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This is a chronology not based on the date the information was published but based on the date  I  decided to publish it (usually when I found out about it).

Those who accuse this site of hyperbole would have thought that even suggesting the possibility of half of what’s happening today just over a year ago was hyperbolic and paranoid. The sleep of subversive reason is spawning an epidemic of monsters.

It should be clear that I am not  in accord with the ideological aspects of the content of many of the articles I link to. And, as with all information about Covid,  articles have to be filtered through a critical vigilance that I personally have sometimes not invariably exercised in relation to various articles, at least at the time of putting them up. I put them up because they seem to offer alternative sober  perspectives on what’s happening.

I should also add that there may well be some inconsistency and contradictory information here. That’s because it’s extremely difficult to sift what is valid,  what is speculation and what is manipulation. However, it seems more worthwhile trying to put forward some of what appears to be the more pertinent criticisms of what’s going on than remain silent before the overwhelming propaganda machine and wait a few years in order to be “correct” but too late. “The path toward simplicity is the most complex of all, and here in particular it seemed best not to tear away from the commonplace the tangle of roots which enable us to transplant it into another region, where we can cultivate it to our own profit. ” – here

For an excellent radical vision, written over 140 years ago,  of very general aspects of what’s happening now, see this by Bakunin



Increased emergency cardiovascular events among under-40 population in Israel during vaccine rollout and third COVID-19 wave

About 8 months ago, Professor Retzef Levy published the above article with a colleague from MIT and MDA’s (Israel’s national emergency medical, disaster, ambulance and blood bank service) VP.

The article pointed to an alarming increase in MDA calls for heart attacks and cardiac arrest between the ages of 16-39 in the first half of 2021 and in correlation with the vaccination campaign.
The findings are consistent with data published in other countries.

Senior Ministry of Health officials at the time were mainly concerned that the article had not yet been peer-reviewed and insisted that there was nothing in it. But the above link is to the same article which has now been peer-reviewed and confirmed.


Text questioning traditional vaccines, especially smallpox, in the context of their history

This goes against all standard vaccine ideology/theory/history. Not at all sure how valid this is as my knowledge is very limited and not at all developed from any direct experience, but it would be good to see if there are people who can contest this with something other than knee-jerk dismissal unbacked by a desire to take apart the details of what it says. The text certainly seems to hold some important truths. However, I certainly hope that it’s not taking a dogmatic  attitude by means of selecting  facts that agree with an a priori position and ignoring those that contradict such a position (nowadays, on both sides of the vaccine debate, people feel such an acute anxiety about doubting their positions that it’s far easier to just reject the other side with an absolutist attitude that says that the other side refuses to face the facts or is inventing “facts”).


China, Shanghai: riots as  food supplies run out after three-week lockdown


China: unrest over Covid misery


FDA’s authorization for a 4th COVID-19 vaccine is based on an Israeli study that says  exactly the opposite

“…the vaccine efficacy against infections in this study ranged from 11% to 30%, for Moderna’s and Pfizer’s vaccines, respectively, and it was statistically insignificant for both vaccines. The reported efficacy against symptomatic disease (not severe illness!) was a little higher, but still much below the minimum required efficacy [3] (between 31% to 43% for Moderna and Pfizer, respectively), and still not statistically significant, as far as I can tell…”

China: information about the situation there, including minor forms of protests against lockdown restrictions

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This is a chronology not based on the date the information was published but based on the date  I  decided to publish it (usually when I found out about it).

Those who accuse this site of hyperbole would have thought that even suggesting the possibility of half of what’s happening today just over a year ago was hyperbolic and paranoid. The sleep of subversive reason is spawning an epidemic of monsters.

It should be clear that I am not  in accord with the ideological aspects of the content of many of the articles I link to. And, as with all information about Covid,  articles have to be filtered through a critical vigilance that I personally have sometimes not invariably exercised in relation to various articles, at least at the time of putting them up. I put them up because they seem to offer alternative sober  perspectives on what’s happening.

I should also add that there may well be some inconsistency and contradictory information here. That’s because it’s extremely difficult to sift what is valid,  what is speculation and what is manipulation. However, it seems more worthwhile trying to put forward some of what appears to be the more pertinent criticisms of what’s going on than remain silent before the overwhelming propaganda machine and wait a few years in order to be “correct” but too late. “The path toward simplicity is the most complex of all, and here in particular it seemed best not to tear away from the commonplace the tangle of roots which enable us to transplant it into another region, where we can cultivate it to our own profit. ” – here

For an excellent radical vision, written over 140 years ago,  of very general aspects of what’s happening now, see this by Bakunin


Translation of a Facebook post from Yaffa Shir-Raz:

Want to know what will be the next epidemic that “breaks out” in the world? All you have to do is look at Moderna’s website, a page that shows the MRNA preparations that are in their development and research pipeline.

Unlike you, they know how to predict futures, and now that the FDA has paved the way for them to approve the concept he gave to this scary technology, there is nothing to stop them.

Another thing you can learn from a glance at this page, is that nothing ends with Covid either, because along with the announcement by senior health officials, also in Israel, that the vaccine is going to enter the routine program for children, and for all of us, Moderna is developing, in addition to its plethora of versions, for adults, adolescents and children, also versions combined with influenza vaccines.
And that’s not all, because it turns out that the company has a lot more plans to develop vaccines against a variety of diseases and viruses that you will soon hear that they are planning a mass invasion of our planet. Among the marvelous variety, which it recently introduced as part of a summit sponsored by the UK government and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparation Innovation (CEPI): Nifa vaccine (which Moderna is developing together with the NIH – remember the contract in which this joint development was mentioned?), Zika vaccine, HIV vaccine together with the Gates Foundation, and vaccines for malaria, dengue, Ebola, MERS, Marburg, Lassa fever, Chikongonia fever and Congo-Crimean hemorrhage.

A vaccine for polio that was caused by a vaccine – another translation of a post by Yaffa Shir-Raz (from March 7):

With nothing to do with anything [Translator’s note: this is a sarcastic remark to the fact
that in the recent week there were fear-mongering news reports in Israel
about a polio “outburst”], I wanted to share with you that there is
a new polio vaccine – nOPV2 vaccine, and that it received an emergency
permit from the World Health Organization a little over a year ago. And
not that we have heard of a state of emergency to date, but just in case
there is a state of emergency. So it will not be lacking.

It is an elaborate patent with an innovative idea that has not yet been
heard of: a vaccine designed to prevent the increase in cases of polio
strains that are the result of a vaccine. Or in other words – a vaccine
for the polio that was caused by a vaccine.

As mentioned, it has nothing to do with anything, but just so you know,
the research examining the safety and effectiveness of this new patent
is in progress. It began a month after it was approved in an emergency
permit, and will end at the end of the year.


Relatively good (but “citizenist”) text about ‘fact-checkers’

“A few months ago Facebook censored an article in the British Medical Journal that highlighted serious irregularities in Pfizer’s clinical vaccine trials. …We must face the fact that the news verification agencies are part of the global control framework set in motion by those who claim for themselves the right to be the owners of all our time and and all of our actions. Behind information verification software services like Newsguard, we find fervent defenders of illegal spying on citizens like former CIA and NSA chief and congressional perjurer Michael Hayden, and US army assassination team leader Stanley McChrystal.

The International Fact-Checking Network to which the aforementioned
Spanish fact-check agencies Maldita and Newtral belong is financed in
part by Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay and a major player in, among
many other shady oligarchic pursuits, the NATO-linked Allegiance for
Securing Democracy.

There is nothing politically neutral about these people. Nor has any of
them ever shown a great predilection or support for disinterested
intellectual inquiry. What all three have shown in abundance is an
abiding delight in marshaling power for the present US-led global order
and the exercise of often brutally administered schemes of control over

The prime objective of fact-checkers—as recognized, for example, by
Newtral on its website—is to use algorithms to harvest and manage
citizen information, and in this way, usher in a new era in which the
minds of individuals will be so seamlessly “pre-directed” to “positive”
and “benevolent” ends and behaviors (as so defined by the members of the
enlightened classes) that politics in all its forms will come to be seen
as superfluous.

This explains why, between them, Google and Facebook currently employ
40,000 “verifiers” who exercise an invisible censorship aimed at swaying
our perceptions of the world in ways deemed to be “constructive” by the
controllers of those firms and those with whom they have forged
political and business alliances.

These efforts lie at the core of the post-humanist gospel as preached by
people like Klaus Schwab and Ray Kurzweil. Their clear message to us
about the coming world is that while you might be born free, your
destiny and the design of your being—and what we used to call its unique
sensibilities— will be firmly entrusted to others. Like who? Like the
aforementioned gentlemen and their friends who, of course, have much
more far-seeing minds than your own.”


The Destruction of Individual and Collective Healing Knowledge and the Rise of Medicine

Published in 2021 in German, this translated text also has other relevant stuff about Covid, quarantines etc.

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This is a chronology not based on the date the information was published but based on the date  I  decided to publish it (usually when I found out about it).

Those who accuse this site of hyperbole would have thought that even suggesting the possibility of half of what’s happening today just over a year ago was hyperbolic and paranoid. The sleep of subversive reason is spawning an epidemic of monsters.

It should be clear that I am not  in accord with the ideological aspects of the content of many of the articles I link to. And, as with all information about Covid,  articles have to be filtered through a critical vigilance that I personally have sometimes not invariably exercised in relation to various articles, at least at the time of putting them up. I put them up because they seem to offer alternative sober  perspectives on what’s happening.

I should also add that there may well be some inconsistency and contradictory information here. That’s because it’s extremely difficult to sift what is valid,  what is speculation and what is manipulation. However, it seems more worthwhile trying to put forward some of what appears to be the more pertinent criticisms of what’s going on than remain silent before the overwhelming propaganda machine and wait a few years in order to be “correct” but too late. “The path toward simplicity is the most complex of all, and here in particular it seemed best not to tear away from the commonplace the tangle of roots which enable us to transplant it into another region, where we can cultivate it to our own profit. ” – here

For an excellent radical vision, written over 140 years ago,  of very general aspects of what’s happening now, see this by Bakunin



Interview between 2 doctors discussing the effect of vitamin D on reduction of severe and lethal effects of Covid

It should be pointed out that a French senator recently proposed the banning of sales of vitamin D! So far that has not been taken up.


France: Delfraissy, president of the Scientific Council for Covid19, admits that the vaccine is not really a vaccine but a form of medicine

Discussion in French begins at 2m36seconds in and lasts just a few minutes. Says that he really shouldn’t have said that (and in fact, no media outlet other than that linked to has mentioned this revealing interview).  Also says that hospitalisation will be very heavy up until mid-March. In part this is because (as various doctors have said )   the figures are manipulated so that anyone with Covid going into hospital for reasons other than Covid are registered as being there because of Covid.


France, Guadeloupe (overseas territory): clashes and barricades in 7 towns and cities over “health” rules


Belgium Brussels: riot against Covid rules

A mish-mash of far right, far left and everything in between or uncategorisable.The organisers and the press have characterised the most “violent” attacks on property and the cops as having been done by “500 left-wing anarchists coming from France”. See Down with routine ritualised demos!  for my reflection on some of these demos in France (though this one in Brussels was not simply routine or ritualised, which is not to say that other parts of this leaflet of mine aren’t partly relevant to the one in Brussels). However, nobody who wants a libertarian revolution should minimise the influence of horrendous ideologies on such demos, any more than they should remain contemptuously aloof  by dismissing it all because of this influence or minimise the genuine desire of some participants  to contest all forms of external authority.  However, so far it’s hard to imagine some development that might become a clearer attack on the world of exploitation as intrinsically linked to the world of totalitarian  social control.


France, Guadeloupe (French overseas territory): clashes, blockades, molotovs etc. in anti-“health” rules movement

“Violence broke out on Thursday 20 January in Guadeloupe, where a gendarme was injured by live ammunition in Pointe-à-Pitre and six people were arrested, the gendarmerie and police said. The gendarme’s life prognosis is not at risk..A week ago, the collective of organisations mobilised against compulsory vaccination called on the whole island to join a “dead island” day and to mobilise “everywhere, in the streets and in front of businesses”. The call, launched on the anniversary of the formation in 2009 of the Lyannaj Kont Pwofitasyon collective (LKP, which includes some fifty organisations), was not followed by many people, but ended up giving rise to several points of tension on the island and some blockades by handfuls of people at the entrance to supermarkets or in front of certain service stations, as was observed throughout the day. At the Basse-Terre hospital, “about forty people tried to enter the administrative building”, explained Christine Wilhem, director of the hospital, to AFP. She had to be evacuated by the guards who protect the area around the hospital. “We’re getting used to protecting ourselves,” she said. In the centre of the island, “unauthorised” demonstrations according to the prefecture degenerated during law enforcement operations in the commune of Abymes, according to the same source, which said that “the forces of law and order were attacked by various projectiles, stones, molotov cocktails, bolts ….” On Canal 10, the trade unionist Gaby Clavier, former secretary of the UGTG’s health branch, denounced a desire “to prevent us from demonstrating”, as well as “police violence” and “gassing”. The demonstrators were “pushed back several kilometres”, according to a police source, but set up barricades and blocked the roads. Helicopter overflights also took place. According to the Pointe-à-Pitre public prosecutor’s office, “at least three shots” were fired with live ammunition and “at least one shop was looted”, even though it was only just getting dark.”


Raoult shows, using official statistics, massive increase in cases globally following mass vaccination programme (in French)

As a result of this he is being threatened by the government with having his position in the hospital removed, despite the fact that these statistics and figures come from official sources. This, even though he also shows that, for the old and those with comorbidities, vaccination certainly offers a greater degree of protection than not being vaccinated.

Capitalism and vaccination propaganda

France: Minister of “Health” tests positive for Covid


Bulgaria, Sofia: anti-Green Pass demonstrators try to storm parliament

Not clear how much this was dominated by the Right and their individualist notions of freedom where individuals are not at all free but dominated by the utterly unfree commodity economy. Nevertheless I put it here for information’s sake. Besides, all these Left v. Right attitudes are invariably false choices and expressive of a failure of people to speak for themselves against all the forms of external authority and received ideas which today overwhelm them more than ever.  Sure, that’s a bit of a “correct line” on my part, but from this distance and lack of precise knowledge it’s all I can say for the moment.


Covid: Vaccine vs infection myocarditis risk

“…for people over the age of 40, the risk of myocarditis after infection was much higher than the risk after vaccination….in people under 40, the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine causes roughly the same number of cases of myocarditis as an actual covid infection, while the first dose of the Moderna vaccine causes roughly twice as many cases of myocarditis. Ok, so let’s get to the second dose. The second dose of the Pfizer vaccine increased the risk of myocarditis three-fold, while the risk after the second dose of the Moderna vaccine was increased 21-fold!…One thing that is clear is that the second dose, of both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine, increases risk substantially when compared with the risk seen after the first dose. Which really begs the question how smart it is to recommend a third dose to people under the age of 40. It’s reasonable to think that the third dose might increase the risk of myocarditis even further. One thing that is clear from the data in this study is that there is a strong age gradient, with risk of myocarditis after vaccination increasing massively with decreasing age. In fact, for the youngest group (16-29 years), the risk of myocarditis after getting the second dose of the Moderna vaccine was increased 74-fold!…Considering that decreasing age also means decreasing risk of a bad outcome from covid (including decreasing risk of myocarditis after covid), it is reasonable to think that there is an inflection point at which the harms of vaccination outweigh the benefits. On top of that, there is evidence that increasing the number of doses increases the risk of myocarditis. With those two factors in mind, it’s my measured opinion that giving boosters to healthy young people, and especially to children, is nuts.”


