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This is a chronology not based on the date the information was published but based on the date  I  decided to publish it.

Those who accuse this site of hyperbole would have thought that even suggesting the possibility of half of what’s happening today just over a year ago was hyperbolic and paranoid. The sleep of subversive reason is spawning an epidemic of monsters.

It should be clear that I am not  in accord with the ideological aspects of the content of many of the articles I link to. And, as with all information about Covid,  articles have to be filtered through a critical vigilance that I personally have sometimes not invariably exercised in relation to various articles, at least at the time of putting them up. I put them up because they seem to offer alternative sober  perspectives on what’s happening.

I should also add that there may well be some inconsistency and contradictory information here. That’s because it’s extremely difficult to sift what is valid,  what is speculation and what is manipulation. However, it seems more worthwhile trying to put forward some of what appears to be the more pertinent criticisms of what’s going on than remain silent before the overwhelming propaganda machine and wait a few years in order to be “correct” but too late. “The path toward simplicity is the most complex of all, and here in particular it seemed best not to tear away from the commonplace the tangle of roots which enable us to transplant it into another region, where we can cultivate it to our own profit. ” – here

For an excellent radical vision, written over 140 years ago,  of aspects of what’s happening now, see this by Bakunin


Pioneer inventor of mRNA warns that vaccines for kids can do irreversible harm to brain etc.


A historical situation comparable to aspects of today? A translation of this:

I wash my hands: Pontius Pilate or Dr. Semmelweis?

Two figures are known to have practiced hand washing: Pontius Pilate and Dr. Ignatius Semmelweis. The first, Pontius Pilate, is a biblical figure well known for saying “I wash my hands of it. His attitude seems to be one of evasion of responsibility in the face of a problematic situation, namely “deciding on the life or death of a man”.

Let’s look at the second one, Dr. Ignatius Semmelweis (1818 – 1865): he was a gynecologist-obstetrician of the 19th century of Hungarian origin who worked first in Vienna, at the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and then in Budapest. This doctor focused on a disease that affected women who gave birth: puerperal fever. At the time, it was not known that this was an infectious disease. To do this, he was helped by a means not widely used at the time by his contemporaries, statistics, to interpret reality. One thing leading to another, he came to the conclusion that, in order to reduce the risk of catching this potentially fatal disease, it was simply necessary to wash one’s hands… with bleach (in 1847).

While his contemporaries had a 90% mortality rate, Dr. Ignatius Semmelweis had only a 3% mortality rate, or 30 times less. He also sterilized his surgical instruments with bleach, 30 years before Dr. Joseph Lister (1827 – 1912), an English physician who was later known for his work on asepsis in surgery(1) (in 1869). The latter’s work was finally completed in the 1880s. Dr. Semmelweis even sent a book explaining his work to all the heads of obstetrics clinics in Europe at his own expense. For 30 years, no one applied his preventive treatment of this disease.

The fundamental question that arises is: “Why did his contemporaries not listen to him when he had 30 times less mortality than them? I propose three working hypotheses.

First, he was in opposition to his superior, which can be problematic, even today. This superior did not go down in history…

Secondly, his work was the antithesis of the medical knowledge of the time. The mistake of his contemporaries is not to have wanted to judge his work for its logic, its internal coherence.

Thirdly, and this working hypothesis is the most difficult to accept. It can be summarized in one sentence: “If you, Semmelweis, are right, that means that I am wrong and therefore I am responsible for so many women dying of puerperal fever because I did not apply your protocol. Upon realizing that Semmelweis’ hypothesis was correct, a contemporary of Semmelweis committed suicide by throwing himself under the tracks of a train… . In order not to be confronted with devaluation, suicide, etc., this denial of the treatment and its error is a protective mechanism. In psychology, this is called denial or even concealment. This is what allows them to continue to live … .

In conclusion, there are two questions to ask:

– “Do I wash my bloodstained hands or do I wash my hands with bleach?” ;

– Was Semmelweis a conspirator when he told his contemporaries to wash their hands with bleach?

