English texts: 1969 – 2019


all texts now listed in reverse chronological order of publication (excludes news of opposition and its french version)

The following  are being constantly updated, and therefore could technically date from today:

prisons (march 2013 to the present)



greece (2008 to the present)

south africa



iraqi kurdistan

tunisia 2018 – 2014


The rest are in reverse chronological order of publication (recent up until 1969):

they stole our bodies: work in Israel (february 2019)

yellow vest leaflet (february 2019)

yet another boring leaflet? (April 2018) A leaflet on the current movement in France, distributed mainly in Montpellier.


iraqi kurdistan

tunisia 2018 – 2014

nicaragua & the sandinistas Mainly an old text, not yet on the internet, taken from “No Middle Ground” in the mid-1980s with an introduction and some news reports about recent events.

genreation gap (March 2018)…on musical genres, in particular punk

blinded by stars A very general critique of the social function of celebrity

academia, sociology & the muddle class

the death of CND as performed by the Grosvenor Square demonstrators under the direction of themselves alone

The double-helixir of life A critique focused on predictive medicine

Johnny Hallyday…

“Only 28 Shoplifting Days Till…” A celebration of all that’s best at this time of year (Christmas 2017).

“Frayed threads of friendship”

france: the CGT – sheepdogs in wolves’ clothing (october 2017)

homage to catatonia (october 2017)

…the return of…aaaaghfhebengate & the libconartists (october 2017)

an attempt at dialogue with a marxist (october 2017)

chomsky – collaborator with the US state (august 2017)

mental illness & solitary confinement in Texas prisons (july 2017)

trial of anarchists arrested for actions in solidarity with prison uprising (june 2017)

frankenstein’s monster (april 2017)

asylum seekers in greece and germany (TPTG, March 2017)

ferguson… (2014 – 2015)

the third day of september – sebokeng 30 years ago (2014)

ve haf vays of making you happy (2014)

brazil against the world cup (2014)

south africa & some anarchist responses to mandela’s death (april 2014)

bosnians against bosses, yugoslavs against yugoslavery (2014)

south africa: another man done gone & post-marikana notes (2012-2013)

portugal, Nov 2010 – March 2013: On the Passage of a Few Thousand People Through a Brief Period of Time (translated 2014)

mandela can go to hell! (2013)

aufhebengate again: a response to responses (2013)

cop-out – the significance of Aufhebengate (2013)

the 1919 u.k. police strike (2012)

the strange case of dr. johnny and mr. drury (october 2011)

the paris commune 1871 (2011)

suicide or revolution (2011)

st. pauls, bristol 1980 (2006/2011)

france: infant and primary schools occupied (2011)

france: class struggle in autumn 2010, september – november (2010)

france: roma expulsions (september 2010)

facebook festivals (may 2010)

howlings in favour of ourselves: a practical critique of situationism (2010)

malice in wonderland (2008)

an article co-authored by john drury (2007)

france: all quiet on the french front (2006)

some musical notes (2005/2008)

the closed window onto another life (2005/6)

france 2005: brief notes on the movement of secondary school students (2005)

notes on class, struggle and class struggle (2005)

so near – so far: a history of the british miners part 1 (2005)

so near – so far: a history of the british miners part 2 (2005)

south africa – now & then (2005/1979/1983/1985)

escape from alcatraz (2005)

“culture en danger?”- si seulement…(2003/4)

culture in danger? – if only… (2004)

moore is less (2004)

the poverty of french rock ‘n’ roll (2004)

france: social movements (2003)

kamikaze kapitalism (2003)

“you make plans – WE MAKE HISTORY” (2001)

soaps get in your eyes (2001)

true confessions of a market trader (2001)

uk, 1978-9: now is the winter of our discontent (1980/2001)

algeria 2001: no forgiveness (2001)

1969: revolution as personal and as theatre (2001)

computers etc.: the thought of a thoughtless world (2000)

hope, faith, charity, lottery (2000)

uk fuel protests: looks as though we’ve got ourselves a convoy (2000)

notes on the 1999 Balkan war & the media (1999)

kosovo: the contradictions of self-determination (1999)

haringey solidarity group: a critique (1999)

education, stupefication, commodification (1998)

shopping: who gives a toss? (1998)

dear london forum (1997)

zapatistas: behind the balaclavas of south-east mexico (1996)

france 1995-6: the strike and after (1996)

london hospital occupations, early 1990s: occupational therapy (1995)

science: the myths of dna (1991)

the university, the car factory and the working class (1991)

kurdish uprising in Iraq (1991)

gulf war 1991: The Daily Horror (1991)

emergency! (1990)

france goes off the rails: 1986 – 1987 (1987)

mendeku: revenge in the basque country (1987)

where we stand (1987)

alternative comedy (1987)

rebel violence v. hierarchical violence (1986)

os cangaceiros: freedom is the crime that contains all crimes, and other stuff…(1985-6), plus a critical introduction (2013)

gay pride: new closets for old (1985)

the welfare state isn’t now, and never was, a “genuine gain for the working class” (1985/2011)

“victory in europe” – defeat for the working class (1985/2012)

tony benn – another left-wing capitalist pig (1985)

school stopper’s handbook (1984/5)

“Shakespeare was a fake!” horror shock! (1984)

the end of music as we know it (1984)

the spanish dockers’ “co-ordinadora” (1984)

the famous thriller “the mystery of struggles defeated” (1983)

rest in peace: CND, Greenham Common, etc. (1983)

stonehenge (1983)

elections (1983)

lenin: what is to be done (1982)

call it sleep (1982)

for a dignified and effective demonstration (1982)

the Left in the 1980s (1982 – 2004)

religion: the fraud’s prayer (1981)

daily riot (1981)

death of john lennon (1981)

soweto ’76 (1978/9)

the montgomery bus boycott – 1955-6 (1978)

“from decomposition to new constructions” (1978)

re-fuse (1978)

partying is such sweet sorrow (1978)

the situationist international: a critique of the S.I. as an organisation (1977)

jealousy: the heart has reasons reason must understand  (1977)

class struggle in Italy (1977)

now is the winter of our poetry (1977)

reflections on subjectivism and intellectualism (1977)

all things considered (1976)

“alternative” “socialism” – the manifesto for radical diplomats (1976)

cults and cultism: an example (1975-6)

sexuality for sale (1975)

money (1975)


dialectical adventures into the unknown (1974)

news of disalienation (1973)

contradictions (1972)

why we should occupy! (1972)

the oz trial (1971)

from guerilla theatre to courtroom farce (1970)

the rolling stones free concert in hyde park (1969)

true story of a true boat (1960s)

the freedom of the streets (1938)




contents-pic copyand the following are the above sorted into various categories:

class struggle histories


daily life

war & politics

textes francais



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