France : clashes over Health Pass in various towns


A new vaccination religion is born in the West


“Jokey” video showing that someone who dies with Omicron is categorised as dying of Omicron

The Omicron wave is being considerably less lethal than the 2019 flu (admittedly, up till now)

Doubtless this will be regarded as “fake news” by all those who have been terrified into accepting the manipulations. Undoubtedly in its original form Covid has been proven to be considerably more dangerous than normal seasonal flu (though possibly not much more dangerous than the Asian flu of the 1950s proportionate to the world’s population at that time). Cases of Omicron are far higher than flu, but deaths are far lower. The fact that Omicron cases are constantly broadcast whilst tending to make cases sound like they could very easily be lethal even though they’re mostly  not and with no comparison with the death rate caused by  simple things like flu, is indicative of a very worrying intensified leap in the ability of the dominant society’s ability to destroy rationality, which  nevertheless was there before Covid. Saying all this is of course, very depressing – but not saying it is complicity.

Holland, Amsterdam: clashes over “health” measures




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This is a chronology not based on the date the information was published but based on the date  I  decided to publish it.

Those who accuse this site of hyperbole would have thought that even suggesting the possibility of half of what’s happening today just over a year ago was hyperbolic and paranoid. The sleep of subversive reason is spawning an epidemic of monsters.

It should be clear that I am not  in accord with the ideological aspects of the content of many of the articles I link to. And, as with all information about Covid,  articles have to be filtered through a critical vigilance that I personally have sometimes not invariably exercised in relation to various articles, at least at the time of putting them up. I put them up because they seem to offer alternative sober  perspectives on what’s happening.

I should also add that there may well be some inconsistency and contradictory information here. That’s because it’s extremely difficult to sift what is valid,  what is speculation and what is manipulation. However, it seems more worthwhile trying to put forward some of what appears to be the more pertinent criticisms of what’s going on than remain silent before the overwhelming propaganda machine and wait a few years in order to be “correct” but too late. “The path toward simplicity is the most complex of all, and here in particular it seemed best not to tear away from the commonplace the tangle of roots which enable us to transplant it into another region, where we can cultivate it to our own profit. ” – here


Slovenia, Ljubljana: Johnson& Johnson vaccine suspended as cops use teargas to disperse angry demonstrators blocking major highroad after 20-year-old dies following vaccine  (29/9/21)

More here, with reports in English and videos (includes mention of demos 22/9/21)

France: as Health Passes are imposed on teenagers, suspicious death of vaccinated 17-year-old occurs


Switzerland, Geneva: call for a one day strike of cultural, hospitality, nightlife, art and performance venues against Covid pass for October 1st

“…We, the cultural, hospitality, nightlife, art and performance venues, independent or not, refuse to have our lives and our audiences recorded, and want to maintain the accessibility of our venues to all. We will therefore close the doors of our spaces on Friday 1st October. We are only striking for one day because we can’t afford more, and prolonging the strike would not correspond to our economic realities after these long months of pandemic. Of course, we want to reopen our venues and welcome our audiences; but the situation is such that we have to mark, by at least one day of strike, our opposition to the application of the covid certificate. However, going on strike does not mean stopping our activities! We will move them into the public space for the occasion; because a strike means stopping work, but it is also an opportunity to meet up, to eat and to imagine the possible together. It seems essential to us, at a time when the right to demonstrate is weakening in Switzerland, to take back possession of the space outside, without asking for authorization. On October 1st we will occupy public space to do what we do best: discussions, shows, concerts, meals… So that we can gather without having to justify our health situation or declare our identity. In the current context of moblisation against sanitary measures, we want to clearly distance ourselves from the postures adopted by the extreme right. We are aware of the extent of the health situation and its repercussions on our lives, but we would like to remind you of the distinction that must be made between the reality of the pandemic that affects us and the security policies that are being tightened and to which we are firmly opposed.”

US, New York: science is God, God is science

Noteworthy is not just the New York politician’s relating God to the vaccines but also the way American leftists ignore the large presence of black working class people among the vaccine-skeptics.

Zoom discussion between doctors on vaccine and in particular what’s happening in Israel

Includes the virologist and immunologist who first developed mRNA vaccines. Haven’t yet seen all of this, but it seems that the vaccinated are between 30% and 50% more protected than the unvaccinated (in France I saw the figure elsewhere of 42% protected) but the vaccinated are a higher risk of becoming super-spreaders. A  leading Belgian virologist (and vaccine developer for many Pharma companies, involved with the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, who, surprisingly, is calling for the immediate cessation of the Covid vaccine programme)  predicts a massive future wave of contagion due to the suppression of natural immunity, and thus the diminishing of the infectious pressure, caused by the vaccination programme. He says the non-vaccinated, having a more diversive immune response, serve as a dampening function in the distribution of the virus mutants and will be more equipped to deal, more selective,  with all the variants, rather than specific variants or the unmutated virus.

This seems to be confirmed by this comment about a different article here:

“X attacks your body. Your body doesn’t know what’s attacking so it sends out the ordinary everyday antibodies, O, to defend itself. Eventually O defeats the virus and you recover. Your T cells now have knowledge or the virus X and next time the virus or a virus within as much as a 25% variation attacks, your T Cells recognise it and send out exactly the right antibodies immediately to see off the threat. So say the virus mutates a percent or so and becomes the Delta variant D. Unvaccinated, your body recognises D immediately and sees it off easily.
But when you are vaccinated against the X variant, your defences against the X variant are so strong, that completely overrides your O antibodies so when D attacks, your body sends out X antibodies which can only deal with X. Your X antibodies are so strong they completely override your O antibodies . And D gets the better of your body and you get seriously poorly.
Basically when vaxxed your body will deal with X next time but will not deal with anything else including flu, because your immune system has been compromised and overridden.”


Covid epoch results in biggest decrease in life expectancy in western Europe since WWll


UK: 2nd part of article from ASH covering things such as censorship, the Nuremberg code, the vaccination of UK kids, etc

Sample quote:

“…over the next month, children who under UK law are too young to make the decision to smoke, drink alcohol, consent to sex, rent or buy age-rated films, get a tattoo or piercing, work full-time, drive a car, change their name, open a bank account, serve on a jury or vote in an election, who have been subjected to 18 months of coronavirus-justified restrictions in school and at home, to campaigns of guilt and blame in the media about them ‘killing granny’, to lies from the Government about the level of threat of COVID-19 to themselves and others, to indoctrination by their teachers into the cultic practices of biosecurity, to peer pressure from their fellow schoolchildren to comply with the New Normal, and with totally inadequate and misleading information about the risks and possible consequences for them of being injected with these experimental ‘vaccines’ for a disease to which they are statistically immune — will nonetheless be classified as Gillick competent to overrule their parents. Presumably, this represents the less than ‘ideal’ circumstances under which their parents cannot override their decision.”

Of course, the limitation of this and so many other criticisms of the current epoch is that it abstracts from other miseries  and ends up with a legalistic democratic discourse. It’s as if the last 18 months has produced yet another thick layer of alienation, like a new armour-plated Russian doll, whose latest Covid-epoch-impregnated  largest external doll hides so many other alienations and miseries, which nevertheless are inter-connected, and yet which hardly anybody mentions.

Interview with an undertaker which talks about rising deaths since the start of the UK vaccination programme

Some are saying this is fake news, demanding evidence for what it says is fake, though without providing evidence themselves of it being fake .  Who knows? Clearly what he says about attributing deaths to Covid when many weren’t caused by it has been confirmed all over the place. As for the rest – judge for yourself (I haven’t seen all of it).

Holland, The Hague: demo against “Health” Pass


Doctor reflects on how mass vaccination encourages vaccine-resistant virus strains (and other aspects of the current dystopia)

“It seems that the doctors and ”experts” who appear on tv and who drive public policy have completely forgotten how evolution works. Let’s take bacteria as an analogy. Bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics when we use antibiotics too generously. Indiscriminate use of antibiotics puts evolutionary pressure on bacteria to develop resistance, since that’s the only way they can survive in the antibiotic saturated environment. Yet, now, we are supposed to believe that the opposite is true for viruses – they apparently develop resistance when we underuse vaccines! We’re suddenly supposed to believe that up is down and down is up. Just like with bacteria and antibiotics, vaccine resistance will develop in a situation where the vaccines are being overused – if you vaccinate large numbers of healthy young people who don’t really need to be vaccinated then you put strong evolutionary pressure on the virus to become vaccine resistant….In recent weeks, I’ve personally seen multiple cases of myocarditis that occurred days after vaccination. When I’ve suggested to colleagues that we should report them to the authorities as possible vaccine side effects, the response I’ve been met with has been roughly this: “oh, yeah, maybe that’s a good idea… I don’t know how to do that”. I’ve reported the cases I’ve handled personally, but my guess, based on this reaction, is that most other cases have not been reported. Obviously, if you believe that what actually gets reported is an accurate estimate of the reality, then you will grossly underestimate the case rate.”

This is contested here, replied to here and given a further nuance here.

Australia, Melbourne: interesting though thoroughly confused report from marxist organisation with party agenda on attack on  HQ of construction workers’ union, a union which supports mandatory vaccinations and the general progress of totalitarianism

Full of bullshit (eg the standard Newspeak that categorises/stereotypes those skeptical of mRNA vaccines as “anti-vaxxers” – see this for a critique of this unthinking mentality) but also some facts. Indicative of the  miserable muddled idiocy of both the Right and the Left and of this intensely depressing epoch.

Switzerland: fair but rather insufficient statement of opposition to what is called in this country the “Covid certificate” (ie proof of vaccination)


Israel: video of testimonies of adverse effects of those vaccinated

“The Testimonies Project was created to provide a platform for all those who were affected after getting the covid-19 vaccines, and to make sure their voices are heard, since they are not heard in the Israeli media. We hope this project will encourage more and more people to tell their story.”


Marxist/Leftist critique of vaccines and pass laws ( from the US)

Sample quote:

“You know that thing about wars that are never meant to be won, but to be a continuous source of profits for weapons makers? Do we think, in our United States, that the Pentagon-arms manufacturer dance just CAN’T be what’s going on with the medical bureaucracy and Pharma? Or do we think
that just CAN’T be what’s going on with this one type of weapon they produce — vaccines? Something leftists might think about how they think about.

It’s a very dangerous situation because the medical bureaucracy has not, and never will, look for an alternative. They are completely invested, financially AND ideologically, in vaccines as the solution. It’s always been about vaccines, and getting a permanent regime of mandatory adult vaccination—and those continuous profits. The longer they cling to that paradigm—and it’s going to be very hard, virtually impossible, for the generals medical bureaucrats to admit they were wrong—the bigger the  disaster to come if it doesn’t work. And it isn’t.

Of course, it’s not ALL about profit. In fact, the most difficult thing to overcome is the ideological commitment of the agents of the apparatus (and all those they have convinced) to the rightness of the ‘missionary-imperialist pharmaceutical/vaccine paradigm.

The Gates-Fauci paradigm—which is now the dominant one—sees the human body as defective and infective, a plague-carrier, until and unless it
is properly pharmaceuticalized. The natural human immune system just doesn’t work well enough. It has to be effectively REPLACED with a pharmaceutical construct, built with the latest, constantly-upgraded, patented and profitable vaccines and genetic coding packages that EVERYBODY is forced to take.

Speaking of Bill Gates, if you’ve ever used something from, uh, Microsoft, you may recognize the “science” grift  business plan. Moderna literally says it’s creating an “mRNA *technology platform* that functions very much like an *operating system*… designed so that it can *plug and play* interchangeably with different programs…the ‘program’ or ‘app’ is our mRNA drug,” which Moderna calls the “Software of Life.” [I cannot make this up.]

In other words, they will be selling what amounts to immunity-software-as-a-service, where you subscribe to constant updates of the “software of life” via proprietary, plug-and-play “unique mRNA sequence[s]”and coding packages that fix all the new variants—yes, perfectly, bugs—that may emerge. And also JUST HAPPEN to create a constant a stream of income.

The purpose is not to win the war against the virus, but to keep it going as a continuous source of profits.

The model of “public health” in this paradigm is a society divided between quarantined bubble-people and continuously- and fully-vaccinated people, made “free” by the pharmaceutical fix. The unfortunately stubborn and the blissfully compliant. (And we’ll make life too difficult for the stubborn to resist.)

This paradigm JUST HAPPENS to be profitable; they sincerely think. (As does everyone who has been sincerely convinced by them.)

This paradigm is also the surest way to LOSE humanity’s war against viruses. As every scientist before the year 2020 would have said.

Think about this for a minute, scientifically and logically, as you’d think about any such paradigm for chemically or genetically re-engineering any other complex natural eco-system. No one—certainly no one from the left—would or should accept such techno-dystopian nonsense: ‘The earth will kill us with hunger, floods, and plagues unless we sufficiently herbicide all the crops, dam the rivers, fill in the wetlands, and kill all the insects. Do you question that? You’re killing people!’ Says the agro-chemical industry. Oops, I mean “science.” ….”

This brings together in one place and with a fairly radical perspective things that have been said elsewhere…A good implicit riposte to the kind of support for totalitarianism from pseudo-anarchists (like this nauseatingly misinformed rubbish). Over 100 years ago Kropotkin, anarchists in the French CGT as well as “marxist” social democrats in Germany, supported one side or another in WWI. History repeats itself….


On Wikipedia’s treatment of alternative medicine/health, indicative of the pharmaceutical industry’s increasing domination of knowledge

“One of the industries where Wikipedia’s bias is most noticeable is healthcare. In an article for the Orthomolecular News Service, Howard Strauss, Grandson of Max Gerson, MD (the creator of the Gerson cancer therapy) states that:

“This writer and many others in the field of alternative medicine and natural healing have experienced Wikipedia bias personally when contributing well-documented, carefully researched articles to the site, only to have them be radically altered and deleted, by anonymous “editors,” then being banned from further editing or contributions. This is impossible to reconcile with a free flow of information.”

And this can be verified as Wikipedia keeps a public record of all edits made to an article over time. He goes on to comment on the history of Wikipedia and states that:

“At first, it was interesting to see uncensored information flow through the site, and even contribute to it. Then corporate America realized that Wikipedia, and similar sites, were distributing information they had carefully and thoroughly suppressed in the media, and set about correcting that omission. Soon, Wikipedia entries about natural healing, holistic medicine, and other subjects began to resemble publicity blurbs from Monsanto, or Merck, or the NIH. Contributors are supposed to be anonymous, “volunteer” editors were supposed to be both anonymous and neutral. But it was clear that for certain sensitive subjects, this was far from the case.”

