…The ‘C’ word…


Published March 8th 2020

This is and will be composed of different pages concentrating on specific aspects of the Coronacrisis. So far just 5 pages:


A constantly updated chronology of contestation against confinement and other complexities of the current crazy crisis

Czaravirus…situation in Russia

Coronavirus in France

Amongst a lot of different material, it includes a section “Health” is the War of the State, which is largely about the contradictions surrounding the anti-malaria drug Chloraquine


On facial recognition cameras, including their developing use in the state’s arsenal of weapons  given the pretext of combating the Coronavirus

Coronavirus – an exercise in intensified social control

(title now changed to Covid1984 latest!)l


Originally published on January 28th, it begins by centering on China. It’s a bit of a mess, as it follows some of the confusions that we’ve been inundated with.


Public Information Bulletin

From February 15th 2020 it will no longer be legal

Whatever you do


Don’t be one of those people who mistakes doing for not doing or you could face a fine or worse.

For more information please reread this poster


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