To go further:

Frank G. SLAUGHTER, This unknown… Semmelweis, ed. PRESSES POCKET (1973)

Jean THUILLIER, Le paria du Danube, ed. BALLAND (1983)

See the article on Wikipedia :


France, Guadeloupe (overseas territory): Regional Council occupied in anti-“health” pass demo

“The Regional Council of Guadeloupe was occupied all night by demonstrators who …are asking the State to come back to the negotiating table to discuss once again the vaccination obligation. Demonstrators who broke into the hemicycle of the Guadeloupe regional council late on Thursday 23 December decided to spend the night there to continue what was described by elected officials as an act of “unprecedented violence”, which illustrates a protest that has been going on for several weeks in the archipelago…The demonstrators, who intend to stay “sleeping in the region’s hotel”, are due to decide on Friday what to do with the movement. They are asking the state to join the negotiating table, which has been interrupted for a fortnight, to discuss the issues at the root of the social crisis in Guadeloupe, first and foremost the vaccination requirement. This intrusion at the end of a plenary session of elected representatives was condemned by the entire political class of Guadeloupe. “These acts (…) are part of a radicalisation that uses terror” and are “an unacceptable attack on democracy”, said the elected members of the department’s Permanent Commission. “Destroying the Region’s furniture, (…) ransacking agents’ offices, molesting journalists, insulting and threatening agents of the Guadeloupe Region is inexcusable”, the regional executive had denounced earlier.. in total “more than 400 people” invaded the premises…By breaking into the Regional Council, the demonstrators – a collective of organisations, notably trade unions and citizens’ organisations, with strong demands – intend to put pressure on the elected representatives to ask for the participation of the State in the negotiations aimed at putting an end to this crisis…The Ministry of Overseas Territories announced three days ago that health workers in the West Indies who had refused to be vaccinated would be “suspended” on 31 December and could “move on to a new job” via a “support and professional retraining unit”. Demonstrations took place over the weekend. Access to the island’s largest shopping centre was blocked for several hours on Saturday, and a fire broke out in the hypermarket. In Martinique, the hotel of the local authority in Cluny (Fort-de-France) was also the target of an action by opponents of compulsory vaccination and the health pass on Thursday, but to a lesser extent. Demonstrators blocked access to the community’s hotel with pallets, branches and bins, AFP noted. A delegation was finally received by elected officials and the demonstrators left the site at the end of the morning.”

Should be pointed out that behind this resistance is not only the question of vaccinations but also massive poverty and the past use of carcinogenic pesticides banned on the mainland.


Eyewitness account (in French) of nurse who tells of nurses forced to go on the metro to work even when they (double vaccinated or more) have Covid

Also mentions that many of those in intensive care for Covid have been double vaccinated. Plus the fact that, though forced to work and travel in the metro, they are not allowed to go for walks in their leisure time.

Omicron has very mild symptoms

“…panicking over omicron is unnecessary”


Just seen: report on November 19th riots in Rotterdam, when cops fired live rounds

Seems dogmatically simplistic to put down all those who criticise significant  miseries of the experimental vaccine (despite its efficacy, limited admittedly,   amongst certain sections of the population) as “anti-vaxxers”, since many are not against vaccination as such.   Nevertheless, an interesting report.

Despite its anarchist pretension, it includes statements like this “A lot of the potential for this movement is fueled by the Dutch government’s totally random and irresponsible approach to the whole pandemic crisis.”

“Irresponsible”? As if the state, the ruling class, could be “responsible” in terms of helping people they rule. As if they weren’t there to to control and manage people and resources. As if they had failed in their desire to help people’s health. This idea of assuming a non-existing social responsibility for Power is a symptom of a widespread and ongoing decline in revolutionary consciousness, which the Covid spectacle helped bring to its most extreme absurdity. When, as we are seeing these last two years, radicals and anti-authoritarians, like moral or psychological prophets, denounce the contradictory and incoherent state management of the crisis as a product of the state’s “irresponsibility”, or when they denounce how the crisis is “being taken advantage of” by greedy capitalists, they are implicitly contrasting these excesses to a normal and neutral functioning of health management in a capitalist society, that has no reality in either their theories or this era. This sentence, and in fact the entire Rotterdam report – even if only implicitly – is accepting the false assumption that governments and other social institutions are actually trying to do what they claim they are trying to do, critiquing only their motives or supposed failures. Well, as anti-authoritarians surely know, the role of institutions is not to be “responsible” (whatever that means) towards the people under their rule, but to control and manage people and resources for the maintenance and development of an ever-expanding system of industrial commodity production and the alienation (from ourselves as well as from nature) and hierarchical social relations inherent to it.”


Belgium, Brussels: massive demo against health rules

More here


Thailand: hundreds of prisoners riot to demand better Covid care


Two doses of Covid vaccines induce lower antibody levels against Omicron: Oxford study

As a friend said in relation to the above and to a Danish study that says the unvaccinated are less vulnerable to Omicron than the vaccinated, it seems that the fact that those “exceptionally vulnerable to Omicron through the vaccine drive …would then explain the panic over the booster drive. It’s a kind of hair of the dog strategy.”