If you want to see Wikipedia’s bias for yourself, just search for any medical discipline that isn’t drug-based. And if you want to make things really fun, take a shot of whiskey every time you see the word ‘pseudoscience’.

Here are real snippets from Wikipedia entries on alternative forms of medicine and natural healing, taken from the first few sentences of the entry…

Chiropractic: “Chiropractic is a pseudoscientific alternative medicine…”
Chinese medicine: “Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a branch of traditional medicine in China. It has been described as “fraught with pseudoscience.“
Homeopathy: “Homeopathy or homoeopathy is a pseudoscientific system of alternative medicine.”
Ayurveda: “The theory and practice of Ayurveda is pseudoscientific.” Acupuncture: “Acupuncture is a pseudoscience.”
German New Medicine: “Germanic New Medicine (GNM), also formerly known as German New Medicine and New Medicine, a system of pseudo-medicine.“
Functional Medicine: “Functional medicine is a form of alternative medicine that encompasses a number of unproven and disproven methods and treatments.“

The editors display a shocking level of bias by cherry-picking references, many of which are not peer-reviewed or scientific, and make hollow claims which they portray as facts.”

Homeopathy-sceptics  think that the degree of dilution of homeopathic remedies is too absurd to be efficacious (at every stage of dilution the medical property is shaken in water 100 times, and diluted to up to 100,000,000 times, sometimes more). It should be pointed out  that sharks can smell one drop of blood in 100 million times the amount of water. A radioactive substance can likewise be detected in at least 10 million times the amount of water than of that substance. Whilst homeopathy is no cure-all and sometimes you need allopathic  medicine (one shouldn’t be dogmatic about such things one way or the other), it gives a far greater degree of autonomy, of non-dependence on experts, than allopathy.

In the US, the first homeopaths came from Germany, spreading quickly their form of treatment throughout the 1830s and 1840s. From 1847 (the creation of the American Medical Association – AMA) onwards they were increasingly opposed by urban allopaths (who often advocated bleeding or mercury “cures” that made patients worse) whose elite cosmopolitan position enabled them to wage a constant war against homeopaths whom they labelled as “quacks”. The first code of practice of the AMA stated clearly that the patient’s view was not to be entertained: “The obedience of a patient to the prescriptions of his doctor should be prompt and implicit”, warning that patients should not permit their “own crude opinions” to influence attention to treatments given them by doctors. In its early years it ordered all local medical societies to expel homeopaths. With the turn of the century the AMA sought and secured the backing of major industrial foundations, in particular that of  Rockefeller and later Carnegie, which bit by bit managed to stop the funding of  all medical schools teaching homeopathy (also cutting the funding of almost all schools giving places to poorer whites, blacks or women).  From the beginning, the support of scientific medical research by industry meant that the responsibility for disease was placed with the internal biological structure of the individual organism. In terms of illness, the individual became separated from their environment and the industrial process, both of which were inevitably seen by the large industrial foundations as benign.  This was in sharp contrast to the older holistic view of medicine, which always tried to see the person with the context of their immediate environment.


Australia, Melbourne: clashes with cops on anti-lockdown demo

If you believe the statistics of this article,  2000 cops were deployed against 700 demonstrators, 10 cops were injured by them, of whom at least 235 were arrested. Video here.

Germany, Munster: vaccinated-only nightclub event leaves 44 infected with Covid


Statistics from Israel showing little to no efficacy of vaccine or worse

“…Here is the curve of covid cases in Israel, since the beginning of the epidemic. It is clear that vaccination or no vaccination, there is no effect, if not worse, the more people are vaccinated, the stronger the waves are:

Was it a total failure in Israel to obtain this famous collective immunity and to contain the epidemic, whereas the Indians obtained it at 67.6% with the disease and early treatment?

What are the possible biases in reading this curve?

We explained here that the case curve may not be the best index to compare, because it depends on the tests: the more you test, the more cases you have. So here is the test curve. It’s more or less superimposable, so some would say it’s not worse, but the last 3 waves are more or less the same because of the more tests.

If these last 3 waves are more or less identical, let’s point out that the first was without vaccines or treatments, the second half vaccinated, the last very vaccinated. This clearly confirms the low efficiency of vaccines, even in a country that is doing everything possible. The same is true in Iceland, which is more vaccinated than Israel: the results of vaccination are not obvious…These findings are not exclusive to Israel or Iceland. Three papers (from the CDC, Oxford University and the UK Department of Health) also find this. Why doesn’t it work? The first reason is that we vaccinate for the delta variant, with a vaccine made for the Wuhan strain. The second reason is that immunity wears off quickly over time, as with seasonal flu.”


Montpellier: demo against Regional Health Agency

There were about 300 people there. For a mid-week  demo at 10am, not called by any union or political organisation, this was quite a good amount of people. Possibly a majority were health workers, many being threatened with suspension because they refuse to be vaccinated. There were no French flags, which is a nice change. A local politician tried to speak through his megaphone for the cameras but was deliberately drowned out by drumming and the singing of the yellow vest song, with some people saying they didn’t want any spokesmen.

UK: on adverse drug reactions and deaths from vaccines

“…since 1 February… of the 1,091 people who died after two injections, 1,054 were 50 years of age or older (97 per cent), while of the 536 who died without being ‘vaccinated’, 437 were 50 or over (81.5 per cent).”

This text should be read with a fine eye for how far it is not being entirely clear.  For one thing, the above shows, if I’ve understood correctly, that of those who died after 2 injections, 37 were under 50 and amongst the unvaccinated 99 were under 50. So, though it shows that the vaccine is not particularly effective (surprise surprise), it doesn’t seem to show it’s completely ineffective.

However, this seems valid: “…as of 30 June, 2021, the most recent date for which figures were available before the article was published, there were 1,037,376 adverse drug reactions to COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ reported to the MHRA, including 1,440 deaths. This was, already, 17.25 times the 60,137 adverse drug reactions reported to the MHRA for all other vaccines approved in the UK since 2010.

Unfortunately, the MHRA didn’t provide the figures on how many doses of these other vaccines were administered since 2010, compared with the more than 90 million doses of COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ administered so far. But if both PHE and PHS can dismiss the deaths following injection with COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ as ‘natural’ deaths of people they expected to die anyway because of their age or pre-existing health conditions, how can they account for this enormous increase in the merely reported adverse drug reactions over such a short time when compared to earlier vaccines, no doubt each administered in smaller quantities but over a far longer period of time and for multiple infections and diseases? Is this, too, just a ‘coincidence’?”

And this quote from here is interesting: ‘The COVID-19 vaccines have comparatively high rates of side effects and fatalities. The current figure is around four fatalities per 100,000 vaccinations, as documented by the most thorough European documentation system. Currently, our estimates show that we have to accept four fatal and 16 serious side effects per 100,000 vaccinations in order to save the lives of 2–11 individuals per 100,000 vaccinations, placing risks and benefits on the same order of magnitude. For three deaths prevented by vaccination we have to accept two inflicted by vaccination. This lack of clear benefit should cause governments to rethink their vaccination policy.’

Israel: 3rd shot seems also to be failure

This is from someone who is possibly cherry-picking data as much as those who use official data to prove the efficacy of the mRNA vaccine.  Given so much confusion and contradictory information coming from all sides, one suspects that people, just to give themselves an air of knowing what’s what, plump for one side or the other without trying to wade through the fog.


France, Toulouse: leaflet against the Health Passport


Denmark, Copenhagen: Health Passport to be used to ban those with criminal records from nightime venues

Deepl translation:

“In Copenhagen, the Health Pass creates a monster
10 September 2021

The Copenhagen police are going to ban people with criminal records from nightlife venues…. How will the cops or bar managers distinguish between a person with and without a criminal record? Is this the introduction of a permanent control, a pass for everyone, all the time? Will the good citizens of Copenhagen have to sign in every time they go for a drink? Or will everyone be asked to report to the police if they have any doubts about a person? A hint already from Anne Tønnes, head of the Copenhagen police: “The law allows the exchange of information about people banned from nightlife with bar owners. In short, after the announcement of the abandonment of the health pass in Denmark, the control society continues. If today some people still don’t see that the issue of the health pass is far outdated by a matrix of control society that existed long before this pass… the future they hoped would be sweet will in fact be bitter. Four central areas of the city close to bars and restaurants will be considered ‘nightlife zones’. People with previous convictions for types of offences such as certain ‘crimes against the person’ or ‘weapons offences’ will be banned from these areas. Of course the image of the aggressor is frightening. But should we allow freewheeling police societies to develop, which, becoming increasingly ill, are making a dizzying flight towards dystopian solutions whose ideology is to generalise prison conditions to the whole of society? How can someone who has served his or her sentence still be considered legally guilty? This is a reversal of justice in favour of the police. Beyond that, this decision is an admission of total failure of the prison system and the judicial system. After a sentence, here is another sentence, and without justice. It is a regime of permanent guilt. And in the end, what we see is that in the face of this failure of a society that has never tried an egalitarian model to get out of problems, the spare wheel it proposes is the advent of police states where everyone is likely to be controlled and invited to be a snitch. Recently a new job has been created: police auxiliary bartender. This law is expected to come into force on 14 September for a period of two years, i.e. until 13 September 2023, the Copenhagen police said in a statement. It can be predicted that in the near future, if nothing is done to change the global model of our societies, here or there, other forms of exclusion will affect other categories of people considered as enemies of society. Will you be one of these next categories?”

Greece, Thessaloniki: clashes on demo against compulsory vaccination (demo on 12th)

Article from June 2020 on hydroxychloraquine

France:  a Senate report showing how the ruling class are thinking, covering 2020-2021, published on June 3rd (ie over 5 weeks before Macron’s introduction of the Health Passport)

Translation of significant extracts:

“As we can see, the opportunities opened up by the use of digital technologies are immense, and the Covid-19 crisis has only served to give a foretaste  of the many possible uses in the short, medium and long term.  While the Covid-19 pandemic is not over, and is likely to be neither the last nor the strongest, it would be irresponsible not to take advantage of such opportunities. The widespread restrictions on ‘physical’ freedoms in recent months are increasingly untenable.  They are neither sustainable nor even very effective, compared to what would be possible with a more systematic use of digital technology. The use of digital technology would allow precise control of compliance with health measures, at an individual level and in real time:  restrictions could be targeted at a small number of people, and be more limited in time, while having maximum effectiveness. Perhaps tomorrow, thanks to digital technology, we will be able to regain our ‘physical’ freedoms more quickly, or even never give them up, and
have pandemics without lockdown….

There are many possible tools but, in the short and medium term at least, using the most obvious cases concerns monitoring compliance with rules aimed at limiting the transmission of the virus (health pass, curfews, lockdowns, quarantines, etc.), which implies connecting types of data: identification data, medical data, and location data  (from the most intrusive, with GPS tracking, to the lightest and most conditional access to certain places, and relative location data with contact tracing)….

For example, in the case of a rapidly spreading epidemic or one with a very high mortality rate, medial teams could go immediately to the homes of vulnerable people (or wherever they are), to vaccinate them, treat them or
make them safe. This is not a question of intervening with “all over-65s” or  “all the inhabitants of a given town”: the cross-referencing of data and the use of artificial intelligence make it possible to target extremely fine targeting. For example: – by using genetic data, it could be possible to immediately identify people who are receptive to a very rare variant of a virus by exploiting genetic data, it could be possible to immediately identify people who are receptive to a very rare variant of a virus, or to a particular vaccine or treatment, and thus to mobilise medical resources in a much more efficient way. Without going that far, the simple automated exploitation of the medical file of each individual of the targeted population could already permit a great deal:

– by exploiting data from connected objects,  which could also be accessible from the digital health space, it could be possible to intervene upstream of the onset or deterioration of symptoms: data from ECGs, connected scales, connected thermometers, thermal cameras detecting feverish symptoms, etc.;

– by exploiting mobility data, it could be possible to position teams (for information, testing, vaccination, etc.) at the right places and times to  reach as many people as possible  (a transport hub, a public gathering, etc.), who may have been warned in advance…

Finally, in the most extreme crisis situations, digital tools could enable effective, exhaustive control in real time of the population’s compliance with restrictions, with dissuasive sanctions, if necessary, and based on an even more exceptional use of personal data.

These tools are the most effective, but also the most restrictive
freedoms – but once again, it would be irresponsible not to at least consider them, if only to convince ourselves of doing  everything possible  to prevent this from happening. Many cases of use are possible, and in particular : – 

control of movement: electronic bracelet to monitor quarantine, deactivation of the pass for public transport, detection of number plates by speed cameras, electronic gates in shops, thermal cameras in restaurants, etc.

– health monitoring, via connected objects whose use would be compulsory this time, and whose data would be used for  control purposes;

– monitoring of social contacts, for example visiting a vulnerable family member when you are contagious;

– monitoring of transactions, for example imposing an automatic fine, detecting a medical purchase (which may suggest either infection or smuggling in times of shortage), or  the illegal pursuit of a business activity (trade, etc.) in spite of the restrictions.

…The greater the threat, the more societies will be prepared to accept
intrusive technologies, and greater restrictions on their individual freedoms – and this is logical.”

For further aspects of this see entry for 21/6/21 on this site-

Report by French senators proposes to remotely deactivate transport subscriptions, geolocate citizens and remove access to bank accounts in the event of a crisis


US:  American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), having previously denounced as dangerous and unnecessary attempts by the state to mandate, coerce, and control in the name of protecting the public from pandemics, declares itself in favour of developing totalitarianism

Data shows infections high among double vaxxed for those aged 40 to 79


France: minor clashes in Paris & Toulouse on anti-Health Passport demos (typo error for date of this link)

The official figure for demonstrators throughout France is 12`1,000. Taking the official figure (3,500) for Montpellier into account, I’d say even if you doubled the figures it’d be less than the amount of those that actually participated. The usual distortion.

Database of all ivermectin Covid studies – 72% improvement for early treatment


Moving French film about the disasters meted out to nurses etc and the dismissal of “heroic” nurses for  refusing to be treated as compulsory guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical industry plus other stuff (with English subtitles)

Not seen it all, but…


France: critical analysis of Health Passports and their prehistory (Deepl translation)

Details of how the Health Passport can allow aspects of the health history of each person checked to  be read by anybody checking them

“… the two-dimensional code on the passes, which is scanned at the entrance to various places, banalises a permanent and useless identity check…. the health pass … allows any person scanning the two-dimensional codes to consult the health data (in addition to the surname, first names, date of birth) of the persons holding the documents: date, place and type of RT-PCR test, result of the screening; name and manufacturer of the vaccine, number of doses received and number of doses needed, date of the last injection. ..the health pass data can be misused by any person scanning a health pass (including, of course, the people in charge of checking these passes at the entrance of a festival or a concert)….the impact assessment produced by the government itself considered that this risk of misapplication of the scan to divert data was serious and likely. This does not prevent the Council of State from judging that this risk “seems low”….the paper version of the health passes endangers in the same way the personal data contained in the two-dimensional code…”


Canada, Ontario: full vaccination required for funeral attendance

Wonder if this applies also to the deceased.

