a chronology of contestation against cops, the crazy Coronavirus crisis and other clashes with capital in multiple forms of expression

Originally put up on March 31st 2020 under the title  “CHRONOLOGY CONTESTAVIRUS

This has now been ordered into months and for 2020 replaces  the usual NEWS, which is still available for previous years.

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(information about Hong Kong before  24th March and after  24th June is here. From 24th March to 24th June  it’s in the months listed above)










The original intro is below and it  referred exclusively to contestation against the conditions imposed internationally by the  the world’s states using the pretext of the Covid 19 Coronavirus. But now includes constestation more generally, and essentially replaces the NEWS whilst continuing with basically the  same perspective as it.


A constantly updated  chronology of contestation related to this current crisis, sometimes with additional reflections by me (which in the future may also be added to previously posted events some time after they’ve been initially posted).

The insufficiency of putting up something like this is obvious. The  enormity of the attack by this anti-social  society demands something better than this.  Even in the very limited terms of writing something on the internet, this is clearly not enough. I hope in the future to contribute  on this site to something more developed against this historically unprecedented  invasion of every part of our minds and bodies and thoughts and conversations, this invasion of all social life.  What they’re doing is an attempt at the final solution. The final solution applied not just to  the collectively experienced history of one “race” but to  everybody.  The final solution to all attempts at memory against social amnesia. The final solution to all attempts at rationality, sense & logic against those who embrace contradictions. The final solution to all desire for life against living death. An invasion of ideology turned into brutally-imposed fact that, if accepted,  will be used to justify virtually anything and is already starting to be used in this way.

“The aim of terror, and of its implementation, is to extort from human beings a total adaptation to its very principle, so that they recognize at the very end only one goal: self-preservation. The more, and unscrupulously,  humans have in mind their survival, the more they become psychological puppets of a system whose sole objective is to stay in power.
Leo Löwenthal, 1946

For other aspects of this crazy crisis, check out “Coronavirus – an exercise in intensified social control, which  has been on my site since the end of January. This includes updated information from around the world on selected aspects of this Coronacrisis

Also, check out “Coronavirus in France” on this site. Events involving resistance in France are  mentioned on this Coronavirus in France page, but only a few below.

Also 2 other “Coronacrisis”-related pages on this site:

 Czaravirus (about the situation in Russia) and Cameravirus  (facial recognition cameras, masks and the global development of totalitarianism from China to the rest of the world)

Due to lack of time and/or lack of linguistic knowledge, much of the following has been Google Translated sometimes without correcting obvious mistakes and this even when I’m familiar with the language.

I have not  mentioned  many of the union-initiated strikes because valorising the role of representative and the  politics of such a role goes against the grain of what I want. Nevertheless, some are  mentioned if only because, despite the fundamental complicity with hierarchical power that’s intrinsic to unions, many official strikes have been initially instigated by “ordinary” workers, those with no bureaucratic position.

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