to government health policy. We also need to reassess the reliability of the tests used, discuss the treatments currently on offer.
– Remove the health pass and stop the shameful and misleading propaganda on vaccination: “all vaccinated = all protected”, a completely false slogan, as we now know!
– Lift the sanctions on all non-vaccinated carers who are banned from practising even though they are passionate about their vocation and who have not become more dangerous on 15 September than on 15 June. Some hospitals, despite the ban, rightly continue to employ unvaccinated staff in order to maintain their activity without any health consequences but creating a glaring inequality compared to those who cannot work. Remember that you praised them during the first wave and that a number of them died during that wave for lack of masks and means of protection.
The strategy imposed is disconnected from reality: this is a pandemic with a mortality rate of 0.05%, represented by people at risk, the average age of deaths is 83 years, a little less at present because the most fragile people died during the first wave. It is logical to propose a vaccination, provided that there is a real vaccine, which is not yet the case, and that everyone’s wishes are respected (this is not Ebola, meningitis or smallpox…). In the meantime, in the event of illness, it is possible to offer treatments at an early stage. Many doctors have successfully prescribed them. They can even be offered as a preventive measure to people at risk. These people are known and can therefore be protected in isolation (in particular by this “vaccine” for which this is the only indication) without penalising the rest of the population.

You should know that you have been informed and that when the time comes, when the truth comes out, because it will come out sooner or later given the accumulation of scientific data and data from the field on complications, your responsibility may be engaged.

Hoping to be heard on behalf of the victims of the vaccine and the carers who refuse this experimentation, and remaining at your disposal, please accept, Ladies and Gentlemen, my respectful regards.”




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