Criticism of study that says Covid is 4 times more dangerous than the vaccine (translated from a Hebrew Facebook page)

Translation of a Facebook post by Yafa Shir-Raz, 3/9/2021:

What lies behind the explosive headlines that “the largest study in the world has found that the risk of corona is four times higher than the risk of a vaccine”?

Do you know the story about Herschel’s telegram? One day Herschel learned that his brother, who lives in a remote town, was about to get married. He asked to send him a congratulatory telegram, in which he wrote: “My dear brother, congratulations on your marriage. I wish you and your bride all the best and that we will build an exemplary family and a good life.” But every word on the telegram costs a lot of money. And so Herschel found himself shortening the telegram more and more, until he was finally left with “my dear brother.” But then he thought that this too could be shortened, because, well, it is clear that his brother knows that he is dear to him, and no doubt he also knows that he is his brother, so why exaggerate? He decided to give up the telegram.

Why did I recall this story?
Because last Saturday, Dr. Yaakov Ophir and I asked to write a review article on the new study published in the journal NEJM, by researchers from Clalit Health Fund headed by Prof. Ran Belitzer, that found, at least according to media headlines, “that the risk is high 4 times the risk of the vaccine.”

Beyond the incredible timing – sheer coincidence of course – just after it was revealed that the FDA’s approval for Pfizer’s vaccine was actually accompanied by a warning against meningitis and myocarditis especially for teens and young men, the question arises is this really what the study found? Did the researchers prove that the risk of coronary heart disease is four times higher than the risk of the vaccine?

The disturbing feeling, that these bombastic headlines are manipulation of the media, was not the only concern in relation to the study, and Jacob and I were not the only ones who felt concerned. Independent researchers around the world have engaged in the last week and a half since the publication of the article examining the study, its methodology and findings, and many of them have posted on Twitter and Facebook serious reviews of various  roblems in it.

We decided, like other researchers, to send a review article to the journal itself. To our surprise, it became clear to us that, as in Herschel’s telegram story, we were forced, literally, to consider words, since the word budget that the NEJM allows for responses to articles published in it is, believe it or not, 175 words. Barely a paragraph.

In other words, the message is – forget about it, don’t send us a review.

Still we decided to try to meet the challenge and send one. What will happen to our review paragraph we do not know yet. We’ll live and see, but since who knows if and when it will be published, and in any case due to the suffocating brace, our article covers only three of the problems that undermine the validity of the study, I have added here additional criticisms, some of which have also been raised by other researchers:

1. Exclusion (or exclusion from the study) of populations that could have “destroyed” the results:

a. People who have a previous diagnosis of corona infection
b. Elderly people in nursing homes and people in institutions
c. People confined to their homes for medical reasons
d. People who have had a side effect that has been documented in the past in their medical file

Great, right? Precisely the most sensitive populations, which are the most interesting to know what their risk is, were excluded from the study. Also, disqualifying people with previous diagnoses may result in missing out and losing important data on the aggravation of existing conditions and diseases, a condition that has indeed been reported in the medical literature.

2. Discontinuation of follow-up after the first side effects

People who were diagnosed with corona – in the vaccinated group or the unvaccinated group – they simply stopped following them. What’s the problem with that? The problem is that this too can lead to missing out and losing important data on side effects.

3. Follow-up time is too short – only 21 days after the second dose:

a. It is not possible to compare follow-up for 21 days after the second dose, and follow-up for 42 days after infection with corona.
b. 21 days can by no means be long enough to identify medium-term risks such as myocarditis / pericarditis, whose diagnosis, as the research literature suggests, and also the findings in the field since the start of the vaccination campaign, is considered challenging, and often involves a lengthy process.

4. The argument that the vaccine is safer than getting Corona is problematic and defective:

a. No stratification is done according to age / sex – very problematic: how can one ignore age and sex, when it is explicitly known that there is a different expression of risk factors at different ages / sexes? For example, the risk of myocarditis is particularly high in adolescent boys and young men.
b. What about the booster? Each dose of vaccine involves a risk in itself, and even if we assume that the risk does not increase with each dose further, the renewed risk cannot be ignored each time.
c. It is now clear and well known that the vaccine does not protect against infection – vaccinated people become infected, and in high percentages. As I wrote this week, the evidence for this fact, which by the way Fauchi admitted as early as January, is being exposed in more and more studies, not to mention the reality on the ground in Israel.
The simple implication of this finding is that a person can suffer from both the side effects of the vaccine and the side effects of the disease.

5. The study did not include subjects aged 12-15.

This is despite the fact that it is now known that the risk of serious side effects in adolescents is the greatest, and the FDA in the accompanying warning approving the vaccine even admitted that the risk of myocarditis is highest at young ages.

6. Death is not included as a side effect!

Dr. Josh Guetzkow puts this critique: “If people who died after the vaccine were at higher risk of dying from one of the serious side effects the study addressed (such as heart attacks, strokes, myocardial infarction or pulmonary embolism) compared to those without vaccines, then the counting of side effects is skewed downwards for the vaccinated group.”

A quite possible speculation that he raises: perhaps the reason why we see more myocarditis in young people is simply that when this phenomenon occurs in the elderly, they are at high risk of dying.

The finding that vaccinated people had a lower risk of acute kidney damage, anemia, cerebral hemorrhage and lymphopenia (decreased lymphocyte count) and ‘other thrombi’ should serve as a bright red light for researchers and reviewers that there is a source of massive bias here, and not that they have discovered of some kind of fairy dust that cures these diseases”, says Dr. Getzko. “The irony is that the authorities dismiss the claims of a link between the vaccine and many different side effects as impossible, because there is no mechanistic explanation. But when it is claimed that the vaccine can work wonders simply ‘because’, no one doubts it.”

And back to the question – what is behind the headlines in the media, and whether the study really found a four times higher risk of myocarditis in the unvaccinated compared to the vaccinated – the answer is that this comparison is also problematic to say the least, as the study actually included two independent comparisons between two different follow-up groups – one sample in which a comparison was made between vaccinated and unvaccinated, and a second sample in which PCR verified and unverified were compared. Trying to compare the two samples and draw a conclusion from it, and one so decisive and resonant, is problematic, as the authors themselves write in the article. Who formulated this cheap manipulation and made sure that it was distributed in this way in all the media, and was it only due to the superficiality and lack of knowledge of the journalists? I’ll leave you to think about it.

Link to the research:

Israel: ivermectin v. ivermectin

Translation of a Facebook post from 3/9/22:

Well, such a thing I’ve really never seen before, neither in the context of the corona nor at all. It’s insanely delusional.

Two news reports on the same drug two days apart, the same presenter (Dany Kushmero), the same reporter (Yoav Even) and the same experts interviewed in the report(Prof. Amit Asa from Asuta hospital and Prof. Eli Schwartz from Sheba Hospital), in the same positions and even wearing the exact same clothes.

So what has changed in two days?

On 31.8.21 Ivermectin was introduced as “a favorite of anti-vaxxers”, with an FDA warning that it is intended for animals, reporter Yoav Even noted that ‘anti-vaxxers’ spread *false* rumors about it’s forbidden use even though it has been proven effective, and adds that the drug is not intended to treat corona. Prof. Eli Schwartz says that there’s no substitute for vaccine, that using Ivermectine means taking a drug over time, that it’s not possible to take a drug for years. He adds that even if the drug helps, he’s sure it will not be as helpful as the vaccine.

Two whole days have passed, 2.9.21, the same channel, the same major evening edition, the same players, the same medicine – the complete opposite message: This time they speak about how 9 months earlier, the same Prof. Eli Schwartz, a world-renowned expert on tropical diseases, did research on the same medicine (which already exists 40 Year) in 100 corona patients in a mild condition, and after 3 days (!!!) 95% of them stopped being contagious, compared to 50% in the placebo group. The same Eli Schwartz who two days earlier said that the drug should be taken for years, and who would even want to take it – now says that the drug is taken for only 3 days, and that’s according to a study he did 9 months ago! He adds  that the drug can get people out of quarantine on the fourth day, which is a tremendous social, and economic change.

That study also appears in this article published exactly a year ago, on 8.9.20 [in Hebrew]:

The reporter Yoav Even, who two days ago ridiculed ‘anti-vaxxers’ for jumping on a drug for animals and being hospitalized because of it, suddenly makes a U-turn and notes that according to studies done in Sheba hospital and around the world, not only does the drug prevent infection but can also prevent deterioration in corona patients.

Eli Schwartz appears again and says we have a treasure in hand that can prevent the congestion in the hospitals, but neither the Ministry of Health nor the HMOs were willing to help with that. Yoav Even concludes by saying that the professor is frustrated, because he really believes that the drug can help prevent infection and prevent the disease from deteriorating, and only lacks a large and comprehensive study to support the other studies that have already been done, only that “there is no funding for it”…

The irony is that the company producing this drug, “Merck”, is the biggest opponent of using the drug itself, because it is very cheap ($4 per pill abroad) and it is working on a new drug that has been promised a billion dollars by the health authorities in the US if it’s eventually approved.


Australian politician says don’t talk to anyone if you’re outside your home (from July)

Indian Council of Medical Research includes lvermectin as an essential medicine for COVID-19


Israel: Health Passport totalitarian madness extends to 3-year-olds

This, on the madness of totalitarian capitalism in this epoch, has some interesting things to say even if it also avoids many essentials (eg. the class struggle)

“Global capitalism has no fundamental values — other than exchange value, of course — and thus it is free to manufacture any kind of “reality” it wants, and replace one “reality” with a new “reality” any time that serves its purposes, like stagehands changing a theatrical set.”

This comment seems pertinent (not that some of the others aren’t).

A  way to seduce, rather force, the young into being vaccinated

This is Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City – speaking at 0.23 seconds in.

Future method of social control via vaccination history

This is from December 2019 and the above notion is a hypothetical extrapolation not said explicitly in the article.


France: clashes in 4 cities

“Châtelet les Halles, Paris. Hundreds of anti-sanitary pass protesters invaded the Forum des Halles, forcing their way into the shopping centre. A “flashmob demonstration from Bastille” is said to be the cause of the outburst. The police intervened to repel them. Gare Saint-Charles, Marseille. The procession started at the Vieux-Port and then moved towards the Gare Saint-Charles. The demonstrators forced their way through, pushing police officers aside, to invade the departures and arrivals hall.”

Slogans shouted in Montpellier (some of which rhyme in French but not in translation):

Prétexte sanitaire, état autoritaire !  ( Health pretext, authoritarian state!)

Macron, Le Pen, c’est du pareil au même !  ( Macron, Le Pen, it’s all the same!)

Le pass sanitaire, on n’en veut pas !
Le contrôle social, on n’en veut pas !
Reconnaissance faciale, on n’en veut pas !
Sécurité globale, on n’en veut pas !
Le fichage, on n’en veut pas !
Ségrégation sociale, on n’en veut pas !

( The health pass – we don’t want it!
Social control – – we don’t want it!
Facial recognition, we don’t want it!
Global security, we don’t want it!
Reducing us to bureaucratic files, we don’t want it!
Social segregation, we don’t want it! )

On est là, on est là !
Même si l’État le veut pas, nous on est là !
Contre le pass sanitaire et lois sécuritaires !
Même si l’État le veut pas, nous on est là !

(To the tune of a Yellow Vest song:

We are here, we are here!
Even if the state doesn’t want it, we are here!
Against the health pass and security laws!
Even if the state doesn’t want it, we are there! )

Pass sanitaire, mesure totalitaire ! Ségrégation sociale, outil du capital !

(The Health Pass, a totalitarian measure! Social segregation, a tool of capital! )

Non aux boucs émissaires, Soyons tous solidaires !  ( No to scapegoats, let’s all show solidarity!)

Le pass il sert à quoi ? Travaille, consomme et ferme ta gueule

(What is the purpose of the pass? Work, consume and shut up!)

US, Washington state: antifa and fascists clash

The choice between Statistdee and Statistdum.

Fact-Checking – The Inquisitors of Falsehood and Truth

Not a radical text by any means (ahistorical belief in some pre-Covid “good” journalism, often psychologistic, not searching for fundamental social reasons for the manipulations of the media, etc.) but it brings together some pertinent criticisms of how “fact checking” functions:

Frugal fact-checking: inconsistency in citing sources; Emotional fact-checking: announcing reason and brandishing emotion; One-sided fact-checking: the end of the dialectic; Defamatory fact-checking: the death knell of the medicine man; Self-contradictory fact-checking: the truth, when it suits us; No-questions-asked fact-checking: the case is closed!; Dramatic fact-checking: welcome to the Karpman triangle!

Opposition from some doctors etc. to the vaccination of children

“…According to the CDC, the cumulative data from February 2020 to May 2021 are as follows: for young people aged 0 to 17, out of 100 people, the risk of hospitalisation is 0.29 and the risk of death is 0.00. Where is the objectivity in claiming that a risk is low when it is close to 0 and on the other hand, in concealing a much higher risk linked to vaccination?
The above does not necessarily include long-term effects which may only become apparent after many months or even years. The experience with Sanofi-Pasteur’s dengue vaccine Dengvaxia illustrates the importance of being cautious. A mechanism identified in 1977(3) called ‘antibody-facilitated infection’, in which antibodies help the virus instead of inactivating it, led to the death of 600 out of 800,000 children vaccinated…(Carol Isoux : « Autopsie d’un vaccin. La course entre labos au risque du scandale sanitaire », revue XXI, numéro 52, automne 2020).  This antibody-facilitated mechanism of infection is known in coronaviruses. It is what prevented the production of vaccines against the 2002 SARS-Cov-1 (J.L.Bourdineaud, CRIIGEN,, juillet 2021). It is inconceivable to ignore this well-documented precedent!”


UK, London: clashes at Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency 


US,  Colorado: high school kids walk out of class in protest against compulsory masks  More here


“Mob mentality and the unvaxxed” – interesting text from Charles Eisenstein

Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred.”
– Joseph Goebbels

Contrary to the association of the unvaccinated with public danger, some experts contend that it is the vaccinated that are more likely to drive mutant variants through selection pressure. Just as antibiotics result in higher mutation rates and adaptive evolution in bacteria, leading to antibiotic resistance, so may vaccines push viruses to mutate. (Hence the prospect of endless “boosters” against endless new variants.) This phenomenon has been studied for decades, as this article in my favorite math & science website, Quanta, describes. The mutated variants evade the vaccine-induced antibodies, in contrast to the robust immunity that, according to some scientists, those who have already been sick with Covid have to all variants (See this and this, more analysis here, compare to Dr. Fauci’s viewpoint.)…

The science on the issue is so clouded by financial incentives and systemic bias that it is impossible to rely on it to light a way through the murk…The unreliability of the science…suggests that we take a hard look at the deadly social impulses that the science cloaks.

