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“In our world there will be no emotions except fear…and self-abasement…We shall abolish the orgasm. There will be no loyalty except loyalty to the State…. imagine a boot stamping on a human face, forever.”

– George Orwell

Month by month chronologies of relevant material (mainly links, though with some comments), other than those related to the other  Coronavirus pages on this site (listed just below) and often other than those which mainstream media have given most attention to. They’re put up regularly usually in the order they’ve been received or discovered starting with the most recent. I am obviously in opposition to the ideological content that forms at least part of most of these articles. And some of these articles contradict each other. But we’re in an epoch of unprecedented confusion, and in order to get to a clear class opposition to this madness on the other side of a partly  deliberately imposed  confusion we have to wade through all sorts of shit. Those who remain dogmatically for masks or dogmatically against them,  dogmatically for vaccines or dogmatically against them, dogmatically for social distancing  or dogmatically against it, etc. will  never wade through the shit but remain firmly stuck with their head in it, stuck in the stupefying shit of this society and its intensifying repression and alienation.

Other “Coronacrisis”-related pages on this site:

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the contradictions of herd immunity (June 2021)

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India, Covid and Ivermectin contd.

PCR tests are useless if you’re asymptomatic

Conspiriouettes…(may 2021)


Better to be sorry than safe

Coronavirus in France (March 2020)

Czaravirus May 2020 (about the situation in Russia) …

Cameravirus, April 2020 (facial recognition cameras, masks and the global development of totalitarianism from China to the rest of the world)…

Leftist bollocks from the usual suspects (December 2020)

Also, on aspects of  the search for vaccinations, see this (September 2020)

Also “The ‘C’ word”

Also see these from earlier phases of this madness: Letter from a comrade in China (March 2020) & Social Contagion (February 2020)


Public Information Bulletin

From February 15th 2020 it will no longer be legal

Whatever you do


Don’t be one of those people who mistakes doing for not doing or you could face a fine or worse.

For more information please reread this poster


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  1. samfanto avatar

    Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche & Dr. Paul Elias Alexander URGENT call July 22nd 2022: Pediatricians & parents, PLEASE, we beg you, do not vaccinate your child with these COVID vaccines! you will harm them!


  2. Sam FantoSamotnaf avatar

    China – anger against Covid restrictions, November 15th 2022:
    “Crowds in the southern Chinese metropolis of Guangzhou have crashed through lockdown barriers and marched on to streets in a rare outburst of public anger about Covid restrictions days after the Chinese government announced that it was easing them.

    According to videos widely shared on Twitter, hundreds cheered as they charged through the streets in Haizhu district in chaotic scenes in southwestern Guangzhou on Monday night. In one piece of footage, protesters overturned a police car. “


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