More horrors


Long and mostly excellent text ( in French) from a libertarian anti-capitalist perspective  bringing together stuff that’s somewhat chaotically referred to on this site, including some original stuff on vaccines in general and their history

One can criticise its hierarchy of the oppressed (LGBT etc.), but this is pretty good.

Luxemburg: clashes on anti “health” restrictions demo

Germany, Thuringe: clashes on anti-covid rules demo


France, Guadeloupe (overseas territory): clashes as general strike against compulsory vaccination and other miseries continues


Another radical critique

“With patience already stretched to breaking point citizens of all countries will undoubtedly see further civil unrest over lock downs, shortages or the insufferable conditions imposed upon them. The pressure to save as much of the present capitalist system as possible will emanate from the middle and upper classes who have the most to lose by its continuing disintegration and collapse. This pressure will be exerted in authoritarian directions – as is already the case – with some middle class elites considering compulsory vaccination and passports.

Even though logic is not on the side of such pro-capitalist measures, this fact will be largely ignored by most of the current elites. Even though vaccine passports will undoubtedly get forged; double and treble vaccinated people will still spread the virus and perpetuate the pandemic; and even though virus mutation will continue to out-pace the efforts of vaccine laboratories to produce new vaccines, none of this will matter. Those whose object is, or becomes, saving the present profit-based system rather than saving the planet or the lives of those who produce all our essential needs, will continue to operate by their own form of entitlement business as usual based logic.”


Belgium, Brussels:   clashes on anti “health” rules demo


Austria, Vienna: 40,000 march against compulsory vaccine

Difficult for “libertarians” and others to categorise this as mainly right-wing. For example, a large placard with “People of the world unite! defeat Covid Fascism” is hardly indicative of right-wing nationalism.

Slovenia, Ljubljana: clashes over “health” rules

Covid-19: a new look at vitamin D

Tyranny by Health Emergency, or the Dystopian Implosion of Contemporary Capitalism

A bit crude and semi-conspiracyist, attributing  deliberate policy rather than capitalist opportunism to  the current situation, but with some interesting takes.

“Between September 2019 and March 2020, the Fed injected more than $9 trillion into the banking system, equivalent to more than 40% of US GDP.

The mainstream narrative should therefore be reversed: the stock market did not collapse (in March 2020) because lockdowns had to be imposed; rather, lockdowns had to be imposed because financial markets were collapsing. With lockdowns came the suspension of business transactions, which drained the demand for credit and stopped the contagion….

“As I have argued in detail [here and here], the Covid crisis should be framed as a capitalist phenomenon through and through, rather than a contingent microbiological event that has taken the world by surprise. It is naive to think that the “pandemic” was merely an accident. Almost two years down the line, it continues to work as a financial tool with a twofold purpose: 1. To conceal contemporary capitalism’s epochal implosion (structural crisis of surplus-value creation), and 2. To accelerate the authoritarian process of global governance (stakeholder capitalism) through which the system attempts to reproduce its logic at a higher level of structural violence. While the first aim is defensive, the second is aggressive. In the current phase the two aims merge into one, as the elites are pushing for the enforcement of digital Covid passes upon entire populations. To do so, they employ public-private partnerships like the Vaccine Credential Initiative (VCI) in the US, whose avowed aim is to implement a single ‘SMART Health Card’ that could be recognized ‘across organizational and jurisdictional boundaries.’

VCI, as detailed by Jeremy Loffredo and Max Blumenthal, is coordinated by MITRE, a corporation led mostly by military-intelligence surveillance professionals and sponsored by the FBI and the US Department of Defense. Can anyone in their right state of mind still claim that this is a conspiracy theory?

By turning defence into attack, the oligarchs are escorting humanity into a potentially totalitarian nightmare camouflaged as humanitarian interventionism. They do so in the name of the blind capitalist drive for profit-making, which they duly represent. As demonstrated by Jared Diamond in his 2005 book Collapse, when affected by terminal sickness most societies tend to intensify rather than de-escalate the very practices that cause their implosion. This is currently happening to capitalist modernity, the ‘form of life’ that began with the exploitation of wage labour and is now imploding through compulsive financialization and a tyrannical agenda cynically peddled as ethical or ecological innovation. Rather than confronting its objective implosion, then, capitalist modernity mummifies into bio-technological despotism. “


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