My point is that those in the scientific and medical community who dissent from the demonization of the unvaxxed contend not only with opposing scientific views, but with ancient, powerful psycho-social forces. They can debate the science all they want, but they are up against something much bigger.

Then as now, science was a cloak for something more primal. If the mainstream view on Covid vaccines is wrong, it will not be overthrown by science alone…It is important to recognize… what we are dealing with, so that we can creatively expand our resistance beyond futile debate over the issues.”

Note added 29/9/21: There are some aspects of this that should be doubted, which I’ll do at a later stage

Australia, NSW: truckers blockade major roads in anti-mandatory vaccine movement (29th – 30th August)…More here


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Down with routine ritualised demos!

Leaflet distributed on 21st August in Montpellier, France.

Translated from here.

I’ve been to most of the demos against the Pass Sani-se-taire [i] in Montpellier. They’re a bit of a ritual. You feel you’ve got to be there to make up the numbers. And then become a mere number yourself. Although the numbers are certainly increasing, these demonstrations are more demonstrations of incredible confusion and dogma than much of a serious opposition to growing totalitarianism. It is inevitable to be confused by the enormous contradictions of this virtually unprecedented intensification of an already irrational daily life. But we need to wade through the confusion rather than assert dogmas against opposing dogmas. As one of its more devastating effects, Covid has everyone digging their heels into quicksand, whether Covid-denier or Covid exaggerator, total pro-vaxxer or total anti-vaxxer, conspiracy theory or anti-conspiracy “theory”. Everyone falling into positions that disappear like mirages on approach. Everyone becoming more furious than ever that they’re right but adopting a right that proves wrong so quick, having sped round a delirious circle of lies, half-truths, truths and 1½ truths.

And it all adds so much to the wear and tear of daily “communication”. The tendency of people to monologue with their already well-fixed ideologies does not make for a good discussion of the contradictions and miseries that the present development of capital is imposing with increasing force. The ideology of unity is both a way of saying “shut up!” about our differences, and also a way of merely making “opposition” a non-violent spectacle. We need to develop actions that extend and go beyond the attacks on vaccination centres that have been happening throughout France at the rate of 1 a day since mid-July if we are to stem the growing horror driving people to madness or suicide: for example, some persistent sabotage of QR technology, wildcat strikes, occupations, riots, etc. We are not weak because we are divided but divided because we are weak, and getting angry about this mad future as well as significant differences is also part of overcoming weakness. Unless people fundamentally challenge their own complicity with hierarchical authority and ideological half-truths, we shall only help to dig our own graves by keeping us separate.

So let’s name some of the confusing ideas and shitty politics amongst some of the participants in these demos.

There are the obvious ones – like the Ligue du Midi, who gratuitously thumped some members of a moronic Leninist organisation (ARM/Combat) on July 24th. Both are organisations that attract abject admirers of authority and those with delerious power-crazed fantasies of leading the masses. Whilst ARM is just ridiculous and largely insignificant, the LduM are a genuine physical danger to anybody trying to develop some autonomous opposition to this world as well as to migrants, muslims and any other convenient scapegoat for explaining why we’re miserable.

But they’re not the only far right danger. Given the largely pathetic nature of the Left, including much of the extreme left and apparently “anti-authoritarian” far left over the last 18 months since the start of this suffocating Covid epoch, the Right have been the main recuperators of dissent, hoping to opportunistically gain recruits for their sordid anti-life politics. Their “opposition” to Macron’s authoritarianism, when they’ve always submitted to and supported horrendous authoritarian politics in different forms, their calls for unity when their whole politics involves racial divide and rule – all this is a sick joke. If one limits opposition to a specific aspect of the State’s power, one can invariably ignore the hierarchical forms that are embodied in those who aim to become the State (e.g. treating those lower in their own hierarchies as mere members – the arms and legs, but never the heart or head, something which the useful idiots lower in such hierarchies willingly accept). Fortunately some people on these demos are aware of the danger of these groups, and managed to confront Action Francaise on 7th August, forcing them to lose their stupid national flags and some other equipment.

It’s a pity not more people critique the presence of France’s national flag on these demos. Some pretend it’s the symbol of the Revolution of the late 18th century, as if it hasn’t been something that the bourgeoisie has invariably used, including in its territorial massacres in Vietnam and Algeria. You can’t separate a symbol from its dominant historical meaning – it’d almost be like saying the Swastika is just a religious symbol coming from Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Macron too is happy to parade around with the tricolour. Likewise he sings the Marseillaise. On 7th August people singing the Marseillaise confronted by people singing the Internationale, though unfortunately they didn’t drown them out. National anthems show respect for the bourgeoisie’s property – the Nation. In this epoch, nationalist identity, though always an identification which connects you to your rulers or would-be rulers, is particularly submissive and unstrategic given the fact that the pass sanitaire is increasingly being imposed throughout the world. An international opposition is essential and borders are cages which keep us who have no control over our lives separate.

And then there are the conspiracy theorists. Let’s give them their due. Given that all criticism of the lies and mutual complicity between different arms of the ruling class (the media, the governments, the pharmaceutical industry, the WHO etc.) is caricatured as “conspiracy theory” it’s inevitable that many people would turn such a pejorative term into something positive. There’s been a massive intensification of lies that seems unprecedented, to the point where it is almost impossible to discern what is true, with experts changing their ‘facts’ from day to day, rather like in Orwell’s 1984, with what was said being put down the ‘memory hole’. Macron has called this so-called “health” crisis a war, and we know that in war the truth is the first casualty. Of course since the first world war, media lies have been used en masse to manipulate the proletariat, but this is a massive intensification of lies and irrationality so much so that the world seems to have leapt over the abyss into madness. But countering dominant madness with oppositional madness reinforces the very separations that the state and the ruling class want of us.

Such as reducing the development of this epoch to the Illuminati or to Soros and Bill Gates. But capitalism works not by conspiracy but by capitalising on the crises that are endemic to its dynamic development. Simplistic “answers” to the complexities of mutual capitalist interests between the State, private business and the professional liars of the media make these conspiracy theorists easy prey to right-wing demagogues who hope to use them for their future ambitions. Reducing questioning of the current Covid epoch to simplistic unnuanced answers makes such people as pliable as putty (see: Conspirouettes – These Right-wing politicians will also lie intensely as soon as they get some margin of power (just as they lie today about the undocumented etc.).

One can see in the hostility towards those who are highly suspicious of the ARNm vaccines a development of a kind of racism. Racism operates within a nationalist politics which excludes people through its borders and is based on previous imperialist conquest and current capital investments in poverty wages in “Third World “ countries that force people to try to find a better life elsewhere. Foreigners are blamed for the misery, such as reduced wages, inflicted by the rulers and by bosses. Likewise those who aren’t vaccinated will be treated as lepers responsible for the continuation of state-imposed restrictions, even though being vaccinated doesn’t stop the spread of the virus.

Satirical German graffiti: “Gas the unvaccinated”


Part of the ideology of this developing opposition is to refuse to discuss the vaccines other than to say that we’re being used as guinea pigs because the vaccine companies officially admit that the 3rd stage of their trials won’t be reached until 2023. For fear of alienating those who’ve been vaccinated but are against the Health Passport, discussion of the potential disastrous effect of these essentially new ARNm vaccines is largely closed down. But given that even these companies admit that these vaccines at best reduce symptoms, that you can still infect others and that there are many who’ve been vaccinated who die to not discuss the vaccine in the name of unity is tantamount to self-censorship. Thus the fact that some dissident genetecists, epidemologists and doctors speak of possible long-term disasters caused by the ARNm vaccine (possible creation of a super-virus vastly more resistant to anti-virals, potential weakening of the cell structure, all the various accumulated side effects such as potential infertility, miscarriages, cerebral thrombosis, etc.) and that there are other well-tried antivirals (ivermectin, Artemis Annua, etc.) has to be avoided because “we aren’t experts”. As if an expert is someone whose opinion should be automatically accepted without question (and this also goes for the dissident experts also – Raoult, Perronne, etc). In fact, the pharmaceutical companies don’t particularly care if their vaccines work or notthe point is to accumulate capital, to make billions in profits, and in this pursuit reifying humans as guinea pigs is a logical step. The means – extending the vaccine to kids as young as three, forcing people to have a 3rd jab, etc. – is essential for this goal. The fact that a majority of people have accepted to be locked down and now have been vaccinated is indicative of the power of the spectacle that colonises people’s emotions and heads with an ideology to justify submission to fear. Of all the passions, fear is the one that most assures submission to laws”, as Thomas Hobbes affirmed in Leviathan. Or as a survivor of the Nazi camps said, The modern system of terror amounts to the atomization of the individual…depriving them of the psychological means of direct communication…because of the tremendous communications apparatus to which they are exposed. The individual under terrorist conditions is never alone and always alone. …Thinking becomes a stupid crime; it endangers his life. The inevitable consequence is that stupidity spreads as a contagious disease among the terrorized population. Human beings live in a state of stupor—in a moral coma. What the terror aims to bring about… is that people shall come to act in harmony with the law of terror, namely: that their whole calculation shall have but one aim: self-perpetuation. The more people become ruthless seekers after their own survival, the more they become psychological pawns and puppets of a system which knows no other purpose than to keep itself in power” (Leo Lowenthal, Terror’s Atomization of Man, 1946).

Then there are the pro-vaxxers who invariably refer to the smallpox or polio vaccines as if the ARNm vaccines have anything in common with these tried and tested standard vaccines (those who have had the conventional Chinese vaccines against Covid are still not allowed a Pass Sanitaire, because tried and tested vaccines do not make billions for Pfizer and company).

The main reason for the Pass Sanitaire – more important than helping Big Pharma accumulate billions, and in addition to the destruction of all health privacy and of the Hippocratic Oath – is the intensification of social control, of tracking and tracing and of intensifying acceptance of being permanently surveilled “for our own good”. Which, surprise surprise, is for the good of our rulers who, should we decide to revolt as things get invariably worse, will have vastly intensified their means of repressing such revolt. And got people to acquiesce in such repression. An English anarchist expression “War is the health of the state” has now become “ “Health” is the war of the state”.

Added 31/8/21:

Please note: there’s an error here; Leo Löwenthal was not a survivor of the camps – he fled Germany when Hitler came to power in 1933.

iPlay on words – “Sanitiare” means “Health” – “se taire” means “shut up”

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the delta variant in figures

Deeple translation of this:

The Delta variant in figures
Posted on 26 July 2021 by Gérard Maudrux

(published here for information’s sake, certainly not for any significant social critique)

What about this variant, which we are told is more contagious, more or less nasty, affecting only the unvaccinated, or both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated? It would be 1,000 times more contagious according to our minister, who is increasingly in the habit of quoting figures that mean nothing or are false, such as the 96% of non-vaccinated positives. 1000 times more contagious? At this rate, in 8 days France is 100% contaminated! And great, only the non-vaccinated will be affected since the vaccinated are not affected, which is only fair for our leaders, that solves all the problems! Not so simple, because the reasoning and the figures are wrong.

What is the reality? Two weeks ago, I wrote that it was probably more contagious, and probably less nasty, and that a natural contamination, more efficient and more durable than vaccination, was perhaps possible. Let nature take its course. I also wrote that we still needed a couple of weeks to be able to confirm it, it is almost done (even if there can always be a doubt with this damn virus). Facts, nothing but facts:

First point, a more contagious delta variant? Yes, it’s obvious, it has rapidly taken over everywhere, from 50 to 90%, it’s increasing every day. No need to flood you with examples or curves, no one denies it, no one needs to hide these figures. We are fast approaching the 90-100% variant delta, before the next one. This seems to give reason to those who, from experience, tell us that it is not the same epidemic, but successive epidemics, with different viruses, probably less and less virulent, to end up after 2-3 years with an endemic for a few years, with a variant virus that comes out here and there, as for seasonal flu.

An obvious example is the Spanish flu. More than likely with a very similar virus, a much more deadly epidemic than the current one. It disappeared gradually, no longer exists today, and without the need for treatment or a vaccine. Tomorrow we will be told that the disappearance of the current epidemic is thanks to the vaccine, whereas it is a natural phenomenon that has been recurring for centuries.

Does this variant only affect the unvaccinated? Apparently this is the case in only one country in the world, ours. Our minister says so, the press does not release any figures other than what he says, so it is the truth. Elsewhere, it seems that this is not the case, we must have a special climate. The countries that have vaccinated the most in the world are still facing this new wave, sometimes even more than the others. If it only affected the unvaccinated, it would not be the case. I’ve talked about it, with figures, in previous posts, this is the case of the Seychelles, Gibraltar, and many others, but also of larger and well-monitored countries, such as the United Kingdom or Israel. In these two countries, an average figure of 40-50% of infected people are vaccinated. As the rate of vaccinated people is around 50-60%, we can perhaps say that this variant affects both the vaccinated and the non-vaccinated, so it is not far from 50/50.

We are trying to hide it. Sir Patrick Vallance, the UK’s Mr Solomon, got things mixed up by trying to play down the facts, declaring in a joint press conference with Prime Minister Boris Johnson that 60% of people newly admitted to hospital had received 2 doses, only to say on twitter that it was a mistake but 60% of the non-vaccinated. In Israel, it’s clearer: according to the ministry, 5 days ago, out of the 143 hospitalised, 58% were fully vaccinated, 3% partially, 39% non-vaccinated. If we look at the new cases, rather than hospitalizations, since the beginning of the wave in May, 40% of the new cases are vaccinated with 2 doses. 1% of new cases had had covid before, having acquired antibodies through the disease (72 cases out of 7,700 infected since the beginning of the wave, compared to more than 3,000 vaccinated with 2 doses). This does not mean that the disease is 40 times more protective than the vaccines, because it must be taken into account that there are fewer former patients than former vaccinees. However, the country has 860,000 cases (add healthy carriers), i.e. 10% of the population, compared with 60% of those vaccinated, which brings the ratio down from 1 to 40 to 1 to 7. Immunity to the disease appears to be 7 times greater than that of the vaccine. I will therefore retain an average figure of 40 to 50% of vaccinated people in the new cases, which is not insignificant for judging the effectiveness of a vaccine, which is put forward to stop this variant!

Let’s add that the vaccinated are no less contaminating than the non-vaccinated. Few people say this in our country. On the other hand, look at what the President of the Order of Physicians in Rome says. Unthinkable in our country, with an Order under orders.

The less virulent delta variant? Now, with more hindsight, we can confirm this. With more hindsight, because there is a time lag, on average 15 days, between diagnosis and death (if that is the marker we use). The British started their third wave on 24 May (first day of re-ascension of cases), i.e. 2 months ago, which is more than enough time to judge the damage caused by the wave. Here are the superimposed curves of new cases and deaths in this country for the last 18 months.

Cases and deaths per million inhabitants

For the second wave, the shift in cases/deaths is clearly visible, and the two curves follow each other. For the third wave, the delta variant, the death curve no longer follows, and deaths are low compared to the second wave. For the first wave, the case curve is flattened and deaths are higher, due to the much lower number of tests at the beginning.

As a proportion of the number of cases, these curves show 15 times fewer deaths with the delta than with the previous variant. Another important observation is that the British began the end of the wave on 20 July, i.e. 5 days ago, and deaths should decrease in about ten days. The end of the wave, without having vaccinated more, and having reduced all the accompanying measures since 19 July. With the opposite of what we are doing in France, everything is going well with the delta in the UK. All this has been visible for a month, except to our leaders, our elected representatives and our press.

Israel follows with a one month delay, the same findings on cases and deaths.

Same thing in France, our wave started exactly on June 28, i.e. 4 weeks ago. Hospitalizations and deaths should have started up again 15 days ago, whereas they continue to fall or are in a low plateau (should rise again, in a proportion 15 times lower than in previous waves if we follow England and Israel). If this is confirmed, the result in 15 days. I would point out that 15 times less is less deadly than seasonal flu!

In the USA as in France, they try to minimize this situation, but the findings are the same as elsewhere, even if presented differently. There is a very interesting table in the New York Times (you won’t find it in Le Monde or Le Figaro), giving by region the % of delta variants and hospitalizations: the more deltas you have, the fewer hospitalizations there are! When there are only deltas, there will be few hospitalisations.

Does the vaccine protect against severe forms? A recent report from Public Health seems to show the opposite. From February to June, of the 257 people who died of covid in the UK, 163 had received at least one dose of vaccine, i.e. 63%. These figures show that mortality is much higher among the vaccinated than among the unvaccinated. Taken like that, it is tendentious, which would not bother Olivier Véran, if it were not the other way round. Indeed, it must be taken into account that the elderly dominate among the vaccinated, and the young among the non-vaccinated. In the event of infection, it is therefore normal that there are more deaths among the elderly, and therefore among the vaccinated. On the other hand, these figures do show one thing: vaccines do not protect (or only slightly) against severe forms of the disease, otherwise there would be fewer deaths among the vaccinated, who die just as much according to age.

Delta variant and treatments? If this variant seems to be very moderately sensitive to vaccines, what about medical treatments? India got rid of this home-grown variant very quickly, and the wave announced by all our newspapers as a coming catastrophe did not last long. In terms of intensity, the number of cases per million inhabitants was half that of France. This was probably due to the only weapon they had: ivermectin. The fully vaccinated represented 3% of the Indian population at the time of the wave.

It is interesting to compare two Indian states, Tamil Nadu, 68 million inhabitants, which refused treatment, and Uttar Pradesh, 204 million inhabitants, which massively distributed ivermectin. Both with 35,000 cases/day at peak, this is what the curve of new cases per million inhabitants gives, with treatment (Uttar Pradesh) and without treatment (Tamil Nadu), for the same variant: a wave 3 times stronger, twice as long.

Conclusions on this delta variant:

1) More contagious, much less virulent. Equivalent to seasonal flu?

2) Vaccine moderately effective, does not protect so much from severe forms.

3) Effective treatments. The figures say so. Does this deserve the drama we have been experiencing in France for the past two weeks, and which will leave its mark for decades to come?

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august 2021 (Covid 1984)

JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJuly2020 here

This is a chronology not based on the date the information was published but based on the date  I received it.

Those who accuse this site of hyperbole would have thought that even suggesting the possibility of half of what’s happening today just over a year ago was hyperbolic and paranoid. The sleep of subversive reason is spawning an epidemic of monsters.

It should be clear that I am not  in accord with the ideological aspects of the content of many of the articles I link to. And, as with all information about Covid,  articles have to be filtered through a critical vigilance that I personally have sometimes not invariably exercised in relation to various articles, at least at the time of putting them up. I put them up because they seem to offer alternative sober  perspectives on what’s happening.

I should also add that there may well be some inconsistency and contradictory information here. That’s because it’s extremely difficult to sift what is valid,  what is speculation and what is manipulation. However, it seems more worthwhile trying to put forward some of what appears to be the more pertinent criticisms of what’s going on than remain silent before the overwhelming propaganda machine and wait a few years in order to be “correct” but too late. “The path toward simplicity is the most complex of all, and here in particular it seemed best not to tear away from the commonplace the tangle of roots which enable us to transplant it into another region, where we can cultivate it to our own profit. ” – here


Syria: regime uses WHO vaccination campaign to hunt down opponents

“In northeastern Syria, controlled by the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces, the WHO’s Covid-19 vaccination campaign is being conducted in collaboration with the Damascus regime. A threat to the thousands of displaced people hunted down by Bashar al-Assad’s forces.

Raqqa (Syria) – On 15 June, Ismael goes to work in a medical centre in the town of Al Mansoura, east of Raqqa. The 36-year-old is a member of an NGO set up in this centre to provide care for the most vulnerable people in this area of north-eastern Syria, controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) – an alliance between Kurds and Arabs – where 2.5 million people live, including many families who have fled Bashar al-Assad’s bloody repression.

That day, a Syrian medical team supervised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) was on site to vaccinate medical staff and people over 55 years old. “They offered to vaccinate me too,” says Ismael. “I was very happy to be able to get a first dose, given the very complicated health situation in north-eastern Syria. I thought I’d get the jackpot to protect myself and my family.

Without any fear, Ismael rolls up the right sleeve of his shirt so that the nurse can prick him and inject him with the first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine. A few minutes later, the medical team gives him two certificates: one is signed by the Syrian Democratic Forces, the second by the Syrian Ministry of Health and bears the regime’s seal: a golden falcon, its wings spread, encircling the flag with two green stars.

This symbol makes the thousands of Syrians who decided to rise up against Bashar al-Assad ten years ago tremble. “But no one had explained this to me before,” Ismael says with annoyance.

“At first, when I found myself with this certificate from the regime in my hand, I didn’t really realise. Then I asked this medical team who they were working for. They admitted that they were not from the WHO, but employed by the Syrian Ministry of Health, with which the UN agency has a partnership. Before the vaccine, they recorded a lot of details on a computer: my name, my address, my number. I also said how many children I had. This regime terrifies us. Having given all this information to Bashar al-Assad, it scares me a lot”, confides the father.

Since then, he has been afraid to use his phone for fear of being bugged or having his data hacked. “I have always been an opponent of the regime. Honestly, I would never have agreed to be vaccinated if I had known that Assad was involved in this. Really, I’d rather be vaccinated by the devil than have a dose that comes through Bashar and his gang.”

Last spring, the WHO allocated 203,000 doses of AstraZenaca vaccine to Syria, which has been fragmented after ten years of relentless war. About 17,000 were sent to the SDF-controlled northeast.

According to the latest figures, across Syria, nearly 26,000 cases of Covid-19 have been reported and 1,930 people have died after contracting the virus. These figures are far from the reality in a country where the hospital system has been shattered by war and, more recently, economic collapse.

The first WHO vaccination campaign was launched in June, the second at the beginning of August, always on the same model: the vaccinated people all receive a certificate from the Damascus regime after having communicated information about their personal situation beforehand.

Contacted by email, the WHO confirms this partnership with the Syrian authorities. “The Covid-19 vaccination campaign is coordinated and administered by the Ministry of Health of the Syrian Arab Republic. It includes distribution, conversation, certification and vaccination cards,” says the Geneva-based organisation.

All those injecting the vaccine in Raqqa or Deir Ez-Zor are sent and paid by the Syrian Ministry of Health.

While many countries have closed their embassies in Damascus and severed all ties with Bashar al-Assad’s regime, all UN agencies, including the WHO, continue to cooperate with the Damascus regime, the only government in Syria recognised by the international community to date. The country has been a member of the WHO Executive Board since the spring of 2021, and will remain so until 2024. Its representative is the regime’s Minister of Health.

What will happen to the information gathered during this campaign? To this question, which is essential for the safety of thousands of Syrians, the WHO ignores it: “Vaccination certificates and cards are issued to people after they have been injected. WHO has no information to confirm or not that the data collected through the cards and the vaccination certificates are sent to Damascus.

This non-response adds to the total lack of clarity in the vaccination centres opened in the heart of the SDF-controlled area. “All the people who inject the vaccine in Raqqa or Deir Ez-Zor are sent and paid by the Syrian Ministry of Health. I saw them arrive,” says Mohamed, a doctor in a hospital in the Deir Ez-Zor area. The SDF are just there to supervise the campaign, but they print and then hand out the vaccination cards from the Syrian Ministry of Health.

You can’t separate the Ministry of Health from the system set up by the regime. They are all complicit.

The doctor finally agreed to be vaccinated, but he took a risk by giving information about his precise location: since 2011, the Syrian regime has been conducting a merciless crackdown on medical personnel based outside the territories it controls.

Mohamed is aware of this, but he has chosen to protect his family and the patients he sees every day. The Syrian Ministry of Health staff who came to vaccinate us only accepted official identity papers, where our place of residence is indicated. They wanted to know where we lived. For me, this is not a vaccination campaign, it’s an information gathering. The Syrian secret services have long been able to go anywhere in the country to arrest or kill people. This is known. But here, we are helping them to collect information on civilians, who are just asking to be protected against this virus!

The Syrian Ministry of Health, which signs the vaccination cards and certificates, is one of the branches of the Damascus regime’s repressive apparatus.

Samer Aldeyaei is the co-founder of the Free Syria Lawyers Association (FSLA). He and his teams have been investigating crimes committed by Bashar al-Assad’s men since the start of the revolution in 2011. “You can’t separate this ministry from the system set up by the regime. They are all accomplices,” said the Syrian lawyer.

“This ministry has been linked to the secret services since the beginning. For example, it was the ministry that transmitted to Bashar al-Assad’s security forces the names of Syrians injured and hospitalised during the first demonstrations. Officials of this institution also falsify autopsy reports of prisoners who died under torture in Damascus. They write that they died of a heart attack, or some other illness, without ever referring to the marks left by torture on the bodies,” adds Samer Aldeyaei.

Last spring, a photo of an ambulance taken in Hamah made the rounds on social networks: the vehicle is covered at the front with a portrait of Bashar al-Assad. On the side, in blue, is written “WHO” in blue. The picture triggered a wave of indignation in the Syrian opposition.

On 9 August, Ismael again came across one of the ministry’s medical teams, sent to his town near Raqqa for the second part of the vaccination campaign.

When I explained to them that I had torn up the certificate with the regime’s seal and thrown it in a bin, I asked them if I could still have the second dose,” explains the father. But they refused and yelled at me, explaining that the Damascus regime was the only one that could vaccinate me. So Ismael went home without the second dose, which is essential to protect him from the virus.”

Already, back in April 2020, the WHO effectively collaborated in the Syrian regime’s brutal policies towards the Kurds – see this.


Australia: extraordinary report (maybe fake) of 2 kids dying after 24,000 children are herded into stadium for vaccineor maybe it’s this horror that happened (kids fall into coma)

The way the first one is written makes it sound dubious. Not sure if the 2  refer to the same incidents and the first has got its facts wrong.  Update 2/9: in fact this may well be fake news, but it’s not entirely certain. Dominant attacks on this story say that the kids did not die, but they don’t seem to deny that they fell into a coma (see this).

From Australia’s Herald Sun (apparently at least, though nowadays it’s easy to fake these things, and I haven’t the time or energy to check this out)

France: strikes against Health Passport in libraries of 4 cities

More totalitarian censorship

Detailed article on mRNA vaccines, their relationship to eugenics and many other contradictions in their use and justifications

How technically the vaccines are not classified as “gene therapy” even though they are

“In EU, there is one exclusion criterion that explicitly vetoed a product from being classified as a gene therapy: those products aimed at the treatment or prophylaxis of infectious diseases. These products would be classified as vaccines, even if the product meets all of the necessary criteria to be considered an advanced therapy (European Medicines Agency, 2015). For instance, a modified vaccinia virus ankara (MVA) into which two genes have been placed for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer is classified as a GTMP (Gene Therapy Medicinal Product), but if these genes lead to foreign protein expression for the treatment of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease, the product will not be considered an advanced therapy, but a vaccine (European Medicines Agency, 2016bDraper and Heeney, 2010). The same principle applies to non-viral vectored products such as most plasmid DNA- or RNA-based products. For instance, Trimix is a mixture of mRNAs encoding for antigen presenting cell activation molecules. If this mixture of mRNAs is combined with tumor-associated antigens for the treatment of melanoma, the therapy is classified as a GTMP, but if these mRNA are combined with mRNA encoding for HIV antigens, the therapy will be considered a vaccine (European Medicines Agency, 2016b). In the US, it is not specifically mentioned as an exclusion criterion, but prophylaxis or therapeutic vaccines for infectious diseases have their own guidances for development, and these products are typically reviewed by the CBER/Office of Vaccines Research and Review (OVRR) and not by the OTAT (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2007). Therefore, the criterion for excluding a product from being classified as a GTMP in both regions is directly related to the indications of the product.”


Greece, Athens: clashes on demo against mRNA vaccine programme


UK, London: large demo against vaccination passports

France: anti-Health Passport demos throughout countryMontpellier: victory for antifas – fascists from the Ligue du Midi decide not to participate in demos after previous clashes

More on this latter here.

” “Freedom alone can be neo-liberalism. Freedom does not come without solidarity. The real problem today is solidarity. Social justice! Tax justice! Climate justice! The rest follows from that! : these few sentences resounded very loudly on Saturday, at the beginning of the seventh Montpellier rally against the health pass. These few sentences were pronounced by a Yellow Vest from Gignac, among the speeches preceding the demonstration. …If diverse and open speeches were heard on Saturday 28 August in Montpellier, this went hand in hand with the lifting of a debt weighing heavily on the movement: the ousting of its leader until then, Christophe Derouch, and his companions from the Ligue du Midi, a group with ultra-violent methods, on openly fascist, identitarian, racist, sexist and homophobic ideological bases. Directly neo-Nazi formations distinguished themselves again on Saturday. The anti-fascists had to disperse them again, more clearly victorious than ever. …no tolerance can be conceded to the violent presence of fascist militants practising aggression and intimidation within a social movement (and even less at the head of this movement). …And from history, it is already time to draw some lessons. At least submit them to debate. For example, the illusion that a movement will win through sheer force of conviction in numbers. Numbers alone do not frighten the powers that be, but the power of initiative, the strength and audacity of actions, the refusal that they be ritualised, repetitive, only ordered and predictable in every respect. This also requires open, contradictory, direct discussion, which broadens the meaning of the struggle, sharpens the political sense, and does not submit to the monologue of self-proclaimed leaders. Even if they are not victorious in their announced objective, social movements grow through the richness of their experience and the maturation of their awareness. This happens through debate…”

A word on the use of fear by the state

Page 49 of France’s Senate report (2009_2010) of the Commission of Inquiry into the role of pharmaceutical companies in the government’s management of swine flu (H1N1) says “The communication and lobbying strategy adopted by the ESWI, as it appears in particular in the debates of the working group meeting on 23 January 2009 in Brussels, underlines the link between the population’s fear and the marketing of pre-pandemic vaccines. When asked “what would be the benefit of such a pre-pandemic vaccine?” one of the participants, Jonathan Van Tan, Professor of Health Protection at the University of Nottingham, replied: “It depends on when you give it and how scared the population is when you give it.” This observation was made a few months before the outbreak of the influenza A (H1N1) pandemic.”

No official autopsies for those who die shortly after being vaccinated

McKinsey, consulting firm that advises Macron on its Covid strategy, involved in corrupt advice that led to nearly ½ million deaths in USA

“…The prestigious consulting firm McKinsey has agreed to pay 573 million dollars to settle lawsuits launched by US states that accused it of contributing to the opioid crisis through its advice to pharmaceutical groups including Purdue Pharma, the manufacturer of Oxycontin…The terms of the agreement, announced Thursday by New York prosecutor Letitia James, indicate that McKinsey has neither acknowledged nor denied the facts of the case, a position that allows the group to avoid third parties to use the compromise to attack it in turn in court….”McKinsey’s cynical and deliberate marketing tactics helped fuel the opioid crisis by helping Purdue Pharma target doctors they knew were over-prescribing opioids” …McKinsey advised Purdue Pharma, which pleaded guilty last year in the case, to help boost sales, according to New York State. It recommended that the drug company focus on the high dosages considered most lucrative, according to court documents produced by the plaintiffs….In addition to the financial penalty, McKinsey also agreed to future restrictions on the scope of its business: the firm will no longer advise any firm on the development, manufacture, promotion, marketing, sale or use of an opiate or any narcotic…Nearly half a million Americans died from overdoses caused by both prescribed and illegally sold opioids between 1999 and 2018, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

Just to remind you:

The son of the President of the Constitutional Council (the mass murderer Laurent Fabius, famous for knowingly allowing HIV contaminated blood to be given to haemophiliacs in the 1980s, when over 1000 died)  is a director of McKinsey.


Portugal, Lisbon: youths throw bottles and stones at cops closing down bars in enforcement of Covid rules

“Several youths threw stones and bottles at Public Security Police (PSP) officers on Friday night in Cais do Sodré, Lisbon, due to an enforcement operation regarding rules imposed to close bars due to the Covid-19 pandemic… there were “light injuries to police officers” and “damage to police material”… the injured police officers “did not require treatment”. “After the closure of all establishments, the police tried to prevent gatherings between groups of hundreds of people in Cais Sodré, having been met with the throwing of paving stones and glass bottles, and to stop these disorderly and violent behaviours, the police proceeded to disperse people, using coercive means of low lethal potential, including the firing of two less lethal ammunition,” the entity said. …Regarding the rules in force, this authority also states that it will have “special attention” to the following:

“The prohibition of consumption of alcoholic beverages on public roads;
The mandatory use of masks in the public thoroughfare whenever it is not possible to comply with the recommended physical distance;
The advice not to concentrate people in the public thoroughfare and legitimacy of the security forces and services, to disperse concentrations of more than 15 people.””

Israel: researchers find immunity acquired via infection from Covid-19 is superior to immunity from Pfizer vaccine


US: Delta airline imposes $200 extra health insurance contribution per month on its non-vaccinated wage slaves

France, Loire-Atlantique: following demonstration and blockade on 21/8/21, Health Passports no longer obligatory in shopping centres

3 French texts about the Health Passport which are more or less ok:


Tract PASS SANITAIRE 21 août 2021


Interesting analysis comparing, amongst other things on the development of totalitarianism in the UK,  the Third Reich with the current situation – written at the end of August 2020

Long, not exactly written within a consistent revolutionary perspective but definitely worth reading, even if at times rather hyperbolic.

An Italian has his QR code tattooed on his arm

Self-managed Auschwitz..? Health Passports Macht Frei.

US, Texas: massive nursing shortage in Houston after hospitals fire 150 unvaccinated workers


UK, London: anti-mRNA vaccine protesters  occupy ITV news and Channel 4 news 

In typical Orwellian Newspeak these protesters are caricatured, in what is  now an automatic put-down,  in this  Guardian article  as conspiracy theorists and “anti-vaxxers”. The article offers no evidence of this so I cannot say whether this has the remotest truth to it or not.  See Part 1 of this.


Spain, Basque Country (San Sebastien): 5th night of riots against Covid restrictions

“Violence increases in Donostia with smashing of shop windows, robberies and burning of containers. At least ten people have been arrested and three police officers have been injured in a new night of altercations in the Old Part and the Centre…

Zara shop window in the city centre completely broken after the riots

…. The fifth night of riots and arrests in the Old Town and Downtown have resulted in ten people arrested….several acts of vandalism and even robberies have been committed in some of the most important shops in the commercial area of San Sebastian, such as Zara. The police forces that ensure compliance with covid-19  health regulations in front of the covid-19 have come up against the youths, who have met the Basque police by  throwing of “all kinds of objects”…they have also dragged containers across the roads, burning some of them, in the main streets of the city centre and have broken shop windows in the same area..This increase in violence has resulted in three police officers being injured. But the images of the videos that are circulating on social networks go much further. Young people using fences to break the window of one of the main shops in the centre of Donostia and, once they have achieved their objective, they enter to take various fashion items, taking advantage of all the chaos…After recalling that incidents involving people who “refuse to comply with the regulations” in the face of the pandemic and confront the police have occurred this summer in other parts of the Basque Country and other regions of Spain, he stated that, with the data currently available, it cannot be said that the events that have taken place in the capital of Gipuzkoa over the last week “are the result of a planned, perfectly coordinated strategy of urban guerrilla actions, of a clear and undeniable social or political design”…”

Australia, Queensland: vaccination compulsory for “essential workers”

Canada, Toronto:  hospital workers told they’ll be fired if they don’t get vaccinated


Down with routine ritualised demos! Leaflet distributed on 21st August in Montpellier, France.

Clashes with fascists in Montpellier

Ligue du Midi thugs forced out of the demo after having tried to lead it. A lot of plastic bottles thrown from both sides. Officially, nationally  175,503 people were on the demos throughout France. Double that to get closer to the real figure. A lot of crap of course (eg “the forces of order with us”).  A lot of shouts of “Liberty!” without anybody trying to define it outside of the limits of an already unfree system even before this suffocating Covid-inspired development of capital.  See the above leaflet – Down with routine ritualised demos! – I wrote.

In Paris, the media concentrate on the demo lead by Phillipot, a politician of the extreme Right   – but there were 3 other demos there – including 2 Yellow Vest demos (one official – ie the authorities were announced of it beforehand, the other a wild demo trying to go to bourgeois areas).

GPs in France have now been told they’ll be suspended if they don’t get vaccinated.


Australia: clashes in Sydney & Melbourne over “health” measures

Guadeloupe (French overseas territory):  prisoners offered sentence reduction if they agree to be vaccinated 

Apparently they had to backtrack on this, though there are parts of the world where I’ve heard this happening (e.g. here).

New Zealand: just 31 cases and this becomes a pretext to  extend lockdown and to put this in the headlines

Am I missing something here, or is this just a blatant pretext to take a massive sledgehammer to crack a very tiny nut?  And to make it out as something significant. In 2003 about 200 people died each week from flu in New Zealand. I somehow doubt that The Guardian deemed it worthy of comment. And the 31 people mentioned today are just cases (or at least deemed to be cases – though the PCR test is not reliable, and besides, many of these cases are likely to be asymptomatic, so something that wouldn’t be registered if it had been flu). NZ’s state has an ideology of wanting zero cases, and will continue to apply heavy measures until they achieve this – ie for eternity, because this is as unlikely as  eradicating the flu (and it seems that, though the Delta variant is a great deal more contagious than the “normal” Covid, it’s probably as much as 15 time less severe than the original Covid and less severe than seasonal flu).  In a world that is truly upside down, the insignificant becomes significant and the significant (like Colombia’s uprising) is ignored.


Critique of the glorification of “Science”, comparing attitudes to GMO products and those towards vaccines

“There are strong similarities between the issue of genetically modified organisms (GMO) in agriculture and the COVID ‘pandemic’ in terms of the framing of debates in both fields: a type of ‘the science is decided’ mentality and a smearing of critics in an attempt to demonise and close down debate.

Some years ago, Robert T Fraley, Monsanto’s former vice president and chief technology officer, asked on Twitter:

    Why do people doubt science?”

Accompanying his question was a link to an article that implied people who are suspicious of vaccines, GMOs, climate change or fluoridated water are confused, adhere to “conspiracy theories”, are motivated by ideology or are simply misinformed.

But science is not the giver of ‘absolute truth’. That in itself should allow us to develop a healthy scepticism towards it. Scientific knowledge is built on shaky stilts that rest on shifting foundations.

Science historian Thomas Kuhn wrote about the revolutionary paradigm shifts in scientific thought, whereby established theoretical
perspectives can reinforce prevailing paradigms and serve as a barrier to the advancement of knowledge, until the weight of evidence and pressure from proponents of a new theoretical outlook is overwhelming.

The old faith then gives way and the new ‘truth’ changes.

The manufacture of scientific knowledge involves a process driven by various sociological, methodological and epistemological conflicts and compromises, both inside the laboratory and beyond.

Why do people doubt science?

Not because they are ill-informed or have read Kuhn or some sociology journal, but because they can see how science is used, corrupted and manipulated by powerful corporations and governments to serve their own ends.

Take US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, for instance. He once called for “sound science” to underpin food trade that involves GMOs. Despite what Vilsack would have us believe – that there are no concerns about GMOs – many studies show that they present risks to human health and are having serious environmental, social and economic consequences.

“Sound science” and the GMO agritech sector are too often perfect strangers. The industry carries out inadequate, short-term studies and conceals the data produced by its research under the guise of ‘commercial confidentiality’, while independent research highlights the dangers of its products.

It has in the past also engaged in fakery in India, bribery in Indonesia and smears and intimidation against those who challenge its interests as well as the distortion and the censorship of scientific findings that undermine its agenda.

In the US, policymakers released GM food onto the commercial market without proper long-term tests, citing the belief that it is “substantially equivalent” to ordinary food. But foreign genes are being inserted into organisms that studies show make them substantially non-equivalent.

“Substantial equivalence” is a trade strategy on behalf of the GMO sector that neatly serves to bypass science by removing its GMOs from the type of scrutiny usually applied to potentially toxic or harmful substances.

Ultimately, it is not science itself that people have doubts about but “science” that is pressed into the service of immensely powerful private corporations and regulatory bodies that are effectively co-opted and adopt a ‘don’t look, don’t find approach’ to studies and products.”…

The ‘technological salvation’ argument being put forward in favour of the vaccines is also present with GMOs: the technology is needed to ‘feed the hungry’ or ‘save dying children’. When an argument cannot be won using rational debate and science, we usually see the emotional blackmail fallback position and ad hominins against critics.

Whether it is GMO crop technology or COVID vaccines, we are seeing a huge unscientific experiment using people as human guinea pigs to rake in massive profits.

In the case of the vaccines, there is also a wider agenda involving a ‘great reset’ of the economy and labour’s relationship to an increasingly authoritarian state whose role is to produce the conditions that will subordinate ordinary people to the ‘new normal’ required by private capital: mass surveillance, worklessness and the eradication of civil and political rights in favour of technocratic rule. In fact, genetically engineered food and crops are an integral part of this reset.”

It should be pointed out that GMOs reduce fertility, reduce natural immunity and vastly destroy biodiversity. And that’s on top of the fact that the pesticides that they encourage use of are highly carcenogenic.

Fully vaccinated adults can harbour virus levels as high as unvaccinated

So what else is new? This has been revealed time and again over the last 6 weeks and suddenly they think it worthy of headlines.


Evaluation of Strategies to Fight COVID-19: The French Paradigm

Haven’t yet read most of this but it may be of interest. It focuses mainly on a comparison between Paris and Marseille. Should be pointed out that Raoult, despite certainly treating far more people having Covid than other hospitals in the first 6 months or so of Covid, is being pushed out of his position (link to the usual type of conformist rubbishy mainstream article referring to very dubious trials of hydroxychloraquine, many financed by Gilead, the producer of the truly toxic and expensive remdesivir).

France, Pau: a hundred or so anti-Health Passport demonstrators have sit-in in hospital

This took place on Monday 16/8/21.

France, near Toulouse: all 3,500 of the vaccines at a vaccination centre destroyed as centre is vandalised

Happened on the night of 16-17th August. Seems like this is happening quite a lot all over the place. One TV programme said that there’s been 1 attack per day since the middle of July, just after the “Health” Passport was announced by Macron. For instance, this one over last weekend.

Greece: against mandatory vaccination & its crusaders


UK: article from February  about conspiracies: “Cui Bono? – the Covid19 conspiracy”

A long article. But this quote alone is interesting:

“We know now that Government strategies for responding to a viral epidemic that had been in place for years were abandoned in favour of the historically unprecedented policy of national lockdown.

  • We know that Government contracts for the campaign of propaganda worth £119 million were signed with PR firms 3 weeks before the first lockdown.
  • We know that, in April 2020, the Cabinet Office approved over £216 million for advertising on what it called the ‘COVID-19 Campaign 20/21’.
  • We know that the criteria for attributing deaths to COVID-19 were changed back in March to exaggerate the official number of fatalities.
  • We know that 95 per cent of the deaths attributed to the disease are of people with pre-existing health conditions like cancer, dementia, heart disease or diabetes.
  • We know that 84 per cent are over 70 years of age, and that the average age of those whose deaths are attributed to COVID-19 is the average age of death in the UK.
  • We know that, a year into this so-called ‘pandemic’, just over 600 patients under the age of 60 without a pre-existing health condition have had their deaths in English hospitals attributed to COVID-19.
  • We know that, in April last year, the World Health Organisation issued instructions to medical practitioners that, if COVID-19 is merely the ‘suspected’ or ‘probable’ or ‘assumed’ cause of death, it must always be recorded as the ‘underlying cause’ on death certificates, whether this is ‘considered medically correct or not.’
  • We know that the WHO’s recommendations on the use of face masks by the public changed in June following political lobbying by the governments of, among other countries, the UK, and that even then it was primarily to encourage compliance with other restrictions on our rights and freedoms.
  • We know that the first and only randomised control trial of the effectiveness of face masks in stopping coronavirus transmission, which was rejected by several leading medical journals, when finally published reported that the benefits were ‘not statistically significant’.
  • We know that, for a long time, the UK Government deliberately exaggerated the number of so-called ‘COVID-19 deaths’ by including anyone who has tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, no matter how long afterwards they died and of what illness.
  • We know that, even now, anyone who tests positive within 28 days of their death is still recorded as a ‘COVID death’.
  • We know that, since August 2020, anyone who tests positive within 60 days of their death is also recorded as a ‘COVID death’.
  • We know that, according to the WHO, 30 per cent of infections, even in high GDP countries like the UK, are contracted in intensive care units, meaning anyone dying in a UK hospital has an equivalent chance of being designated a ‘COVID death’.
  • We know that, even with the withdrawal of medical care for nearly 68 million people for the best part of a year, the age-adjusted mortality rate in 2020 was the highest in only 12 years, and that the population fatality rate from the coronavirus ‘epidemic’ is equivalent to a bad season of influenza.*
  • We know that, as even these inaccurately identified deaths have fallen, the Government has turned to the promotion of RT-PCR tests for the virus that, according to its own advisors at SAGE, have a false-positive rate higher than the percentage of the UK population testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 with these tests.
  • We know that between 20 and 80 per cent of infections with SARS-CoV-2 are asymptomatic, and therefore calling them ‘cases’ is medically inaccurate.
  • We know from a study of nearly 10 million residents in Wuhan, the epicentre of the infection in China, that asymptomatic transmission of SARS-CoV-2 is statistically non-existent.
  • We have known for the past 55 years that at least four coronaviruses circulate freely in UK on a seasonal basis, providing prior immunity to SARS-CoV-2 in around 30 per cent of the population before it reached these shores.
  • We know that any RT-PCR test reliant on encoding the spike protein unique to coronaviruses can incorrectly detect as SARS-CoV-2 anyone having a common cold from other coronaviruses at the time of sampling or carrying traces of dead and therefore non-infectious virus.
  • We know that, despite this, the governments of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are using these meaningless statistics to impose tiered lockdowns across the UK, in further violation of our human rights and civil liberties.
  • We know that this is being done under legislation that only authorises such actions when justified by medical evidence that has not been produced for Parliament but merely alluded to in press conferences.
  • We know that the predictions of escalating infections and increased numbers of deaths by senior medical figures employed by the Government have been shown time and again to be wildly inaccurate fabrications based on predictive models challenged by the most eminent scientists around the world.
  • We know that, as of publication, 351 coronavirus-justified Statutory Instruments have been made into law without a draft being presented to Parliament in advance for debate, without medical or other proof being provided of their justification or proportionality, and without an assessment being made of their impact, and that every one of these pieces of legislation requiring it has been rubber stamped in retrospect by virtual sittings of that Parliament.
  • We know that £22 billion of public monies has been awarded in coronavirus-justified contracts without prior competitive tender to privately-owned companies with financial links to members of Parliament, the Government and their business colleagues.
  • We know that more and more of the functions of the state are being outsourced to private companies unaccountable to the public that provides the money with which they are paid.
  • We know that the coronavirus-justified restrictions imposed on the UK population since March 2020 have cost the country £280 billion, the equivalent of £4,112 for every man, woman and child in the UK.
  • We know that, in contrast, the wealth of the world’s 2,200-plus billionaires increased by 20 per cent and US$1.9 trillion in 2020, more than in any previous year in history.
  • We know that, by the end of 2020, the number of people in low to middle-income countries facing acute food insecurity will double to 265 million as a result of coronavirus-justified restrictions.
  • We know that, under the cloak of this crisis, the Government and its financial partners have massively expanded the surveillance, monitoring and control of UK citizens through regulations, programmes and technologies that are implementing the UK biosecurity state.
  • We know that, at the peak of deaths attributed to COVID-19 in April, more than 40 per cent of acute care beds in NHS hospitals were unoccupied.
  • We know there is strong evidence that, at a conservative estimate, at least half the 80,000 deaths attributed to COVID-19 in 2020 were caused by lockdown restrictions that denied UK citizens emergency, elective, social and community care in order to free up hospital beds for an epidemic that was never in danger of arriving.
  • We know that the renewal of lockdown over the winter of 2020-2021 is killing thousands more.
  • We know that this lockdown was decided back in July, before the manufactured rise in so-called ‘cases’ consequent upon a huge rise in RT-PCR tests producing an even greater rise in false positives.
  • We know that over the next five years, hundreds of thousands more people in the UK will fall into poverty, unemployment, bankruptcy and despair that will shorten their lives by many tens of thousands of years because of restrictions justified by these manufactured figures.
  • We know that, although the GDP of the UK is rising slowly back to pre-crisis levels, the restrictions that continue to be imposed on the population are redistributing wealth from the public purse into the pockets of the rich and the powerful on a scale never before seen even in the UK.
  • We know that the mental health of millions of UK citizens is being deliberately and systematically attacked through Government-funded campaigns of terrorism, fearmongering and lies designed to reduce the population to compliance, obedience, resignation and despair.
  • We know that self-harming and thoughts of suicide, particularly among British children, are increasing.
  • We know that the fines for the newly-created crimes of not wearing a mask, meeting friends or leaving our home without permission have been raised and will continue to be raised to levels sufficient to financially ruin anyone who disobeys Government regulations.
  • We know that non-compliance with certain coronavirus-justified Regulations can now be punished with up to 10 years in prison.
  • We know that the Government has looked at the legal barriers to making vaccination compulsory for a disease with a fatality rate of 0.23 per cent across the population and 0.05 per cent for those under 70, and has not ruled out making taking such a vaccine a condition of access to public life.
  • We know that UK police forces are being given more power with reduced accountability to enforce these regulations with increased brutality and greater impunity from prosecution.
  • We know that the legal profession, the media, the press, academia, the medical profession, the pharmaceutical industry, the financial and banking sector, the passenger transport industry, the civil service, the security services, the armed forces and every other public institution are collaborating in affecting the revolution of the UK into a biosecurity state.
  • We know that this state is being implemented through the private sector as much as through the public sector, with the information technology industry, the healthcare industry, the education industry, the tourism industry, the hospitality industry and the retail industry all being compelled by coronavirus-justified regulations to enforce compliance with the technologies and programmes of the biosecurity state as a condition of using their services.
  • We know that these technologies will not stop there, but under the guise of monitoring and protecting our biosecurity, not only from SARS-CoV-2 but from any other virus designated a threat to public health in the future, are penetrating and influencing every aspect of our private life, biological existence and social behaviour.”

It also says this (and remember – this was written in February): “If I risk looking into the future, I’d imagine a system of social credit based on that in China will be implemented on the back of some form of Universal Basic Income. This will essentially be an extension of our current benefits system of Universal Credit, but which will be tied to digital currency and whose ‘awarding’ will be additionally contingent upon our compliance with every demand and requirement of the UK biosecurity state. This will include tracking our every movement, interaction and contact through QR-codes; regularly updating our health status into a centralised data base; annual vaccination made either compulsory or a condition of returning to work; regularly submitting biometric samples for testing; carrying digital health passports at all times in order to access public services like travel, medical care and welfare benefits; the automation and regulation of the home as a quarantine block; mandatory mask-wearing in all public places; payment with blockchain currency programmed with conditions of use and traceable to the behaviour and health status of the user; and, of course, obedient acceptance of whatever new ‘rethink, reskill, reboot’ job the state assigns the millions of unemployed and impoverished workers granted a Universal Basic Income. In case we’re not clear what that will involve, it won’t mean a career in cyber-security, as the Government’s ill-advised propaganda campaign by the National Cyber Security Centre tried to suggest last year with a spectacular lack of success. A more representative job would be a worker operating in tandem with mobile robots to locate, retrieve, sort and package pharmaceutical products in one of Amazon’s new warehouses.”

*SF: This needs to be more nuanced, as officially there have been possibly 5 times more deaths from Covid than from the flu epidemic of 2017-18. I emphasise “officially”. And I suspect that, even taking into account the deaths falsely attirubuted to Covid and other aspects of manipulation mentioned here, there have been considerably more deaths than from flu. However, severe flu symptoms are usually treated with anti-virals – not at all recommended or offered to those suffering from Covid, who were (and still  are) told to go home, take paracetomol (dangerous to take as it attacks symptoms but weaken the body’s ability to fight the virus) and only go to hospital as a last resort (ie when they’re almost on the point of dying).  Whether these policies were deliberate or not it certainly helped terrify people to have films of loads of people dying in hospital.


France: Pfizer vaccine only 42% effective against Delta variant


France: official figures say there were 214,845 demonstrators against the Health Passport throughout the country

Probably a lot more – say 429,691½.

The more transmissible Delta variant makes the goal of herd immunity probably impossible

Certainly the pharmaceutical industry hopes so. But many doctors say that the Delta variety, though far more contagious, is far less lethal, less so than seasonal flu. Some compare it’s infectiousness and dangerousness with Chickenpox, which kills about 4200 people each year throughout the world.  Compared with almost every other danger, this is very low on the list.

Report comparing Iceland with Gibraltar, Malta and Israel

“Achieving herd immunity through general vaccination is out of reach. Iceland’s chief epidemiologist, Þórólfur Guðnason, was blunt on Sunday night in drawing the consequences of the spectacular outbreak of Delta infections in his country, which is among the most highly vaccinated in the world: 93% of the population over 16 years old is fully vaccinated. In July, the daily flow of infections was almost 0.1% of the population, one of the highest rates in the world. Þórólfur Guðnason believes that the ability of vaccines to prevent re-infection of inoculated people is far too low and that people should be allowed to become naturally infected in order to achieve herd immunity in the long run. At the same time, vulnerable groups should be carefully monitored, as vaccines protect them from severe forms of the disease. Iceland would then be the first country to change its tune among Western countries determined to vaccinate everyone willingly or unwillingly in order to “move on”. But other countries and territories are casting doubt on the ability of vaccines to stop the spread of the Delta variant. Gibraltar, where 99% of the population has been fully vaccinated for two months, and Malta (82%) suffered an atypical wave of infections in July. In less than ten days, the flow of infected people increased by a hundredfold, but there was no increase in severe cases. This wave, the seventh in the case of Malta, fell back as quickly as it came in these two countries, but not in Iceland. The vaccine, in this case almost exclusively from Pfizer, seems to have done its job of protecting against severe forms, since the flow of deaths, which was almost zero, did not increase in these three countries. In Gibraltar, no one has even been hospitalised for Covid since January. There are no very convincing scientific explanations for either the rise or the fall. It is difficult to imagine a seasonal factor for a phenomenon that lasts barely four weeks. Could a sudden influx of tourists during June have been responsible? If so, the wave would not have subsided in Malta and Gibraltar. In addition, tourists had to be vaccinated, or undergo a recent PCR test and quarantine.

The situation is equally disturbing in a more demographically significant country, Israel. The flow of infection there has increased threefold between mid-July and today. This fifth wave, which shows no sign of abating, has prompted the authorities to re-impose the wearing of masks outdoors and to recommend teleworking from this Monday. The authorities and health experts have also been preparing people’s minds for a reconfinement for several weeks, while Israel is, after Iceland and the United Arab Emirates, among the countries in the world where the proportion of adults vaccinated is the highest (80%, or even 92% for the population at risk, over 60 years). While it is normal, given the size of the population, for the vaccinated to be in the majority among people hospitalised, their high proportion among adults in emergency care (72% of the 260 cases recorded) raises questions. On the other hand, this country of nine million inhabitants has only twenty serious cases of under-fifties, of which only one was vaccinated. And the daily flow of deaths remains blocked at… one.”


Australia: armed police patrols and checkpoints in clampdown on those who defy lockdown, already over 7 weeks long in some cities

“Restrictions will be tightened in Sydney, Australia’s largest city, which is entering its eighth week of containment, authorities said on Saturday, calling it “the most worrying day since the pandemic began”. Australia, long spared by the pandemic, has been hit by a surge in infections, driven by the Delta variant, which threatens its “zero Covid” strategy. More than 10 million people in the country are confined, particularly in the country’s two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne, as well as the capital, Canberra. From Monday, people who fail to comply with the draconian restrictions will face heavy fines, as measures taken so far have failed to stop the spread of the epidemic…The containment measures have also been extended to the entire state of New South Wales for the first time this year. They came into effect on Saturday afternoon for a minimum of seven days. Police patrols and checkpoints will be stepped up, while hundreds of military personnel will be tasked with ensuring strict compliance with the containment.”

France: man who put up poster with Macron as Hitler to be prosecuted



A German contact writes to me about Ivermectin:

A good start to read on the whole topic is the text “the drug that cracked covid” from the journalist Michael Capuzzo. Even though the writing and how the facts are presented is quite “American” nevertheless you will get some understanding of … Ivermectin therapy and why it isn’t known more broadly.
Here as text:
Here as pdf:

On this site all studies on Ivermectin are collected:

If you ask, who is it doing on that website, in their FAQ they write:

Who is @CovidAnalysis?
We are PhD researchers, scientists, people who hope to make a contribution, even if it is only very minor. You can find our research in journals like Science and Nature. We have little interest in adding to our publication lists, being in the news, or being on TV (we have done all of these things before but feel there are more important things in life now).

Why should we trust @CovidAnalysis?
There is no need to. We provide organization and analysis, but all sources are public and you can easily verify everything. For the meta-analyses, all data required to reproduce the analysis is contained in the appendix, with direct links to the original source papers.

If you are interested in individual studies on Ivermectin the youtuber/nurse (who is quite pro-measures and vaccine) has done several videos on single studies: (and in the meantime he seems a bit concerned that most of this videos which are merely a presentation of the content of actual studies get fact-checked and censored on Facebook for example).


SF writes: re. Youtube censorship – in France even non-political videos of empty cafes (empty due to the compulsory Health Passport) in the Champs Elysees are taken off  Youtube after a few hours. At the same time videos of problems hospitals have with the Health Passport get censored, problems such as an old man needing chemotherapy being harassed by hospital staff because he didn’t have the passport or a test. Also happening in France is that families of people dying in  hospitals are being denied access to their parents or whatever because they don’t have the Health Passport.


Lithuania, Vilnius: serious anti-lockdown riots


France: 198 demos against the Health Passportclashes in 3 cities

Officially there were 237,000 demonstrators, 33,000 more than the official figure for the previous Saturday. But the figures are obviously manipulated – sometimes I’ve seen figures that were 10% of the actual number. Of course, it’s hard to know how many there were – but the official figure for Montpellier was 8,000, whereas there were probably closer to 13,000. Numbers are not enough, of course.  And there was a lot of bullshit on these demos, surprise surprise. Fortunately some people in Montpellier managed to confront Action Francaise (fascist-cum-royalist organisation), forcing them to lose their stupid national flags and some other equipment. Also  people singing the Marseillaise were almost drowned out by people singing the Internationale.


Dealing with the new (ab)normal – a situation report

A balanced anarchist assessment of some of the contradictions of the moment.


France: dictatorship of the bourgeoisie decides that its dictatorship is democratic and constitutional

Surprise surprise – the Constitutional Council has decided that its “Health” Passport is constituional and democratic! Well , that decides it then. Let’s all give up, go home and rest in peace. The President of the Constitutional Council is the mass murderer Laurent Fabius, famous for knowingly allowing HIV contaminated blood to be given to haemophiliacs in the 1980s. Over 1000 died. His son is a director of McKinsey, an organisation giving Macron advice about the vaccination strategy (as well as other aspects of his political strategy). 4 of the 8 other members of this Council were appointed by Macron, the others appointed under Hollande and Sarkozy during their previous presidencies (inc